21 Jobs That’ll Earn You A High Monthly Income

You get to a point in your life when it is time to decide what choice is the most adequate to start a career and secure a stable future for you and your family.

It is natural to worry about it and start selecting the best choice if the main objective is to get a high income job that would fulfill the most common demands of stability and, of course, the annual income resulting for the effort done in the working environment.

Before you check the list of the jobs that make a lot of money, there are several factors that you have to think over at the moment of taking a decision.

First of all, the highest income jobs requires years and years of preparation and hard studies to achieve a diploma in that area; this effort is paid back at the moment of the range of payment they would offer once you start working on any of them.

Besides the fact that there must be a clear preference for the chosen career, you would not like to be performing a task you have no motivation or predilection to do it, there are also some other facts that have to be selected when the choice is going to be taken; for instance, the levels of stress attached to the performance of the job has to be taken into consideration when the path is about to be selected.

And, top of all, you have to be eager to do a truly hard work to achieve one of the jobs that make a lot of money.

Once all these aspects are checked and taken into consideration, you can choose from the following list of high income jobs.

Physical Therapist


Accidents are one of the possibilities a human being would face at any point in life; some of them are mild and do not cause any harm, but there are some other that would cause a truly severe damage and the service of a specialist in physical recovery is needed.

But a physical therapist is not only limited to this area, they can also help those people with a degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, or those who had gone through a mild (or strong) strokes.

Besides helping the patient, a physical therapist’s job is far from boring, there is not clear indication what they are going to face day after day as patients can present several issues and treatments for those conditions can vary.

Even though is in the lower position of the jobs that make lots of money, the annual income is around $69,500 in the USA.

Software Developer

Living in a period where almost everything requires the need of the involvement of a computer, being a software developer is one of those jobs that are going to be always required at any time during a year.

Working for a well-known company or as a freelancer, this job will generate a salary that would go around $71,600.


You are apt to deal with numbers and group them in categories and data useful to the studies of tendencies in the social, economic, and cultural fields, then being a statistician.

So if you choose this job, there is the chance to generate an average salary of $81,900 per year in the United States.



If you are a person who likes to deal with people and love the pursuit of justice, choosing the career of law is the clear selection to make.

As a lawyer you will receive an amount of $81,900 per year (an estimated £63,400 in the UK), a great reward after several years of hard studies and some sacrifices to get you degree as a law professional.

IT Manager.

An estimated $85,000, it makes the profession of IT Manager one of the jobs that make a lot of money according to this income.

This is due to, as it is mentioned above, the wide scope of the field of computer in every aspect of most of businesses, companies, and private or public institutions.

In order to protect your data, computer software and hardware, the service of an IT Manager is always going to be required.


Several years of study and flying hour time will turn you into one of the most exciting and amazing jobs that you can choose.

Being a pilot does not only demand all the study and practice background; other requirements are determined by some airlines to offer you a post as professional, a certain height (which vary from airline to airline) and medical exams are needed to become a pilot.

After the requirements are fulfilled, this would represent an average income of $100,000 per year.

Petroleum Engineer

Still one of the most important fuels in the whole world, being a Petroleum Engineer is a profession that is hard to be vanished from the job selection in several years.

The oil industry is always requiring personnel in the area of extraction and if you are oriented in the protection of the environment the stakes are bigger in order to get hired.

Advantages go from being sponsored by the US government if you decided to take this career and an annual average income of $101,000.

General Practitioner

Health issues are always a huge deal with people, so choosing a career in this area is a wise choice; but if you choose to become a general practitioner, you will receive a good amount of job and acknowledgement since you are the first step into the health care.

As one of those jobs that make a lot of money, a general practitioner (after several years of hard studies and sleepless nights) will see an annual income of $104,000.


As it is mentioned above, health care is a crucial aspect of human beings and if you decide to specialize in one body area, the chances to get more patients and, ergo, more money are higher.

Being a Podiatrist, dealing with people’s feet, is one of those jobs that would make $125,000 as an average annual income.



As one of the most demanding professions in the private and public healthcare area, to become a dentist is one of those smart choices a person can make in life.

Besides the longtime of study this career and the cost of it during the university years, this profession requires a great deal of excellent communication abilities in order to keep your patients calm and make them feel at ease while treating them.

If you chose this path, you would generate an average income of $125,600 per year.


Taking care of the right amount of anesthesia requires at the moment of an operation is a high responsibility for this area professional.

That is the reason why this choice is one of the jobs that make a lot of money with $140,000 as an average yearly income.


If you care about babies and children’s welfare and comfort, being a pediatrician is the clearest choice you can make.

Taking care of really young people will pay back with a reward of $145,900 per year, besides the personal satisfaction you will receive as doing good deeds to children and their families.


Several years of college studies plus experience time in the business and managerial area will head you to become a CEO of an important enterprise in the market.

All those years of experience and knowledge will offer you the possibility of receive an average annual income of $162,000.


Dealing with all dental imperfections or troubles that a patient would show, a prosthodontist is a demanding profession with an increasing number of patients year after year.

Helping others with their teeth will be highly rewarded, especially when an average annual salary could be around $162,400.


The aesthetics of the smile is in the hands of orthodontists and with their help you would not be ashamed of smiling in front of people and it will reflect a general well-being feeling personally speaking.

To guarantee a pretty smile and a healthy structure of the teeth, this job will generate an annual average income of $168,800.


An internist is dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of common and not-so-common diseases.

Although they are not allowed to perform surgery, they are the professional that offer you as helpful hand in specific illnesses.

The income will be higher if you specialize in a specific organ, reaching an average income of $184,000 per year.


Dealing with mental illnesses is one of the most delicate occupations of modern times and this condition turns this profession in one of the jobs that make a lot of money in terms of annual income.

Becoming a psychiatrist is a long-time career choice, demanding a degree in a specific area of medicine and additional years of practice and studies.

But all those demanding requirements will be rewarded as perceiving an average of $197,000 per year.


Women’s reproductive system and their care are the biggest issue a gynecologist has to deal with.

Not only a professional on this area has to check the correct functioning and condition of these organs, surgery, pregnancy checking, and babies’ deliveries are also part of the scope of this occupation.

Such a delicate profession receives an income of $209,000 after getting acknowledgment and recognition among patients.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Another profession dealing with the dental care is included in this list; and this time, it is one of the most demanding and complicated profession dealing with the surgical intervention in a patient’s mouth and teeth.

This job would offer the chance to receive $233,400 as an annual average income.


At the top of the list of jobs that make a lot of money is not a surprise to find this important occupation in the healthcare field.

Being the most respected professionals in the medical area, due to their years of studies and specialization in specific areas, they are responsible of performing crucial surgery in patients that have no order choice and thus avoid the complication of any sort of illness a person has to deal with.

Due to this, a surgeon would generate an amount of $258,900 as an average yearly income.



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Obtaining a high paying job is not easy.

It takes years of studying, training, late nights and completing tasks.

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Where does that leave you?

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Well thanks for reading my list of high income jobs.

I know you’ll make the right decision, friend.

Have a great day!

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