AdFly Review

AdFly Review – Is it a Scam or Get Paid Shortening Links?

I want you to know in this AdFly review what you should expect from such a system and what sort of money you can earn.

adfly review

I’ve used AdFly in the past and made some money with it.

You could be at 1 or 2 of the spectrum…the absolute bottom where you will earn a few cents or top tier where you can be earning upwards of $20-$40 per day.

In this article I will go in-depth on the AdFly system, how to make money with it and if it’s right for you or a waste of time.

Because I know for a fact that it’s not easy to make a decent passive income, it takes hard work, a lot of fine tuning and a heck of a lot of patience.

Anyway lets start this review so you know what they have to offer!

At a Glance

Name: AdFly


What You’ll Be Doing: Posting links to various websites

Price to Join: Free

What Is AdFly?

AdFly is a PTC website (pay-to-click), meaning you have the ability to shorten links and get paid if someone clicks your link.

The more people that click on your link, the more you get paid.

But I’ll talk more about how much you can earn later.

Another way of earning money is to be an advertiser, which is the more complicated way and we’ll talk about both of these methods in this article.

So how do we make money with AdFly, Brandon?

  1. Become a publisher
  2. Become an advertiser
  3. Get referrals


Being a publisher means you post links and get paid when someone clicks your link.

The amount you get paid all depends on where the person is from that clicked your link.

For example: United States pays more than China.

But on average you earn around $1/2000 clicks.

Keep in mind that the person who clicked your link will need to stay on the website for the 5-second duration before you receive your earnings.

How exactly do we post links?

Step 1: Find a web page on the internet that you want to shorten.

Step 2: Copy that domain name into your AdFly account and click “Shrink”.

This will give you a link that looks similar to this:

That is a link to Google if you were curious and it was an example of what your special link will look like.

Step 3: Copy the link and find places to post it. And that doesn’t mean spamming it because that is against their ToS and if you’re caught spamming, you will be banned.

So that is the gist of being a publisher but as you might already know, it’s not as easy as it sounds because it’s getting a lot harder to make people click on unidentifiable links these days.

People aren’t trustworthy as they use to be and that’s become a big problem for link shortening sites such as AdFly.


The other way to make money is to become an advertiser.

This part is much more difficult and I recommend you stay away from this method unless you are know how to capture leads.

But before we get into lead capturing, let me explain what an advertiser is.

An advertiser is someone that pays to show their ad/page to a certain amount of people.

The cost of advertising varies with different traffic sources but if you invest in AdFly traffic this will cost you, on average, $1 per 1000 views for worldwide traffic.

United States traffic alone is $5 per 1000 views, but that is considered top tier which is why it’s so expensive.

The Referral System

Okay, so in my opinion the referral program is the most exciting service within this whole system.

Why? Their 20% earnings for life off of every referral you bring in, of course!

For example, if you invite your friend and they earn $10, you will earn $2 automatically without doing any work.

That’s 20% of all their earnings they earn throughout their lifetime on being on the website (if they choose to be a publisher).

If they become an advertiser and throw in $200 on advertising for one of their web pages, you earn 5% commissions which equates to $10.

Imagine if you recruited 50 people, 100 or even 1000 people.

Imagine the type of passive income you could create for yourself then.

Here’s a screenshot of my referrals I bought in years ago.

It isn’t much, however, keep in mind that I didn’t have that many referrals, but you get the gist that making passive income with referrals is the better option.

Realize that it’s not much money at the start only until you get more and more referrals, that’s when it starts to get more passive.

Most of these referrals will need to be actively posting links or paying for advertising to earn money off of their work.

That’s why I can’t emphasize enough that the more referrals you have, the more likely hood people are going to post links and make money, which of course will make you money.

The Dreaded Flaws

Yes, I know I made AdFly sound like a great system because it’s possible to make good money if you know what you’re doing and put in the time to try different things.

However, there are some major flaws that others will not tell you.

And because I’ve used AdFly in the past to make money, I want to share the exact same problems I faced so you can see if it’s still worth investing your time in.

You need lots of traffic (not easy)

The bad thing about AdFly and other link shortening websites is that they have been around for a VERY long time.

What you’re thinking of trying has been thought of by thousands of others who have shortened links in the past and found great success.

But because people were making so much money with them, the most popular sites have banned shortened links so your chances of getting good traffic have gone down tremendously.

Yes, this does include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

One website that still allows them is YouTube and that’s a whole other ball game creating videos and trying to get them ranked.

But then you have to try get people to click your links too.

Fortunately there are blogs and forums that still allow them and if you can find your own twist, you can still make it work and find good success.

But believe me when I say it won’t be easy and it’ll require a whole lot of trial and error before you find a winning strategy.

Getting referrals is difficult

As with all things in life, the best things ain’t easy and that couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to getting referrals.

Not just with AdFly but with all online systems that offer some type of recruitment program.

No one wants to be sold to and no one has the time to post links to make money.

However, if you can find these people that ARE looking for extra money, those are the people that are hungry for these systems and they will work, work and work some more.

Taking into consideration that they’re actually making money with it and enjoying the process, because if they’re not, they aren’t going to continue working with AdFly.

AdFly traffic SUCKS

The major flaw with AdFly is if you’re advertising your website or one of your lead capturing pages, it is not going to be an easy task getting anything in return for your investment.

None of the traffic is targeted and even when I purchased 100,000 visitors with my lead capturing page (where I give something for free in exchange for their email address), I received literally ZERO sign ups.

This was a shocking surprise as I thought I would get at least 10-100, but that wasn’t the case.

So think twice if you think you’re going to find yourself an affiliate program to promote then buy traffic, because it will not convert and that is the most major flaw with being an advertiser.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices for thousands of visitors to your web page because it is junk traffic with no geotargeting.

And without targeted traffic, you are doomed to fail because you don’t know who you’re actually selling to!

Is It Free & How Do I Get Paid?

Yes, being a publisher on AdFly is free and always will be free.

The only time it will cost is if you become an advertiser.

Advertisers pay the publishers in essence because that’s where all the money comes from.

Getting paid through AdFly is done via Payoneer or PayPal with minimum payouts of $10 (Payoneer) and $5 (PayPal).

One thing I really like about AdFly is their daily payout option.

They allow you to withdraw your earnings every single day!

There’s not many websites that allow you to do that…

The Good

  • Good source of passive income
  • Daily payouts
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Solid reputation – been around for years

The Bad

  • Cannot make enough money to quit your day job
  • Getting referrals is difficult
  • Not many places allow you to post shortened links anymore
  • Trying to get traffic without spamming is not easy
  • Low earnings for the amount of work needed to put in

Is AdFly a Scam?

Before we move forward I would like to emphasize that AdFly is not a scam and have been around for an extremely long time.

They have held a solid reputation for the time they’ve been on the internet, they pay on time and never hold back your earnings.

They have a great daily passive income source if you can get it to work for you.

Keywords are “if you can get it to work for you” because I cannot tell you any methods as the last time I used AdFly was years ago and the internet has changed since then.

But on the other hand, do know that those who experiment with different techniques and create their own twists, those are the ones that make daily passive income and find success.

The other way is to get hundreds and possibly even thousands of referrals that which actually make money, because when they do, so do you.

Now that’s my final conclusion on the AdFly link shortening service and I hope you found everything you were looking for 😀


The Only System Worth Trying

What you’ll be doing with AdFly is not easy and most websites are making it difficult to post shortened links nowadays.

I can’t promise you how long these sites will be around for because too many people spam links and make click bait titles just to get a click.

That’s why if you’re caught spamming, you will be banned.

However, I do like that AdFly change their shortened links every so often which means they are being active with the community and trying to keep their business afloat.

But for how long?

Who knows.

I only know that the only thing worth trying is Wealthy Affiliate.

They teach you how to create your own online business.

You will not be messing around with shortened links, just creating a website about your passion, getting ranked and then making money.

After a while it gets passive, and the best thing about it? You can make much more money than what your day job is earning you.

Thanks to the power of the internet and affiliate marketing, the internet has created so much more opportunities than what you’ll find in the real world which is why I’m sharing with you my favorite method of making money online.

Go here for the only system you’ll ever need to make money online

Cheers for reading and have a great day! (from your best friend at Job Quitters Unite – Brandon 🙂 )

24 thoughts on “AdFly Review – Is it a Scam or Get Paid Shortening Links?”

  1. I’ve tried similar programs to AdFly in the past but I’ve never made any substantial amounts of money with them… But, wasn’t trained and I had no way to get a lot of people to click on my links…

    I believe that if you are one of those YouTubers who get millions of views per month, you might be able to make some serious money with it.

    • Absolutely, if you are a big YouTuber and get millions of views per month, you could create a steady cash flow.

      However, that’s if you have a good c;ickthrough rate which is extremely difficult to get on YouTube these days.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Adfly, I had not heard of this one before and I was so excited but then after reading your review, I know I won’t be wasting my time with this platform. It looks likes a lot of work for peanuts. I would rather be focusing on building my affiliate site. Thanks for this review, you have saved me a lot of trouble


    • AdFly is old school and is still alive and kicking. At least it’s 100% legit and they pay on time, not to mention the daily payouts! Which is not something you see often.

      And I stand by your decision on creating your own online business, because at least it’s yours and no one can take it from you.

  3. Dear Brandon,

    I have come across Adfly ads and posts many times and I wanted to do some research before making my decision, but I was busy with some other stuff. Today, when I came across your review post went through it. You saved my time thanks a lot!

    Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this review and saves our time. It’s great to know that Adfly is not a scam site.

    Their referral system is awesome, and it’s free to join is great news. I worked with many make money online programs and this is the first time I come across daily payout option, this is amazing.

    The low earnings and getting referrals are my concerns (because of the low earnings it will be hard to get referrals). For me Adfly is a NO NO.

    Much Success!


    • You bring up some valid points and some strong arguments for people who want to defend AdFly. Fortunately I will not be defending them because I am on your side.

      Even though they have a great referral system and daily payouts, earnings are low and getting your referrals to actually make money is a whole other ball game not worth getting into.

      Thanks for the comment, Paul 🙂

  4. I know few things about Ad fly and one thing i can say about it is that it’s not meant for newbies; unless you’ve got a very huge traffic, it’s a no no.

    I recently just join wealthy affiliate and things have being really cool. Tons of materials to help you grow your online business, not to mention the experienced community members that are always there to help.

    Awesome write up Brandon.

  5. Thanks for this review on AdFly. I see that nothing is wrong with it but the thing is that you will just use your time in promoting links. Maybe that’s good because we are helping others by promoting their links but you cannot brand yourself as an affiliate marketer. You will always depend on AdFly.

    But it’s an opportunity for the small catch of fish unless you are expert in it.

    • The thing with AdFly is that it’s extremely difficult to make a consistent income with it.

      You need to have hundreds and thousands of targeted traffic per day to make a substantial amount of money, and if you’re a newbie, that’s impossible to attain even with paid traffic because you’ll probably pay more money than you’re earning.

      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

  6. I would have chosen the Shortening link method, but I’ll need a bunch of traffic as you mentioned above and it won’t be easy. It’s difficult to get referrals in any online work you do and as for the advertising, there will be a lot of money involved, which will be too expensive for me to advertise my own post.

    It does sound great and all, but it’s not worth for me, maybe it will be for others.

    I would rather join the program you suggested Wealthy Affiliate. This sounds like a great program to be in and will be worth anyone’s time. 

    Thank you for covering this topic and giving out this information on this program.

    All the best to you.

    • Shortening links is better for someone that has no experience because as we all know, getting referrals is very hard in internet marketing, and if you don’t have any type of online following, you won’t get many referrals (if at all).

      And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation especially for newbies to making money online.

      Cheers and have a great day!

  7. This is such a great review. You have explained everything so well.

    Even though the referral options looks difficult, that is something I might want to try. But I understand that it takes a lot of effort. I would not mind having a few dollars for doing nothing. This sounds like a set and forget thing.

    One question, is the program available worldwide?

    Thank you for taking your time to give us this review.

    • Hello Carol.

      The good thing about AdFly is that it IS a set and forget approach, but only when you find the golden nugget that’ll get you lots of clicks per day.

      Which is the most difficult and the easiest to die down if you don’t know what you’re doing.

      The referral system is much better suited if you want to build a passive income flow without having to spam your links everywhere.

      And yes, AdFly is certainly available world wide and you can sign up completely free here 🙂

      Cheers and have a great day!

  8. I was a long-time user of AdFly so I don’t have any question with regard to them or to the article written. What I want to do here is share my experience as an Internet marketer using the link shortener. In my point of view although I am not sure if it is the exact effect of it is, it hurts our conversion. You know, for example, if I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate and at the end of my blog post I shared a link to WA shortened by AdFly, what will be the reader’s impression of me? They will think I’m a fake. I talked about Wealthy Affiliate and at the end of the blog post I look like a broke affiliate trying to make cents out of AdFly. So, for me, it’s not good to use such service. Instead, there are other more professional link shortener out there like Pretty Link.

    • Oh of course, that is a big problem and I will NEVER recommend anyone use paid link shorteners to shorten their blog links. That’s asking to get a bad reputation from Google!

  9. Hi Brandon,

    I am glad to come across your review about AdFly, and I agree with you.

    I was using AdFly for a while, and I was not happy. When you look at income one can earn from AdFly verses the effort I don’t think there are many pros in this system. Get a successful referral not easy as the vendor claim it to be and posting short links, is essentially spamming, and definitely a not a sustainable business model.

    Love to hear your thoughts too.

    Best wishes.

    • Agreed, Skamalka. Getting referrals is not easy, and if you manage to get even a few, they’re more than likely not going to post links and earn money anyway.

      To make ANY sort of passive income with AdFly referrals, you will need at least a few hundred people.

      Personally I think it’s a big waste of time.

  10. Hello Brandon!
    Adfly is a good source I mean a legit source for earning money I know that. Because I used it for sometimes before. Though I could not do something good, I believe one can make some money. But this is a matter of frustration that there is chance of making money which is so poor in amount. Rather, all the views from different countries do not pay a good amount. so it is so difficult to make some good amount. However, new thing I have came to know from your article. Hope it will help people to start to make some mkney.

    • The good thing about AdFly is that they are legit and will always pay.

      However, you’re not going to make a hell of a lot of money if you invest your time into this system.

      The potential for growth is there, but you’re more likely to make more money selling your grandma a health product from the latest and greatest MLM scheme.

  11. Hi Brandon

    Thanks for posting on AdFly; I’m glad you say it’s not a scam; but it does not fit me. WA best suits me, which teaches you step by step what to do; maybe the money comes later, but I think you are developing a sustainable long-term business. Hope to have the necessary  patience.

    best regards


  12. Hi Brandon,

    Maybe adfly links needs to be promoted as advertising on a PTC site! Are you familiar with sites and Clixsense?


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