Affiliate Cash Club

Affiliate Cash Club Review – Is ACC a Scam?

This is my last review of 2019 and it happens to be the biggest scam of the year 😛

Affiliate Cash Club

Get rich quick schemes are your enemy because they make you think you can make money in the next couple of minutes.

And that’s exactly what the Affiliate Cash Club is pushing onto people.

I have reviewed systems like these before and they all have one thing in common.

They make you think you’re going to be rich if you purchase their system and you’ll regret it if you push the back button.

And you know what else?

They all turn out to be scams.

So what makes this system different from all the affiliate marketing training systems out there?

Well that’s what I want to find out in this Affiliate Cash Club review.

At a Glance

Name: Affiliate Cash Club


Owner: “Jordan Matthews” (Likely a pen name)

What they offer: Affiliate marketing training material

Price: $37 + upsells

My rating: SCAM!


  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Has some training available


  • The training materials are low quality
  • It’s low value for money
  • The owner stays anonymous
  • It’s full of hype
  • You will not make thousands of dollars per day like they claim
  • You will not make any money for that matter
  • Too many upsells
  • Fake testimonials
  • No free trial


Affiliate Cash Club promises to make you $4000 in 14 minutes but they do not deliver on that promise.

They are supposed to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing but all they do is send you low quality training and a lot of upsells (to squeeze more money out of you).

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

What Is Affiliate Cash Club All About?

This system is created by a man named Jordan Matthews and claims he will show you how to make $4,784.72 in 5 minutes and 14 clicks.

Well I can tell you from the start that this man is made up. He is not real because there’s no information about him on the website or anywhere on the internet.

Internet marketers do this when they don’t want anyone to know the real them, usually when they’ve got something to hide, or a lot to hide in this case.

Then he goes on to say that members are making $35,000 per month with as little as 10 minutes work per day.

Now making $35,000 per month is certainly possible but definitely not going to take 10 minutes a day.

It takes YEARS to build up such a high earning business like that.

So How Does it Work?

The name of the game is affiliate marketing.

Now affiliate marketing is definitely legit because that’s what I do to make money online.

However, Jordan does not state anywhere on his sales video what you’ll be doing to make all this money he claims.

And to be honest, that is a big red flag. In my experience reviewing products like this, they usually provide the basics of affiliate marketing.

There’s no step-by-step training, no customer support, no specifics. They really only skim the surface of affiliate marketing.

So what are you actually getting?

-Low quality training materials.

These “gurus” tend to spend more time on the sales video than the actual product itself.

The Upsells

The owner has one goal he wants to achieve, and that is to make as much money as humanly possible from every person that purchases his system.

And he does that with upsells.

These upsells are designed to make you think you HAVE to purchase them to make the thousands of dollars he promises.

These upsells range from $47 and even hundreds of dollars.

Some systems get into the thousands. And the sad part is that people actually purchase them thinking they need them.

The Red Flags

1. Claims of getting rich fast

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Your parents taught you that when you were growing up and it absolutely rings true when it comes to make money opportunities.

Get rich quick schemes do not work, so when you see someone promising you thousands of dollars a day, it’s probably a scam.

2. Fake testimonials

No one is making money with this system, that’s a fact.

“But Brandon, what about the testimonials?”

The testimonials are fake, they are hired actors from Fiverr.

You can check out the proof below.

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2

Fake testimonials are common with scams like these.

They don’t have any real people making money with it so they pay people to tell a lie,

3. No mention of the product

Sure, there’s lots of talk about making thousands of dollars a day with 10 minutes of work but no mention of what you’ll be doing anywhere on the website other than affiliate marketing.

This is because the training really is that bad and “Jordan” doesn’t want you to know that.

4. The hype beast

These systems are designed to hype you up and make you think about living the dream lifestyle.

You know the one I’m talking about.

Living by the beach, staying in a million dollar apartment, riding in a Lamborghini, eating at the yummiest steakhouse.

Yeah, these systems are notorious for hyping people up and that’s how they make the sale.

How These Scams Work

What these scammers will do is invest a couple hundred bucks into creating a product and a very convincing landing page.

They pay for fake testimonials, a website builder, web hosting, etc, and they use human psychology against you to make you think you can make easy money just like them.

They will then create it as an affiliate product, meaning people can promote it and earn commissions.

They hype it up a month or 2 before launch, then when it is officially launched, hundreds of affiliates will promote the hell out of it.

Now if the product is $37 and he totals 1000 sales, that is $37,000, NOT including upsells.

If the owner of the product is paying 50% commissions, his affiliates get half of that money and the rest goes to him, all $18,500 of it.

Plus more when you include the upsells

All that money just for slapping some low quality training material together and selling it to desperate people.

What’s the Price & Purchase Details?

The price for ACC is $37 and you get access to all the training materials. This also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

Sadly there is no free trial so you have to make a purchase to see what they have to offer.

You will be hit with some upsells on the other side so be careful you don’t fall for those or you’ll be hundreds of dollars deep before you even get started.

So Is it a Scam or a Real $4,784.72 Per Day?

Some might say that Affiliate Cash Club isn’t a scam because you actually get some training.

But in my opinion, it is 100% a scam.

There’s no way you’ll be making thousands of dollars in the next couple of hours and you won’t make any money with the training they provide.

They want as much money from you as possible so they will say whatever they can to get it.

We are dealing with yet another get rich quick scheme that targets the desperate and those who don’t know better.

Affiliate Cash Club will not make you rich and all you’ll be doing is wasting your time and money.


Another Way to Make Money Online?

Making money online takes time and hard work.

It’s just impossible to make thousands of dollars a day for people starting out and that’s why the claims from ACC are outrageous and unrealistic

I am not claiming to make a million dollars a month but what I do makes me 4 figures a month, and I love everything about it.

The system I use is actually free and has the best customer support I’ve seen with any system.

Well that concludes this article.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Affiliate Cash Club system. Leave them down in the comments below 🙂

Otherwise thanks for reading my review and have a great day!

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