10 Red Flags You’re in the Wrong Job and Should Get Out

Some of you may have a feeling that you’re in the wrong job, but most won’t even take action because you simply do not know how much your workplace is affecting YOU.

Over the years (of being in a job myself) I’ve seen it all.

I know people stay in jobs even when it’s ruining their life, I know people procrastinate every single day for many years just because they don’t know which route to take.

And most especially, it’s the fear of failure.

Here are 10 red flags that you are in the wrong job and you should get out ASAP!

1. Your health is at risk


Dirty workplace environments, unhygienic kitchens, black mold everywhere, dusty environments – these are all signs your health is at risk of long-term illnesses.

Nothing happens in the short-term but over the long period, exposure to these dirty conditions is only going to make you sick.

Health and Safety has become more important in this day and age than has ever been before.

Take advantage of this and talk about these problems with your boss, otherwise you’re just staying in a job that’s literally killing you.

2. You hate your boss

Studies have proven that if you hate your boss you are actually going to hate every single day and you’ll never take pride in what you do.

This leads to bad/slow production and eventually you’ll experience depression or other related illnesses.

So at the very least try to talk to your boss and sort out any issues you two have.

If you cannot, it might be best just to get out while you still can.

3. You hate your job


What’s worse than staying in a job that’s killing you?

Staying in a job you absolutely hate, dread and makes you miserable every single day.

This leads to you living for the weekend while hating your life the rest of the week.

Hating your life 5 days a week and loving the 2 days you have off work is one of the worst ways to live, and even a 5-year old can tell you that!

Yet this is how most adults live, and if you’re one of them something needs to change before it’s too late.

[Read: The Weekend Effect]

4. You’ve hit a brick wall

Is there no more promotions on the cards?

No higher positions available?

No more room to grow in the business?

No opportunities for earning more income?

Have you mastered everything there is to know and you just feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in your career?

Sorry to say but you have to be constantly learning if you want to get ANYWHERE in this world, so if your day job can’t offer that, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Because no matter what you do in that business, there is absolutely no room to grow and you’ll have the same income and skills in the next 30+ years that you have now.

5.  You can’t get a raise and your current income isn’t cutting the mustard

Elaborating on what we just talked about, if you need more income and there’s absolutely no way for you to get a raise, you either have to find a new job or find another income source.

Trust me, I KNOW what it’s like to work every single day and still not have enough money to cover the basics.

Half the time you have to go without food just to get by.

Take it from me, this is not the way to live your life.

I used to stress out about money all the time and eventually I used that stress as fuel to build myself an online business.

Key takeaway: use your emotions as fuel to change your life for the better.

6. Others employees are quitting

If all your coworkers are leaving on a frequent basis and they always seem like they’re unhappy in the workplace too, that’s a big red flag that you’re also in the wrong job.

More often than not if newbies are leaving in the first year or even months, something is definitely wrong.

It may be the environment, boss, type of work or even coworkers.

Bottom line: something isn’t right and you should be worried that no one else seems to stay while you’ve been in the same job for 10+ years.

7. You’re hating on work without even being there!

This should be a big eye-opener!

It’s one thing to complain to your spouse or best friend about your work every once in a while, but there’s a big difference between casual complaining and downright bashing on the business with every chance you get.

So definitely wonder if you’re the type of person who’s constantly complaining about work, as in every single day and even on the weekends when you’re not even there!

This should be a very big flag in many peoples eyes but in reality everyone brushes it off as nothing.

8. Your opinion doesn’t matter

I don’t care WHAT position you are in…if your employer doesn’t give a damn about your opinion just because you’re “not important enough”, get out of there asap.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re a newbie or not, employers need to respect your opinion and actually listen to what you have to say.

At the end of the day you are the future of the company.

Even if they don’t care, just listening to hear what you have to say is better than telling you to shut up because you’ve got no idea.

At the end of the day you are an employee, and employees have the right to be heard.

9. You’re suffering long-term stress

Don’t get me wrong, short term stress can be beneficial in many different ways, but there is a difference between short-term and long-term stress.

Short-term stress allows you to work at peak performance, while long-term stress just ruins your life.

Long-term is the one you don’t want, as you’re constantly exposed to being angry and uneasy, and overtime this has a real burden on your body.

Get out of your job asap if it’s affecting you mentally, because no job or income in the world is worth more than your own health!

10. It’s getting in the way of your personal life

Last but not least and one of the most important red flags, you need to axe that day job if it’s messing with your personal life.

Are your kids suffering because you never have time for them?

Are you losing interest in your wife (or is she losing interest in you) simply because yous never have any time to spend together?

What about your dreams?

I bet you haven’t even begun working on those yet!

Bottom line: there’s a good chance your job is messing with your personal life, and if it’s getting too bad, is it time to finally take the plunge and change the situation or continue letting your family suffer? (and your ambitions)

You already know the answer to that…

So What Should You Do?

I know what you’re going through.

I’ve been through it and I’ve seen my parents and siblings suffer as well.

Thankfully I don’t have to put up with these issues any longer because I decided to make a change at the very first sign of my health going downhill.

But also because there was never anytime to work on my dreams.

If you’re serious about not working for a boss, you can try the exact same program I used to make a living off of the internet so I could finally get out of the 9 to 5 grind for good.

Well that’s what I think you should do especially if you’re suffering from even ONE of the red flags I’ve mentioned above.

Well I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you did, please leave your comments below! I’ll be happy to respond asap 🙂

8 thoughts on “10 Red Flags You’re in the Wrong Job and Should Get Out”

  1. Thanks for these thought-provoking ideas shared in this article. I guess for me, the long term stress as well as no time for my family were the convincing factors for my decision to get involved in online network marketing. Life is so short that spending all your quality time working a job just doesn’t make sense at all.
    Thanks for sharing. Cheers 🙂

    • You’re preaching what I tell everyone on a daily basis my friend. We literally exchange time we cannot get back for money that allows us JUST to get by.

      What a world we live in, eh?

  2. Awesome post Brandon!
    This is great reassurance for someone who may be feeling many or even all of these things about their job. It’s hard sometimes to take the reigns on your own life, but if we don’t, no one will!! I have definitely worked a few jobs that I did not like, and it was amazing how my mental health improved after getting out of those situations!

    • I’ve learned throughout the years that literally no one is out to give you anything for free.

      You have to go and get it yourself because absolutely NOTHING will be handed to you.

      It took me so many years to figure this out and I’m glad I have because I am a much better (and happier) person than I use to be, thinking someone will come to my aid when in reality no one was even thinking about me.

  3. I love this post! No one should have to work a job that is making them miserable but so many of us do because we feel stuck and that there is nothing else we could be doing. I’m so happy you did what was best for you and I hope your health is doing a lot better! We all deserve to be happy living our day to day lives and you are so right about how most of us hate just the mere thought of our jobs when we aren’t even there! Everyone deserves to do what they love! Very encouraging post! Love it!

    • It’s the fear of failure and the unknown.

      We stay in a job we hate because we know we have a secure/stable income and job.

      When we get out of our comfort zone we are setting ourselves up to fail, and this is why people stay in the same job that’s making them unhappy and depressed – often times until they retire.

      Glad you enjoyed this post, Cassandra.

      I’m always happy to help people chase their dreams and even more when they reach them 🙂

  4. howdy Brandon,
    here is a related story about one of the best times I quit a job.
    I was working in a metal fabrication shop and the boss was forcing me to work six days a week really long hours without paid overtime.
    I put up with it for a few months but it all came to a head when I was at the pub one Friday night for my dad’s birthday party and I fell asleep at the table at 7pm at night without even finishing my first beer.
    The stupid thing was though for me the decision to quit was perfectly clear but I had to fight against my girlfriend and all her family with their backlash when they disagreed with my move.
    No looking back now though. Life is too short to be miserable.

    • Wow Remy. That is an incredible story, so thanks for sharing.

      You knew what you were going through and took action based on what you really wanted, and in this case you were sick and tired of working too many hours and wanted a little more freedom in your life.

      I applaud you because it isn’t easy to take the almighty plunge even though it feels like you’re doing the wrong move, when in reality it is the right one.

      Great job and I’m sure you’ll inspire many people with your choice.


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