CB Passive Income Is Not Your Ticket To Financial Freedom

keno tips Affiliate marketing is a worldwide phenomenon established across the nations of the earth.

keno tips Many people have made substantial amounts money out through this business model, but a bigger majority have not.

Only a few members who join online income opportunities early enough seem to succeed and the rest take too long to achieve their targets keno live bc.

By the time they are ready to reap the rewards, it is too late lotto bc keno.

bclc keno numbers The company has achieved its optimal level and it begins to crumble.

CB Passive Income is one such company based in Malaysia but is it the same as the rest? Well that’s what I want to find out in this CB Passive Income review.



Name: CB Passive Income winning keno numbers bc

Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com www bclc com keno

http://kaymoser.com/en-CA/60771-winning-keno-numbers-bc.html Owner: Patric Chan

Price to join: $47/month or $97 one-time

playnow keno My Rating: 1.5/5 stars

1.5 out of 5 stars

The Company and Its Creators

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing model that gives recruits the opportunity to earn from promoting products in the company keno live bc.

www bclc com keno This is the process of selling products belonging to another entity on a commission basis.

http://joelhair.circinus.uberspace.de/en-CA/50196-bclc-winning-keno-numbers.html Malaysian Patrick Chan invented CB Passive Income based on the multi-level business model.

keno tips This model puts the manufacturer’s reputation at stake because they will be relying on marketers who have not been vetted.

http://bee-attitude.fr/en-CA/44882-bclc-keno-com.html The company has no way of knowing whether the affiliate marketers are qualified for the job or possess the necessary skills.

www bclc com keno It therefore, requires a buy-in from the new recruits to hold their commitment to the sales and by doing this, the company plays safe and evades huge loses.

keno live bc The members are then expected to work hard to sell the products while recruiting more members.

bclc keno com Since it is purely online, driving traffic to the offer is the main task you will be doing as a member.

The Process/How You Make Money

bclc keno online The first thing after you become an official member is sending traffic to a couple of squeeze pages you receive.

It sounds easy but starting the three-step process is a difficult part of the process (it’s not as easy as it sounds).

lotto bc keno These squeeze pages are already customized for you and are included in the CB Passive Income system.

When a contact you referred to the company buys a product, you earn a commission bclc keno winning numbers live.

http://covisie.be/en-CA/1326-how-to-play-keno-lotto.html However, you will not be withdrawing your cumulative amount immediately and this is where many people lose interest.

Essentially, the job is partially shared http://ww.plavani-sipka.cz/en-CA/90783-winning-keno-numbers-bc.html.

keno bc You should beware that the difficult part of the job is the members’ to deal with daily.

If you are not an experienced online affiliate marketer, Chan will not be giving any tutorials to improve your skills and you will be at risk of spending money on paid advertising or consuming precious time to create content for traffic bc keno.

Lack of training and direction is costly because you will not possess the tricks to make quick sales bclc keno winners.

Most people spend more money than they earn from the company and this is where the problem lies http://kcrcbhuj.org/en-CA/80195-bc-keno.html.

With big persistence but lack of skill, they keep losing money and most importantly waste valuable time. how to win keno

With exposure to sales pages, you may think you are making progress and accessing crucial products that should sell easily keno numbers bc.

There is always something to buy and increase to help you grow and increase your chances and even added bonuses and offers that come at various stages to convince you of a better tomorrow if you pursue it.

This is only a strategy to make you spend more and cushion the company’s profit margins.

Most customers are not enthusiastic about getting involved because they feel used.

They know you are making money off of them when the product cannot be proven useful.

What Do You Get Once You are a Member?

Once you become a member you are introduced to a couple of squeeze pages.

You will receive an email with details of how to use your skills and persuasiveness to sell to them.

The pages shall be included in the company system and tailored specifically for you, so expect frequent promotional emails too.

One of the biggest benefits of joining this company is a competent and helpful customer service, which is Chan’s way of retaining his company’s reputation.

To ensure he is trusted, he offers a 60-day money-back policy.

This gives you enough time to try out the program without the pressure of chasing after time.

The entire package is attractive if you think about it but is it really, overall?

Lets continue this review to find out…

You are also exposed to a good conversion rate hence the high numbers of online entrepreneurs involved.

There is a total of three upsells to reject before you can reach the product you purchased.

Red Flags of CB Passive Income

There’s reports of people spending hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars on traffic only to receive a 1% conversion rate.

This means if you purchase 1000 visitors from some type of traffic source, you will receive around 100 leads.

Problem is, no one has bought anything and this is with HIGHLY targeted traffic.

This just goes to show that you could be spending hundreds of dollars on something not even guaranteed to you.

And that my friend is a big red flag.

It is my job to tell you what you’ll be getting yourself into so I hope you be careful after reading these red flags.

Price & Purchase Details

Access can be gained from their official website: www.cbpassiveincome.com.

You need to pay monthly fee of $47 or a one-time charge of $97 to gain access to this system.

However, there is a 60-day money back guarantee since the product is on Clickbank, which basically means you can get your money back if you don’t like your purchase within those first 60 days.

To be honest, this is more than enough time to know if you’ll be making money with it.

Pros and Cons


  • You’re able to make money
  • The training is easy to consume and learn
  • Great customer service
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires a lot of investment and time just to make your first few dollars
  • High risk investment as the likelihood of making money is close to zero
  • Not passive income since sending traffic requires money over and over again
  • The landing pages you are given are already being exposed to thousands of people already and diminishing the usefulness of them
  • Too many upsells
  • The list of emails you capture can only be given to you if you purchase the upsell
  • There is no community whatsoever, and even the Facebook page is dead

The Verdict

There are a lot of spam emails, far too many to be completely honest with you.

Most people do not want their contacts added hence making the work more difficult.

Specific to this company, you will not be getting any commissions regardless of the successful referrals you make.

It is only until the customers make purchases that you stand a chance to create an income, but even then, it is still a gamble because you’re going to need possibly thousands of leads before you make a consistent income (which will also cost thousands of dollars).

Without the necessary training and sense of direction, recruits stumble at luck and spend long hours every week creating useless content for promotions.

This means CB Passive can cost you more money than you ever expected and you can waste a lot of time and money without gaining anything in return!

Is CB Passive Income a Scam

Although there are more than enough negative reviews, there is still something of value here so I cannot consider it a scam 100%.

Yes, there are a bunch of upsells just to squeeze more money out of the average newbie, you have no control over your list and the training is extremely shallow.

However, CB Passive Income has a straight-forward training program, there is great customer service and there is a product people can actually use.

Now I’m not saying I recommend CB Passive Income because that is far from the truth.

I’m saying that it is legit, not a scam but definitely NOT recommended, that’s for sure!

Not Recommended Logo

What Do I Recommend?

Although CB Passive Income is definitely legit, it is way too basic for my liking.

Want to know what I mean?

It will tell you what traffic sources to use but there is no advanced training.

I mean, everyone who uses this system will use these traffic sources and it’s only going to be saturated and you’ll be making no money.

Not to mention that you’re promoting what everyone else is promoting!

This is bad on so many levels because your offer will be seen by your traffic source before you even get to show them yourself!

They’ve been exposed to it and they’ll only click the back button before giving it a second thought, and this is why these “done-for-you landing pages” are getting low conversion rates.

One system that works and will continue to work is ranking websites in the search engines (free traffic, 24/7) and make money via affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate are the masters at teaching this and that is what I recommend to make money online, as you’re able to make a consistent flow of money; enough to quit your day job!

Leave all your thoughts on CB Passive Income below if you’ve had any experience with it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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