CASE STUDY: Follow Along as I Build a Brand New Website [2020 Journey]

So it’s currently the 1st of January and I have just finished the foundation of a brand new website.

What better way to start a new year decade with a brand new Amazon associates site.

For now I will not publicly announce what the website is called for privacy issues.

But rest assured I will be coming back here with frequent updates, traffic announcements and even earnings.

Goals For My New Site

So the goal for this website is to create articles, both informative and reviews on types of products in my niche.

I aim to get 300 articles on the new site by the end of 2020 and earning at least $500-$1000 per month from Amazon sales.

I want to be getting at least 500-1000 Unique Visitors per day from Google alone and if I get traffic from social media, that is a bonus.

But my primary goal is to rank in Google for low competition keywords and receive traffic.

Type of Site

This is a full Amazons associate blog.

So I’m going to help people in a specific niche with informative articles as well as product reviews.

What I’ll Be Doing

Month 1 – For the first month I will only be posting informative articles. In my experience, adding affiliate links on a brand new site takes longer for it to get out of Google sandbox and rank.

Month 2 – On the 2nd month I will slowly be sprinkling product reviews throughout the month as well as continuing with informative articles, and may even include some “best of” articles.

Month 3 – In month 3 I will be posting more product reviews and more “best of” articles while continuing with informative/list posts, etc.

 So those are the goals for the first 3 months and I will update month 4 when I get to it 🙂


I will NOT be doing any backlink building or blackhat techniques whatsoever.

In fact I will mainly focus on building high quality articles targeting low competition keywords, and probably do some minor social media promotions.

I have never been heavy on social media promotion and I have still found great success.

What I’ve Done So Far

Right now it is January 1st, 2020.

I have just completed the foundation of the website: about page, contact, widgets, logos, theme, etc, and 2 blog posts.

From here out my main goal will be high quality articles and ranking in Google.

Published Posts

Why Am I Doing This?

To hold myself accountable, plus I’ve never publicly announced a new website and showcased my journey from start to finish.

So this is something I want to do for myself while also showing people what’s possible in the internet marketing world in just 1 year if you stick it out long enough.

Monthly Updates

I will be coming back to this very page and updating the websites performance every month until the end of December with total earnings as well as the final amount I am earning per month.

This does seem like a long journey but we all know how fast 1 year can go by.

So without further ado, I’ll be updating the new sites performance on the 1st of February 🙂

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “CASE STUDY: Follow Along as I Build a Brand New Website [2020 Journey]”

    1. I think it’s the best thing in the world.

      My dream was always to be my own boss. I love independence and freedom.

      So actually putting in the work and watching my online business grow to the point where my dream came a reality, for me is the best thing that ever happened.

      And that’s why I continue to do it till this day. I just love it so much.

      Hope that answers your question Joe.

      This system helped me get to where I am today.

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