Afraid to Quit Job and Don’t Know What to do

Lets face it, quitting your job is a scary thing bc keno winning.

Whether you love your job or hate it, trying to get out of your current job is never pleasant but there are ways to soften the blow – both for you and your employer

keno tips But first we need to get a handle on why you’re afraid of quitting your job.

Below I have outlined some reasons that may apply to you, then we get into the “meat” of this article (where you’ll discover ways to do it without feeling massive guilt or regret).


Reasons Why You’re Afraid 1. You’re afraid of what your boss will say This is the #1 reason why I actually hesitated when I was handing in my resignation.

keno winning numbers bc I had a huge feeling that the boss will do everything in his power to make me stay, and my hunches were right.

The day I handed in my resignation my boss started making me feel bad for doing so bclc keno winning numbers live.

He said I was one of his best workers, he wished I wouldn’t go and explained how close I was to another promotion bc keno.

Guess what?

Because I am such a kind person that gets talked into doing stuff easily, I changed my mind and ended up staying

What a bad decision that was! I was so close to axing that miserable day job keno live bc.

playnow keno Nonetheless, this might be why you’re scared to quit your job as well. You’re not alone so don’t EVER think you are.

2. Change is scary keno bclc

bc keno Most people hate change and the thought of changing their current situation scares them to death.

What do we expect if we take the almighty plunge? We don’t know so we decide to settle for less.

At least at this point we know what we are dealing with. We become accustomed to this daily life and routine, and make it the “norm” bc keno draws.

Basically, we just deal with it because we are scared of the alternative

how to play keno lotto 3. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know

lotto bc keno People hold this mentality of thinking that their next job may leave them more miserable than their current job.

bc keno They would rather just stick with it and continue on with each day every day even though they absolutely hate their job at this point, yet they still do nothing about it.

The little voice in their head tells them that they should stay in their current job (subtly of course), so they listen to their mind and not their heart. A common mistake people make.

Follow your heart because that usually holds the key to your true path

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Why You Should take the Plunge & Quit Anyway 1. A new job may turn out to be AWESOME

bc keno You don’t know what the future holds but you DO know that you are not happy and you want to make a change. What if…just what if your next job turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

keno winning numbers bc You’ve been living a miserable life for years when you could’ve turned your life right around with a simple decision to find something new and roll with it. The only way to find out is by taking the almighty plunge my friend.

keno bc You can’t predict the future but you can do something about it before it’s too late and that’s all that matters.

2. Your boss may actually be the coolest person you meet winning keno numbers bc Your current boss might be the person that’s ruining your whole career or he may not be, but there are most definitely great bosses still out there.

A good boss values your skills–your true worth–and pays you accordingly.

He/she cares about you as a person and doesn’t mind if you have a day off when it’s needed.

Sometimes they let the whole firm have a day off when the time’s right!

I’ve had one of these bosses and it made the whole job bearable.

3. You may wake up happy and excited to go to your job everyday


A good work environment, good associates and great boss creates the perfect workplace.

Having this combination fills you with happiness because there’s no clashing with anyone AND you love the workload.

This creates a job that sustainable and leaves you a happy person, one that you may stay in and eventually retire in!

4. Change is good even though it’s scary and doesn’t seem like it

We can all agree that change is scary, however, no one is talking about why it’s so beneficial in many ways.

Change allows you to learn, to discover new things and ultimately grow as a person.

The best entrepreneurs didn’t keep saying no to every opportunity. They took almost every opportunity head on and tweaked their actions as they went.

Too many people think about things before making decisions.

I do the opposite. I shoot and aim on the way.

Don’t aim then shoot, because the game would’ve changed before you even reached your destination.

5. You’ll be getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone will be the best thing you ever do if you’re trying to make a change.

Your comfort zone basically means you are in your safe place.

It is comfortable for the simple reason that you know what to expect. You know what will happen at your job tomorrow, the next day and the whole week.

You know you have enough money to pay rent and put food on the table.

When you get out of your comfort zone, you don’t know what will happen.

However, it’s been scientifically proven that we attain peak performance during this state.

Our anxiety increases and we become more aware of things.

We become more productive, we adapt better to changes, we push boundaries easier in the future and much more.

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Getting Out of Your Job

1. Wait for a lay-off or annual leave break

This is my favorite way to leave a job since you can give your 2-weeks notice as soon as you start your break (via email) and you’ll never have to see your boss/employer in person again.

Of course you will have to if you want your belongings back, but you can just leave all of this behind and purchase new stuff if you really don’t want to face the music.

2. The no-show

Only for the top savages, doing the good ol’ no show may or may not be for you.

This all depends on the type of person you are and what you want to do in the future.

This is absolutely amazing to do if you don’t plan on working for somebody else ever again.

If you are 100% planning on working for yourself or being an entrepreneur, then this is a great option.

This isn’t done that often but I LOVE it when I hear stories of people doing it.

The key takeaway: Don’t want to do something? Then don’t do it! Figure out the consequences for not doing so then make your final decision based off of those.

3. Drop hints during the last few months

Drop hints that you may be leaving in a few months or so.

Say you’re looking at another job, one closer to your home. It’s something you are more interested in doing.

Drop the hint every now and then to fellow co-workers but WHILE your employer is in the presence.

It’ll soften the blow for both you and your employer when you eventually hand in your resignation.

And who knows, during those last few months your boss might even put in a good word for you.

4. The “I’m moving” technique

One way to get out of this rut is by telling everyone that you are moving in about a years time.

Drop the line every few months.

Eventually it’ll get to your boss and they’ll be ready and waiting for your resignation when the time comes.

Moving is a really good excuse because it shows that you aren’t leaving JUST because of the job, but that you want to a change in your environment.

Change is good and bosses know that people like to make big moves even a few times in their lives. You’ll be good to go with this excuse 🙂

5. Just do it


Okay, so you wouldn’t even be here if you could “just do it” without second thought, but for the sake of formation I wanted to include it anyway.

Just writing your resignation and handing it into your employer seems like the impossible, but it is the least time-consuming and one of the easiest ways when it’s officially done.

You’ll get a breath of fresh-air because you’ve done something you thought you could NEVER do.

And definitely do expect some type of backlash or BS talk to try and keep you working there.

If your boss is like my ex boss, he will say how much he loved having you work for him, all your good qualities and how much of a hard worker you are.

But all of this is to get you to change your mind, and believe it or not but it works for a lot of people!

So that is a major con when you do it this way, and being fearful of facing this type of situation is the reason why people don’t quit their job and end up staying in it for the rest of their lives.

If you are kind-hearted and easily talked into doing stuff; avoid this technique. Your boss will make you feel bad for quitting and you’ll end up not doing it.


Don’t Purposely Try and Get Fired!

This is quite possibly the WORST way to get rid of your job.

Trying to get fired leads to negative energy all round, and you don’t want that!

Getting fired only means you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary situations, situations where your boss becomes angry at you and you’ll end up burning bridges.

Sometimes it takes months before you even get fired, so you’re basically signing up for a long, DAUNTING ride if you take this route.


Final Words

Just remember that EVERY job, boss and colleague is different.

Leaving a big factory is a lot easier than leaving a small firm with only 3-5 employees.

Then again, leaving a small fish n chip shop will be more difficult than leaving McDonald’s or other fast food restaurant.

That’s because big restaurants like these can get in new people almost instantly. You won’t bear the burden of leaving a company with less employees so you won’t feel AS guilty.

Feeling guilty is another reason why people won’t quit their job either. They are just too loyal even though they don’t even like the job they are in.

They are too kind-hearted and don’t want to leave their boss and colleagues worse off.

In these situations you have to remember that it is not your business.

Your happiness is a lot more important than a job where your boss or colleagues don’t even care about you! (although they’ll make it seem like they do)

Well I hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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