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10 Qualities That Make A Good Boss

Employers have more effect on your emotions than you think.

They can make or break your day to day lives.

If they are a bad boss, they can make you unhappy every single day. You’ll hate getting out of bed every morning.

But on the other hand, if you have a good boss, your days are much more tolerable and you’re actually a happier person (even if you hate your job).

Many studies have shown that most people quit their jobs due to a bad boss.

So if you have a bad job but a good boss, you’re more likely so stay in the job because it’s more tolerable.

Here’s 10 qualities that make a good boss.

1. They Respect You

respect handshake

Respect is HUGE in the workplace.

Your boss needs to respect you and your character.

They should listen to what you have to say, even if you’re new to the company.

You are human and you deserved to be heard and respected.

If your boss respects you, you feel a lot more important, there is less stress for everyone, there’s less arguments because they actually listen to you and they always want the best for you.

A boss that doesn’t respect you will only bring you down all the time even when you continue proving to them that you can do great things.

2. They Uplift You

Good bosses will lift your spirits by making you feel good about yourself and the work you’re doing.

If you’re training in a new position, they will constantly tell you you are doing great and will actually BELIEVE in you and your abilities.

Believe me, there are bosses that will constantly belittle you even when you’re doing a great job.

For some reason they don’t want to accept the fact that you are learning fast and doing good. They would rather stay in denial and keep bringing you down.

This can stress you out and make you feel worthless and unrecognized, causing you to quit your job while angry, without a back up plan.

3. They Can Handle Their Emotions

This is a biiiiig quality in a great boss.

I’ve had a boss that will get angry over every little thing and no matter what, it is your fault.

Even when it’s not your fault, they will blame you for everything.

This is because they can’t handle their emotions and would rather lash out at other people.

Well a good boss can handle their emotions and solve problems without lashing out.

We’re all human and we all get mad sometimes, but the difference is that a good boss will hold himself together as much as possible.

And if they do lose their temper, they don’t instantly blame you, they listen to everyone and get every side of the story.

4. They Are Understanding

boss listening

When sh*t goes down in the workplace and you have a bad boss, all hell breaks loose.

The boss starts yelling at everyone and they don’t even care what you have to say.

You could explain yourself and tell them why you did something a certain way or why something happened, and 99% of the time, they will tell you you are wrong.

They don’t understand what or why you did things, because if it’s not their way, you are in trouble.

Well a good boss will listen to you without raising his voice.

They will gladly listen to your side of the story before coming to conclusions.

5. They Like To Have Fun

business fun

A fun boss is a great boss.

You can have back and forth banter without being scared of upsetting them or getting in trouble.

Oftentimes you can finish early if there’s not much to do and get paid for the rest of the day.

And if your boss likes to have a beer every now and then, this is even better! An early finish often means a couple beers at the local pub.

It’s just an all round fun environment to be in and makes the day more enjoyable.

6. They Lead By Example

Bosses are there to show you what needs to be done and what is required.

However, if they would rather tell you and not show you, it’s more difficult to trust them, respect them and build a bond.

They should be showing you what is required of you simply by leading you.

When they can do the job and make it look easy even when the pressure is on, that is a good boss because he’s showing you that it’s possible even when you’re doubting yourself.

They will always be on time, they will ask if you’re okay, they will be a team player and help you whenever you need it.

7. They Explain “Why”

Good bosses will explain why you’re doing things a certain way.

I’ve been in a job where I was told to do this, by doing that.

I mean, that’s cool and all but I didn’t know WHY I was doing it this specific way.

If I was told why, I would be able to understand the process more and do a better job.

I would’ve been able to maximize my performance.

When you’re told to do something but don’t know why, you’re only going through the motion and you won’t do an effective job.

8. They Listen To You

This comes back to that being respected thing again.

When it comes to team meetings, are you being heard?

Does your opinion matter?

Are you just a whisper in the wind?

Often times with a bad boss, they will listen to you but then quickly bring you down.

Bad bosses don’t actually care about your opinion but because you’re apart of the team, he has to pretend he cares.

They won’t actually listen to hear your opinion and understand you.

A good boss will listen to understand because your opinion matters and they know it.

Even if you’re not in a high position, you are an employee and you deserve to be heard.

9. They Recognize Your Talent

75% of employees quit their boss, not their job.

This is because most people want to be recognized for their skills and talents.

When you’re told you aren’t doing much for the company, you’re a hindrance or that you don’t really care about the company, it makes you feel worthless.

Yep, I’ve been told these things before. I’ve had some HORRIBLE bosses I tell ya!

A good boss will recognize the value you bring to the table and tell you.

They know you’re doing good and will continue to let you know, and this makes you feel good so you bring even more to the table.

It creates trust and a great bond, making you do your best every time, making the company more money and everyone happy.

Oftentimes they will even reward with a dinner, a bonus or even a free day off.

10. They Don’t Have Favorites

Of course every boss has their favorite employee but the good bosses won’t show obvious signs.

However, bad bosses will choose their favorite employee to do a specific task over everyone else, almost every time.

On the other hand, only the good bosses know each employees strengths and weaknesses, and will gladly choose the correct person for a specific position or role that they perform best in.

For example: instead of putting their favorite workers on the easiest jobs, they will put everyone where they are the strongest, to maximize production.

This allows the company to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime, breakdowns and materials used.


Most bosses are made not born.

Some people are natural leaders and have no problem being a boss.

But the rest have to learn to be a leader, and this is during the time of employment, as overtime they become the best in the company.

This allows them to transition from a normal employee to employer much easier.

Where they learn to be a bad boss along the way, I do not know.

But what I do know is that life is too short to work for a boss that doesn’t value you.

There are plenty more good bosses who will respect you and value your opinion.

Those are the bosses you should be striving to work for, otherwise be your own boss and you don’t have to deal with the whole 9-5 rat race altogether.

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Well that concludes this article.

Tell us your experiences you’ve had with a bad boss in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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14 thoughts on “10 Qualities That Make A Good Boss”

  1. Thank you! These are all important qualities of a good employer. It’s important that they respect you and that they can handle their emotions because a lot of employers have issues and play take it out on their employees, with or without realizing it. They also have control issues that they take out on their employees. So a good employer wouldn’t have a lot of control issues, they would be kind and have a good boundaries.

    Having fun is definitely a quality of a good employer. It’s better to have some fun then to be too serious all the time.

    as an employee, it’s important to refuse to accept mistreatment from an employer. Thank you for recommending in the end. That has been my choice because after all is said and done, you might get really lucky and have a good employer, as healthy people are becoming more common these days. But sometimes you just can’t control the employer and it’s better if you are self-employed. Make sure to treat yourself how you would like to be treated!

    This is a really great article, very healthy and you can tell the author is a very nice person. Well done.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, C.

      And I agree that there are some employers that like to be controlling. They want to be the “big man” and control each and everyone to please himself.

      These types of bosses are extremely toxic and should not be a boss at all.

      They suck the energy out of good people and make them unhappy and depressed with their words and negativity.

      Glad you found this article helpful. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Wow. These are 10 great tips you have listed and explained here. I’ve had bad experiences with bosses in the past. They feel like they are Gods and can trample on staff. They set rules for others to follow but they do the opposite. For example they are always late and expect all the work to be done when they arrive.

    They don’t trust employees and always assume that they are lying when they need to take a sick day and sadly that means employees have to come to work even when they are sick. Sad!

    The last point resonates with me…most of the bosses I’ve worked with had favorites while the others were just self centered and only cared about themselves. Thanks for putting this out here.

    • You hit the nail on the head with the sick day thing. They automatically assume you’re just trying to get a free day off so they’ll push you to get you to come in. And they do this by saying “oh just for a couple hours and see how you feel”, or “just during the rush please”.

      Next thing you know you’re there the entire night, sick, passing on your germs.

      And it’s a common thing with bosses, they just want you to work no matter what.

      I hope you don’t have a bad boss anymore, Bea.

  3. I agree with this list. Especially being able to control one’s emotions. Bosses in all industries need to be in full control of their emotions because they have a ton of responsibilities, but if they let stress affect how they do things and/or treat people, then the business as a whole will likely suffer. 

    • Yep, they have so much responsibilities and a lot of the time they don’t even realize they’re taking their anger out on other people, which is difficult to deal with as you don’t want to say something and upset them even more.

  4. Great article, and I agree with everything on your list. I think there are some people who are natural leaders but everyone needs support from above to be the best at what they do. I’ve been in work situations before where my immediate boss was brilliant but his or her boss wasn’t and it put them in a difficult or impossible position. Being your own boss is definitely the way to go.

    • So he’s playing the middle man and trying to please everyone, but you can’t always please everyone, sadly. That is a difficult position to be in, I hope he was still a great boss in the end because we need more great leaders in this world.

  5. What if I say my former boss lack most of these qualities, he actually drove me to the point of deciding to be a boss on my own and must say its a really nice experience to direct myself. This is a really good and educative article, every leader of a particular post should learn to be virtuous and learn to be considerate, these 10 qualities should be embedded in their everyday living. I’ll share this article to some other people and platforms so they will be able to learn from it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sadly my last boss lacked most of these as well. The only good part about him is that he believed in work hard, play hard.

      So most of the time he was fun, the other times he was a massive jerk though which didn’t really balance out since he lacked all other qualities.

  6. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks again for another informative and insightful article. Every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    I am a full-time affiliate marketer and blogger working from home. By GODS grace I can see my business growing and in order to move to the next level, I need to hire a few people. So your article means a lot to me and I learned the do’s and don’ts to become a good boss.

    I need to treat my team as I wanted or wished to be treated by my boss when I worked in a call center. After reading your article I realized I need to work on a lot of things. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Paul.

      I’m glad you realize how much that goes into being a great boss, and I have all faith that you can do it.

      Awesome job mate 🙂

  7. I’ve had good bosses, bad bosses and I’ve been a boss, now I am my own boss and I’d like to think I treat myself OK. In the environments that I’ve been a boss, those under me have had to be ‘Mini-me’s’ as they would be present when I was not. There was always a period of training, a few weeks, to get them up to speed, then the only interaction was at the shift change-over, plus any feedback I would get from other employees, would give me an indication of how they were doing. Congratulating on a job well done can go along way

    You make a great point, you have to explain the ‘why’ and not just expect everyone to do as you ask blindly. If they understand why you would like something done in a certain they will be more likely to follow through to the letter.

    One of my first bosses had a ‘poor bedside manner’ to say the least. The problem was that whenever we were on a shift together I was more likely to make mistakes. He put me on edge. Every training was an ultimatum, with sayings such as ‘I’ve shown you once, I shouldn’t have to show you again’ which never gets the best out of someone.

    Those who have come through ther ranks will always have the benefit of insight into what the job entails, this doesn’t always make them the best boss though. The transistion from colleague to supervisor can be a treacherous one. Having experience in one workplace and then becoming a boss in another would be a better way forward.

    • Hey Twack, thanks for sharing your knowledge from being an employee, moving through the ranks and then becoming a boss to pass down your knowledge to other people.

      I get the vibe that you really are a good boss and that you are open to getting better and I appreciate that. I hope you are doing what you love and you enjoy every second of it.


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