AdFly Traffic Review: Your One Stop Shop For Cheap Traffic

For those of you who don’t know, AdFly allows you to make money by shortening links.

That is called publishing.

However, there is something on AdFly called advertising, which lets you purchase traffic and advertise your own brand, product or service.

That’s what I want to talk about in this article, specifically AdFly traffic.

Just because it is cheap and affordable, that doesn’t mean it is good.

That’s the reason WHY it’s so cheap, because it has a low chance of getting you results.

Anyway, lets dive into this AdFly traffic review so you can discover what they are really all about and the quality they’re offering.

What is AdFly advertising?

Advertising is the act of putting your offer in front of an audience in an attempt to get something in return.

TV commercials are advertisements, newspapers have ads, there are popup ads on various different websites.

Ads are all around us, everywhere we look.

You often see them every few minutes of the day but don’t even realize it, that’s how much we are so accustomed to them now.

Well AdFly has millions of different traffic in many different countries that they can show your advertisement to.

But where is the traffic coming from?

AdFly publishers. They publish links all over the web.

AdFly has been around for many years now so they have millions of links all over the internet receiving traffic around the clock.

The Prices

The prices vary with different countries and get more expensive with countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, etc.

There is also a world wide deal.

This package gives you traffic from all over the world for as little as $1 per 1000 visitors!

It does seem like a deal of a lifetime upon first glance, but as you will find out in just a minute, it’s not as good as it sounds.

The cheapest prices are traffic from Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Brazil, Thailand, and much more.

In my opinion, the cheapest packages are a complete waste of money.

The traffic is trash, low quality and they’re less likely to make ANY purchases.

But more on the quality of the traffic in a minute, lets talk about the 2 campaigns I started.

My Campaigns

When I decided to purchase AdFly traffic, I tried an affiliate offer and then lead capturing.

The results were complete and utter atrocious, and that’s being nice.

Campaign #1

For my first campaign I tried affiliate marketing right off the bat

I purchased 50,000 unique visitors which costed me $50, at $1 per 1000 visitors.

I received over 100 clicks to the payment page out of 50,000 people and made zero sales.

The offer was on how to make money completing surveys, and the reason I chose this offer was because it was selling like hot cakes according to the sales stats.

But to my surprise, I did not make a dime and I had lost $50 in a matter of an hour. I was not happy.

Campaign #2

So after that major loss I decided to try a different approach, this time with a lead capture page.

For those who don’t know, a lead capture page is a web page with an enticing (usually free) offer in exchange for their email address.

All they need to do to receive the freebie is hand over their email address.

Here’s a full breakdown on making money with email lists

So that’s what I did, provided something anyone looking to make money online would be interested in and bought some traffic.

I purchased the same amount of traffic for the same price…another $50 for 50,000 visitors.

And of course, I was surprised again to receive 50,000 visitors to my page over the span of 24 hours but…not…one single sign up.

I was in awe.

If you can’t even capture emails with this type of traffic, there’s really nothing else anyway can do to benefit from it.

The Quality of the Traffic

After spending $100 on AdFly traffic and not even making a dime back, I was not happy with the quality of this traffic source.

Usually when you invest this much money you could at least make $10-$20 back…on a bad day, but to make absolutely nothing is a huge let down, especially when AdFly has been around for so long and they’re highly reputable.

I was not going to spend anymore money on this traffic and immediately turned away as a result.

I’m not saying this will happen to everyone, but in my experience, the quality of traffic from AdFly is poor and low value.

The reason it is cheap is because there is no geo-targeting, meaning you can’t choose your audience other than the country, and that is really bad in the world of internet marketing.

Without highly targeted traffic, you might as well try selling a fidget spinner to your grandma and have more chances of making a sale!

Does AdFly Use Bot Traffic?

AdFly is highly reputable and has been around for many years now, delivering traffic exactly as promised and never fails to deliver the amount you purchase.

The good thing about AdFly is that their US traffic – which is some of the best traffic in the world – comes in incredibly fast.

Other countries will be a little slower, however, that beats the theories that they might be using bots.

If they were using bots, they would’ve been exposed a long time ago and would’ve died down years ago.

It’s good to see that they are offering something good here considering the traffic is affordable for anyone wanting to make money online.

What I like About AdFly Traffic

  • Their prices are affordable, even US traffic. Anyone interested in starting internet marketing can jump in without paying an arm and a leg for expensive traffic
  • It’s a good “tester” to see if you get any clicks or even conversions. When you find the winning offer, you can move on to more expensive traffic that’ll convert better
  • The users are real and not bot traffic. Other advertising sites use bots and usually make you pay an arm and a leg!
  • The traffic comes in fast to your advertisement or web page. They usually say it takes 24 hours to receive your traffic, but in my experience, it can be completed in a couple of hours

What I Don’t Like About AdFly Traffic

  • There is no targeting other than the country you want to see your advertisement. Working with such a broad audience (any gender, all ages, etc), makes it extremely difficult to get anything in return for your money
  • The quality is extremely low because the traffic is so broad. This makes finding a winning product a difficult task
  • Conversions are low
  • I received 50,000 visitors and not even one person signed up for my free e-book
  • Not many people are finding success with AdFly traffic

What Other Are Saying

I have scoured the internet to find many reviewers talking about AdFly traffic, and I compiled nothing but the best findings below.

So many people that have tested this traffic source find it very cheap and affordable and offers even new internet marketers on a low budget a fighting chance at the advertising world.

However, like me, they also don’t like that there is no geo-targeting.

You can only choose the country which is not targeted at all and you’ll only make a hit or miss, most of the time a miss!

Other people don’t like that their traffic is low value and difficult to make conversions.

I have yet to find someone who has actually found a winning product that makes them money, and in my opinion, that makes AdFly traffic a big no-no.

Not just for me but for pretty much everyone that tries out their traffic.

The Verdict

I’m pretty confident in saying that they don’t have repeat buyers.

I’m sure they have to get new people in to buy traffic on a consistent basis, because simply put, nothing is converting so no one is sticking around to continue using them.

They hook you in with their affordable prices and packages and then you make little to nothing.

And if you do happen to make money, it’s definitely not enough to profit or even comes CLOSE to your initial investment!

AdFly gives you false hope as they bring you thousands of traffic in a matter of a few hours while you think you’ve won the jackpot.

However, yea, they are giving you lots of traffic but it is all TRASH.

The people landing on your ad comes from all walks of life, they mostly have no money to buy anything and they’re not going to get their wallet out and buy.


Because most of them are freebie seekers and come from sites like Forums, news websites, illegal torrent sites, YouTube descriptions, etc.

I would have loved to give AdFly a good name and good rating for their traffic, but due to my own campaigns failing miserably as well as thousands of others, AdFly is not good enough and you’ll only be wasting your money.

Sure, they are legit with real visitors but no one is going to pay a dime for your latest and greatest shiny object as everyone waits patiently for the “skip ad” button to come up.

AdFly traffic is 100% legit but definitely not worth your time or money!


What I Recommend Instead

Getting traffic is easy but not every traffic source is going to be your best friend.

Anyone can give you lots of traffic for a price, but not everyone is going to provide high quality, highly converting traffic that’ll make you the big dollars on autopilot.

Getting ultra targeted people to your website is definitely not easy and not attainable by everyone.

I have found a way to get the most targeted people to your blog without paying ANYTHING.

And all you need is time, an open mind to learn and try new things, and a lot of patience.

My #1 recommended product brings me laser-targeted traffic on autopilot, all for free, of course.

I rank websites and get traffic from Google.

All my visitors are as targeted as you can get which is why you need to stop wasting your time with cheap traffic sources and build something that’ll bring you nothing but the best!

Well that’s what I recommend and I can’t wait to see you on the other side to help you on your own journey 🙂

Kindly leave all your feedback and concerns in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “AdFly Traffic Review: Your One Stop Shop For Cheap Traffic”

  1. Thanks Brandon. Thanks for sharing your experience with this because it sounds like you put some money into it and now you could tell us how it went. I am surprised that you didn’t get a single sign up from the second attempt you made. I looked at your number one recommendation and I see that it is wealthy affiliate. I am on my second week of the premium membership of wealthy affiliate end getting a lot of value out of it so far. I’ve put a lot into my website and chosen some good keywords. I hope to see some traffic coming to my website and I want to be able to type in my keyword into Google and then see my website come up. I know I have a chance to make some money with it. Thanks again for your article.

    • It’s incredibly sad that I didn’t even get ONE sign up with a good lead capture page.The traffic is just trash and that’s the bottom line.

      Absolutely you will be able to search for keywords in Google and find your website right at the top. The secret is to keep going, keep building your website and creating content. Success is inevitable if you can do that my friend 🙂

  2. Hey, Brandon,

    I learned a long time ago as you did with Adfly that if you really want quality traffic it is best to learn how to make google happy and provide quality helpful information to your readers, as you have done here with this post. If your other readers don’t learn from this and think they will get all that traffic and score big $$$ maybe they should read it again.

    Nothing good ever comes cheap, especially online when you are trying to make a living running a business. It takes time and patience.

    Thanks for the great post, 


    • Buying traffic is risky especially for newbies. More often than not you’re going to lose hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars before finding a winning product that makes you profit.

      And I agree, getting on Googles good side is always a good idea, because the traffic is HIGHLY targeted and absolutely free that flows to your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      You sleep but the internet and your website never stop, so you receive traffic and money around the clock.


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