6 Ways to Deal With a Difficult Boss



You might be doing your dream job, you might love your co-workers, and you might be getting the best possible salary, but if your boss is difficult to deal with, then nothing is good enough for you.

After all satisfying your boss is your ultimate goal because he is the one who will look forward to promoting you or give you an increment but that’s not possible because he seems to be the most unsatisfied person on Earth and no matter how much effort you make, he is still going to be tough with you.

There are chances that you hate your boss and are frustrated with his behavior which is why you’ve landed here in this article to find an ultimate solution.

Well, first of all, know that you are not alone in this situation because almost every other employee gets a tough time from his boss.

We’ve had experiences with people who just wanted to leave their job because of their managers.

So, it’s a common thing, and instead of quitting your job you need to find some better solutions and act smart in dealings.

Today in this article we are going to jot some of the best and the most effective ways that can help all the employees out there in dealing with their difficult bosses.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can save you from all the daily frustration and hard time that your manager gives you.

1-Own your mistakes

First of all, assess the situation, is it you who made a particular mistake and pissed off your boss or does he have a negative relationship with everyone at work?

If it’s your fault at some level, then try to own your mistakes and address the situation accordingly.

You cannot just expect things to work fine and your boss to be happy or polite with you especially if you are making mistakes.

The whole point here is that you should first fix everything that you feel is wrong with you and then analyse the entire situation.

2-Practice some empathy


Even when you and your boss share a professional relationship, you should still show him some empathy especially if he is behaving abnormally with you and your co-workers.

Maybe he is dealing with some personal or professional stress.

Maybe he is working under extremely tight deadlines and doesn’t forget that your boss also has a boss of his own, so maybe that guy is giving a tough time to your boss, and hence you are suffering all the pressure.

If you find the right opportunity, then do ask your boss if he is dealing with something or how can you help him in a particular situation.

All you have to do is to put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their position.

This practice can assist in making things smooth between you and your manager.

3-Be honest and open but at the right time

Be a little tactful when it comes to open communication and honesty.

It’s but an undeniable fact that your honesty and your level of communication with your boss can do wonders to your relationship with him but on the other hand, you need to be selective of the words you use with him, and you need to document your meetings with him.

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can heat things up which is why understanding the situation is quite important for you.

For example, you cannot go to your boss and talk about your promotion or increment especially if you know that he isn’t in a good mood to have that talk or if he is stressed about any of his work.

4-Take your frustration out


It’s very normal if you come home frustrated especially if you have a difficult boss but instead of taking out that frustration on your co-workers, try someone who is trustworthy (a family member probably).

You see, talking about the problems you are facing or taking your heart out when you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown is pretty, and it’s helpful too.

Yes, you read it right, you need someone to share all your workplace issues, this will not only make you feel light in fact, you might even get some good suggestion on how to deal with your boss.

5-Shift to some other department

You cannot change your boss? Well, why not change your department?

Especially if you work in a big company, then there are going to be some other departments and other opportunities for you, and well, you can definitely give that a try.

If you ever see some openings on another team then simply apply for it without giving it a second thought.

This will save you from quitting your current job just to avoid your boss, and you won’t even have to get into an awkward conversation with your HR.

6-Don’t burn bridges

Even if you feel like you’ve had enough with your boss and you cannot deal with this anymore then yes, you can quit your job but then again, act smart here.

You are not supposed to quit your job in a way that when some other recruiter tries to contact your previous boss just to know if you are right for the job or not, then your boss says “no”.

This can actually raise a lot of red flags for you, and it can become difficult for you to land a good job then.

So, be polite and come with valid reasons to your boss about quitting the job.

The Right Thing To Do

You see we will never suggest you just to quit your job just because your boss is too hard on you.

Especially if you love your job then don’t just quit it that easy, make some efforts into making your boss happy or simply try to understand his behavior.

Or in the worst case scenario, just ignore his behavior when you know that that’s his way of dealing with his employees.

But if you think your job and your boss is now becoming a stress for you and if you really are on the verge of a nervous breakdown then quit your job and look for other opportunities waiting out there for you.

4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Deal With a Difficult Boss”

  1. Even though I had nice bosses so far, I have to confess I hate being an employee. I just don’t like to be pushed or trade my time for money.
    Many people suffer the hands of stressed and demanding bosses, and it’s no wonder most people are no happy with their jobs. You have given us great tips, but sometimes it’s too hard to endure.

    • I couldn’t agree more my friend!

      Sometimes no matter how much you try and ease your bosses stress or get along with them, peace is just not going to happen.

      That is when it’s time to get out while you’re still sane.

  2. Hello Brandon,
    This is a great article. You are on point with all the reasons…tips and suggestions. This can be such a sensitive situation for all involved, however, there is a amicable solution as well, as long prudence is exercised and in the best time.
    I know anyone reading this article will glean some valuable suggestions that they can make their own. All the best.

    • Thank you Michelle.

      It is indeed a sensitive situation. I use to hate tip toeing around my difficult bosses I’ve had in the past and just want to help others avoid getting yelled at all the time.

      Thanks for the comment!


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