All In One Profits Review – A Scam or Legit MLM System?

In this All In One Profits review I share everything this business model offers and tell you whether it’s legit or a scam.


Like other companies based on multi-level business models, All in One Profits is an online based company built to share profits among members.

The logic is you join by paying an amount and the person introducing you gains by getting a commission.

The more people you recruit, the better chances you have of making extra earnings.

The main form of earning is meant to be purchasing and promotion of goods after reselling.

Most first recruits seem to make bigger earnings than those who join later, and after 6 years in operation, the latest recruits stand little chance of gaining from the program.


Name: All In One Profits


Owners: Isabela Alexanian and Johan van Geffen

Price to join: $10/month for starter package

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

3.5 out of 5 stars

What Is All In One Profits And Who Owns It?

All in one Profit adopts the multi-level business model where recruits earn more from recruiting more partners and promoting goods.

Joining the company entails paying a certain amount.

The introducer receives 100% commission for bringing a new member.

The entire program is automated and provides opportunities for unlimited number of people.

Since launching this company in the Netherlands in 2012, Isabela Alexanian and Johan van Geffen have undeniably made a fortune from it.

It is now based in Romania where the new Headquarters are located.

This system accepts interested subscribers from around the world at any time.

The Process/How You Make Money

Making referrals in the program is the main way to make money on All in One Profits

The comprehensive compensation plan shows that as a new recruit, you will begin earning money from your first sale.

As you strive to make referrals and make recruits; watch the numbers.

If you have made odd-numbered referrals, you get 100% commissions. On the other hand, if you make even numbered referrals, the commission is passed up to your upline.

You will receive all even numbered referrals they make.

If you sign up for the $10 USD Basic level registration, you receive the 100% commission from your initial referral, however, you should not expect commissions for the second referral.

Still, your upline will reflect the 100% commission.

The subsequent referral will give you the second commission, as will the fifth, seventh and so on.

Notice the odd numbered sequence?

The even numbered sequence on the other hand gets upline commissions.

The basic level also comes with an admin monthly fee of $1.50 to make it $11.50 for the first month.

This is generally cheap and accessible for most regular people.

You will not be getting any amount above the $10 as commission regardless of the membership level or number of referrals.

The pro level on the other hand, costs $20 plus a monthly fee $ 1.74.

With Pro level, there are benefits that help you raise your income equally faster aside from other privileges.

The package comes with 4 payment processors including; Payza, STPay, Payeer, and MobilPay.

The Payment processors are effective because they are automated.

What Do You Get Once You are A Member?

The Basic Level comes with; a URL rotator, a URL tracker for up to 10 URLs, text Advertising (1) and banner Advertising (1).

On other hand, the Pro Level provides two URL Rotators, a URL Tracker for up to 20 URLs, text Advertising (3), banner Advertising (3), an AIOP ad Co-op and video Slide Maker Software.

Others include; platinum Audio Video Maker and monthly Premium PLR packages.

For each of the levels you will be getting web hosting, an autoresponder, extensive training and a splash page creator.

Red Flags of All In One Profits

You will notice during the training that there is limited content.

Here are some more cons to look for before beginning your journey with AIOP.

The company provides a WordPress website, however, they do not enlighten the users abut SEO techniques to help them beat the competition and perform best.

As a result, the recruits are not able to get their website ranked on search engines without knowledge and skills in SEO techniques.

Moreover, the splash pages provided are simply repetitive pages, which means they will not be helpful on search engines since they cannot be ranked.

After working hard on your referrals, the conditions demand that you will pass up half of them up to your sponsor.

This is not fair to the new recruits working hard to attain every referral, and trust me, there is a lot of new recruits and most of them don’t know what they are doing.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that since they work like MLM; the company eventually grinds to a halt after the last member registers.

The package also comes with redundant ebooks and the quality of the services is watered down by the sketchy work in the ebooks.

Price & Purchase Details

All in One Profits is one of the cheapest available MLM options for interested enthusiasts.

The basic package only costs $10/month with an extra monthly charge of $1.5.

If you take this package, you will still be benefiting from the 100% commissions on referrals according to the terms and conditions.

The Pro level on the other hand, costs twice as much as much as the basic package and comes with a monthly charge of $1.74.

For online success, you need to be patient enough to build the basic tools for a strong foundation

It is from this foundation that you will make bigger profits with less effort.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable joining cost
  • All the tools needed to create an online business
  • Training videos
  • Good for newbies


  • No SEO training available
  • It is basic tools only and not good for immense growth
  • No free trial available

My Verdict

All In One Profits is a legit program that provides everything needed to create an online business.

They’ve been going for a few years now and show no signs of slowing down, probably because they are actually trying to help people make money on the internet and not just scam them.

This system caught me by surprise because as I was researching it I thought it was going to be one big scam, however, it is definitely legit.

It is highly affordable and allows virtually anyone that can afford $10 per month to jump in and get started.


What I Recommend Instead (read why)

Even though AIOP is legit and you’re able to make money with it, there is no SEO training available.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, without proper SEO knowledge your websites will NOT rank and you will make zero dollars.

This is a big flaw in my opinion because newbies will jump in thinking they’re going to get rich only to find out their website isn’t ranking and not gaining any visitors.

The system I use requires ZERO dollars upfront so you can jump in completely free and check it all out, has all the training you need (yes, for ranking in the search engines too) and is created for both newbies and expert marketers.

This system is called Wealthy Affiliate and I have written a review on it here.

Do you have any experience or any questions regarding AIOP? Kindly leave them in the comments below!

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a great day.


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10 thoughts on “All In One Profits Review – A Scam or Legit MLM System?”

  1. Thank you Brandon for this review. It’s good I have read this so anybody who will ask something about this company I know what to say to them.

    I will not go with this kind of investment also because referral as the source of income is so difficult to attain. I prefer to have my website run in the internet for people to gain knowledge and I can leverage through ads.

  2. Thanks for this great review! When I first read about AIOP I was almost certain that this must be a scam. But good to know that they are actually legit. I did not use their program yet, however I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate which I highly recommend and definitely best value for money!

    • Hello Nathalie. I too thought it would be a scam, however, this just proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Great post Brandon and I agree that not having SEO training is huge because I have gotten in a company before, only to realize I was not going to have success, unless I use sometimes other ways to get people to my website but cost me too much money. However with the SEO training, getting traffic is free once you have the skills down. Have a great day

  4. Hey Brandon,
    This is a really good article. I like how you present the pros and cons of this system. Also for highlighting that even though All in One Profit System is legit and you’re able to make money with it, there is no SEO training available. I think that’s so important, otherwise how will people see your site and content? I know Facebook doesn’t like links like this. Yes sir, this one’s not for me. I want to rank and not earn ZERO dollars.
    Just curios, do you use the All in One Profit System yourself?
    Thanks for enlightening me!

    • Exactly my point too John.

      A great site with lots of content means absolutely nothing without traffic, and the RIGHT traffic at that.

      SEO is highly targeted traffic and converts so well, it is probably the best traffic source in my opinion considering it’s 24/7 traffic and free.

      Nope I do not use All In One Profits.

  5. All in one sounds like a pyramid and although pyramids do make people money in the beginning, they burn out leaving only the first people involved rich. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand has the best training I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the information on All In One and WA.


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