5 Success Stories of Ordinary People Blogging For a Living

Today’s going to be a little different from the typical articles I do.

I want to show you that it is 110% possible to make money online and live life on your own terms.

Because why would would you believe anything I have to say on my blog if I’m just going off of my own success, right?

I have found 5 people who have gone through the training at Wealthy Affiliate, never gave up or made excuses and have found great success as a result of their efforts.

I’m going to outline their name, their website and their story.

Enjoy and I hope you find some motivation from this article 🙂

1) Jerry Huang from


Time blogging

2 years

Previous job

College dropout

Monthly earnings

$6,000 plus

About Jerry

Jerry had been accepted into one of the top colleges in his country but didn’t even make it to campus.

He started his blog on November 2016 and by October of 2018 he was making $6200 per month and that number continues to climb.

Because he found great success, he decided to drop out of college before he even got started.

That is less than 2 years of working to make an income most people can’t even attain even while working their entire life!

That’s some astonishing numbers in 2 years if you ask me.

He was one of the lucky few to find the right program from the get go rather than spending years and a lot of money before finding something that works.

Jerry found success so quickly but let me tell you that it was no accident.

He had dedication, motivation and aspirations to do big things.

It’s NOT just a matter of diving into something and not putting in the work, and he knew that and that’s why he made such a high income online!


2) Grace from


Time blogging

2 years

Previous job


Monthly earnings

4 figures

About Grace

Grace started her blog a couple months before Jerry, and although she hasn’t found as much success, she is making more money than the average employee at a normal job.

She decided to jump into this business model because she felt the industry was dominated by men and she wanted to prove literally anyone can do it.

Fast forward to 2018 and she HAS done it.

She is an ordinary mom with an ordinary life, however, one thing that makes her stand out from the crowd is her determination to succeed.

Now don’t think it came easy for her either.

She had created blogs in the past, various e-commerce websites and still didn’t earn much income from them.

Now it is unknown how much her exact monthly figures are, but do know it’s 4 figures per month!

She did not earn this from the e-commerce sites or failed blogs she created earlier, she did it with the help of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Again, that is less than 2 years to create a PASSIVE income most people can’t reach their entire working life!

Grace also just reached Super Affiliate Status which gets her an invite to Vegas.


3) John from

Time blogging

Almost 5 years

Previous job

US Army

Monthly earnings

$10,000 plus

About John

I’ve personally known John since I started my online business venture back in 2016.

His first website was but he recently migrated to a better domain name.

John was actually my online coach/mentor, he was the one that got me started with my own online business so it’s only fair to add him to my list of success stories.

Johns journey is a long journey as he started his online business back in February of 2014.

Before he found success online he was in the US Army and even co-owned a club.

Long story short, when he made his first $1 online he was convinced it worked and went all in.

He left the Army, sold his club and now works from home blogging for a living.

I’m not 100% sure on exact figures but I do know it’s a 5-figure income.

Or to make it even more clear for you, that is over $10,000 per month!


4) Nathaniell from


Time blogging

5 years

Previous job

English teacher + various other small jobs

Monthly earnings

5 figures

About Nathaniell

Nathaniell’s real name is Roderick but prefers his middle name Nathaniell.

He is a long time Wealthy Affiliate member and continues to work on his online business to this day.

Nathaniell has created a few blogs throughout the years but none of them are making the amount of money his main website earns:

This is his passion, this is what he loves doing, helping others create online businesses so they too can create an alternative income for themselves.

Nathaniell made it on my list because I can relate to him.

I can relate to the fact that he doesn’t want to work a regular 9-5 and wants to travel, and an online business allows him to do that.

Nathaniell was earning over $10,000 per month just 18 months after creating his first blog!

I can’t even imagine the type of money he’s earning now, especially 3 years later.

He was not fortunate enough to find Wealthy Affiliate early in his career.

He failed numerous times mostly on scams that didn’t work and only took his money.

Because he didn’t give up and kept trying, he found something that worked.


5. Alex from


Time blogging

11 years

Previous job

Office job

Monthly earnings

5 figures

About Alex

Alex was another person I could relate to and I like his success story so I decided to add it to my list.

He’s just an ordinary guy that wanted to live his dream lifestyle, and that lifestyle was NOT working a normal 9-5 but to live life on his own terms.

He’s been blogging for 11 years so he’s one my idols in my books.

He actually started an online business because he was desperate to make money online as he lost thousands of dollars due to scams and just wanted something to finally work.

How did he reach success?

Because he knew what it took, and it takes hard work and dedication “and there is no magic shortcut to riches” as he so bluntly puts it on his blog.

It was not easy for him over the years, as his site was once hacked and he gave up on it for a while but then resurrected it to the money-making machine it is today.

His other websites were also making money while his main website was down so that didn’t exactly stop all of his income.

Alex is earning well over $10,000 per month considering the amount of time he’s been in this business for.


Final Takeaway

When you look at these success stories and the people behind them, there is one thing they all have in common.

And that is that they are ordinary people and they blog no matter what.

What do I mean by this?

They don’t make excuses, they put in the work and get sh*t done.

They know not every article will be perfect, they know not every article will rank and they know success isn’t going to be handed to them on a silver platter.

It’s about being ambitious, having a dream you truly want and then doing what it takes to make it a reality.

That’s the key takeaway of these success stories my friend.

I hope you found some motivation so you can also begin creating success for yourself!


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