Cash Money Sites Is a Scam & Josh Is a Liar

What are the odds of you actually making money with Cash Money Sites?

First and foremost, do realize that money can be made on the internet there’s no doubt about it.

Thousands of people are making money on the internet, but that creates more opportunities for people to create scams, which is exactly what’s happening.

So many scams are being released and taking innocent peoples money for their own sick pleasure (well, for their boats and big houses of course).

I REFUSE to let that happen to you.

I’m here to see what this system is all about, if it’s legit and what type of money you can earn if you implement the steps and techniques.

Quick View

Name: Cash Money Sites


Owners: Unknown, they keep changing names

Price to Join: $37 one-time

My Rating: 0.5/5 stars


About Cash Money Sites

Who Created this System

Apparently a man named Jason Jordan created Cash Money Sites along with his business partner Mark Adams.

Jason has been in the internet marketing business for 20 years so he definitely knows his stuff.

However, the domain name has been registered privately so I don’t know whether these people are real or fake.

This is the first red flag.

Launch Date & Traffic Stats

Whois information shows the domain was created January 2018.

Because it is so new, Semrush and Similarweb can’t even detect the type of traffic they are receiving and how much visitors they get per month.

Their Claims

This person named Josh behind the sales video claims to have generated over 8 figures in the last 24 months with this exact system.

He claims he’ll show you a formula that you can also use for yourself.

These cash flow websites will be given to you at the end of the presentation so he makes you wait and wait so you get more curious about what it is.

He also says you are already making money just by watching the video and that his system will generate money faster than an electronic bank deposit.

Hmm, these are some outrageous claims if you ask me.

Lets see how true they are.

What Is Cash Money Sites?

Cash Money Sites is a system that generates websites (with free templates to choose from), fills it with content and your affiliate links. When you get traffic, you make money.

First and foremost, this type of concept works because it’s how I make my money online.

Secondly, it seems like the creators KNOW this whole concept works so they want to catch the attention of newbies that don’t know better.

Newbies desperate to make money online will be their target audience, because they are the easiest to take money off of.

And thirdly, it sounds like an amazing solution for all your financial needs, but there’s got to be one huge catch, right?

Well there is, there’s a lot of them actually.

The content on your done-for-you website is “spun” from top quality websites, meaning it is not unique at all.

Spun content is frowned upon by all search engines, so the claims of reaching top rankings is a flat out lie.

Google is constantly updating their algorithm, and in all honestly, they aren’t that stupid to rank a website with unoriginal content anymore.

Your website is crawled and tested hundreds of times for months before it even considers giving you rankings.

[Read: How long it takes to gain top Google rankings]

Another issue is that the domain name is actually a subdomain.

If they wanted to close your website down, they can because they are legally allowed to. THEY own the domain name, not you.

What’s Really Happening Behind The Scenes

You see, if you are new to the internet marketing world you have no idea what is actually happening with these types of systems.

I’m here to tell you the dark truths nobody tells you.

First there is a product creator who creates these systems, then there is an affiliate marketer who promotes it and earns commissions.

It’s a win-win for both parties. Both make money.

And here’s where things get messed up.

The product creator owns everything even when the affiliate marketer promotes the product.

Every email that is typed into the landing page subscribes to the product creators email newsletter. He can now promote products over and over again.

Now what happens when the product creator has thousands of affiliates?

He gains thousands of emails and sometimes even millions of dollars from affiliates promoting his system (if the launch is hugely successful of course, and most of the time they are).

And when it’s something like this (Cash Money Sites), he and his affiliates are scamming thousands of people and making a boatload of money.

In return, the buyer is receiving a system that doesn’t work and never will.

Can You Make Money With Cash Money Sites?


You will not even make a penny with your free website.

The concept works but there’s a right way and wrong way to doing it.

And this system has every wrong way you can think of, as I’ve already mentioned in this review.

There are just too many flaws.

The Red Flags

If you still think I don’t know what I’m talking about or want proof of my claims, I’m going to point out some red flags so you don’t go calling me a liar or scammer in the comment section below 😛

Fake names everywhere

They say their names are Jason Jordan and Mark Adams, but with recent changes, the name in the sales video is now Josh.

Not to mention that the domain is registered under a private name.

So what’s with all the name changes and things of that nature? Choose a name and stick with it!

Too much hype

Hyping a system up by saying they’ve set up YOUR website at the start of the video and it’s already making money is a complete lie and only gets you excited to want to stick around and see what they’re talking about.

The testimonials are fake and clearly paid actors. They also hype it up by saying they’re making thousands of dollars in a fast amount of time.

Urgency factors

They have so many scarcity tactics it’s not funny.

They say this opportunity won’t be around forever, you’re only invited once and that time is running out because they’re closing the doors tonight.

Also, if you leave the website, the money generated from the start of the sales video will go to the next person invited after you (that’s what they say but it isn’t true).

Of course these aren’t 100% proof that it is a scam, however, these tactics are used in most scam sites on the internet and it only further proves my claim even more.

Price & Purchase Details

The price to join Cash Money Sites is $37 and includes a 60 day money back guarantee.

This allows you to check it out risk free and get a refund if you don’t like your purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a 60 day money back guarantee


  • The website you are given is not legally yours, you’re only allowed to use it
  • The content is spun and doesn’t rank in the search engines
  • The owners stay anonymous
  • The concept works but the execution is wrong, which is why it will not work
  • It is hyped up with false claims and promises of cash-generating websites that doesn’t even make money

Is Cash Money Sites a Scam?

I could go on and on and on about the cons of this system but I bet you’ve heard enough of my rambling by now, so I’m going to get straight to the point.

Yes, CMS is a scam!

There’s just no way you can make money with this system.

Everything they say is a lie or highly misleading at best.

It’s not just a matter of ‘putting a few spun articles on your website, getting ranked and making bank’.

The process does not work and you’re only wasting your time and money.


The Right Way To Do It

Like I said at the start of this review, the concept of making websites, creating content and getting ranked WORKS.

It’s just that they show you the wrong way to do it, whereas Wealthy Affiliate shows you the right way, and virtually bulletproofs your website.

Yes I said yours because this time you’ll be creating your own domain name, one you legally own so no one can take it from you.

Also, there is a trial with an infinite time span.

This time do it properly and actually make money so you can quit your day job.

That’s right, I said quit your day job because that’s what I live to help people do.

Start Your Journey With Wealthy Affiliate Here

Well that concludes this Cash Money Sites review.

I hope you found what you were looking for. If you still have questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Cash Money Sites Is a Scam & Josh Is a Liar”

  1. Thank you for exposing this type of scams. This surely helps a lot of people like me. Every time offers like that come, I’m always skeptical and be searching for reviews online about it. Thank God I found WA, a legit, platform I can be very comfortable staying with. It’s just awesome and I wish I started much sooner.

  2. Brandon, You job quitter! I am glad you haven’t quit your new found calling of exposing the riff raff that take people’s money and run.  The one thing that I did not care for about the Internet when it was first popularized, was the anonymity of it all.   At the very least, we can call out the scammers and thieves with their tall tales of wonder claims and promises of vacant wealth.  I appreciated the steps that you took to warn others of possible misbehavior. Keep up the good fight.  

    • Hahaha, yes I am a job quitter Rod. I just don’t like working when I don’t have to.

      I would rather work for myself and be a lot happier with more free time and not answer to anyone.

  3. You made great another scam review.  I like your style because you said things in the right words. There are so many red flags that I’m surprised anyway that someone is falling on it. I don’t even have anything to add; you have to be completely blind to spending money and time on Cash Money Sites. You mentioned as a Pros 60 days money back guarantee; I don’t believe in that fairy tale. I haven’t ever got my money back, even from far-reaching projects.

    • That’s interesting you say that andrejs. I’ve also heard these promises of getting a 60-day money back being a big fat fake.

      They promise your money back but when you apply to get it back, they ignore your emails until the 60-day period is over and then reply and say it’s too late!

      Now I’m not saying that this is what Cash Money Sites is doing, but I wouldn’t put it pass them considering the scam they’re running.


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