Auto Chat Profits Review: 6 Minutes and 14 Clicks to $1000 Daily? I Think Not

Robot Technology?

Really Auto Chat Profits…

It’s like these “make money online gurus” aren’t even trying anymore.

They just keep using the same scammy words and can never come up with anything new.

But what baffles me the most is that people still fall for these scams.

I don’t even need to do an entire review on Auto Chat Profits because I can see from the get go that nothing they are saying seems legit.

However, for the sake of helping you find the correct path to financial freedom, I will debunk this system so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Full of Lies & False Promises
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Auto Chat Profits gives you a website that you have to send traffic to. The woman on your website is a robot and talks to your visitors in the hopes they will convert into a buyer. However, there are many flaws with this concept as you will see in this review.

ACP is hyped up to the max and highly misleading, and the money they claim you will make are straight out lies.


  • Can make money with a lot of investment, although have fun trying to make a profit


  • They lie by saying everything is free when there is actually a $37 price tag + upsells
  • They keep telling you that it is automated and makes you money without doing any work when this is 100% wrong
  • The entire sales video just hypes you up to make you think making thousands of dollars per day is possible, but it definitely is not with this system
  • Your odds of making money are little to none

Quick Look

Name: Auto Chat Profits


What You’ll Be Doing: Affiliate marketing

Price to Join: $37 one-time + upsells

The Claims

As I look at their landing page, they claim that their new robot technology makes them over $1000 every single day.

They say the video presentation is private but it definitely is not because anyone can view it as long as they have the website link.

This tactic is designed to make you feel special so you think you’re getting a deal of a life time.

I know because I’ve reviewed hundreds of these systems in the past.

The spokesperson also claims you can make money everyday with no experience and it doesn’t matter what age you are.

About Auto Chat Profits

To be honest, Auto Chat Profits is really new and was released only on the 2nd of January, 2019.

I feel I’ve heard this name before or a very similar one at least.

Maybe it was rehashed from another program because it’s not unusual for that to happen with these things.

The spokesperson in the video is a pen name which they state at the very bottom of the sales page.


I’ve learned to always read the fine print because you find a lot about the owner, their intentions and what they are really hiding from their visitors.

But moving on to what Auto Chat Profits is all about…

What is Auto Chat Profits?

To be honest with you, the sales video entails a whole lot of nothing other than “Samantha” showing her Clickbank account and other various affiliate platforms claiming she is making over $30000 a week.

But keep in mind, this is her PERSONAL vendor account and not an affiliate account.

That money she is earning includes money from her products that affiliates are selling for her.

This is not what you will earn using Auto Chat Profits.

She claims she will give you a website with robot technology
built-in and that’s how you will make all this money on auto pilot.

The Process/How To Make Money

Auto Chat Profits has step-by-step training which takes you through:

  1. How to set up a Clickbank account
  2. Choosing a domain name
  3. Registering with an email service

Once you complete these steps, the system will create your website with the “new revolutionary robot technology” built-in.

Once this is complete, your website is hosted by the owners of Auto Chat Profits complete with a custom logo and a chat robot which talks to your visitors and offers them a “FREE Make Money Report” worth $97.

They ask for their name and email address which is surprisingly smart since it becomes useful later on, which I’ll talk about soon.

The robot guides your visitors through a series of questions and no matter how they answer the questions, the robot will intelligently send them to a Clickbank product for them to buy.

It is often one with 75% commissions so you earn the most money from every sale.

And of course because you put your Clickbank code into the page beforehand, your account name is already punched into the link and that’s how you earn your commission.

If your visitor decides to say no and leave your website, they are hit with a pop up to download the report instantly.

All they need to do is enter their email address which if they do, is another opportunity to sell to them later on and hopefully make money.

That is the entire gist of making money with this system.

The Red Flags

It Is NOT Free

So all the talk about this system being completely “FREE” was complete lies and only used to make you think you’re going to get the next best thing for no charge whatsoever.

But then when you eventually read through all their BS, you are told you will be paying $37.

It is not free at all.

The Real Owner Uses a Pen Name

Usually when the owner doesn’t show up, their intentions are bad.

Like I said, at the bottom of the sales video in the fine print there is a statement that says the spokeswoman called Samantha is just a pen name and not a real person.

Exaggerated Figures

The figures you see in Samantha’s account is her own personal account.

And in this account she is receiving money from products she’s created in the past that affiliates have sold for her.

These products are still being sold for her, hence the consistent money she is earning.

She is NOT earning that money from implementing the steps inside Auto Chat Profits.

They Don’t Tell You How To Get Traffic

Without traffic you have no business.

They are hyping everything up with big numbers and saying their automated robot is the next best thing on the internet.

However, why are they not telling us the traffic source we will be using?

Because it’s not the best option and you’ll find out why in just a second.

Some Major Flaws

One question on everybody’s mind is:

Is Auto Chat Profits actually automated and easy money like they say it is?

I’m here to tell you that NO, it is not going to make you money just by activating your website and waiting 5 days.

There is something that they are not telling us because it most certainly shouldn’t be that easy, and sure enough it isn’t.

Here’s why:

You’ll be getting your traffic from solo ads.

A solo ad is paying somebody a certain amount of money to send out an email blast to their subscribers.

You’re paying for clicks to your website/offer.

For example; if you spend $100 sending out an email swipe, 1 click is when someone clicks your link to your website.

The problem here is that solo ads are not cheap by any means and a very risky investment which can cause you to invest hundreds of dollars and not receive anything back.

How Much Money Can You Make With Auto Chat Profits?

Now I’m not saying that making money with ACP isn’t possible, but I am saying that your chances of making money are slim to none.

You would need thousands of people to your website just to make a few sales, IF you’re lucky and find the right solo ad.

You could spend $1000 just to earn $50 back.

And that’s the truth.

The concept sounds good in theory but in reality it is not going to work the way they say it does.

So to answer the question of how much money you will earn, well, it’ll be some to almost none.

And it definitely will be none if you have no money to invest.

Price & Purchase Details

Although they say this system is completely free multiple times on the official sales page, that is not the case when you get to the next page.

You will be hit with a price tag of $37 and then additional upsells (optional)

These upsells are $197, $187 and $97.

That is a total of $500 after promising you everything was going to be free!

This also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee since the product is on Clickbank.

Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

One thing that stands out to me is that ACP doesn’t hide what you’ll be doing.

They are very upfront about how you’ll make money which is good to see with work from home opportunities.

However, I think it’s hysterical how this woman, “Samantha” says anyone promising you a million dollars in a month is a scammer, and that most things online these days are scams.

But in reality, she is doing the exact same thing with Auto Chat Profits.

She is promising you fast and easy money with literally 14 clicks!

How hypocritical can you get Samantha!

Although they have a different approach with this new robot chatting system, I haven’t seen before and thought it would be okay and a great way to make money from the power of automation.

But it’s sad to say that the sales video is hyped up, very misleading and full of flat out lies.

It is NOT just a matter of activating the robot, waiting a week and then making a couple thousand dollars like they promise.

And that my friend is why Auto Chat Profits is a big fat scam.


What I Recommend

The only automated system that I use to make my business work is a website that gains traffic through search engines.

Google isn’t going anywhere and neither is affiliate marketing,

In fact, affiliate marketing is growing even bigger than ever.

But the difference between my #1 recommendation and ACP is that you own everything and you’re actually receiving highly targeted people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Whereas with ACP, your little “robot” might send them something they’re not even interested in.

Then all that money and time wasted.

I know you’re a smart person and you know what to do because you’re still here listening to what I have to say.

Chat to us about Auto Chat Profits in the comments below.

Do you have any experience with this system?

Full of Lies & False Promises
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Auto Chat Profits gives you a website that you have to send traffic to. The woman on your website is a robot and talks to your visitors in the hopes they will convert into a buyer. However, there are many flaws with this concept as you will see in this review.

ACP is hyped up to the max and highly misleading, and the money they claim you will make are straight out lies.

12 thoughts on “Auto Chat Profits Review: 6 Minutes and 14 Clicks to $1000 Daily? I Think Not”

  1. I think these types of programs are so blatantly scams I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for them. It is almost like a total waste of time telling people to stay away. But if they go ahead and pay, we can just label them suckers. I appreciate you taking the time and saving us from wasting ours. Best of success to you, Brandon.

    • Not really suckers per se, just not as experienced within the online marketing space as others.

      We aren’t all clued up Glen, I’m happy to help educate and inspire those who don’t know if they’re being scammed or not so they can save money and choose their own path.

      Good luck to ya 🙂

  2. I have been looking for reviews on Auto Chat Profits because my friend wanted me to join this. Thank god I found this article and this article has everything I needed to know about Auto Chat Profits. This article was a heads up to me. Now I know after reading this article that this is a scam and not worth trying at all.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Glad you found my website then Sugandar, I don’t want you to get scammed like the thousands of others who’ve joined and wasted money.

  3. Hello Brandon, very interesting article about Chat Profits. In the flood of online business opportunities there are many scams unfortunately and it is very helpful if someone reveals it. As you described, this program is obviously a scam, I wouldn`t join them. I agree with you, how people still believe such things? In life there is no easy money, you always need to build something at first. I like your review, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Excellent article! I’ve been lucky in being able to spot potential scams really quickly. It might have something to do with my refusal to spend money on a concept without up front information about what exactly I’m spending my money on. Things like paying $97 for a coaching lesson when they never reveal actual information until you pay. I mean, how can I decide if it’s something I’m interested in pursuing without information first! Or they give you almost nothing until you fork over hundreds of dollars. 

    Phew, but things like that tick me off. Still, been fortunate enough to have never fallen for a scam because of it. I’m now curious about this site though and very thankful for your review!!

    • Definitely Selenity, when they want money without telling you what you’re doing first, that is a big red flag and one you should take seriously before even considering getting out your wallet.

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day 🙂

  5. Hi Brandon

    I don’t think I will be joining Auto Chat Profits today or any day! As with most schemes of this kind, it is obvious that the only person who will really make money is the person (Samantha?) who is promoting it, and it is our money she wants!!

    For me the first danger signal is that these programs ask you for money upfront before you get the chance to see what it is, and that is a No No for me, apart from all the other red flags!

    There are so many such shady programs around, and you are doing a good job publicising this one.

    I would definitely endorse your Number 1 recommendation – really the only way to really make money online is to know exactly how to do it, and Wealthy Affiliate teaches all you need to know with as much help as you need.

    Many thanks for your post.

    Chrissie 🙂

  6. Hello Brandon. Thank you for this informative and thorough review. I really enjoyed reading it. People like you help others stay away from a scams like these. You know that something must be wrong when someone is promising you big amounts of money for short amount of time.

    This is always a red alert. I know this because I had different experiences with similar products before. They start cheap but you need to buy upsells in order to receive the full product.

    Thank you. I appreciate you shared this scam.


    • Yep, exactly. They hook you in with a cheap price and then ask for more on the other side with upsells worth hundreds of dollars.

      Because you’re hyped to make a lot of money, you usually pay for them but end up with nothing in return.


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