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Beginners Guide: Quitting Your Job to do YouTube Full-Time

Hundreds of thousands of people are doing YouTube full-time as a result of their efforts and having no proper job to go to. I want you to get a slice of the pie.

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So what does this mean for you?

Is there a chance for you to jump into this game or is it too late due to the vast amount of competition?

And what exactly is involved when making your dreams a reality?

So little time and so many questions – let’s get right into it!

Know that it is a sink or swim situation


When doing YouTube, you’re either all in or you’re out.

Because there is so much people trying to “make it big”, you have a lot of competition.

You will find it difficult getting ahead by posting one video per month or even per week.

So this is my advice to you:

Realize that the competition is MASSIVE, and that if you want to swim instead of sink, you have to put more work in than your competition.

There is no “I’ll skip all of this week and post next week”. No, the grind starts when you post your first video and doesn’t stop.

You either want it bad, or you don’t, or you just want to make it your hobby.

However, if you make it your hobby, don’t expect to quit your day job.

MOST people that take the plunge already have a decent following

I watch many big YouTuber’s, and some have even quit their job on camera to pursue their dream of doing YouTube full-time.

Just know that it can take YEARS to grow a decent following, and then when you have a following you still have to know how to sell to your audience.

Google Adsense doesn’t pay as much as it use to, and that’s the reason why so many YouTuber’s have to supplement their monthly income with merchandise – others have even went back to normal jobs!

My advice to you:

Do not quit your job if you’re just starting YouTube, as the chances of making it big is slim. You’re not even guaranteed subscribers!

The only person on your side is you! You are the only one that can make things happen.

1000 subscribers isn’t heaps either (even though you’ll get excited as hell, and there’s nothing wrong with that), but to make the sort of ‘quit your day job income’ you need at least 100,000 subscribers.

Now keep in mind, these subscribers need to like your content and watch your videos; frequently. You need to build up a large, LOYAL following…but more on that in a second.

The Steps (The Fun Part)

1. Choose a Niche

Your niche is your passion – what do you enjoy talking about with your friends?

There is no right or wrong answer here, because there are millions of niches you can choose from.

I would avoid niches that aren’t “advertiser-friendly”. Channels that talk about conspiracy theory’s and such will get demonetized and you will make little-to-no money.

Furthermore, swearing is frowned upon by YouTube and will also be demonetized with every video that contains swearing (I know, it’s ridiculous if you ask me).

Yes, YouTube has changed tremendously over the past year.

To make good money your channel needs to be family-friendly, as these big advertising companies are targeting them.

Can you make money with non family-friendly content?

Sure you can, but you need a VERY loyal audience who will actually support you.

You can sell merchandise to them or get them to pay via Patreon, which is another popular way to earn with your YouTube fan base.

Pro Tip: Vlogging is becoming more and more popular and is actually being favored by YouTube and advertising companies (as long as there is no swearing).

You will get a head start just by taking the vlogging route alone.

2. Create Content

Content is what you put in your videos.

It is absolutely vital that you stick to the same niche throughout your YouTube career.

Have a gaming channel?

Stick to gaming if that’s what your followers subscribed to you for.

Have basketball tutorials?

Continue creating THOSE.

Have a cooking channel?

Then keep providing cooking content.

Why is this so important?

Because your followers subscribed to you for a reason, and that was to watch your future videos of the same nature. Now if your future videos are different to what they subscribed for, they won’t watch them.

You will have a low CTR (click-through rate) and you won’t rank well in the search engines, thus making it more difficult to get more subscribers in the future.

3. Your Schedule


It is also essential that you post on a consistent basis.

As I said, your competition is massive and the only way to beat them is by posting high quality content often.

The keywords here are high quality and often.

They need to be good and entertaining so people actually “smash that like and subscribe button”.

And you need to be putting this type of quality out on a consistent basis so you appear more often in the search engines, subscription page, and notifications.

You’re not going to get anywhere by posting 1 video a month, even if it is high quality.

That is not the way to stand out from the crowd. Posting 3x per week is best for new starters.

But of course if you really want to stand out, be prepared to do 5 videos a week when you’ve got a decent following. This will give you explosive growth.

My advice to you:

Do 3 good videos per week when you’re just starting. This means you won’t burn yourself out and you have extra time to promote them.

When you start gaining subscribers just from putting out new content you won’t need to promote them anymore.


People will share them, give you ‘likes’ so you appear in the search engines and you’ll receive rankings on YouTube as well!

This is called auto-pilot subscribers. As long as you keep putting out content your subscribers will keep growing.

4. Promote Your Videos


Make sure your create corresponding social media pages for your YouTube channel.

This includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus

Share every new video you create with each of these pages.

This allows you to feed traffic off of other social media sites to your videos. This leads to more views and eventually subscribers.

There is a lot of ways to promote your videos and channel.

Some work, some don’t.

I’ve found a great article here.

It goes into a lot of detail on the best ways to achieve views and subscribers, which are all proven to work.

One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is NOT putting content out because you think it’s not good enough.

Well news flash – nobody (not even big YouTuber’s) were good at what they did when they first started.

Go back to their old videos and you can see that they were just the average Joe.

You will start out just like they did, but the difference is that they actually took action, filmed/created a video and put it on the good ol’ interwebs for others to watch.

They made it good – not great – but got better over time.

And that’s what will happen with you as well.

You will get better at creating videos and eventually you’ll create amazing content that will get more likes and shares, which in turn leads to subscribers.

The Reality of Becoming a YouTube Star

Okay, now that the fun stuff is over, be prepared because this is going to be the cold-hard reality of becoming a full-time YouTuber.

Most People Quit Before They Get Their First 1000 Subscribers

They say your first 1000 subscribers is the hardest. Now this is true if we’re talking about real subscribers.

So don’t think buying or trading subs is going to help you reach success, because it most definitely isn’t and will actually hurt your follower base more than anything.

It Requires Hours and Hours of Editing Alone

After you’re done filming your day (if you’re a vlogger), performing your research (for tutorials), or whatever videos you do, realize that it will take even more hours of pure editing alone.

Adding in music at the right time, cutting out unnecessary clips, adding effects and making sure it is your best work takes a very long time!

So do realize that this whole YouTube thing is not easy and does require a lot of manpower and time.

You’ll Be Grinding for At Least 5 Years

The average YouTuber grinds for roughly 5 years before seeing some kind of success. These people grind day in, day out, making pennies before hitting the big dollars and eventually doing it full-time.

You MAY find success in a much shorter time frame (2-3 years), however, this all comes down to luck (who watches your videos, how much shares you receive, how much videos you get ranked, etc).

Do I Recommend Starting YouTube?

If you’re in it for the money, I do not recommend starting YouTube as a career.

Why not?

Even though YouTube is growing at a steady pace, they are extremely unpredictable.

I’ve seen popular YouTuber channels get shut down without warning and no explanation.

They change their policies like I change my undies.

They’ve demonetized a lot of full-timers and don’t give a damn whether or not you’re making a killing – who knows what other garbage policy they’re going to come up with next?

Before you even reach 5-years on YouTube, they probably would’ve shut down or at the very least had a massive policy change by then.

And even if you do make it big, you need to know how to sell products to your audience or get them to pay you monthly income via Patreon (both extremely difficult).

When I Do Recommend YouTube

The only time I will recommend YouTube is if you’re doing it as a hobby – that’s it.

For example, I am now vlogging because I want to look back on my life 5 to 10+ years from now and see how much has changed.

My family will be grown up big time by then and we can watch them grow up all over again!

Now of course I don’t have to put these on YouTube, but I want to to entertain and inspire other people to do the same as well.

Because time flies, the best thing we can do is document our journeys and make great memories.

Your Next Move

I highly recommend that you skip the whole YouTube thing and look for other means of internet income.

Like I said, YouTube doesn’t give a damn about you or your audience.

If they want to shut your channel down for something silly, they will do it – without explanation, no warning, and they won’t even get back to you when you request answers.

YouTube is NOT a sustainable business model and I say stay away unless you’re doing it as a hobby.

Now I know you’re serious about making money online because you are still here looking for answers.

That’s good, because I can steer you in the right direction…if you let me help you of course.

Blogging + Affiliate Marketing = Your Best Friend

Of course you can tell me to go “F” myself and pursue your dream of being a full-time YouTuber. However, that does take an awful amount of time and manpower to get there.

And you’re probably itching to get out of your day job as fast as possible

Luckily I know something much better than YouTube. It’s called blogging and affiliate marketing.

This concept is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

You’ll see traffic in 3-6 months (often times income), more traction at 9 months and you’ll be able to leave your day job around the 1-year mark, or at least very close to it.

The thing with blogging is that there is absolutely no editing videos, adding music, adding effects, etc. Just putting out content to help your audience and earning commissions (money) when people click your links and buy.

There’s no need to sell merchandise or hope and prey someone will pay you via Patreon.

And the best part?

When the ball gets rolling it is completely passive.

You can skip an entire week and still earn money, whereas with YouTube you lose out on that initial $$ when you upload.


YouTube is one of those things that’s so popular that every man and his dog are doing it.

No…really, search up “tricks with dogs” and you get endless results.

But my point is, you can make it if that is what you truly want to do. If doing YouTube videos is your passion then by all means attack it head on.

However, if you are looking to get out of the 9 – 5 game as fast as possible, you’re better off going with affiliate marketing because of the many reasons I’ve already outlined.

You need a website, tools, the right training and a solid plan.

All can be found at Wealthy Affiliate, which has a free trial so don’t freak out.

Well that concludes this article on YouTube, where it’s heading and what it really takes to quit your job, so I hope you make the right decision.

As always I’m open for questions and concerns, so don’t be afraid to ask them in the comments below.

Cheers and have a great day.

68 thoughts on “Beginners Guide: Quitting Your Job to do YouTube Full-Time”

  1. Thanks Brandon, sage advice and real. I have been talking to my son today about options on how to generate income online and I too was recommending affiliate marketing primarily rather than be at the mercy of YouTube. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow what a comprehensive article, thank you. I have seen great YouTube channels while browsing YouTube and thought about monetizing my own. But the expense of all the equipment and knowledge to create the videos, plus editing and rendering the video, would all be wasted if the channel was shut down. All that hard work out the window. You have provided great insight into YouTube that I didn’t know. I thought if I got 1,000 subscribers, I would be “Home and Hosed”. But you have opened my eyes. Thank you. I will check out Blogging, it sounds like something I could make work. Have a great day. Dave

    • That’s what a vast majority of people who start YouTube think, that it is all roses and fairies until they discover the new reality of their day-to-day lives.

  3. This is one of the first honest articles about YouTube I’ve seen, a lot of other articles promise big dreams quick which is just not the case. Just like anything if you want to get somewhere you have to work for it, it is not going to be handed out for you.

    • I’m all about providing rock hard solid truth my friend. There’s no point beating around the bush because you’re only lying to yourself AND your audience. Brutal truth will always beat flat-out lies, and I know for a fact that my audience will thank me for it 🙂 And I’ll be glad.

  4. I think it’s incredible how internet has become in a serious tool for making business and I agree that you need to invest some time and dedicate yourself in order to achieve success! very realistic post Brandon, thanks for giving your honest thoughts and point out affiliate marketing as a true business option.

    • Your comment is much appreciated, Danilo.

      The internet has become a wondrous tool for people aiming for a better life, and I LOVE it. It has something for everyone but can become a curse if used abusively (getting too addicted). However, all in all more businesses will be created online as a result of the every-growing popularity.

  5. Thank you for this in-depth explanation and advice. I left my job with an intention to start blogging and turning that into my business. I joined Wealthy Affiliate 6 weeks ago without prior knowledge or experience in building a website or in affiliate marketing. Now I have a website, I am writing about things I like, am receiving a great training and help from other members whenever I need it. I haven’t started promoting yet, but I intend to by the end of this month. I didn’t know all these information about YouTube, thanks for sharing. Maybe I would consider it just as additional help for reaching and engaging more people. Great article!

    • YouTube works great for businesses, definitely. Just don’t get “too” caught up in it, as you’ll begin to lose focus from the main goal (your website) and start doing something else totally irrelevant. Anyway, good luck and I wish you all the best 🙂

  6. I really like how direct and upfront you are. You’re not just someone trying to sell a pipe dream; you’re extremely passionate about what you do, and i can’t wait to get started with your help. I’ve been procrastinating quite a bit, but its time to get out of this rut!

    • Funnily enough, I have a website revolved around procrastinating! Haha. If you want my help I’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way 🙂

    • It’s just the reality of doing YouTube full-time. People think it’s so easy because the “top” people make it look like it. I guess he’ll get a huge wake up call when you show him, lol

  7. What a great post, I love how its easy to read and understand with the step by step process. Some people don’t realize the work that goes in to creating a youtube page or any website. I agree it takes time, motivation, and a passion. I definately will be using some of these steps for my own online career.


    • Most people don’t realize to be honest with you. However, at least you (and many others) NOW KNOW what you’ll be getting yourself into before wasting years without any guarantees or promises of becoming successful.

      At least with affiliate marketing success is inevitable as long as you follow these 4 simple rules.

  8. Brandon, just wow!! What an honest and informative read. I had been wondering about the potential of vlogging on YouTube and where it could take you (income wise). It makes sense that you would need to spend oodles of time and effort before you could even hope to expect the dollars to come rolling in. Thank you for such great advice! Thoroughly appreciated the info.

    • Vlogging is ONE way out of thousands to make money on YouTube. I tested a few things today…I vlogged a lot of my day, edited it all and when it saved, 3 hours officially rolled over.

      That’s right, it was about 20 minutes worth of footage and took me 3 hours to edit and save to my laptop! I could have done an article in roughly 1-2 hours! Not to mention that I wouldn’t even have to film my day. And trust me, filming definitely slowed down the speed of things.

      However, I think I’ll just stick to filming things that I want to look back on – like my kids 😀 None of the technical stuff.

  9. This is a great article. For someone who has been pondering adding Youtube to my own online presence, it answers quite a lot of questions. I like your candid approach here. Let’s face it… Youtube is work, like everything else. But I appreciate your article and too a lot out of it. Thanks!

    • That is completely fine to do, but keep in mind that it requires a tonne of work more.

      Be sure to keep it simple, effective and to the point, otherwise you’ll run the risk of spending too much time on YouTube instead of other “online presences”, whatever they may be.

  10. Brandon,
    I wish that I could get my son to realize that he is not going to be rich from You Tube. He does post weekly, just not what will bring people to watch.
    I think reading your article will open his eyes if I can get him to, not just skim over it.
    Thanks for the information, I have just used YouTube for a hobby and built several affiliate websites that do make money.

    • That’s the thing. If you’re primarily in it for the money and people don’t give a damn about your videos, then you are completely wasting your time.

      Well done thus far on your success with affiliate marketing!

  11. Brandon, I love how honest you are about this. No hype, just cold facts. I didn’t like the idea of doing vlogs and now i like it even less. I think I will stick to blogging as you’ve suggested 🙂

    • Hahaha, well each to their own Marek. I choose to create vlogs for the sole purpose of creating memories for my family and I (I just started vlogging a week ago). I’m not even earning revenue from them yet – I do from my blogs though.

      Now if you simply don’t care about creating memories and just want to make some fat cash so you can axe that miserable day job, head over to Wealthy Affiliate and get started today – no charge.

      Good luck!

  12. Thanks for the information. True, youtube changed a lot over the past year and a lot of youtubers have trouble with it. Do you use youtube to promote your website or just as a hobby?
    Take care

    • I use it as a hobby only.

      I upload a few vlogs a week just so I can document my adventures (even daily routine) and look back on later in life.

      Of course I want to inspire others to pursue their dreams as well. If I can promote positivity and inspire others then I will absolutely do that.

  13. Cheers for the info Brandon!! I think it is great that you talk about the actual reality of doing youtube full time, it is not easy money and you do have to put in the effort. Great for people who want to start, all the information is here!! It doesn’t happen overnight, your right when you say it can take a year!!

    • Doing YouTube full time is not easy and never will be, that’s just the reality of this platform.

      There’s so much competition and YT favors channels over others, so they can just switch your YT channel off if they want to and stop you from getting ANY traffic.

      It’s sad but true but that’s why so many full-time YouTubers have gone back to regular jobs.

  14. Youtube…I had so many problems but I made it far after about 4 years. nearly 10000 subscribers…and they won’t monetize my stuff because of “duplication”. Now I don’t steal videos. But what I do indeed do is take content like say, a nintendo trailer and edit it for humor. And apparently, that counts as full duplication to them. But you know, I’m a reasonable guy, I can compromise and take down the videos that they consider to be duplicates. Except that they won’t even tell me which ones or how many there are, to begin with! Meaning I could delete so many videos that I think fit the bill, and then still get rejected because youtube thinks that another does but won’t tell me which. Not to mention the 30 day period for reapplication AND the fact that reapplications are answered in months! Forget youtube, man.

    • That’s just the nature of the beast my friend.

      It might be the second largest search engine in the world but it’s not easy to make a living on it anymore, not like it use to when you could fake everything and make a boatload of money from ad revenue.

      It’s so much more difficult these days and that’s why I don’t recommend it one bit.

      And as you’ve found out firsthand, they can kill your channel if they want to, without ANY explanation whatsoever. I commend you for staying away from YouTube 🙂

  15. Awesome post!
    I have always wanted to try some YouTube videos as I play a ton of video games at very high skill levels. However, I never really was into editing content and talking a lot for videos. I definitely will use this guide as I am thinking of doing some videos soon though as a lot of people suggest I try it.

    • Don’t expect to quit your day job if you’re in the gaming niche. That industry is hella competitive and you’ll be lucky to gain any traction.

      But of course it’s up to you at the end of the day.

  16. This is such an interesting article, Brandon! I have never done Youtubing, but I totally can see how hard it is due to the massive competition out there… I also didn’t know about the policy changes and how they can shut down a site without warning! Pretty scary. I researched a bunch of different things before realizing that affiliate marketing was the way to go. In my eyes, it’s simple, easy, and effective if you follow a proven training. Thanks for the post!

    • I agree with you Ashley. So many big YouTube channels have been taken down instantly, no warning and no second chances. It’s sad but true.

  17. Thanks bro, what a great article about starting a YouTube money making adventure. The highest earner on YouTube this year is a seven year old boy that does toy reviews. He earned $22m in 2018 alone. However his channel has been set up by his parents since 2015. Making money on YouTube is very achievable but requires a lot of work and video editing skills.

    • What the actual F?

      That is a hell of a lot of money for a 7 year old kid.

      And yes, it is 100% achievable but at the end of the day are you doing it for the money or the passion?

      Because I bet my bottom dollar that the top earners started doing YouTube as a passion and not to make money.

      The money came as a byproduct and now they receive fruitful rewards for their efforts.

  18. Very informative post! I watch YouTube videos everyday and am pretty familiar with how YouTube works. I agree that it’s not a very good idea quitting your job when you’re just starting YouTube as you’d be losing a stable source of income. 

    Choosing a niche is important too as that’s how people will recognise the channel as. However there are exceptions like Pewdiepie who is currently creating different kinds of content and he’s currently the most subscribed channel on YouTube. But he started off as a gaming channel for a few years before making the change. 

    Having a consistent and frequent schedule will let viewers remember you more and anticipate your next video. 

    I tried to start my own channel a few times but failed to post as I though my videos were bad 🙁 after reading your post, I feel motivated to try again! thanks!

    • Absolutely Mary.

      Pewdiepie creates different content because he has the subscribers to do it, whereas a small channel cannot do that sort of thing.

      And do not, I repeat, do not think your videos are bad. As I mentioned multiple times in the article, no big YouTuber started off with perfect videos, they got better over time after months and years of practice.

      Good luck if you ever decide to start a YT channel again 😀

  19. Hi Brandon, I have read your post with great pleasure and I can say that I agree with what you say about You Tube. It really is very hard to start a business on You Tube only, but I would include it in your fomula and would be Blogging + You Tube + Affiliate Marketing = You Very Best Friend.Yours sincerely, 


    • That formula is a force to be reckoned with, there’s no doubt about it.

      However, the downside is that it’s easy to lose motivation trying to post on multiple platforms and create content for all your accounts, and you’ll probably burn out before you even get a following.

      It’s easier especially for a newbie just to stick with one thing and that’s why I recommend a website.

      But each to their own.

  20. Hey Brandon,

    While reading your article, I was thinking that most of what you wrote about is exactly what a good “blogger” would do: Create constant and quality content,  post content often and regularly, promote your content as much as you can, and most importantly, not to quit and persist!

    Then bang! You tell us that YouTube is good, but we should not concentrate all our efforts on them because of the volatility and unpredictable terms.  I got a good laugh when you said that “They change their policies like I change my undies.” which is unfortunately very true.  You make a very good point there!

    You also say that we should skip the whole YouTube thing, which got me thinking, what about if we supplement a blog with videos from YouTube? You know, like adding a self-made YouTube video in your articles. I think that would make it like we are not putting every eggs in the same basket, and at the same time gain an extra audience from YouTube.

    What is your opinion on this?



    • Like I said to someone else who asked about blogging, affiliate marketing and YouTube videos.

      That is truly a great formula but it is very easy to fall of the wagon trying to push out that much content.

      However, if you can manage to pull it off, good luck to your competition and everyone you wipe out!

      Because you definitely will stand out in Googles eyes 😀 And crush competition.

  21. Great content and in depth and yes quitting a Job to go full time with YouTube would be unwise but also no one can stop someone from dreaming, if someone has guts I would say go for it, I think Facebook with the video lives is becoming a power house and Just as much As I love watching YouTube videos  intreaction is best for me.

    Great info and thanks.

    • Definitely Cinderella.

      Take my advice with a grain of salt, because at the end of the day if you can push through the hurdles you CAN reach great heights.

      YouTube can work sure, but for most people it will not and that’s why I recommend blogging because getting success is much more obtainable.

  22. Hi, Brandon. It is very interesting that YouTube is not as easy to monetize as I have thought. I have read news about big earners through YouTube and Vlogging that I have almost thought to try it out. I have been doing blogging for a year but did not monetize enough to pay fees. I’m wondering if it has to do with blogging at least one time a week is not enough? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

    • It use to be a great passive income opportunity but recent changes has made it too difficult.

      Sure, big YouTubers are still making a lot of money but they had a foundation before the big changes, They just learnt to adapt and make tweaks to make it work for them.

      Blogging once a week can earn you a passive income after a year, but for extreme growth you’re better of doing at least 3x.

      Treat it like an empire, it will grow like an empire.

      Treat it like a side hustle, it will make you pennies.

      It’s as simple as that.

      You can read more about blogging for a living here if you really want to know what it takes.

  23. I got an idea here about YouTube that you take 3 to 5 years of grinding before you can have a full time income. That is a huge money input for a project which an individual with no source of income finds difficulty to sustain.  It is impractical to quit your job too early and go on for YouTube projects without savings to go all the way until you see money starts to flow in. I would rather go for the recommendation that blogging and affiliate marketing is more doable for a newbie.

    • Exactly my point brother.

      And yes, blogging + affiliate marketing is hands down the easiest way to make money online as a newbie.

      It’s sustainable, has huge growth and allows you to quit your day job if you stick it out long enough and put in the work on a consistent basis.

  24. I was always under the impression that YouTube was the way to go if you wanted to make quick money. I also didn’t know that you need to post video’s about one niche on YouTube. I have been posting various niches according to the blogs I am doing – oops!

    I actually hate making videos, just do now and then because I think I have to. After reading how easily YouTube can shut you down, I will not put too many eggs in that basket and rather concentrate more on getting well-written content out there.

    • No way, YouTube will never offer fast money.

      The only other way to earn quick money is if you had a social media following already on other platforms and announce that you will be creating YouTube videos along with your link for them to subscribe to.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  25. Dear Brandon,

    Wow, what an extensive guide indeed! I thoroughly appreciate the research you must have done to gather and compile so much valuable information.

    Very recently I came to know that Youtube is the second biggest search engine next to Google and I was shocked and surprised. I do come across a lot of people saying they are making a living via Youtube and to be honest few of my friends are full-time Youtuber’s. So I often think of starting my Youtube channel and your post means a lot to me.

    Indeed, regular quality content creation plays a vital role. You have provided great advise! I only fail if I fail and I need to make it happen. In my opinion, working on establishing our Youtube channel part-time is the wise thing to do.

    Your post is a must read one for everyone who wants to start a Youtube channel. I totally agree with you and I too have heard that Google Adsense pays very less and its really hard to just rely on them.

    I am a full-time blogger and Affiliate marketer so I was very happy when I looked your great recommendation which is blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires. – Bo Bennett

    I got great insights from your post and You gave us an encyclopedia of knowledge here.

    Much Success!


    • Sure thing Paul.

      I’m also a big fan of blogging and affiliate marketing.

      The passive income opportunity is much better because even if you stop posting, you still make tons of money.

      If you stop making videos, your audience will lose faith in you and stop watching you altogether.

      The amount of dedication it takes to be a full-time YouTuber is insane and there’s a good reason why so many get burnt out and quit!

      Here’s my #1 blogging training platform.

  26. Thank you so much for this very truthful article. I love that you spell out what it really takes to make it with YouTube fulltime – and even then your channel can be cancelled for no reason and no warning. This has actually happened to a good friend of mine; She was doing quite well when her channel was discontinued however, no feedback was ever given when she requested it. I appreciate you steering YouTube hopefuls in the right direction. Affiliate marketing is easier (not easy, but easier) and it will create a more sustainable income than YouTube. Thanks again!

    • Affiliate marketing certainly is easier especially with a blog.

      You own your blog so it can NOT be taken down and you can post whatever you want without fear of getting banned by anyone.

      It’s just so much better and always will be my preferred method.

  27. That is a harsh reality insight. I currently only have 2 videos on my YouTube channel. To me, I think doing Youtube video is harder than content writing. I had to write the the time line, memorize it (so it doesn’t look awkward, edit it (last time it look me hours since I am new to editing), and promote it. Next thing I knew, I lost 2 days and a half! However, I am doing my videos not to just be a YouTube star but I want to bring traffic to my site and hopefully I can convert them into customers. I will try to make 3 videos a week….. we will see. If I do not sleep that can happen lol anyways thanks for not lying and give me all the truth. I do believe in hard work though, I will keep delivering good content. Thanks!

    • Oh it definitely is a lot harder than writing content, but then again, each to their own.

      Sometimes it’s easier to get in front of a camera and talk for 10 minutes than it is to write 1000+ words for some people, then the opposite holds true for others.

      Find what’s easier for you, then choose your path accordingly.

      Thanks for your comment Nuttanee 🙂

  28. Nice post! I totally agree with you.

    I really think no one should quit a 9-5 job to start a youtube channel. But you can start it as a side business until you get a good amount of followers and views. Keep your job and be serious with your youtube channel by creating content consistently and being involved with your community. And make sure to have a website or blog to go along with your channel. Because you want to be able to make more money from your viewers and subscribers with affiliate marketing.


    • You can quit if you’ve got a good following and some money saved to supplement your living expenses until your channel picks up, however, this isn’t for everyone and like I said in the article, you need to have a decent following before you can do something like this.

      But it can be done as many YouTubers have taked the dive into the unknown and have had great success with it.

      You have to be all in if you want to become great, otherwise you won’t have much success.

  29. I cannot underestimate the value of Youtube in today’s online business. I however cannot get myself to get behind the camera and record. I guess I got that ‘computer-stage-fright’ fever.

    Those are very useful information to consider if I want to go the Youtube way. I have been telling myself that I might start with one video and wait to see how it goes. Now I understand that if I am in, I better in ALL IN.

    Thank you for such great tips on how to go about Youtubing. I now have a deeper understanding on everything that is involved.

    Thank you for taking your time to write such a great article!

    • You’re welcome, Carol. If you’re hesitant about starting, remember, not everyone starts off at a professional level. Start at the beginning just like the top YouTubers did, then work your way up from there, after experience and practice 🙂

      There is not shortcuts, just work and dedication.

  30. Thanks Brandon! You’re article is on point. I guess a lot of people are blinded by the fame of long time youtubers. They think that it’s an easy way to be known, be in the PR list and monetize from companies you advertise. To be known in youtube take a lot of personal qualities to consider such as personality, digital awareness, and solid content skills. At present, people have already subscribed to youtubers they have been following for a long time. It’s not easy to break their trust and loyalty over a newbie. Almost all niches are filled up by famous youtubers. It’s really hard to penetrate the scene. Although in my own opinion, dreams should be pursued. Everyone should be given a chance. They just have to work really hard just like in any job. 

    To add more, I agree that there is a better chance in affiliate marketing. with this platform, you don’t have to invest on expensive things you need to post and review in youtube just to get viewers and subscribers. You don’t need to grab the attention of sponsors and most importantly, you won’t be waiting 3-5 years to be known. Thank you for this enlightening article! 

    • Absolutely! Everyone should pursue their dreams and not lack motivation because they “see too much competition”.

      The way I see it, if you’re outworking your competition and creating better content, there’s no reason you can’t get bigger and more famous. Hard work beats talent any day of the week, always has and always will.

      And yes, affiliate marketing with a website is the better approach if you want to find success much quicker (within 1 year).

      You don’t need fancy ass cameras and expensive video editing software. All you need is the right training platform with a proven step-by-step plan

      Thanks for your comment, MissusB 🙂

  31. We LOVE your candid and insightful post, Brandon! 🙂 Definitely sharing your post to little munchkins (and their parents) we know who dream of being Youtubers! Hilarious. ^_^~
    We did not know that Youtube can shut down your account. Harsh. @_@~
    As wellness professionals (collectively over 50 years in the field)… we agree that being practical in having a stable income before making your passion your full-time job is crucial… many of us who love our living can attest that patience (and lots of hard work) is necessary to build any venture into a full-time thing. Anything worthwhile is! 🙂
    Thank goodness for the internet, indeed… it has made connecting with people around the world easier… our challenges are that we are not into sales and marketing! And we have made many recommendations in the past (or referred people to other businesses without getting any kickbacks)… some have chided us for letting money slip away in that regard…
    We have not minded as we get mouth of word referrals to the work we do… “what you lose on the swings… you gain on the roundabouts”, as iTo’s lecturer in Economics once said…
    But now that we have elevated our not-for-profit endeavours towards a registered charity… we realise that we do need every cent to keep the charitable works running… hence we are looking at affiliate marketing seriously as a form of social enterprise to keep things sustainable… (we are in this for the long-term! get rich quick schemes usually smell funny.)
    Please get in touch with us if you resonate with the work we do via our upcoming book project www [dot] seekingspontaneousremission [dot] com … (in our book we cover the topics of wellness in one’s personal, work and love life…  and we love honest and upfront people like you who comment about “side hustles”) Honesty is a narrow path… but it gets you to your destination quicker!
    We are still new to the world of blogging and are definitely taking the next tentative steps towards Vlogging… so we definitely look forward to more articles from you! 🙂

    • Yes it is harsh that they can shut down your account, no matter how many followers you have, without explanation. The simple truth is that YouTube is their platform and not yours. You do not own the website so you have no rights.

      It’s sad but true and that’s why I will ALWAYS recommend creating your own business because no one can take it from you. You’re essentially creating a bulletproof business that makes you money for years and years without fear of losing it.

      Of course iToLing, honesty is the best policy and that couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to internet marketing. People who lie (gurus) often have to create new products every month or 2 because they get exposed and have to keep changing names and systems that only fall flat on their face.

      I’m thankful to be one of the few honest people, the ones that only focus on the truth and facts, because our businesses grow with time and nurture.

      We don’t have to run away from the people!

      Cheers for your story my friend, and I’ll be checking out your website 🙂

  32. Just last night, I was in a heated argument in my Facebook timeline with some of the pesky network marketers when all of the sudden, one of my bully friends chipped in and posted against blogging. He said, blogging is like network marketing where only few people are making money and that in today, it is on vlogging that money is being made. Reading this blog post of yours on Youtube vlogging, I got reminded of him. I will share this blog post to him.

    • Huh, vlogging was a big money maker about 3 years ago but that quickly died down. People had to adapt and that’s when live streaming became popular.

      That’s not to say that no one is making money with vlogging, because there are, thousands of people in fact.

      All I’m saying is that vlogging is outdated and the same rules still apply. You have to keep grinding daily for months before you even BEGIN to get noticed and climb in subscribers.

  33. Hi

    What a pleasure to read again such a great article from you. I like you are honest with youtube’s performance and saying things as they are. Personally, I would like an income online but after reading your post I would not immediately prefer Youtube. I believe too that Wealthy Affiliate is a sure way to earn a passive income but you have to be equipped with patience, will and time. Maybe later I choose Youtube. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    • You’re welcome mate. If YouTube is your dream job then I have no doubts that you will achieve your goals.

      Because being obsessed with something triumphs everything else, pretty much always.

      Obsession beats talent, dedication and even perseverance, because when you’re obsessed with something, you’re going to do anything you can to get there and most of the time you’ll be using all the traits that successful use and you won’t even realize it.

      Obsession = success


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