2020 New Years

A Glimpse into 2019 & My 2020 New Years Resolution

Last year at this exact same time, I posted my new years resolution.

These were some goals that I wanted to achieve for 2019.

I did not achieve all of them but I want talk to about why. Then I want to talk about some new goals for 2020 that I want to achieve for my blog, Job Quitters Unite.

2019 goals:

  • 250 blog posts: I now have 213 (Started at 97 articles)
  • 10 referrals per day: I am now getting a couple a day (I was only getting 2 a month)
  • 2 Comments per article – Comments aren’t important for me anymore so I don’t care about this
  • 500 Unique Visitors per day – I am now at 300-400! (I was only getting 15-45)

2019 Was a Busy Year For Me

2019 was a huge year for me and I know that’s no excuse.

I sold one of my websites. That website was campingmastery.com, my very first successful website.

I moved houses twice, one of them was an entire continent 27 hours away.

I am from New Zealand, currently living in the United States.

I procrastinated, partied and didn’t really work as much as I could on this website.

I know these are all excuses and no way to justify why I didn’t meet my goals.

However, I did come close. I am now much more ahead than this time last year and that’s the main thing.

I Slowed Down But I Didn’t Stop

One reason why I still got close to my goals was that I was still working on this website, I just wasn’t being 100%.

Martin Luther King  Jr Quote

This quote rings very true when it comes to my goals.

No matter what I did, I still worked on this website and did not stop, and that’s why I can reap the rewards of my work.

But this is only the beginning of Job Quitters Unite.


Literally 80% of 2019 I was posting an article about every 4 days and the reason I didn’t see explosive growth.

However, for the last 2 months I have been going HAM. I have been posting at least an article a day, sometimes even 2x a day.

These articles are going to rank and make me bank later on and that’s why I believe 2020 will be the biggest year for this blog.

My Goals for 2020

  • 450 articles – Currently 213
  • 20 referrals per day that sign up to Wealthy Affiliate
  • 2000 Unique Visitors per day from Google

Lets do it!

Tell me in the comments below what your new years resolution is 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse into 2019 & My 2020 New Years Resolution”

  1. Hey man,

    Nice success. To be honest, I’m not 100% bought on your website, but hey, I think this is a good thing.

    I will be following your 2020 journey, because that’s what I want to do from July on.

    How did you make to move to the US? You could reply by email if you want to.

    Thank you and great success!

    • What do you mean you’re not 100% bought? You think I won’t get 450 posts done on Job Quitters Unite the end of the year? Lol don’t underestimate me, I’m already at 229 since I published this article 20 days ago.

      I’m glad you’re following my 2020 journey. I’ve already got 14 posts up on that new website and I’m only 11 days in 🙂

      I have not move to the US here permanently, I am on a 6 month tourist Visa and currently have over 3 months to go. I actually meet a girl online and that’s who I’m living with in the US right now. To be honest I am missing my home country New Zealand a lot but I also love America. It’s amazing!

      • Not doubting you won’t achieve your goals. I’m not bought on your site and stuffs just like when you find a new website that says exactly what you want to hear.

        Anyways, I really want you to succeed. I will wait for the site reveal and keep tracking on what do you did so I can learn more and start doing my stuff also!

        Cheers mate!


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