Blogging VS a Regular Job – Which One Is For You?


Ever since I’ grew my blog to outstanding results, people have asked (friends, family, brothers, sisters, etc) how did I do it and what makes it better than a regular job?

This lead me to creating this article.

I want to explain the exact differences between a blogging job and a regular job so you know which one is right for you.

There are many different aspects at play here and one requires more dedication than the other solely because it is a choice and not a “must do”.

You’ll find out what I mean in just a second.

What It Takes To Work a Regular Job

When you’re an employee, you have STRICT rules to adhere by.

This means you:

  • Have to turn up to your job every day
  • Have to ask your boss just to have a day off to spend with your loved ones
  • Have to do what your boss says (within reason of course)
  • Are paid for the hours you work
  • Will not be paid if you don’t show up and do your job
  • Are bound to a contract, and when you break that contract you may receive a warning, or worse, be fired!
  • Plus much, much more

What The Rewards Are For a Regular Job

When you have a regular job, there’s a lot of big differences compared to a blogging job.fe

Although the 2 main differences are that you have instant money and can start earning really quickly, there are also other things worth mentioning:

  • You gain instant money. You earn money as soon as you clock in
  • No qualifications needed. Most jobs do not require any type of qualification, meaning as long as you show up to your interview and willing to learn and put in the work, you will be hired
  • Working as a team. A lot of people enjoy working as team, and it makes a great choice if that’s what you really love doing
  • You find new friends. I know working with others creates a good bond with each other, a bond that becomes stronger each and every year. You share 8+ hours everyday together so a great friendship is bound to form

The Drawbacks of a J.O.B

  • You stop earning money as soon as you clock out for the day. This is a huge drawback because your income is VERY limited
  • It is often too difficult to transfer from a job you’ve hated and been in for years simply because most people don’t like getting out of their comfort zone. This stops them taking action and end up staying in their job they hate all their life
  • When you dislike coworkers you cannot change them for new ones but have to continue working with them even if you hate them
  • You have to be nice to your boss even if you don’t like him/her
  • You’re only a regular Joe. Lets face it, being normal sucks. There are thousands of opportunities literally in front of our eyes, why would we not jump on something and become great instead of average

What It Takes To Be a Full Time Blogger

When someone hears the term blogging, they think it means writing for someone and getting paid for doing an article.

This is NOT what blogging is and I think I need to put that misconception to rest asap.

Blogging is not doing an article for someone and getting paid one time.

Being a blogger means you own a website with articles that gain traffic from the search engines 24/7, resulting in money being made around the clock no matter what.

As a blogger, there are MANY things that will need to be done on a regular basis to become successful with it.

This list shows what is required of you.

Keep in mind that it does not matter if you’ve “made it” or just starting out, you will have to do them throughout your blogging career no matter what.

  • You will need to be consistent. Blogging isn’t about doing a few articles and expecting to bank, nor should you expect growth once you’ve “made it” without continued consistency. It is a full time job, treat it as such and you WILL be successful
  • Persistence is always a common trait among successful bloggers, so you will need to be persistent throughout your blogging career
  • Dedication is probably the most important out of all of these. Without any type of dedication, the rest crumble and you will not make it since you are simply not dedicated enough
  • Sacrifices. Sacrificing the short term luxuries for something better later on is a must. Not going out with your friends and staying home instead to work on your business is going to be a common thing. Sacrificing a nap after work to do a post is definitely a must

What The Rewards Are as a Full Time Blogger


The rewards as a blogger are SO much better than the rewards for being a normal employee, in my opinion, of course.

But take a look for yourself then let me know if you still want to work for a boss.

  • You work on your own schedule. You do not have to show up to work at 5 in the morning or spend 2 hours in a morning commute. You work when YOU feel like it
  • You work less hours, and when I mean less I mean much less. Instead of spending 8 hours at a job plus the extra hours commuting, you can be sitting down and started on your daily article (which can be finished in a quick 4 hours or less!)
  • You can skip entire days and sometimes weeks if you really wanted to. It is passive income so you make money around the clock when everything is setup
  • You work for yourself. There’s no answering to a boss everyday or working with annoying coworkers

The Drawbacks of Being a Blogger

You have more responsibility to do great things in life when you work for yourself.

Dedication has to come naturally, as you can’t really force yourself to do something if you don’t want to do it.

When you’re blogging, either starting out or doing it full time, you have to know that it is your job and needs to be treated as such.

When you have the mentality that it’s “only a side hustle”, you won’t put in as much effort and it definitely won’t work the way you want it to.

This is one of the drawbacks to being a blogger. It’s pushing forward because you know you have to.

Most of the time people don’t get that and they end up quitting.

Which One Is Right For You?

The main difference between blogging and working a normal job is that blogging pays you passively and working pays you actively.

Active income is getting paid for the hours you work, passive income is putting in the work months beforehand but making the money every day for years to come.

Plus passive income is unlimited and active income is limited due to employers not wanting to give you a raise or no higher positions available.

Personally I think blogging is hands down the best option here.

Sure you have to put in the early work for weeks and sometimes months to make your first money but after that it snowballs into endless income streams.

Income streams that allow you to quit your job and work for yourself full-time, not having to work for anyone else but on your own schedule instead.

So blogging is hands down my recommendation for the many reasons outlined above and because I don’t like working for anyone else or having a limited income.

If you’re ready to join me and tackle your next challenge, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side at Wealthy Affiliate!

Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to add? Kindly leave them in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Blogging VS a Regular Job – Which One Is For You?”

  1. Wow this is great to know because I am in this way to start a blog and I love it because what I write is my passion so for me it is not a job and I start building my job with these and I found this article inspiring all what I want to accomplish. I agree it is better blogging

    • No worries 🙂 Glad you’re also writing so you can one day quit your day job. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day.

  2. What’s up Brandon, good to hear from you again man. I knew this article was right down my alley after reading the title. I like how you break things down in bullet points, it is much easier to read and get a better sense of what you have to say. I agree with working a job, and its contract commitments.

    Sometimes that commitment has nothing to do with person but about the overall job…like if its a contracting company, or a contractor job, there’s so much that can go wrong, and one day you’re left without work. I also like that you stated how it takes dedication and sacrifices to be a blogger. It’s not the most satisfying thing or feeling once to begin with but with practice and time, it gets way better and easier(at least in my opinion). I like getting payed after clocking out of work, and that’s a greater feeling. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Michael and you hit the nail on the head.

      There’s definitely sacrifices needed to make it big, but when it’s all set up and you’re blogging has gained traction, the flow has started and a snowball effect begin.

      That’s when the magic happens and that’s why – in my opinion – blogging is the best job in the world!

      Heck, you can outsource your entire business if you wanted to, so you don’t even HAVE to sit down for hours writing an article. And that’s what I’ve started doing, paying others to write my articles so I’m literally just publishing and watching the money flow in!

      Hope to see you again, friend 🙂


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