Best Easy Work Is a Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Show You Why

Due to the many scam sites out there I set out on a mission to see if Best Easy Work is actually legit and a viable money-making method.

Best Easy Work

It seems that this one is trying to win the award for the most hype in one landing page!

And that alone sets off alarm bells, so lets dive in and see what we are dealing with.

Keep reading my Best Easy Work review to discover the truth.

At a Glance

Name: Best Easy Work


Owners: Martin Ruiz

Price to Join: Free + 10 different paid options ($88 up to $5000)

My Rating: 1/5 stars

1 out of 5 stars

About Best Easy Work

Who Created this System?

Best Easy Work is the creation of Martin Ruiz.

Unfortunately there isn’t much information on the website OR internet regarding this specific man.

Everyone that’s trying to find him are digging deep; but with no luck.

It is apparent that this name is indeed made up. has been registered privately to further prove my claim even more.

When did it Launch?

The many reviews are dated as far back as May 2017 and the website was registered back in July 2016.

This leads me to believe that it was officially launched in the beginning of 2017.

Their Claims

Well where do I even start?

According to the landing page, this is what you’d expect after signing up:

  • Payments received daily
  • Up to $4000 per ‘deal’
  • Earn up to $1200 daily
  • 100% automated
  • Free instant setup
  • Make money as a free member
  • No monthly fees
  • No experience needed

But do they even deliver on these massive claims? Because that is a lot to promise in just one page if you ask me!

Lets find out.

So What Exactly is Best Easy Work

Essentially it is an MLM website with affiliates being able to market the site/system itself.

The products are discount dental cards, hotel gift cards, etc.

The money to create these cards are created by affiliates bringing in other paying members.

So if you decide not to sell any of the products you can market the website itself and earn $25 for every person that signs up under you, although they have to pay before you earn any commissions.

This is if you’re a free member.

Ways to Earn With Best Easy Work

Selling discount/gift cards

One way to earn with this system is by selling gift cards and earning commissions for your efforts.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is where the big dollars are made.

The $4000 deals do not come from marketing the gift cards but actually from recruiting people.

This is called the compensation plan.

Free member = As a free member you don’t pay a dime. You market the program and earn $25 commissions for every person in your downline – as long as they pay of course

Paid options level 1-10 = Pay for a membership and earn higher commissions.

The paid levels range from $88 all the way up to $5000.

However, IF you purchase level 10 ($5000), it means whoever signs up under you will have to pay $5000 so they can market the same level as you as well.

Do I even have to get started on how impossible it will be to sell a level 10 membership?

Are People Really Making Money?

I have no doubts that people are making money, because at the end of the day the ones with EXPERT experience are the ones making the big dollars.

These people have massive email lists, big investments for ad space and websites with lots of traffic.

It’s not easy to market systems like this and one of the reasons why most people quit after the first day.

The ones with no experience lose out because they have no idea how to sell, while the ones at the top reap the rewards.

Just check this out, it’s what I found after doing a little digging around: has 41% of their traffic coming from direct (typing the website into address bar), 32% from referrals (forums, blogs, etc), and 17% from social media.


The proof is in the pudding.

If you want to actually make money with this system you need to know how to market using social media, and/or have a website that’s receiving lots of traffic.

Otherwise you need to know how to siphon traffic off of forums and blogs…which is a whole other game in itself.

Any Red Flags?

Well since there is a lot, I’m going to bullet point them all and tell you WHY they are a red flag.

  • No money-back guarantee – No money-back guarantee means Martin knows people are going to request refunds not long after paying (because obviously they’re not going to make a dime)
  • Nobody is actually marketing the products – The main focus on this system is to market the compensation plan, meaning the gift cards are a cover up for the pyramid scheme they’re running
  • Saying you can earn $1,200 per day – Although this number can be reached, it is completely far-fetched since most who join will be NEWBIES
  • Photoshopped Images – If this doesn’t scream fake, I don’t know what does. I performed a quick reverse image search and this is what I found

This is suppose to be their “office building”:


And this is the ORIGINAL image (#exposed):


Even more:


Original image:


  • Hired Women – Might I add that the women talking in the sales video is actually paid to say what she says. You can hire these women on sites like Fiverr, provide a script for her to say and pay a measly $5 for a 30-second clip. Well in this case, Martin must have paid a lot more than that since she does talk for an awful long time!

Do I really need to debunk this system even more to prove that it is just another pyramid scheme with the owner being the ultimate winner?

The Price and Place to Join

If you still want to jump into this system (heck, if you know what you’re doing you can make a quick buck or two), then you can sign up on the official website:

It is free to join and market the products and compensation plan.

However, you do need a sponsor before you can sign up which you can’t get from me because I am not apart of this system (sorry).

To make more than $25 per paying member you will have to purchase any of the 10 levels.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money if you’re an advanced internet marketer
  • Includes a free membership


  • Requires a sponsor before you can join
  • So much hype it’s not funny – says you can earn on complete autopilot
  • Only advanced internet marketers are making money
  • Not a good choice for newbies (you won’t make a dime)
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Too many red flags to count

Is Best Easy Work a Scam?

Well it’s not a complete scam yet, but who’s to say Mr. Ruiz isn’t going to shut the entire site down and laugh all the way to the bank.

Recruitment WILL die down because once they are exposed people will stop joining and earnings will drop drastically.

Here’s the proof that traffic has already dropped.


It had a spike in September, continued for 2 months and dropped off in December.

I can already predict future traffic and earnings for everyone who joins this silly little pyramid scheme.

So no, Best Easy Work is not a scam but you can already see it’s not looking good for the sites future reputation.

Join at your own risk but don’t come crying to me asking where your earnings are, because like I said; Martin Ruiz is the ultimate winner and anyone who follows in his steps are only supplementing his bank account.

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

I know you just want to start making money online already.

There are many scams out there that take your money and run.

There are no shortage of these systems out there but there’s definitely a shortage of legit ones.

I was once in your shoes and want to help you.

I know how much of a struggle it is to make money online and fortunately you are in the right place at the right time.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the simple reason that there’s no recruiting involved.

You actually have your OWN website so you’re building your own business rather than anybody else’s.

Well good luck. I hope you make the right choice 🙂

Have you tried Best Easy Work yet? Talk to us in the comments below. Lets get a dialogue going!

40 thoughts on “Best Easy Work Is a Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Show You Why”

  1. Thanks for your review on Best Easy Work, I was kind of curious so it’s nice to know it should be avoided. Wealthy Affiliate has been great for me, too. The best part is no money down. I hate having to pay to earn money.

    • Exactly, my friend. If a system isn’t offering a free trial or at least a money-back guarantee, there must be a huge flaw in their system.

      The owner of Best Easy Work absolutely know that he’s ripping people off and that’s why he takes your money and run!

      I say stay away or risk face the consequences later when you wonder what happened to the site after it shut down (with all your earnings and money invested down the drain).

  2. Wow, thanks for the information. This is another catch the mouse trap. I don’t understand why people still try to make money the easy way. We so often see now, from people like you, writing reviews, that it just doesn’t work that way.
    I work hard these days, making my website a legit one lol, and it really becomes fun seeing organic traffic rise.

    • They search for the quick option because they don’t know better. These scam sites showcase big houses, flash cars, jets and a guy sitting on a beach with a laptop.

      It makes other people think getting rich in a fast amount of time and is completely viable way of making money online (especially since they say ANYONE can make thousands in a week!). Although you and I know that this is far from the truth.

  3. This is awesome! You have completely debunked the best easy work MLM for me. I like the way you did the reverse image search and found the duplicitous image doctoring. I can’t imagine going into this kind of office building and finding such a huge building and no staff to support. Wow!
    The nerve of some of these internet “business” owners.

    Thank You, and All the Best. Jay

    • I actually had a big feeling that they were photoshopped and decided to check them out, mstly because scams like these try and make themselves look legit as possible. What better way to do it with a brick-and-mortar building, correct?

      I knew it was a pyramid scheme so the images couldn’t have been real, and so I wasn’t THAT surprised when I found out.

      I’ll be doing more of these reverse image searches in the future to expose more scam artists.

      Thanks for the comment 😀

  4. This stuff gets me so angry, how many hours I have wasted by looking into these so called businesses and only to find out that it’s a scam. Thanks for saving us the hassle and reading through all their bs.
    All the best and keep the good work up

    • It was my pleasure! I love exposing these scam artists, so I’m glad I have saved you a lot of time, money and heartache 🙂

  5. Wow, I like the way you are so thorough with this. Wealthy Affiliate has done me good so far so I will just stick there for now. After being a victim to a get-rich-quick scheme once I learnt that when it seem too good to be true, it probably is.

    Keep up the good reviews.

    • Well, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate long enough to know that it delivers results so long as you stick with it and never give up. Like I’ve said many times in the past; success is inevitable if you use the 4 key elements.

      I really do hope you stick with it so you can see fruitful results for your efforts. Good luck, Debbie.

  6. yeah that really sucks, because even tho technically you can make money with these websites, they are still a scam! because they say “hey! you can get money quick and easy” and then you just wasted hours/days on something that you have to be advanced to do. which i’m not advanced in the least bit! i think if something is legit, they will not be going around telling everyone they can make X amount of $$$ over night.
    but i really enjoyed your post! i often look around to see if there is something else i can join for a second income. haven’t had much luck, but its not a big deal

    • Thank you for your comment, Laila. If all you’ve been exposed to are scams but you’re STILL determined to find something that works, then I applaud you because you aren’t one to settle for less.

      You remind me of myself when I was in your shoes. I knew there was a gold nugget but just needed a helping hand to find it. Wealthy Affiliate truly is your key to financial freedom and I will back that claim up until the day I die.

      It’s not recruitment-based so no more pestering your friends and family on social media – just build a site around a passion and earn commissions with affiliate marketing.

      Go here for your free trial

  7. Thanks for your awesome review, I’m glad I came across your post before even attempting to sign up to this obvious scam lol.

    The office building is so obviously photo shopped (they could have made it a little less obvious by not turning the office into a million dollar setting) let me guess no telephone number either?

    Basically everything about this company cries scam, thanks again for a great review 🙂


    • Haha, you are probably right. If they had like a little standalone office it might be a different story. I wouldn’t have even bothered searching the images.

      There’s no telephone number, correct. And yes it is an all-out scam. Stay away my friend.

  8. Wow. I didn’t realize that it was an MLM. Thank you for this stellar break down. You recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate looks solid and will be checking it out further!

    • There are a lot of MLM systems popping up actually. That’s because so many people think they work but in reality there are more fakes/scams than real ones.

      Staying away from them completely helps eliminate the troubles when the site runs away with your money.

  9. I have heard of Best Easy Work in the online money making industry, so it is surprising to actually read about what kind of a program it actually is. I am glad that I didn’t choose this program when I heard of it because it does not at all sound worth of my time and money.

  10. There are so many people preying on people who desperately want to believe that they can get rich quick and enjoy life. In some ways, I applaud their tactics and use of resources to do this, although they are probably horrible people. Thanks for posting this review so that people can see this and don’t have to waste their money only to realized they’ve been scammed.

    • I would have to agree with you.

      Even though what they are doing is horrible; their tactic is still difficult to pull off and does take immense amounts of time to plan out the landing pages, sales video, the actual system itself and the rest.

      These scam artists will continue doing what they do for as long as they make money. At the same time, I’ll be putting a stop to them as much as I can 🙂

  11. Holly cow, people are basically scam artists. Its pretty sad what you can do with photo shop these days lol. Nice post, I enjoyed it.

  12. Thanks for making this review- so many people are being scammed by those “great promises” to get rich fast. It is always a warning sign for me when I see the big numbers in a short time, without serious work and no trial or money back. And MLM systems work well only for the top people, leaving those, who joined the group later, with nothing. I agree with you about WA- they don’t promise easy money, but actually provide with great tools to create a business- not the super-easy path, but it works for those who are willing to put their time and effort and follow the system.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The sad part is that they actually do catch desperate people and make a fortune off of them.

      And that’s good that you found something that works for you. I wish you all the best!

  13. Wow! The Red Flags area was enough to scare off anyone! Who would want to go forward after that? Great job pointing those things out! Would definitiley have suckerd in many a fool! thanks!

    • You’d actually be a really silly person if you decide to STILL go ahead with this system after reading my review.

      The proof is in the pudding on how much of a scam this person is, and the photoshopped images just scream red flag along with all the rest.

  14. Thanks for throwing some light on the Best Easy Work platform with your thorough review. It indeed appears that it is essentially a pyramid scheme, meaning that there is a very good chance that you will lose money if you get involved. I for one have had it with any MLM and even if they are disguised, they are not a viable business model long term.

    The sales page that is full of unrealistic earnings claims, plus the secrecy and lack of transparency throughout the offer are enough to put me off, but it gets worse as you drill down as you have done. There is no way that I could recommend this platform to anyone.

    The main product is the platform itself, not the supposed products they offer. Also, the photoshopped images and false testimonials tell me that this is a total scam. No money-back-guarantee is also a huge red flag for me. I agree with your assessment on this one. You have saved me some time as I do not need to know more, this is one to stay away from.

    • Totally agree with you my friend. The pictures are fake to make it look like a real building and the income claims are too unrealistic to be real. Plus there is no money-back guarantee which basically shouts SCAM.

  15. Hello Brandon, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Personally, I don’t like pyramid schemes so I will stay away from this. It is also a little bit pricey so I think that this is not a smart investment. Just like you said this is for experts who know what they do and beginners can only lose all of their money.

    • The only thing that gets newbies wanting to join is the big income claims and because it looks legitimate.

      If you can convince people you are professional, you can get anything and that’s exactly what Best Easy Work has done.

  16. Earning a thousand dollars a day is too good to be true and this would already raise my alarm. Sometimes, it’s really funny to think that companies would include this claim just to gain members but in the end, those members will just have to work up for the company/founder and won’t even see the shadow of the so called thousand dollars a day. It’s a tactic that has been used a lot and many people still fall for it.

    The way Best Easy Work is operating is really doubtful especially the compensation plan where you gotta have people sign up to earn referral fee, or choose paid membership and earn from your down lines. Possible but crazy. You were right that only experts in the field can monetize big from this. I’m no expert but I think I’m fine with that. Great review by the way, you explained it very well.

    • Only the desperate fall for it and it’s sad to see that it’s so easy to take their money and run. That’s why internet marketing gurus will continue scamming just because they can get away with it.

  17. Not a good sign…having such a steep decrease in traffic is something I wouldn’t bet my money on but I would have appreciated it more if you had covered up to 2019. My experience with MLM has been good so anything with it is something that I will hardly buy and the analysis you’ve done balances more to a dead-end than a good potential. 

    The free option is kind of enticing but to be real, I wouldn’t promote something I don’t see the good outcome time is valuable to me. Anyway, thanks for the info…my curiosity will land me on your recommendation 🙂

    • I did this review last year, hence the traffic stats only show up to 2018. Although I just checked the traffic again,and it’s still on the decline. Good choice for staying away from Best Easy Work my friend.

  18. Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best experience in my life as it has brought changes to me. I am grateful for this eye opening review on this particular scheme. I have wasted a lot of money and time on this scammers and whenever I remember or identify any of them on the internet,it annoys me and questions pop up in my head. why can’t they channel this ideas of there’s into what will benefit others and make the society flourish ? obviously, their minds are full of negativity and positive actions for the benefit of others won’t surface from them. I’m glad I know wealthy Affiliate. Thanks once more for this great piece.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Most scamming product owners have one thing in common, they’re out to make themselves rich and that’s it.

      They don’t care whether or not you’ll make money, because they want your money. That’s why they have to create such convincing landing pages, it’s the only thing making them money!

  19. I must say that landing page is something else! Even if the joining fee is zero, I feel like it is way too expensive to get it up and running. Those upsells are just a turn-off.

    If you can earn up to $1200 a day then that is the best deal ever. That level 10 membership is just crazy. No wonder no one is actually promoting the products but the program.

    With those photoshopped images, I have just confirmed my doubts. It is nothing I would want to try.

    Thank you for taking your time to expose this program through your thorough review.

  20. I’m sorry but I like best easy work it works for me you find a better business start up program it will build your email list if nothing else and for free if you want to look at it that way so we all get to gain. I have upgraded a couple o times and yes my checks came through the post after my first few months.. I now have a large email list for the first time and a couple oh checks to help me promote some more, I’ve watched martins training videos and yes he is genuine person I meet people like martin all the time his video shows you some of his best tips when it comes to markeing so no complaints there there are positives despite the hype Martin sort your self out is all I would suggest there, you are getting a bit spammy even I’m losing site of your basic principle my verdict may well go under on this premise alone.

    • Hey Dennis, thanks for your feedback on Best Easy Work and I’m glad you’re finding success with it.

      Like I said in the review, making money is definitely possible and making HIGH income is also possible, but you have to put in the work and learn what’s working.

      But then again, you’re involved in a pyramid scheme because no ones is selling the products they offer. So lets not forget that.

      I know I wouldn’t want to be involved in a pyramid scheme that can be shut down at any moment. I would never recommend a system like that.

      But thanks again for your opinion.


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