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10 Reasons to Quit Your Job In 2020

Today is going to be a brutally honest post and a fun one. I want to explain why you need to quit your job in 2020.

dream job

But why would there be any good reason to do this?

Well time isn’t slowing down my friend, and I bet you’ve got big goals and ambitions in life.

Your job is probably stopping you from achieving them.

Anyway, lets get right into these 10 reasons.

1). You Hate Your Job

Most people in the work force hate their job.

This means you are likely someone who hates your job so it doesn’t make sense to stay in it and live a miserable life.

Most people live for the weekend (this is called the weekend effect).

It’s sad to see that people live like robots 5 days a week and then become happy on the weekend, only to become sad again on Monday because “they have to start reality all over again”.

Reality? Why do people think hating 5 days a week is reality and normal?

Why has the world come to this way of thinking?

There are more opportunities than ever before, yet everyone sits and waits for a miracle when there is no miracle coming!

The only miracle that’s going to happen is when you take action and make changes.

Until then everything will stay the exact same.

2). It’s a Toxic Environment

If your work environment is a toxic place, it is never good for your health and well-being, because over time it’s only going to get worse.

You can get depression from a toxic work environment, and that’s probably why more and more people ARE getting depression.

If this reason rings true for you and your situation, you need to get out asap and find a new job.

3.) Your Schedule Is Messed Up

This work schedule of yours stops you from hanging out with your friends and family, and more importantly stops you from having fun.

If you’re a shift worker, you probably can’t even find time to hang out with your loved ones who are 9-5 workers.

Bottom line is this; you are not doing the things you really want to do but quitting your job and finding something with more flexible hours will be the best thing you ever do, hands down.

I promise you that.

4). You’re Not Going Anywhere

You’ve probably reached the top and can’t go further, or there’s simply no chance for you to reach the top because it is a difficult title to go for, as there’s a chance it’ll take 30+ years before they even consider giving you a promotion.

Bottom line is that if you don’t see yourself going anywhere, as in, you can’t learn anything else and you’re only paying the bills and not getting very far in life, it might be time to find something more rewarding.

Don’t sit and wait for a miracle, because that’s what losers do and because you are still here reading this article, you are a WINNER!

And you want more out of life.

Well keep reading because I have some exciting stuff coming up.

5). Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

Lets face it, it’s your bosses job is to make it seem like he or she cares about you.

But the reality is this; you can probably be replaced in a week if you dropped dead tomorrow.

So where am I going with this?

It might feel like you’re needed on the team every single day and it would be a shame to see you go, but if you decide to leave, your position will be repladced JUST LIKE THAT.

And that’s why you shouldn’t get caught up in the whole “I’ll feel bad if I leave because they need me”.

Hey, it is not your business, don’t take responsibility for something that isn’t yours.

Would they do the same if they were in your position?

Probably not.

6). There’s Bigger and Better Opportunities Around Every Corner

Gone are the days of working a normal job just to make ends meet.

We are in the digital age my friend, so that means making money online is a real thing and it’s not as difficult as you think.

There are literally thousands of opportunities to earn from the internet but don’t limit yourself to just that.

Remember there are also bigger and better job opportunities around every corner my friend, you just have to stay aware at all times and not pass them up when they show them self!

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7). The Commute To Work Is Too Stressful and Time Consuming

You don’t get paid for the hour travelling to work and the hour travelling home from work.

That is 2 hours of unpaid time. You do not get this time back and it is stopping you from using that time to do more important things.

Such as going to the gym, taking up a new class you’ve always wanted to do, working on a new business venture, etc.

2 hours per day is 10 hours per week that you don’t get back.

That is far too much time to waste and and you need to do something about this massive problem, like getting a better job with less commuting time and a better schedule to fit your lifestyle.

8). There Is No Spark Anymore

Sure, a new job is exciting and every day feels like it passes instantly.

This happens with every job but if there is still no spark whatsoever then it’s probably a good idea to leave and look for something else.

A job is suppose to be exciting and you should enjoy it even on the boring days.

You should NOT, and I repeat, should not dread waking up and hating your day before it even starts just because you don’t want to go to this miserable job of yours.

This is unhealthy on so many levels and your well-being is going to suffer sooner or later, if not already!

Do something now, find something with new more spark and drive before it’s too late.

9). You Hate Your Coworkers

I’ve been in many jobs in my life even though it might seem like I’ve had it easy. that certainly is not the case.

I’ve worked with coworkers I absolutely hated and I’ve worked with coworkers that became my best friends.

Getting along with your coworkers is the single most important aspect at play in the workplace.

They can make or break your time in the workplace, as in, they can make you hate everyday, make it more enjoyable than it has to be or just make it a great place to be.

Get to know your coworkers, befriend them if it’s a possibility and have a few beers on a Friday night to wind down for the week.

If you’ve already crushed all opportunities to get along with your coworkers, then I’m sorry but you are in a very bad position and you might as well just quit because I have a feeling every day is a miserable one.

10). There’s No Room For Growth

This is kind of the same reason as number 4 but I want to elaborate on it a bit more.

What I mean by no room for growth is that there’s nothing else for you to gain.

You can’t gain any certificates, it doesn’t open any other doors for bigger opportunities and you might be there the rest of your life.

Don’t be static, don’t settle, make things happen because life is too short to stay in one place and not grow!


I’m a huge fan when people follow their dreams, don’t take no for an answer and just do what they want to do to make them happy.

That’s what I encourage because no one should have to work a job they hate everyday, even if it pays well.

I would rather be happy doing something I enjoy than working a toxic environment and destroying my health even if I was making lots of money.

I am one of those people that chases dreams and thanks to my online business, I am living my dream of being my own boss.

A system called Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know.

Good luck and to your very success!

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Quit Your Job In 2020”

  1. The last reason you’ve given is probably the biggest reason for one quitting their job. Without room for growth, there’s hardly a future and therefore hardly a point. For me, I’ve changed jobs in the past for Reason #7: The Commute To Work Is Too Stressful and Time Consuming. When I was commuting 70, 80 minutes to work, the stress of the commute was the length of the commute. It nearly drove me out of my mind. I’m so glad that that’s changed and that I have a different way of life that has, thankfully, eliminated the commute. The car is no way to get to work. Thanks for the post.

    • You are not alone my friend, there are millions of people all over the globe suffering a long commute to work without even being paid for it.

      Glad you found an alternative and that you’re much happier Kevin.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Brandon,

    Again reading another very interesting article where you explain why leave your work in 2019.

    All the reasons that you explain and others that may also appear are completely valid. 

    All force us to think about other real opportunities that the Internet offers us today.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform since 2005 with an incredible evolution very well explained by you.

    If Affiliate Marketing is interesting for you do not hesitate to get on the boat, your dreams will come true working with them.

    Thank you! Claudio

    • Couldn’t agree with you more my friend.

      Affiliate marketing is the future of internet marketing.

      Most online companies now have some type of affiliate program where you can promote their system and get compensated when someone signs up and becomes a paying customer.

      Those who still don’t have an affiliate program will eventually lose customers and close down because they don’t know how to adapt to this new way of doing business.

      Thanks for the comment brother.


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