20 Best Jobs For Mums in 2020


Being a mum was an impeding factor when the pursuing of a job was one of the goals a woman established as a life achievement

This was hard to accomplish when her responsibilities includes the raising of little children; so many women of yesteryear got sort of frustrated as getting a job was out of the question as family life and lack of support from husbands stopped them to go after their goals.

Nowadays, the panorama has changed a big deal thanks to the arriving of Internet and the proliferation of jobs that do not require tied schedules and home absents.

So if you are a mum or know any mums who want to find an extra or a fixed income and continue raising their children, take care of the house and hardly leave home; here you have some choice for the best jobs for mums.

Customer Service Advisor

If you have a phone and a personal computer, then choosing a job as a Customer Service Advisor would be a great selection in the working area.

The flexible schedule and home staying will give Mums a great opportunity to generate a monthly income and do little sacrifices at home and with children.

Freelance or Company Writer

If the ability to write coherent paragraphs with a clear development of ideas has always been a strong point during your life, selecting a job as a writer is not out of the question.

The proliferation of webpages related to companies or personal businesses or interest has forced these groups to look for people who can write articles in order to promote or generate any sort of interest on them.

It is up to you to go on a contract with a specific company or institution or offer your service to those who require it, perceiving a higher income, although with a more demanding job in terms of time and production.

Human Resource Manager

What many Mums and most people around the job market think, a Human Resource Manager is a job that can be done totally out of the premises of a company or institution.

To perform a well-done job in this field, women should be aware of the requirement of certain software and equipment at home.

Tutor / Teacher


Confined you to a classroom or leaving home for half-time to teach a group of kids or people in a classroom is ancient history.

Thanks to Internet, classes can be done from your home especially in the language teaching area.

So if you are bilingual, have a computer and a web camera, teaching people to speak another language is a great choice.

And the online education is not limited to the language learning; areas as bakery, cooking, arts, and handicraft can be also be taught through your own personal website or any of the video hosting pages around the web.

Project Manager

Equip with latest software, performing tasks in order to achieve any project can be easily done at home; making it one of the best jobs for mums to be performed at the comfort of their house.

With the right program, the prosecution of goals; get contact with all the participants in the project and keeping the records of the performances of people involved make this job a choice for mothers all over the world.

Career Coach

Provide people advice about life career decisions is a job that could be performed with no problems by mums at home.

A training will be required in order to work in this field, but most of them are affordable and do not take a lot of time to complete them.

This will provide you a job that you can performed at your own rhythm and help people to achieve their dreams is a plus.

Sales and Marketing Officer

Thanks to the help of Internet, performing tasks such as proposal making, effective strategies determination and reaching out clients, with the pursuing of the institution or company’s sales goals and the consequently achievement are easily done at the comfort of home, making it one of the best jobs for mums.

Life Coach

Many mums have certain life experience that can be helpful at times of choosing for a job.

Taking advantage of your experience as a mum in raising children or taking care of the house or, even better, dealing with work field and the home responsibilities will make you a good choice to be a Life Coach for other mums or women in general.

Graphic Designer

There is no other job choice that would take more advantage of a computer and Internet than Graphic Designer.

Most of this work can be done at the premises of your own home at your own schedule.

And choices are ample; you can be a freelance worker dealing with a vast number of clients or attached to a single company requirement.

Image Stylist / Consultant

If fashion plays a great deal in your professional and personal life, then decanting for this choice is a really wise decision.

Responsible for the personal look and appearance of a client is a task that can be performed from a Mum’s home and it does not require any formal education to perform it – although a certification from a well-known institution would be pleasant to show to customers and clients.

Salon Manager

Close to the job mentioned above, offering services from your home in the beauty area is one of the best jobs for mums; so if you are inclined into the service of a spa or hairdressing, take a chance and go for it.

Of course, in this case, preparation is required and there is no problem about it since there are several colleges and schools offering diploma courses in the area.

Event Planner / Organizer

Love organizing events and talking to people about it, here it is the best choice to select.

No further preparation is needed, but a good communication skill and several contacts in the area in order to provide your customers with the equipment, advertising and even catering a particular activity.

And most of it can be done requiring little time out of your home, simply requiring a good telephone line and a computer and that’s it.


There are several courses around dealing with alternative choices to traditional medicine.

With a diploma offered by any prestigious college or school from your surroundings, you can perform any of the natural therapist choices (such as nutritional medicine or naturopathy) at your home comfort and contacting or/and communicating with your clients via e-mail.


If writing is a natural skill you have shown for years, but you want to go beyond the blog or article redaction; you can become a full-time writer.

Nowadays, Internet offers the possibility to turn your story into a self-published material in the fiction and/or non-fiction categories.

Most of these self-published books can be sold on Amazon without any complication.

Proofreader / Editor


But in the case you have no time or feel no capable of holding a whole story on your own, you can deal with the checking of other people’s material and correct their work providing aspiring authors a helping hand.

So if you have good skills at grammar, spelling and formatting, this is one of the best jobs for mums to be taken into consideration.

Interior Designer

Have a good eye in the structure of a room and the whole possibilities to arrange items into it, so then Interior Designer is the perfect choice to take.

Home planning, renovation and design can be done perfectly at home without ruling out your roles as a mother or housewife.


Photography has evolved from all the developing process into a faster and more accessible technique thanks to digital equipment.

With a good camera and the right image editing software, this is an amazing choice for mums who have the skills on dealing with images and their composition.

No courses are required, but it is recommendable to go through one that can be found in a college or school close to your home or as a free course on some websites.


Dealing with food must require a great deal of time to do it, but that is not an impending factor if this is the choice you have decided to take.

Catering provides the possibility to establish your own pace and work as you wish.

Deadlines are important, but good communication with your clients will help you to fulfill their requirements and get a name in the business.


This could be a surprise if it were not for the development of software that allows the performance of this job from home without interfering with your responsibilities with the house and your family.

A diploma is required to do this job, but choices are wider since many colleges and schools offer this sort of subject in their programs.

Website Developer

Thanks to the proliferation of websites and software related to it, almost every company in different fields has a presence on the internet.

And here is when the presence of a Website Developer is required.

As your fame precedes you, the schedule and rhythm are going to be established by you and most of your clients would accept it since you are good at it.

But if you are just starting with it, be sure that you have the right software and hardware needed to perform this job correctly.

If the requirements are met, this is another of the best jobs for mums and it will give the opportunity of personal and professional growth.


Blogging, in my opinion, is the most simplest job out of all in this list and has room for immense growth.

Blogging can be done on your time and you have no boss to answer to and that is why it’s my #1 job for mums.

There is just SO much money to be made on the internet and a lot of it are going to scammers.

However, there are legitimate ways to make money online too.

There’s a concept called affiliate marketing, and when you apply it to your website/blog, you can make much more money than the other jobs mentioned on this list.

And best of all, you can get started for free with a legit training platform.


Being a mum is a difficult job in itself, so why make it even more difficult by having a real job and taking care of your child at the same time?

Cut out the job entirely and work for yourself as a blogger.

Heck, at least you’ll actually have more time to spend with your children!

Well that concludes this article and I hope you found what you were looking for.

If you’re still stuck on what to do, talk to me in the comments below.

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