Branded Surveys Review: Just Another Glitched Survey Site?


Branded Surveys sounds a like a great little program to get into because of how easy it is to make money, however, are they legit and going to pay?

bc keno I dislike websites that pry on newbies and make them think becoming rich can be done in a matter of weeks and sometimes even days.

But what are they truly offering here, and is it even a viable business opportunity?

winning keno numbers bc Lets jump in and see what we are dealing with!

At a Glance

Name: Branded Surveys


Founder: Matthew Gaffney (according to the websites registration name) Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 2/5 stars keno winning numbers bc

2.0 out of 5 stars

Who Are They?

bclc keno online According to their “about us” page, they are all about Humanizing Data Collection. They focus on providing solutions to businesses all around the globe with the information they acquire through their surveys and trial offers.

The market research allow these businesses to make better informed decisions on the needs and wants of their customers.

What Sort of Traffic Are They Receiving?

They are receiving a total amount of 2.14 million visitors per month.

Total traffic received per month:


Most of these people are entering their site through “direct”, meaning people are typing their website name into an address bar.

Below you can see that 82% of their traffic is coming from direct, 5.90% from referrals and 2.5% from search engines.


Organic traffic stats:


According to these stats, you can clearly see that the survey side of this website hasn’t been launched all that long.

They have definitely climbed a lot in this short amount of time.

What Do They Claim Over at Branded Surveys?

They claim that:

  • They are one of the leading market research companies in the world
  • Anyone can sign up even as a complete newbie and start making money this week
  • It is easy to earn rewards
  • You can be paid via cash or gift cards, it is completely up to you

How Everything Works

It is a 3-step process.

1. Members sign up and answer some questions about themselves

These details allow them to find what survey will suit them correctly, as not all surveys are for everyone.

The more details you fill out the more surveys that become available to you.

So if you take shortcuts and put in a few simple details only, you will only get a few to do before you have to wait for more (which can take days).

2. Verify your email then begin completing surveys and trial offers

When you complete a survey, you earn points based on the difficulty of that specific survey.

1000 points = $10, which is the minimum payout.

Lets say a survey takes you 5 minutes to complete – you will earn less points than if it took you 30 minutes.

It’ll be in your best interest to be honest with your survey because once it is complete, your points will say “pending”.

That’s when  reviews your feedback before “approving” your points.

3. Getting paid

The Branded Surveys team want you to access your earnings as quickly as possible, so your earnings can actually be deposited into a PayPal account where it only takes days before going to your bank.

Others payment methods include:

  • Bpay
  • Gift cards (Amazon, Steam, Lowe’s, Best Buy, GameStop, Starbucks and more). There are over 60 gift card options available
  • Visa

The Referral Program

There is a referral program available for anyone who wish to get their friends and family into the system.

You are paid points based on the initial sign up and activity of your referrals.

While this referral scheme isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job, if you get enough people you can actually build up a nice passive income stream.

Although that is easier said than done, of course.

1 sign up = 50 points

15% of points earned from your referrals go to you.

So if 1 referral earns 500 points in a day, you will get 75 points. Multiply that by however referrals you can recruit.

Any Red Flags?

This site was formerly known as Mintvine but just recently got rebranded.

No one knows why they were rebranded but after this happened people have noticed some strange happenings.

They now pay less for each survey and trial offer, they don’t give points when disqualified anymore and they are often down for maintenance.

Not only that but people are getting kicked out of surveys that have taken 20 minutes to complete!

People are also waiting far too long for a response from the support team.

The whole site is full of glitches and they are suddenly not paying customers, freezing their accounts and even taking away their withdrawal button!

Are People Really Making Money?

Yes, there have been thousands of people making money with Branded Surveys in the past but since the rebrand (2018) people have started having difficulties.

Not AS many people are getting paid because they blame their members for using proxies, they remove the withdrawal button whenever they feel like it and your points stay in the “pending” phase for over a week.

They’ve started to make excuses for everything and avoid answering their members for as long as possible.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s possible to make money
  • It is free to join and start completing surveys right away


  • Only available in the US, Canada and UK
  • Possesses the same glitches as other survey sites (get kicked out of a survey without warning and no points earned)
  • They make excuses for not paying your points, where they actually ask for a screenshot for completing a survey
  • It takes weeks for your points to be approved
  • Customer service takes a very long time to respond
  • No big income opportunity
  • They pay even less than they use to

Is Branded Surveys a Scam?

Branded Surveys is NOT a scam, however, after reading the many bad reviews I would say it’s very high-risk getting involved with this company.

They are already not paying their members and don’t even respond to their emails.

Since it isn’t a scam already and shows scam-like behavior, I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned into a scam in the future.

They’ve been rebranded without saying why and have gone sour ever since!

Long-term members have seen the difference after the change and have actually left the site altogether because of it.

If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother with this system as it’s not worth stressing out over all the glitches and sometimes not even getting paid for your efforts.

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

I’ve been doing this whole internet marketing thing full-time for almost 2 years and can tell you right now that working for pennies isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job.

Sure, it’s good for beer money but that’s about it.

I make more money PASSIVELY than what any survey site OR job could offer me.

Affiliate marketing is the future of the internet, and the ones jumping on the wagon now are the ones getting ahead and reaping the rewards.

It is not difficult but it does take a lot of work and consistency.

But I mean, at least you live life on your own terms and don’t have to answer to a boss everyday!

If that isn’t enough for you to take action, I don’t know what is.

Well this is my #1 recommendation. It has a free trial so at least give that a go.

What do you think about Branded Surveys? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Branded Surveys Review: Just Another Glitched Survey Site?”

  1. Hi Brandon

    Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative article on Branded Survey Review.

    Like you I tried many years ago signing up with different survey companies. I found them to be time-consuming and the money hardly compensated for what it took to do the survey.

    I just knew it then it wasn’t for me. There had to be a better way to make money online than doing surveys.

    I am sure there are other companies that are much better than what I tried here in the UK, but I still struggle with the concept of making little money with so much effort.

    I totally agree with you on your point when you said

    “I’ve been doing this whole internet marketing thing full-time for almost 2 years and can tell you right now that working for pennies isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job.”

    Your number #1 recommendation is highly commendable. I am also a member of Wealth Affiliates and I must say, I don’t know any negatives about this company. They offer the best training program on learning how to start and run an online home business with a supportive community.

    You will never feel like you are left on your own to struggle. This for me was the best decision I have ever made in my online career. Believe me, when I say, I am not joking. I have tried so many programs which mostly ended up to be scams and false promises.

    I will encourage your reader to go for Wealthy Affiliates. They will get their money back 100 times over, earning whilst learning at the same time. It can’t get any better than this. They just need to put in the hard work and commit to the process, the results will speak for themselves in due time.

    Best wishes

    • To be honest, I did not use survey sites for long because I’m not interested in making pennies, but each to their own.

      It works for some but not for all, not for people like me who are chasing the big dollars.

      I’d also like to say thank you very much for your input on Wealthy Affiliate.

      It truly is an unbeatable place over there and I have no doubt if you stick to the training and never give up, you WILL make money and eventually be able to quit your day job.

      That’s the beauty of it; the more you nurture your online business the more you get out of it.

      There is no get-rich-quick schemes here, because frankly they do not exist anyway!

  2. Hi
    Thank you for such detailed information I used to think that you can make money in just a few minutes and wondered why not everyone was doing that-information on the internet can be misleading, saying making money online can be done in just a matter of minutes.

    • Yes, that is correct.

      People believe it and end up spending thousands of dollars, but of course they end up making NOTHING.

  3. I wondered why they got so many visitors and now I see it’s because they have rebranded. Very strange to have done at in the first place. I wonder what was going on there. Does seem dodgy to me.

    As for making money with surveys it’s doable but it just takes a long, long time. I tried it many years ago but I too had the same problem of being booted off surveys or nothing coming my way.

    I will have to check your suggestion.


    • I agree that it does seem really strange.

      Not to mention that they’ve been shady ever since the rebrand. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • You are surprisingly correct. It is easy money but requires a LOT of time, which is definitely not worth it in my eyes.

  4. This is an excellent read. I have tried the whole survey thing before, and it never worked out for me. I always felt like it was a scam, and a way to get your email out there, so they could blow up your inbox. Thanks for this. Now we know.

    • Lol, great theory my friend and you are probably correct. They seem to bombard you with offers and promotions as soon as you sign up and they never stop.

  5. Thanks for reviewing this online survey! I have ran into many of these throughout my life and they always do seem like a scam in my mind. One of my friends actually tried participating in some online surveys. She made it about a week, and at the end of it, only made like $15 haha. Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go if you want to make true money online!

    • Wow, that is certainly a waste of time in my opinion.

      Give up instant money in the meantime and instead spend that time on something that makes you money on autopilot later on.

      That’s how REAL online business are created, not from working hours a day for a mere $5-$10 😛


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