A Glimpse into 2019 & My 2020 New Years Resolution

Last year at this exact same time, I posted my new years resolution.

These were some goals that I wanted to achieve for 2019.

I did not achieve all of them but I want talk to about why. Then I want to talk about some new goals for 2020 that I want to achieve for my blog, Job Quitters Unite.

2019 goals:

  • 250 blog posts: I now have 213 (Started at 97 articles)
  • 10 referrals per day: I am now getting a couple a day (I was only getting 2 a month)
  • 2 Comments per article – Comments aren’t important for me anymore so I don’t care about this
  • 500 Unique Visitors per day – I am now at 300-400! (I was only getting 15-45)

2019 Was a Busy Year For Me

2019 was a huge year for me and I know that’s no excuse.

I sold one of my websites. That website was campingmastery.com, my very first successful website.

I moved houses twice, one of them was an entire continent 27 hours away.

I am from New Zealand, currently living in the United States.

I procrastinated, partied and didn’t really work as much as I could on this website.

I know these are all excuses and no way to justify why I didn’t meet my goals.

However, I did come close. I am now much more ahead than this time last year and that’s the main thing.

I Slowed Down But I Didn’t Stop

One reason why I still got close to my goals was that I was still working on this website, I just wasn’t being 100%.

Martin Luther King  Jr Quote

This quote rings very true when it comes to my goals.

No matter what I did, I still worked on this website and did not stop, and that’s why I can reap the rewards of my work.

But this is only the beginning of Job Quitters Unite.


Literally 80% of 2019 I was posting an article about every 4 days and the reason I didn’t see explosive growth.

However, for the last 2 months I have been going HAM. I have been posting at least an article a day, sometimes even 2x a day.

These articles are going to rank and make me bank later on and that’s why I believe 2020 will be the biggest year for this blog.

My Goals for 2020

  • 450 articles – Currently 213
  • 20 referrals per day that sign up to Wealthy Affiliate
  • 2000 Unique Visitors per day from Google

Lets do it!

Tell me in the comments below what your new years resolution is 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse into 2019 & My 2020 New Years Resolution”

  1. Hey man,

    Nice success. To be honest, I’m not 100% bought on your website, but hey, I think this is a good thing.

    I will be following your 2020 journey, because that’s what I want to do from July on.

    How did you make to move to the US? You could reply by email if you want to.

    Thank you and great success!

    1. What do you mean you’re not 100% bought? You think I won’t get 450 posts done on Job Quitters Unite the end of the year? Lol don’t underestimate me, I’m already at 229 since I published this article 20 days ago.

      I’m glad you’re following my 2020 journey. I’ve already got 14 posts up on that new website and I’m only 11 days in 🙂

      I have not move to the US here permanently, I am on a 6 month tourist Visa and currently have over 3 months to go. I actually meet a girl online and that’s who I’m living with in the US right now. To be honest I am missing my home country New Zealand a lot but I also love America. It’s amazing!

      1. Not doubting you won’t achieve your goals. I’m not bought on your site and stuffs just like when you find a new website that says exactly what you want to hear.

        Anyways, I really want you to succeed. I will wait for the site reveal and keep tracking on what do you did so I can learn more and start doing my stuff also!

        Cheers mate!

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