Can You Really Build a Business by Recruiting Friends & Family?

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No doubt many of you have tried the whole MLM thing.

A lot of you have probably realized that recruiting is not for you, and that is okay.

Recruiting people isn’t always the answer, which is why I gave it up and found something I actually enjoyed doing online.

So in this article I hope to open your mind to what you are really doing and the vast amount of opportunity within the online marketing space.

The Latest and Greatest MLM

You and I know we’ve all been there – been invited to an MLM program, decided to check it out and then signed up.

We look around, like what we see, pay the fee and think we are going to get rich overnight because the MLM hypes us up for it.

You call it your new “business”, and then it begins.

It’s time to start recruit people isn’t it? Recruit people into the exact same program as you just joined? And that is the biggest problem with MLM.

But more on that in a second.

Why we Target Friends and Family

Well we are told that we need to send traffic through our affiliate links, right?

We have friends and family that may want to join.

It is instant traffic and they already trust us anyway, so we don’t even have to build trust beforehand.

Sometimes we just send them our link with a quick message, and other times we send them the scripts from the MLM website.

What’s Really Happening

Doing any of these makes it look like you’ve been hacked, and the hacker is spamming them into a scam.

And even if you do get a message back, you might try to convince them to join but they never do.


People on social media are there for fun. They simply do not care about joining a program.

They went there to see the latest goss’, the news, photos and to talk with friends (and sometimes family).

So when you try to pitch whatever MLM scheme you joined to them, all you are doing is annoying them.

Angry Woman

No means no and you need to cut it out asap.

They may kindly tell you that they are not interested or they might even block you altogether, depending on how much you annoy them.

You see, no one likes being sold to, it’s a true fact.

Now when you keep pestering your online buddies and close family members you are not doing anyone a favor, not even yourself.

You are just wasting your time my friend.

You might get Lucky

You might get the odd one or two people interested out of the hundreds, but that is a very rare chance.

And even then they still have to decide whether it is worth diving into or not.

You will then have to keep pitching your product if you really want to start profiting.

However, making money online is hard enough as it is. Why try selling something nobody is even interested in?

Which brings me to my next point.

You Start Calling it Your Business When in Reality it is not

You are SO EXCITED to start this little side hustle online, and you become so obsessed with it you call it your business.

But as a matter of fact it is not your business, it is the owners business and you are a distributor trying to get people in and make the owners money.

You keep trying to get people into the exact same system you just joined, hoping to bank like the ones at the top.

Furthermore, they can take the entire website down at anytime, leaving you out of pocket and everyone that signed up under you.

This has happened a lot more than you think, which is why getting into the MLM game is high risk and low reward.

You’re better off starting your own online business. That way nobody can take it from you.

It will grow with time and work, and a lot better than making somebody else rich – that’s for sure!

Why MLM Programs are Oversaturated

Every man and his dog are pitching their MLM program to friends and family, to Facebook groups and to random social media followers.

Everyone is trying to make a business online but no one knows how to get there.

When YOU put your links on Facebook groups do you care what else is being shown, such as other peoples new program they are trying to pitch?


Then why the heck would others look at yours?

The game is changing my friend. Everyone thinks everything is a scam now, and most of the time they are.

You have to stand out from the crowd.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You need to adapt to the ever-changing game or you will constantly lose.

So to answer the question in the title – NO, you can not build a sustainable internet business by recruiting your friends and family!

What Will Never Die or get Oversaturated?

Blog Word

Blogs will never die or get oversaturated!

I will gladly back that up until pigs fly.

People are ALWAYS searching for information online.

Just think; when was the last time you asked Google how to get rid of ants, how to change a tyre, how to write a cover letter for a job?

You have probably used Google more times than you care to admit.

Blogs are everywhere and the people using them PROPERLY are the one’s laughing all the way to the bank.


A blog is yours for life. No one can shut it down whenever they want because legally it is yours.

It is your online real estate, and the more you nurture it the more you get out of it.

You can write anything you want on your blog, but the more targeted and helpful you are to your audience the more trust you can build.

Trust = customers.

Before you try telling me there is too much competition…

No, just no. Saying “there is too much competition” is an excuse for lazy people not to start a real online business.

In fact, there is enough space for anyone willing to put in the work.

There are millions of niches, niches that grow every year.

Technology doesn’t stop evolving, new items are getting released, and people are ALWAYS looking for information before they purchase something.

How We Bank

It is called affiliate marketing and works exactly how it does in real estate.

Lets use Amazon for an example.

Why Amazon?

They provide 24-hour cookies, they are well trusted and currently the biggest online store.

First and foremost, we have our site that is ranked high in Google. When people click to our site, click our affiliate links and purchase something within the next 24 hours, we make a commission.

Now imagine having 100 articles ranked, 500, and even 1000?

Can you see where I’m going with this?

The more articles ranked at the top of Google the more money you can make.

So Where Do We Start?

Trust me, I’ve tried it all before.

I’ve fallen for the scams, the MLM programs that seem to always get shut down and make the top guys money, and I have tried all the Blackhat methods.

I was still flat broke.

I discovered something called Wealthy Affiliate and realized while I was wasting all my time on scams and bad methods I could have been making a long-term sustainable business.

Like I said, blogs are here for life. As long as the human race is alive and the internet is still up and running people will keep turning to the internet for answers.

And that’s where we bank. We swoop in with our review articles and earn commissions for years to come.

If you’re tired of scams or recruiting your friends and family to make other people rich, I will gladly give you a helping hand so you can finally create something you can be proud of.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and includes a free trial. If you don’t want to pay for anything just yet that is completely fine.

At least see if it’s for you or not. I’ll be waiting 😀

Well thanks for reading this article.

Please leave a comment below if you have anything to add 😀

2 thoughts on “Can You Really Build a Business by Recruiting Friends & Family?”

  1. Nice article, I agree that MLMs are a definite no-no! Stay away from them and work on something that’s sustainable instead. In my earlier years when I first stepped into corporate life, I was introduced to MLM schemes touting all sorts of products. I joined a few and just as you said, I was ‘recruited’ by a friend, a relative. It’s sad because most don’t make money but only end up feeding the top tiers.

    • MLM schemes are the worst in my opinion. The only viable way to profit is if you have a huge email list and you get in when it’s new.

      But even then, when recruiting slows down so does the earnings, and then eventually the earnings stop.

      The owners will then take the whole site down (they may or may not pay outstanding earnings – but more likely not), and then come up with the exact same system just with a changed name and different layout.

      Rinse and repeat.


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