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Are get-rich-quick schemes the answer to your financial problems?

super rich

We’ve all seen them, the latest and greatest system to make your dreams of becoming wealthy come true.

These systems are more alive than ever before, so I thought it was time to go in-depth and discuss what they are really about and what the the true intentions are for the owners who create them.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

This is my website and I have reviewed hundreds of “work from home” opportunities and written down my findings.

I have reviewed opportunities from survey sites, MLM, affiliate training, ecommerce, dropshipping and more.

The ones that claim to get you rich extremely fast are usually out to take as much money as they can from you and that’s it.

If you don’t believe me or would like to know more, keep reading this article.

What Are Get-Rich-Quick Schemes?

Get-rich-quick schemes promise to make you lots of money in a fast amount of time.

For example, does this ring a bell: “Free video reveals: How to earn $1000 per day with a method no one is talking about”.

Or, “Shortcut to earn $20000 per month on complete autopilot”.

And the titles just go on and on.

In the sales video you will see the spokesperson showcasing Lamborghini’s, big houses/mansions and beautiful beach holiday resorts.

They will literally promise you an easy way from the bottom to the top without lifting a finger and they’ll try back up the claims with testimonials which are only paid actors and not genuine people.

They strike urgency emotions in you by using scarcity tactics such as: “Only 7 spots left”, or “3 days to go”.

They do this throughout their sales letter and sales video to make you excited about making easy and fast money, but it doesn’t happen…ever.

What These Systems Are Designed To Do

I don’t care what anyone says, the fact is, these systems have one thing in common…the owners ALWAYS stay anonymous and that sparks a huge red flag when it comes to legitimacy.

I’ve yet to see a get-rich-quick scheme with a genuine owner who doesn’t hide his identity.

I know they use pen names because the domain has been registered privately and the pictures they use are taken from royalty free websites where you can take pictures and use them however you like.

So what are these systems designed to do, exactly?

To take money from desperate people, the innocent, the needy, those who don’t know better about these schemes.

They know desperate people want a way to the top without doing much work and they will target these people to take as much money from them as they can.

That’s why you will see them get hit with upsells as soon as they purchase a get-rich-quick scheme, because they are already excited and hyped up, they are more likely to throw more money into it.

Why Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes Don’t Work

Like I said, get-rich-quick schemes aren’t your ticket to financial freedom.

Those who make all the money are the product creators and affiliates.

The affiliates make a commission for every sale and the product owner gets the rest.

That’s why these schemes are created, well, more like scams considering they never work and they’re always overhyped with false claims and promises.

They are thrown together with low value PDF files and oftentimes scraped content from Google and YouTube videos.

So most of the time the information in them can be found with a quick Google search, but for free, without paying a dime!

The verdict: Get-rich-quick schemes do not work because the owners are only out to get as much money from you as possible with their hyped up upsells and false claims while providing little value in return.

Are They Answer To Your Prayers?

No they are not.

They are designed to make you think you’re looking at the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread, and they do it in such a great way that you get your credit card out to buy.

They do not work at all, they are overhyped and don’t deliver on the outrageous promises.

Owners stay hidden because they know their systems are fake and no one makes any money with them.

If you join you’ll be just another victim of yet another shiny object that doesn’t even work.

This is called shiny object syndrome…jumping from the “latest and greatest” get-rich-quick scheme and never actually making any progress on your dreams; whatever they may be.

The #1 Secret To Creating Immense Wealth Online

What if I told you that you won’t make money online if you’re just looking for the golden nugget to make you a boatload of money without lifting a finger.

Because they are NOT out there and they never will be because they don’t exist and making good money online takes hard work, dedication and lots of patience.

And that is the only secret to making lots of money on the internet my friend.

It’s about creating something that you own, something that no one can take away from you because you legally own it and something that will grow with time and nurture.

Because let me tell you that making money online is completely possible and the money you wish to earn is within reach, but it will not be easy and only the strong get what they want.

Well I bet you’ve heard enough of my rambling and want to know what I’m talking about, to get started with your new online business venture!

The system that allowed me to create something REAL, something that grew with time and the more I worked at it, is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s how I reached my dream of working from home full-time so I didn’t have to work my normal 9-5 job anymore!

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Well thanks for reading this article and I hope you have a wonderful day 😀

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