5K Formula System Review – $5000 Per Promotion or Scam?

Looking at the 5K Formula System, it seems like a great opportunity to get into considering they’re offering something that makes $5000 on autopilot.

They claim it’s absolutely free and not going to cost a penny.

As well all know, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

But in some cases I’ve seen this theory fall flat on its face.

So will the 5K Formula System stand up to the claims or is it just another scam promising you overnight riches and in reality absolutely nothing?

Lets find out!

  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value For Money


5K Formula will provide you with the tools, services, landing pages and templates needed to find success online. It is an affiliate training platform that has some of Matthew Neers best funnels which he is giving away for a price.

You will learn how to get traffic to those funnels, collect leads and then sell to them to make money.

Is it possible to make $5000 per promotion like they claim? Yes, but not so easy.


  • The concept works
  • Possible to make a boatload of money
  • It is a done-for-you system


  • Has a tonne of upsells
  • Can be overwhelming when it comes to the technical stuff, especially for newbies
  • There is no free trial
  • It is not as easy as it sounds to make money
  • Mandatory autoresponder which is a monthly ongoing payment

Quick Look

Name: 5K Formula System

Website: 5kformula.com

What You’ll Be Doing: Email marketing

Price to Join: $39.99 + 10 upsells


About 5K Formula System & The Owner

5K Formula was created by a guy named Matthew Neer and launched in 2013.

As soon as I heard this name I knew I’ve heard of him before, and sure enough, I have reviewed another two of his systems called Income League and Viral Cash App.

And let me tell you, this man is no stranger of hyping things up to the max, misleading and promising things that just aren’t going to happen.

That’s exactly what has happened in the other 2 systems this man has created in the past.

What I don’t get is why he is still creating systems with his real name when everyone knows he’s not the most honest person in the internet marketing industry.

The Claims

What’s funny is from the get go, in the title, they say their system can earn you $5000 absolutely free.

But when you scroll down just a little, the cost quickly goes up to $39.99!

Well that’s if you join today of course, but we all know that statement is a flat-out lie.

One thing Matthew brings to light is that most people who try to make money online have trouble sticking to something until it finally works.

They usually hop from system to system and never get anywhere because they quit every time.

Matthew also claims all he needs to do is send out 1 promotion and he automatically earns $5,000.

If he needs more money, he sends out more promotions.

What is 5K Formula?

In the sales video you will see Matthew Neer flashing lots of money, relaxing in a hot tub with hot girls by his side and rolling around in Lamborghini’s, etc.

To be honest, it looks really cringe what he is doing and he only does it to make you think you could be living that lifestyle too.

So Matthew is giving you his personal sales funnel that earns him up to $700 per day and you can brand it as your own and earn 100% commissions off of it.

He gives you everything you need so succeed and make money from people you send through the sales funnel.

He claims even a newbie to the internet marketing world can make money with it and you don’t need hosting, a domain name, you don’t need to know SEO, Facebook, blogging, or anything like that.

The Process/How To Make Money

So after you purchase 5K Formula, there are 5 steps to go through before you can begin making money.

Here they are:

  1. Login to your new account
  2. Connect your link
  3. Choose your traffic source
  4. Drive traffic to your link
  5. Make money

That sounds like an easy way to make money online but to be honest, it is not as easy as that.

First and foremost, you will be taken to the members area where you access your purchase.

There are several things available to you, some of them are email swipes, templates and landing pages to choose and promote.

Now it’s time to choose a traffic source and start sending visitors to your new landing page where you will be capturing emails.

Once you start capturing leads (people putting their email address in return for something such as a free gift), it is now your job to build a relationship, build trust and a loyal following.

When you can do that correctly, you can promote products to them over and over again and make a full-time income online.

Is Making $5,000 Per Promotion Really Possible?

Man, I am so close to calling this a scam because making $5,000 with one promotion is very far-fetched but certainly possible.

However, it isn’t as easy as Matthew claims it to be, as with all these internet marketing gurus who claim they can make you rich in a fast amount of time.

So yes, making this sort of income is 100% possible but you will see in a second why you will likely not make a dime if you decide to get into this business model.

The Flaws

Collecting emails and building trust is no easy feat especially for newbies.

It takes months to build up a loyal following and often times, years.

Listen to me when I say it will take years to build the type of income Matthew claims in his sales pitch where he promises you five thousand dollars per promotion.

He makes it sound like it’ll be a walk in the park and almost no work is required!

Another flaw is that you will need to set up an autoresponder which is a monthly ongoing payment that they don’t mention before you buy.

Price & Sign Up Details

The price is $39.99 and gives you access into the “meat” of the system.

However, be careful once you’re in the members area cause you WILL be hit with lots of upsells.

There are a total of 10 upsells and they are very persuasive because it offers even more stuff that’s going to help you make this system work for you.

Some are monthly payments so keep that in mind before making any final decisions.

The official website is 5kformula.com and includes a 60-day money back guarantee.

Is 5K Formula a Scam?

A scam in the dictionary means a dishonest scheme.

And although it is highly misleading, it is still possible to make the claimed income, it’s just not as easy as they make it sound.

The concept works because you will be collecting emails and building a relationship with your subscribers.

It’s how a lot of people are making an absolute killing on the internet.

But it does take a long time to build a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers, but when it happens, the world is your oyster.

To be honest, I never liked Matthew for the simple reason he hypes things up as much as possible and exactly what he has done with the 5K Formula System.

But other than that, the concept works and it will continue to work for years and for that reason, I have no choice but to call it legit.

However, hyping things up to make a quick sale is a huge no-no in my eyes and automatically gets on my bad list.

Matthew is known for doing this in the past and this one is no different.

Even though it is legit, it is not recommended.


What I Recommend

5K Formula isn’t for beginners.

The business model is used by advanced internet marketers and they make a hell of a lot of money doing it.

But if you’re new to this game, you’re going to get overwhelmed with all the different jargon and end up giving up in a matter of weeks, and wasting all your money you invested.

The route I took was to create a website, add content, rank and make money once I was ranked.

And that is exactly what happened and it’s how I make all my money online.

I don’t have an email list, I don’t sell whatsoever, I review products and provide information and it’s the easiest passive income I’ve ever had.

It is much better suited for beginners for the simple reason that it’s not complicated at all and the process is fully explained so you know why you’re doing things and you understand the process better.

Not to mention that it’s free to sign up and you can stay a free member for as long as you want!

Click THIS and start your FREE journey

What are your thoughts on 5K Formula? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value For Money


5K Formula will provide you with the tools, services, landing pages and templates needed to find success online. It is an affiliate training platform that has some of Matthew Neers best funnels which he is giving away for a price.

You will learn how to get traffic to those funnels, collect leads and then sell to them to make money.

Is it possible to make $5000 per promotion like they claim? Yes, but not so easy.

6 thoughts on “5K Formula System Review – $5000 Per Promotion or Scam?”

  1. I almost wanted to stop right there at $39 plus 10 upsells.  Ten upsells???  That really gives me pause.  One of the things I was so thrilled about with the Wealthy Affiliate program is that there was only one.  You could be starter or go up to Premium.  Boom.  Done.  I hate when every time you turn around another carrot is dangled in your face, and they always want to act like if you do THAT one, well, then you’ll really be successful.  Ugh.

    The autoresponder?  Is that extra on top of the monthly?  You say that’s required?

    Not sure this is the one for me.

    • That’s pretty common these days with these systems Babsie.

      Glad you decided to stay away from it before you invested all your money.

      The autoresponder is definitely required because you’ll be collecting emails and yes, it is an extra monthly payment, totally different from the main system.

  2. I must say that this review is very interesting and helpful. Honestly, I did not hear about 5k formula so far but maybe it is worth trying. It is obvious that this is not for everyone and people should know what he is doing to avoid the risk. I will read the article again and give it a chance, it is not so expensive after all.

    • Of course it works and it’s a viable business opportunity, but if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re new to internet marketing, you will almost definitely fail and I know that already.

      It is just too difficult to comprehend for newbies.

      But other than that, it can definitely work if you have a grasp of email marketing already and you’re willing to expand your knowledge to new heights, then sure, give it a blast!

  3. The 5k formula system seems to me like another get rich quick money making scheme all over the internet. For beginners making money through schemes like this might be very difficult cause most times they don’t have the platform to spread the message, share their links and get the number of upsells required to meet the numbers. As a result at the end of the day, its a waste of time, money and resources. it is advisable to engage in programs like WA where you are taught the basics of internet marketing, website building and a whole lot more.thanks.

    • The owner, Matthew, hypes it up to make you think you will get rich quickly, sure.

      But it is not as easy as that and it will take years to build the type of trust with your audience to reach $5,000 per promotion.

      That’s why it’s not a complete scam because it eventually works if you gain enough trust with your audience and provide VALUABLE information.

      Thanks for the comment brother!


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