Beginners Guide: Making Money Online & Quitting Your Job

There’s a right way to quitting your job and making money online and a wrong way.

I have made more mistakes than I care to admit and plan on giving you nothing but the best ways to achieve the same success as I have, even after all my mishaps.

Contrary to popular belief, making money on the internet is getting harder and harder even though the world of internet marketing has only just begun.

There are more people using the internet to supplement their monthly income each year, but the ones willing to put in the work are the ones that reap the rewards.

No one is spending 1 hour a week on their business and banking.

Much needed work is in order to actually reach the level of success only you can imagine.

I will be covering everything you need to know in this article so you can begin your money-making journey today.


The 4 Key Elements for Inevitable Success


The lack of patience gets us all.

In a fast-paced world where we work day in, day out – we run errands everyday, pick up the kids, go to the gym and cook dinner – we have forgotten what patience is.

It’s sad but true.

Making money online requires IMMENSE patience, consistency and determination.

Without patience, you’ll be expecting instant results when that is just not possible.

You will then give up in the first couple of days because you want things done now, now, now.

This is not how it works and you should get the “overnight success” mentality out of your head right now.


Consistency is a must and the reason why I’ve included it in this list.

You cannot build a successful online business by posting 1 article a week.

Sure; you might make a nice passive income flow within the next year or two, but if you’re searching for explosive growth…3 per week – minimum – is the best way to go.

If you do more; you’re only going to rush your work, not see results and give up before you even get started because “nothing’s happening”.

Consistency is not 1 article per month, or per fortnight either!

Come back when you’re serious about putting in the work, otherwise continue reading if you’re ready to make things happen for the better.



When times gets tough, having the willpower to continue on is what separates the successful people from the failures.

I’m not even exaggerating here.

ANYONE can start something and quit as soon as times get tough, but it takes a true champion to continue on no matter what.

Persistence is what will test you the most.

Had an entire week off your business because you’re too “busy”?

You must not want it that bad.

Not seeing results so you think scrolling through Facebook’s going to magically put $$$ into your bank account?

The latest meme must be more important to you than your dreams and goals coming true.

Too tired from a hard days work?

News Flash – almost everyday’s going to be like that. There’s no stopping the inevitable.

Persistence is KEY!

I cannot stress that enough.

You have to get to the point where everyone will give up. When you get there, you keep going, you keep building and growing.

Only then is when the magic happens.


Why motivation?

Because without this important tool you’ve got no reason to continue doing what you’re doing.

You’ll be working for the sake of it and that’s it. And like I said, you’ll quit before you even begin.

What drives you?

What made you start looking for an online business venture in the first place? This is your “why”.

Here’s what I HIGHLY recommend before continuing:

Write down your “why”.

Why do you want more money, more freedom, more time for yourself and family? What does a full-time online business mean to you?

It can be anything.

Don’t stop at one – continue until you can’t think of anymore.

Even include minor details, because they matter too!

Place them in a folder near your desk or a notepad on your PC.

Look at it when times get tough, especially when you need motivation.

It’ll remind you that everything you’re doing isn’t for nothing and that something incredibly good is going to come out of it – it’s just a matter of time.

I’ve been through it all before…

I’ve been in the same position as you are right now, many times in fact.

I tried the shiny objects (the scams) and thought I was going to become a millionaire within a couple of weeks.

I was soon let down and even more miserable than before because I was further away from quitting my job than I initially planned to be.

But being the inner-entrepreneur I was, I wasn’t going to give up that easy. I spent years trying to make money online.

I knew there was a way out, I just needed to find the golden nugget.

Eventually I did I find something and as soon as I did I felt at home.

I felt at peace because somehow I knew everything was going to work out.

After months of working on my business I started getting consistent income, and now I am finally doing it full-time and loving every moment of it.

The Steps

1. Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

As difficult as it may seem, you do not have a second source of income yet.

It will not go down well when you have no money to pay the bills right after you tell the boss to F himself just before walking out that door for the last time.

A back-up plan is mandatory, otherwise you may be left worse-off just like I was when I decided to axe my day job.

Having a proper job is MUCH better than counting on your online business to take off, because oftentimes it takes months before you start earning money.

2. Avoid Telling Fellow Co-workers

Believe it or not but even your closest friends and family will tell you what you’re doing is not going to work.

“You’re wasting your time, it’s a scam”.

“It’s not going to work. Only the owners make all the money”.

The negative energy comes from left, right and center.

It’s inevitable if you start telling people.

Although telling people is completely up to you, just be prepared for some massive backlash.

Most people don’t agree with what you’re doing simply because it’s “not the norm”.

The norm is having a day job and staying in a job until you retire. When you start messing with the formula–to try and do something other people cannot even comprehend–they start hating on you.


They may tell you “good luck”, and “hope it works out”, but behind your back they’re going to talk about you.

Use negative energy as your fuel

If you’ve decided to tell people what you’ve been up to and what you’re trying to achieve, you’ve probably already witnessed your fair share of negative energy.

As a matter of fact, you can convert this energy into motivation.

Use it to prove everyone wrong, to show them you aren’t one to follow societies rules and expectations!

You are indeed not normal because you decided to look for better alternatives!

3. Follow the Right Training

Well, you’re definitely not going to get anywhere if you’re forever jumping from shiny object to shiny object, are you?

Starting something then giving up before you see results is a recipe for disaster and the #1 reason why you’re still not making a dime online.

In this era we have so many “online opportunities” to sign up to. But do they all work? Absolutely NOT.

That’s why the right training is mandatory. Building an online business requires something legit. Thankfully there are still some out there.

The Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation simply because they are good for beginners and even advanced marketers.

You will not be doing any recruiting, just creating a site around something you love–your passion–then earning commissions.

[Read: Wealthy Affiliate review]

4. Using the 4 Key Elements

Do you still remember what these are or have you already forgotten?

They are:

  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Persistance
  • Motivation

Without implementing these in your life when you begin your online journey, you will not make any money, I can guarantee that.

There’s no point in having 1 or the other, you need all 4.

Do that and I promise you success is inevitable.

Patience allows you to continue because you know overnight success doesn’t exist.

Consistency means you are constantly working on your business. Consistency is 3 articles a week, not a month.

Persistence means you keep at it no matter what. Not seeing results? Anyone with persistence knows it will come soon, just keep working on it because eventually something’s going to happen.

Motivation is your drive. You need to know why you’re doing this. It might be freedom, more time with family or just more money.

5. Handing in Your Resignation

Quitting your job is not easy and never will be, which is why you need to get it over and done with now before it’s too late.

What do I mean too late?

30 years have passed and you have wasted your life on a job you hate but stayed because you were too scared to quit.

What’s more important?

Living your life exactly how you want, or working to fill up your bosses bank account while you become more unhappy with every passing day?

Time doesn’t stop, and it’s non-refundable either. When you use it, it’s gone forever.

When to quit your job – The best time to quit your job is when you are financially stable. This means your online business is making enough money to live off of.

It is your life and your judgement, but I recommend you leave as soon as possible.

So quit when your earning the same as your 9-5 job, or more if you’re after financial freedom.

When to not quit your job – Do not quit when you begin your online journey (that’s what I did and it did not end well).

And do not quit a few months in because all websites are different. Some see income early and some later.

That’s why having patience is so important. Just hang in there a little longer!


Quitting your job to make money online requires tremendous patience and dedication.

I’m not saying it’s easy–because it isn’t and never will be–but I am saying that it’s 100% possible to work from home and make a full-time income with just one website.

You already know what to do and I can’t wait to meet you on the other side.

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28 thoughts on “Beginners Guide: Making Money Online & Quitting Your Job”

  1. You point out some good facts to follow. All that you mentioned is a must for success. For me persistence and learning from your failures is key.

    • Learning from your failures is a good one. Without fail we don’t learn, so knowing how to sidestep these same obstacles the second time round is a great skill to have. I have failed countless times but it has made me the person I am today. I don’t regret them, because without them I would still be at the drawing board.

      People think failing is bad and that’s all there is too it, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I hope you succeed soon – thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. I also want to start learning to blog so what would be a good host for a beginner? I need a very user-friendly system since I am really not good at this computer stuff.

    • The Wealthy Affiliate actually have a built-in hosting system. This is so everything is “under-one-roof” to put it simply. Everything you need to start an online business is right there, and that’s exactly why I cannot recommend it enough…especially for people serious about earning money on the internet.

  3. Definitely an inspiring and motivational read. Persistence and consistency are definitely key. Patience is a hard one for me personally, but willing to work at it.

    • The lack of patience is one of the top reason why people fail within the online space. They want instant results and it’s just not possible.

  4. Hi Brandon!
    I’m glad i came across your post, sometimes we need to go back to the steps that made us take this long road.
    Sometimes we want to take shortcuts but it doesn’t work that way, we have to remember to be patient but we need a little help doing it, so reading your encouragement sure helps 🙂
    I’ve been struggling being consistent with my works….but i know it will pay off so i will keep at it!
    Thank you for reminding me the key elements to succeed 😀

    • If you slow down you’re only slowing down your own success. How important is it to you? That’s the question.

      If you’re not at least doing one article a week you need to get your priorities right. Almost anyone can make time for that.

  5. I’m on a path to make money online and this article is awesome for those days when you feel like not doing anything worthy and you just can’t get yourself going and start working. Bookmarked.

    Thanks Brandon for the boost! 🙂

    • Starting is the first step, and that can be used in all areas of our lives.

      Just start an article–don’t even plan on getting it done today–just start so you can get into the rhythm.

      Before you know it you would’ve done more than you planned on doing. The initial motivation is hard to find, but when you find your rhythm nothing can stop you.

  6. This is a very informative article and you totally make sense here. I agree with 3 articles per week and the points you made Patience, Consistency, Motivation and Persistence. All very important. I am saving your website to my desktop. Much success to you my friend.

    • Well it should be 3 articles, or at the very least; 2. Do 1 and expect small growth. Do more and you begin to see more traction in your online business.

  7. I hate being patient, but this may be worth it. I really hope that I can quit my day job. I just need to wait a while. Wait until I can be stable financially. When did you start making a full time living? How long did it take?

    • I first started with Google Sniper back in December 2014. However, that didn’t work and neither did anything else thereafter.

      July 2016 I started Wealthy Affiliate and created a website. I have 2 earning income as we speak, and this will be my third site. Although this is just new it won’t be long before I start earning money from it.

      You definitely do not need as many sites I have. You can make a living wage off of one website alone. It took a year to make a steady $50 USD per day, which was enough for me to axe my day job.

  8. Thank you for such an honest guide for how to achieve the dream of being able to quit your job and work from home. I never trust an author that can’t admit to making mistakes. I also agree with how important patience and persistence is although many people seem to leave that part out.

    • We are all human after all. If a successful internet marketer told me they never made mistakes or failed at least a few times, I would call them a liar, because that is not how the nature of this business works.

      We all try different things – jump from system to system. It’s just a matter of fact that we fail many times before we succeed.

  9. Dude, this was an amazing article that was apparently written from your heart. Thank you for this. I indexed this article so that I can come back to it and read it some more. I’ve been through it, too, and you’re right. Making money online IS getting harder and harder because so many people are starting to do it. It DOESN’T take an hour a week or an hour a day. A person may not have to work as hard as an 8-10 hour job, but one has to work. You hit the nail right on the head.

    On a personal note, my dreams of quitting was a vain one. I dreamed of ‘not’ giving a two weeks notice and walking off the job with my hand on my hip. A friend told me that was the fantasy. At any rate, a layoff came and I was in the group that got laid off. That made it easy for me not to go back and finally focus on myself.

    Great article.

    • If all you have is one hour a day to work on your business, that is fine. That is still 365 hours a year, which is certainly a lot in my books.

      This is the reality of most people who start an online business. Their day-to-day lives are so busy that they simply do not have much time when they finally get to sit down at the end of the day.

      When the job has been axed, that’s when you can start taking it more serious – create more sites, more flows of income – just so you can secure your financial freedom status.

      Thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best, friend.

  10. Also, I had a second thought to the comment that I just left.

    Sometimes in working toward our goals, we can move into serious overcharge, run ourselves ragged, and even forget about the people we love. We don’t see the results so we keep going ‘full speed ahead’. Necessary, but sometimes a little damaging. I did those things. Sometimes it’s best to take a little R&R to recharge and recuperate ourselves.

    Just as we’ve taken vacations for a week or two on our jobs, we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves as well. Again, that was something else that I had to learn the hard way.

    • You are right.

      The people that learn the hard way are the ones you should listen to for advice, because they’ve been through it all and know the consequences.

      For anyone reading this, you should take what Lane has said very seriously.

  11. Interesting post Brandon. There’s a lot of good information here. I understand that affiliate marketing is a legitimate money making business. Have you tried any other methods to make money online? I’ve looked for years and tried many programs, most with limited success.

    • Yes. I’ve tried many different things.

      I made SOME money in a couple of them, however, they were unstable concepts and the money I was earning came to a complete stop.

      It wasn’t even much either. It was $5-$10 per day, nowhere near to what I am earning now.

  12. Wow I just loved this article. You are so honest and to the point! Most articles I read are telling you that you can make money online and everyone can do it but no many tell you the facts behind it and how much consistency it takes. This post truly inspired me and made me think of what am I doing and whats the reality. Thank you for sharing.

    • Not a problem, Raman. If I was on the other side of the fence I know I’d rather hear brutal truth instead of flat-out lies.

      The “easy/simple” concept is long outdated. Newbies are hearing it and thinking they’re going to make bank in a matter of weeks.

      I’m here to change lives, to make things happen. Telling people that it’s the easiest thing on this planet is not going to help me achieve that, as they’re going to quit in a few days due to no results.

  13. Hi Brandon, this is a really good read. It is exactly what people need when they’re just starting out like myself. You point out some critical factors that will determine your success or failure. I like that you are able to convey with your message with authority as well. You have the credentials to back it up.



    • These factors are all needed if you want to make it big in the internet marketing space.

      The thing is, anyone can create success online as long as they put in the work and stay consistent with it.

      Giving up is easy, but continuing to strive even after months of hard work even with no money earned in return is the hardest part.

      After that it gets easier because you start seeing results, which in turn creates more motivation to keep going 🙂


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