Walmart Hiring Felons Since Ages Ago – It’s In Their Policy

Alcatraz Prison

Getting a job as a felon is not easy and often times can be embarrassing trying to explain to your interviewer what you went to prison for.

Alcatraz Prison

My brother-in-law is an assistant manager at Walmart and he always gives me the inside scoop.

Walmart always interests me and that’s why I have multiple articles regarding this specific company.

I know for a fact that Walmart does hire felons but there are many variables to consider, and that’s what I’m going to discuss today.

Does Walmart Hire Felons? Yes They Do

Yes, Walmart does hire felons but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a job.

Walmart is pretty lenient with their employees and hiring felons is no different.

They even state in their policy that they are an equal opportunity employer, meaning they want to give everyone an equal chance no matter their race, color or ethnicity.

The variables store managers look for in a convicted felon are:

What the conviction was, how long ago the felony happened, how honest you are and what skills you possess.

You will likely get a job if you’ve only had misdemeanors and non-violent charges.

However, they have NO leniency on sex offenders, violence, theft and forgery.

If you have been convicted for any of these, your chances of working at Walmart have dropped to zero.

Although there are some exceptions which I’ll explain in a second.

Don’t Not Lie

When you fill out your online application, you have the chance to explain your convictions, how long ago they happened and what they were for.


The store manager will definitely be doing a background check and when he finds out you’ve been lying, it raises an instant red flag and you’ll be permanently barred from employment opportunities at any Walmart store across the globe!

On the other hand, if your criminal record matches your application, your chances of getting a job increases dramatically.

The store manager will perform a background check and drug test no matter what the position is, so make sure you’re drug-free when you go in for your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Back Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Unfortunately they go ALL the way back and they will question every conviction you have and what you have done about it.

Some states have a rule where they can’t go back further than 7 years, well needless to say, Walmart doesn’t follow that rule.

Fortunately if the conviction was a long time ago, they give you a chance to explain the circumstances and why you’re a better person.

Do They Hire Theft Misdemeanors?

They do not hire you for theft, they have a zero policy even if it’s a theft misdemeanor.

Theft is a big deal because how can they trust you to work in a store unsupervised, with expensive goods all around you?

The good news?

If it was over 7 years ago, they will take into consideration your skills and rehabilitation.

So you definitely have a chance of getting a job if you’ve been doing good for a long time.

Do They Hire Domestic Violence Felons?

Again, no.

Not if it’s in the last 7 years anyway.

If it is longer than 7 years then they will take into consideration your skills and rehabilitation.

You will have a chance to explain yourself.

Being honest is key as it’ll make you look trustworthy, professional and increase your chances of getting the job.

Do They Hire Drug Misdemeanors?

Lots of people apply at Walmart with drug-related charges.

Some of them get hired, some do not.

Their zero policy also applies to drugs even if the charge was longer than 7 years.

It seems this is one of the crimes they take more seriously, as drug problems can lead to violence and theft.

However, at the end of the day it all comes down to your honesty and circumstances.

You can still get hired, just be honest when you answer their questions. That’s all you can really do.

Do They Hire Felons on Probation?

It all depends. Everything above still applies.

The felony cannot be within the last 7 years or have anything to do with drugs, violence, forgery or theft.

But my guess is that if you’re on probation then you have certainly been in trouble in the last 7 years.

If it’s a misdemeanor or non-violent crime, then you could possibly get a job but it won’t be easy.

Can You Apply Without a Computer?

No you cannot apply at Walmart without computer.

Gone are the days of paper applications, everything is digital these days (yesss, save the trees).

The good news is that if you don’t have a computer, you can walk into any Walmart and use their hiring kiosk.

Every Walmart Is Different

Every Walmart has different managers, circumstances and needs.

You might get hired for a drug charge that happened 10 years ago from one Walmart but get denied for the same charge at another Walmart.

At the end of the day it all depends on the hiring managers.

The least you can do is always be honest and keep trying at as many Walmart locations as possible.

Just keep applying and being honest. Hopefully soon enough you’ll get hired 🙂

My Advice To You

No matter how long ago or how close your conviction was, my advice is to apply for the lowest level position.

Applying for a higher position with a criminal history is self-destructive.

Don’t go for any manager positions, apply to be an associate instead.

There are far less requirements and since you’re doing one of the easy jobs, you have a higher chance of getting a job.

You can prove yourself and move up the ranks once you start working.


You won’t know if you can get a job unless you try.

You can read all the articles you want, but the only real way to know is to apply and see if you get hired.

Walmart workers are always in demand so your chances of getting a job are high.

Don’t fret too much.

Well that concludes this article, and remember, if you have any questions about Walmart please ask in the comments below 🙂

A Breakdown of Walmart’s Rehire Policy

Walmart Shopping Carts

There are a number of things that come into play when trying to get rehired at Walmart.

walmart store

Walmart is the largest privately-owned retail corporation in America, so it makes complete sense to stay on their good side.

Even if they do have a bad reputation, they provide millions of jobs around the world (2.2 million in fact).

It is best to quit Walmart on good terms to increase your chances of getting rehired later on.

In this article I’m going to cover everything you need to know about getting rehired after quitting Walmart.


Can You Get Rehired After Quitting?

Sadly Walmart does not publicize this information so we can only go off of what other people say about their past Walmart rehiring experiences.

YES you can indeed get rehired, however, it all depends if you left on good terms or not.

If you quit due to family emergency, you were moving to another city, your hours were cut or you had health reasons, then these are good terms and you are more likely to be rehired.

Another variable is that you were a good worker.

This means having good attendance, listening to your employers, working hard and saying yes to overtime.

Reasons you may not be rehired

  • You were a lazy/slow worker
  • You had a bad attitude towards employers and coworkers
  • You were rude with customers
  • Your attendance was horrible
  • You left on bad terms, such as causing a scene or walking out

You get the gist. If you were a complete and utter a**hole throughout your employment, chances are you won’t be rehired.

Even if you did do some of those things, you could still reapply and may even get the job.

At the end of the day it comes down to the store manager doing the hiring. It won’t hurt to try, especially if you really need the job.

If you aren’t accepted at one Walmart, apply at a different location. Apply for lots at a time to increase your chances of being accepted.

You Will Need to Reapply

Employment Application

Unfortunately you can’t just walk in off the streets and ask for your job back, you will have to go through the hiring process all over again.

This means filling out a job application and getting a drug test.

In your application state that you have worked at Walmart in the past.

They will run your name through the computer and see how your performance was and your reason for quitting.

And if you were a good worker and left on good terms, you have a higher chance of being rehired.

Quitting Walmart by burning bridges isn’t exactly smart so only do that if you definitely aren’t coming back.

There is also a suspension period for 3 months. You can reapply 3 months from the day you last worked.

Keep in mind that they will probably do another background check.

Can You Be Rehired If You Were Fired?


You can definitely be rehired if you were fired but again, it comes down to your work ethic, the reason you were fired and the store manager.

At your exit interview, the store manager would’ve told you the reason you were fired and if you could be rehired or not.

If you were a bad worker AND you got fired, chances are you won’t be rehired in that same Walmart.

Usually the store manager will tell you if you can be rehired again later or if you shouldn’t even bother.

If he tells you to not reapply, then you know for sure that you were a bad worker and you need to change something so it doesn’t happen again in the future.

The waiting period to be rehired after termination is 6-12 months. 6 months for bad attendance and up to 12 months for other reasons.

If you were fired for breaking the law then you definitely won’t get your job back, that’s a given. You will never work at a Walmart ever again so you might as well start applying for other jobs.

There Are Some Exceptions

Even though Walmart’s policy states that you have to wait 3 months before reapplying, that is just the standard, and with standards, there are exceptions.

You can pretty much apply immediately as long as you explain your reason for quitting and what has changed to make you be able to come back to work.

Below are some examples:


Some employees have said that they were moving to another state and that they quit so they can transfer to a new location.

They were rehired a month later in the new location.

Family Emergencies

If you quit due to a family emergency and you were in good standing, a lot of managers will let you come back as soon as the family emergency is resolved.

This can be anywhere from a couple weeks to couple months.

Health Reasons

Employers know how important health is so leaving due to health reasons is not a big deal.

It won’t be difficult coming back as long as you explain why your situation has changed and why you can come back to work now.

They Need the Labor

If they don’t have much staff and labor is low, you might get rehired much earlier than 3 months.

This is especially true if you were a good worker and quit on good terms.


Walmart’s rehire policy may sound strict but it’s actually the opposite.

They are one of the most lenient rehiring employers in the world, probably because they won’t need to spend more money on training people.

And store managers will do anything to save money because at the end of the day, if they ain’t making enough money, they WILL be questioned by the general manager.

Also remember, it’s possible to be rehired even after getting fired so don’t be afraid to reapply. You might be surprised.

As long as it’s after 6-12 months and you can explain why it won’t happen again.

Read next: The good and bad about Walmart

What are your experiences with Walmart’s rehire policy? Comment below!

Should You Work at Walmart? (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

walmart store

Walmart is infamous for treating employees badly.

That’s 100% true, just look at the thousands of people online talking about how badly they’ve been treated from working there.

Along with the multiple lawsuits they’ve had since they opened their doors in 1962.

In this article I cover why these accusations are true.

However, that’s not to say that Walmart is completely bad…or is it?

Is Walmart a good place to work or should you turn the other way and find another job?

The good things about Walmart

Lets look at some of the good things about Walmart and what they have to offer.

Walmart discount card

All Walmart employees that stay longer than 90 days get a discount card that gets them 10% off general merchandise and fresh produce, with some exceptions.

I just recently bought my girlfriend a TV 2 weeks ago and got $30 off with her brothers discount card!

It’s good that others can benefit from this too!

Cheap prices

Walmart has been providing Americans with high value for money prices ever since they opened in 1962.

You combine that with the discount card and you’ve got yourself a bargain.

This was Sam Waltons intentions from the start.

He wanted to change the way Americans shop and he done a marvelous job at it.

Sam Walton has nothing but good intentions

Sam Walton is a genuinely good guy and really wanted the best for Americans.

His ultimate goal was to provide a discount store so everyone can afford high value goods and live a better life.

Until this day that still holds true, as it is still one of the worlds biggest discount chain.

Everything is in one place

If you work at Walmart you can literally get everything you need for the week in the one store before going home.

There’s no need to go to 5 different stores on your way home.

This gives you more time for the important stuff…like relaxing after a long shift 🙂

Stable job

It’s job security because there’s always going to be work, even in uncertain areas of America.

Even when the economy is bad, people still need to buy groceries.

And they will continue to buy things they don’t need such as electronics and other general merchandise simply because people always find money when there’s a good deal.

The bad things about Walmart

Bad healthcare coverage

The bad thing about working at Walmart is that they have bad healthcare policies.

If you’re working on minimum wage trying to make a living, jumping on one of their programs is going to bring your total income down by a lot.

Not to mention that you aren’t even eligible if you work 30 hours or less.

This has only happened since the death of Sam Walton.

They’ve been involved in multiple lawsuits

They’ve gone through multiple lawsuits throughout the years, even when Walton was alive.

The sad part is that they just pay their way out of it.

They are known for racism, sexism, treating employees badly, underpaying them, paying less than minimum wage, and more.

Long hours

Of course the more hours, the better pay.

However, some people don’t sign up for long hours and you aren’t even compensated for the overtime anyway, which I’ll talk more about soon.

Employees don’t want to be spending literally all day in Walmart.

You better start getting use to 10-13 hour days my friend.

People have lives to live, and management needs to respect those who don’t sign up for the long hours.

Inconsistent scheduling

You’ll find yourself constantly being given weird hours.

You might finish your shift at 12 am and have another shift at 7 the next morning.

This can be daunting and a really difficult way to work around your lifestyle, especially if you have kids.

No paid overtime

This is a HUGE con.

If you do any type of overtime, whether it be because they’re short staffed or during holiday season, forget getting paid for it.

They do not pay you for working extra hours, yet they still want you to stay because they don’t have the labor.

This is wrong on so many levels and you should be compensated for the extra hours.

The lowdown

Management have authority issues and think they are better than everyone else.

They really don’t care about you, they just make out they do.

They’ll get angry with you if you don’t do something their way.

And because of the cons mentioned above, employees have bad attitudes and gossip spreads like wildfire (yes, Walmart employees are very two-faced).

It is a stressful environment, more so on holidays, and you’re vulnerable to being treated like dirt by people that have been there longer than you.

In spite of all of that, the retail giant has been described as a “good temporary job with decent pay and lots of hours”.

Those two things can be very hard to find as a new employee in a new job.

Climbing ranks is also easy.

All you have to do is suck up to the bosses and say yes to overtime, even if you’re not getting paid for it!

Also never complain and say yes every time they call you in to work because they’re short staffed.

Within a year, you’ll be absolutely loved by management and you’ll be well on your way to getting promoted.

So is Walmart a good place to work?

Yes and no.

This all depends on your attitude, the location of the store, the associates and management.

All stores are different, there are too many variables to say exactly if it’s a good place to work.

However, I have come to the conclusion that Walmart is an “okay” job.

It is definitely below average but still a good place as a first job.

And if you want to become management quickly, then Walmart is your new best friend.

Because they’re always firing people, it’s just so easy to climb the ranks and get promoted.

Plus most associates have bad attitudes and attendance.

Be different, enjoy the work, have good attendance and management will love you.

But is it all worth it?

It depends on the type of person you are.

If you’re power hungry and love talking down to others, then you’ll probably love working at Walmart because that’s what management does.

You’ll try to climb the ranks as quickly as possible so you can feel powerful just like them.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person that just wants to go work, do a good job and leave without drama, think again.

Drama is bound to happen on occasions and gossiping is inevitable. I just hope you’re not in the midst of it all.

At the end of the day, it’s a good first job thanks to the decent pay and plenty of hours (starting around $10-$15 per hour!).

If that sounds like you then you know what to do.

Work hard, have good attendance, follow the rules and you will be a manager in no time.

Have you worked for Walmart or thinking of working there? Put your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Walmart mistreating employees…myth or truth?

walmart store

Walmart, oh Walmart.

You hate it but you still love the retail giant.

A lot happens at Walmart all over the globe considering there’s tens of thousands of people inside them at one time.

People on social media, forums and blogs are talking about how workers get mistreated by Walmart employers.

Is there any truth to this or are we dealing with a bunch of millennial snowflakes?

Yes I just said snowflake, because that’s what they act like these days.

Get offended and crumble so easily.

I decided to scour the internet to see exactly what was going on.

Because when there’s an outbreak of people complaining about a specific type of people, something is definitely going on.

I’m here to find the truth.

Lets look at the facts

Walmart has actually been involved in lawsuits in the past.

They have been accused of being racist, paying workers below the minimum wage and making employees work off the clock without overtime pay.

They have paid over $352 million to settle wage lawsuits in the past.

This has been described as the “largest settlement ever for lawsuit over wage violations”.

And again, they paid another $50 million dollars for ANOTHER lawsuit where workers we forced to work without getting paid.

And if that wasn’t enough…

Approximately 70% of Walmart employees quit within the first year.

Now that’s saying something about the company and the working conditions.

I could go on and on but it’s clear that Walmart is not exactly friendly to its workers.

So lets say what the people have to say.

From the employees themselves

Lack of medical benefits

Considering the US has an expensive health system I would have to agree.

When you’re trying to live off of minimum wage, you can’t exactly go and get health insurance.

Even the cheapest option would be out of your league.

Inconsistent scheduling

Not a huge thing to worry about but when this is your main source of income, trying to live your life around inconsistent hours can be a stressful task.

When you work at 3 pm and finish at 12 am, but your next shift is 6 am the next morning, it’s not exactly the easiest way to juggle your life.

10% discount doesn’t apply to food and general merchandise

Currently fruits and vegetables allow the discount but only when they aren’t on sale.

I can see where employees are coming from but in reality, the retail giant can’t afford to do it.

You have to remember that they have a sh*t tonne of employees all across the globe.

You add all their discounts up and you’ll be looking at a $500 million dollar loss.

Not being paid for overtime

There are endless amounts of employees complaining about not being paid for their overtime.

This is a serious issue and definitely something to complain about.

Heck, I would too!

Underpaying Women

Yep, you read that correctly.

Walmart are know for underpaying women.

They give them less than males who are doing the exact same job.

That’s a mind blowing fact considering there are more females than males (57% female).

Pregnant Women Being Mistreated

Pregnant women are constantly being put in dangerous situations, they are overworked and even fired for being pregnant.

And yes, Walmart have been in multiple lawsuits over this in the past and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

If you’re pregnant and working at Walmart right now, I wish you all the best.

They discriminate against the disabled and elderly

These aren’t even accusations, this is 100% facts!!!

How do I know?

Because they’ve had lawsuits filed against them for this too!

In 2001 they had 13 lawsuits for this exact reason alone, and it still happens to this day.

This is just disgusting to hear.

Is Walmart really that bad or are we all just exaggerating?

I hate to say it but Walmart is REALLY that bad.

They don’t care about their employees and you are just another number.

You are not special in anyway so if you think you’re going to be the next best Walmart employee, think again.

They don’t care about their workers whatsoever and they will mistreat you as much as they can if you let them.

If you don’t have a strong character, they will beat you down over and over again until you are mentally exhausted.

That is worst case scenario but it’s not uncommon to happen, so just a word of warning in case you’re thinking of working at Walmart.

How do they keep getting away with this?

How the hell does Walmart keep getting away with mistreating people?

There’s a pattern.

What happens when they get lawsuits filed against them?

They simply pay them off.

They just pay everyone off and that’s why they keep getting away with it.

It’s sad to see that employees get mistreated and have bad working experiences.

It’s not surprising that 70% of employees quit within the first year.

So yes, Walmart definitely doesn’t care about their employees and I think you should avoid working there if you can help it.

Here’s how to quit Walmart if you need a helping hand.

What horror stories do you know about Walmart? Share with us in the comments below 🙂

The Simple Guide to Quitting Your WalMart Job

Walmart Centre

Working at Walmart can be extremely stressful and make you hate every day of your life. Sometimes all you’re doing is waking up and dealing with rude people.

Walmart Centre

I’m not bashing on WalMart in general, I’m saying that working in retail isn’t for everyone due to the large amount of stress that comes with it.

And if you’ve found yourself working at WalMart and you absolutely hate it and want to get out, you are in the right place and I am going to help you get there.

Don’t Freak Out!

It does not matter if you’ve been working there 1 month or 5 years, do not freak out and think you owe them something because you do not.

People quit jobs even after the first day, it’s not uncommon, and I’ll talk more about the soon.

So if you’re freaking out that you’ve just started and want to leave already, don’t because there’s still a few options up your sleeve.

if you’re within the 90-day probationary period, it might be best to wait it out for the good of your own future.

This is the period that allows you to see if it’s right for you, if you like the job and to make any changes if you don’t.

However, leaving before your “trial” period is over is going to send the wrong message, especially to new employers when they ask you why you quit after 1 month of starting a new job.

Why would they hire you if you’re only going to quit in the first 30 days and not give it your all?

However, once this 90-day period is over and you still don’t like your job, give your 2 weeks notice along with your reason and you’re good to go.

Don’t expect any push back, they’ll just think you didn’t give it enough time but they’re not going to get upset about it since you’re only new.

Who Do You Talk to About Quitting?

Do you tell the person who’s in charge of hiring, which is only possible if you get lucky and catch them at work on the same shift as you?

Do you wait until you finally meet a manager and tell them?

A lot of the time newbies don’t like their job and/or get offered better opportunities elsewhere, but the problem arises when they need to hand in their notice but don’t know exactly who to!

Your Personal Manager, Silly!

No matter what job you are in, there is always someone in charge to direct workers to where they should be and to keep the store running smoothly.

Most people will recommend you tell your Personal Manager, although your ASM (assistant store manager) is your next best option, and I would have to agree.

ASM’s are almost always on the floor and will gladly accept your written letter of resignation without throwing judgement or asking 21 questions.

However, to cut out all the BS and get straight to the point, visit the Personnel’s office and hand in your resignation (with 2 weeks notice, of course).

DEFINITELY Give 2 Weeks Notice

You should always be giving 2 weeks notice on all jobs you leave, and this one is no different.

Giving 2 weeks notice shows that you are a true professional and that you have their best interest at heart.

This will stop them from getting angry at you and providing a bad reference when your next potential employer calls them!

You also won’t burn bridges OR screw up the entire roster for the next couple of weeks.

At the end of the day, giving 2 weeks notice gives the managers a peace of mind and less stress.

It eliminates the need for running around trying to replace your position for the next 2 weeks.

ALWAYS Put It In Writing

This will make you look professional and you’ll have it in writing in case of any disputes in the future (although not likely, being prepared is better than not).

Writing your resignation letter, in my opinion, is better than quitting verbally since you get to say everything you need to in the letter without being too nervous to say everything in a conversation.

However, ONLY resign this way if you’re giving 2 weeks notice.

Anything less and you should always talk to your manager face to face, and I’ll tell you why in just a second.

You’re Going to Be Hirable

Quitting on the spot or doing something drastic to your boss is not the best approach and you’re only going to sabotage your own future when you try find a new job.

Your new employer will ask why you left WalMart and they’re going to want a reference.

They will call them and the next thing you know, you don’t get the job because they just told them all the bad stuff you did before you walked out on them.

So if you follow the steps I mentioned above, as long as you continue to stay professional and NOT let your emotions take control, you’re setting yourself up with a great future and plenty of job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If You Don’t Really Know Who’s in Charge?

This is more likely to happen if you’ve been at the job for less than 3 months.

There are reports of people working in WalMart for much longer than that and STILL have not meet the people in charge.

As stated above, visit your Personnel at the end of your shift and tell them exactly what’s up along with your letter of resignation which I’ll talk more about in a minute.

Be honest with the reason you’re leaving and be thankful for the opportunity and experiences you gained whilst you were working there.

Is It Okay to Quit Over the Phone?

phone call

If for whatever reason you don’t want to do another days work, maybe because the workload is too demeaning or way too difficult than you thought it would be, should you quit over the phone?

Managers have answered this exact question on various WalMart forums and they do NOT recommend you quit over the phone, as you’re going to make yourself less hirable later on.

Instead it would be more beneficial for you if you go in during the day shift and talk with them face to face and explain your situation.

Because you went and talked to them in person, they’re going to be more understanding and empathetic.

The best tip I can give you in this situation is too ask for a different position, one that you can begin training right away.

If they can’t, you can terminate your employment immediately and it won’t affect any future employments at other stores or jobs.

However, be sure to clarify this with them first and get it in writing so they can’t use it against you later on!

Is 2 Weeks Notice Mandatory?

If you’re quitting over the phone, by email or letter, then yes, 2 weeks notice is pretty much mandatory if you want to stay in the good books (for both current and future employers).

Do keep in mind that this rule is not set in stone and it all depends on you, your work ethic, how good of a worker you are and the type of employers you have.

I’ve known people that have only given 3 days notice BUT through a face to face conversation.

That’s the keywords here; face to face.

You need to talk to them in person and explain what you’re doing and when you want to quit.

Worst case scenario, you’re told “no” and have to stick it out for the entire 2 weeks.

OR they understand you and let you quit much earlier than the initial 2 weeks and everything is okay 🙂

Is It Common to Quit Within the First Month?

Believe it or not, new workers are quitting within the first week, sometimes even the first day.

They absolutely hate it and don’t feel they’ll get use to the job.

Otherwise they aren’t receiving enough hours to fund their lifestyle, causing them to look for something more stable as 24 hours a week is not going to make you a whole lot of money.

They figure that it’s not for them and they’ll walk out on their break and not come back…at all.

Others will stick it out for a month before they realize it’s not for them and they’ll hand in their 2 weeks notice.

Or they’ll look on the internet for ways to quit their WalMart job and come across articles like this simply because they don’t know how to quit the proper way.

But if you’re one of the new ones that started WalMart and think you’re a bad person for leaving really early, know that you are not alone and people all over the globe are leaving much earlier than you.

Can I Get Rehired After Quitting or Getting Fired?

Yes you can.

However, you will have to wait 3 months due to their rehiring policy, but there are some exceptions to that which I explain in this article.

Also if you get fired for poor attendance, you will have to wait 6 months before reapplying, and sometimes 12 months for other reasons.

If you get fired for stealing or committing other similar crimes, you are deemed unhirable and will not be able to work in a Walmart ever again.


Quitting your WalMart job is not a bad thing so don’t ever think you’re a bad person for wanting to.

Yes it has it’s good and bad days, but I know you’ve had enough of your job and it’s okay to quit if you want to.

Well I hope you have more clarity on quitting your WalMart job and that you aren’t stuck anymore.

How I Make My Money

Some people love working at Walmart but others hate it.

Personally, I always hated working for a boss, never liked getting out of bed at 6 in the morning and slaving away all day, so I decided to work from home.

I always loved freedom so having the ability to work my own hours sounded like the most amazing thing in the world.

Turns out it was.

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