22 Minutes to Profit Sales Video

22 Minutes to Profit is Not a Real System But Rather a Sales Funnel to Another Opportunity [Review]

22 Minutes to Profit is full of scam-like characteristics and from the get go it does look like a scam.

22 Minutes to Profit Sales Video

Are we dealing with yet another big fat scam or the greatest opportunity to ever walk the face of the internet?

I want to find out more.

My name is Brandon and I review work from home opportunities such as 22 Minutes to Profit to see if the claims are really legit or just lies.

Keep reading this review for the honest truth about this system.

At a Glance

Product name: 22 Minutes to Profit

Business Type: E-commerce + Dropshipping

Price to Join: $47 + upsells


  • Owner – Fake
  • Testimonials – Fake
  • Income Proof – Fake
  • Claims – Fake
  • Business Opportunity – Real

Final Rating: 2/10 – Scam!

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22 Minutes to Profit Explained

How Does 22 Minutes to Profit Work?

  • They show a fake news article on how to make easy and fast money
  • Now they capture your email address
  • They send you to a business opportunity called “My Ecom Club”
  • They ask for a fee of $47
  • You have now purchased My Ecom Club because 22 Minutes to Profit doesn’t actually have their own product. It is a sales funnel.
  • They continue to sell you “opportunities” through email

What is 22 Minutes to Profit?

22 Minutes to Profit claims you can make hundreds of dollars within the next 22 minutes.

You would think that that line alone would raise a red flag for most people, but it doesn’t and people actually fall for it.

First and foremost 22 Minutes to Profit is not a training platform at all.

It is simply a sales funnel.

First they hype you up with this fake article saying you can make easy money, then they capture your email address.

From here they will send you to a another landing page where you watch another video on making easy money.

Now they ask you for $47 to purchase the product. At this point, your decision will make or break whether you get scammed or not.

They don’t even tell you how you’ll be making money, but upon further investigation shows that you’ll be doing e-commerce.

Fortunately e-commerce is actually a real thing and people do indeed make lots of money with e-commerce.

So you’re not purchasing 22 Minutes to Profit, that is just a sales funnel to get you to purchase the real product: My Ecom Club.

My Ecom Club is an e-commerce training platform which teaches you how to make money money via e-commerice + dropshipping.

Can You Really Make Money With 22 Minutes to Profit?

What you’ll be doing if you purchase this system is making money via e-commerce and dropshipping.

This is a legit way to make money online but it’s not the only way.

The answer to this question is, no you will not make money with 22 Minutes to Profit but you might make money with Ecom Club because that’s the training platform you are actually purchasing.

And what about Ecom Club?

Unfortunately Ecom Club is a high-ticket program who are also banking on those who don’t know better.

And if you were wondering, no they aren’t worth it. You can get an e-commerce crash course from YouTube.

Watch the video below for your FREE crash course (more value than 22 Minutes to Profit).

Why 22 Minutes to Profit is a Scam


Some people might not agree that this is a scam but it most definitely is.

They promise you $300-$500 a day with fake testimonials, fake income screenshots and a fake news article.

The testimonials are Fiverr actors and income proof has been photoshopped.

Fake Testimonial

Plus they don’t actually own any products or have any training.

They just send you to ANOTHER system to make them money.

22 Minutes to Profit is a huge scam and you should not believe anything they say on their website, or any other fake news website for that matter!

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What Do the Owners Get Out of It?

When you enter your email address, you are actually confirming that you want to receive promotional emails.

They now have you as a subscriber and can promote to you over and over again.

This is called email marketing and people make thousands of dollars a day with this method.

But they are also making a commission from the sale of Ecom Club.

So they aren’t just making money from the first sale, they can continue selling to you since they have your email address.

And because Ecom Club has lots of upsells, some up in the thousands, they will make commissions off of those upsells too.

How they Promote this Scam

22 Minutes to Profit promotes this scam via SMS bot spamming and Facebook ads.

In the text message it says “Do you want to makes $300-$500 per day”, then they send you to the news article.

They are also heavily involved in Facebook ads.

Facebook are notorious for news, and because 22MTP is a fake news article, they share it on Facebook and it really looks legit.

They get hundreds of thousands of clicks and capture thousands of emails in the process.

Plus it shares like wildfire. Because you know, people love sharing and believing BS on Facebook.

Everyone actually believes such nonsense on websites that have ZERO credibility.

It baffles me how people are so gullible. I guess no one looks at the dodgy website names these days.

How they Reel You In

When you land on the website, you will land on a news article claiming there is a “New – Work From Home Opportunity [your country]”.

The website actually changes the country name to your own country thanks to your IP address.

So if you’re from the US, it will say there’s a new work from home opportunity in United States.

It’s a common tactic that scammers use to make you think you’ll also be able to make lots of money.

And they usually share this with anyone and everyone.

The hype and fake screenshots also reel you in like a moth to a flame.

Fake News is Becoming More and More Popular

Zuckerberg Death Fake Out

No one looks up the credibility of news websites these days, and unfortunately scammers have noticed this and jumped on the opportunity.

I see these types of fake articles on social media all the time, especially Facebook.

There are a large number of shares because frankly, people think it’s true and they want to show their friends.

You will see in the comments people tagging their friends asking them if they think it’s true.

One recent one I saw was actually an article on a guy claiming he knows how to win lotto and wants to teach others how to do the same.

Surprisingly this one gets shared thousands of times and scammers aren’t going to stop.

Facebook and other social media platforms need to enforce stricter rules to stop fake news getting out.

They have already started doing it but obviously not as much as they should be.

So What Should You Do?

I had shiny-object syndrome back in the day too, it’s not your fault.

“Gurus” just want to get rich by selling bogus products claiming to make someone else rich, and it’s incredibly sad.

I was one of those people that spent hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars before finding the system that worked for me.

That’s why I now expose scams like 22 Minutes to Profit, because I want to help people avoid wasting money and more importantly, their time.

Get-rich-quick schemes don’t work and never will.

The only way to earn a sustainable income is to build it slowly, from the bottom up.

I build legit websites and make money selling Amazon products.

You do not need any special skills or 1000s of dollars to get started, because it is free to join and has step-by-step training.

Well that’s what I recommend for you if you’re sick of getting scammed.

Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a great day.

Share what you think about this system in the comments below.

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