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CJ Affiliate Review: No Website = No Approval

I have worked with CPA offers in the past and made some money with it. That’s not to say CPA offers don’t work, I just struggled to get consistent results. My income was all over the place.

CJ Affiliate Logo

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network marketing company with thousands of CPA offers.

And I want to find out exactly what all the fuss is about, so keep reading my CJ Affiliate review for the truth.

At a Glance

Name: CJ Affiliate

Website: cj.com

Owners: Publicis Company

Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 3.8/5 stars

About CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

Commission Junction rebranded to CJ Affiliate back in 2010.

They are the largest and longest running affiliate marketing network in the world, as they were founded in 1998.

This business is owned by Publicis Company, which also happens to be the largest multinational marketing and communications company in the world.

CJ Affiliate currently has 15 offices worldwide dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and driving big results for both publishers and advertisers.

But enough about the company, lets see what we can expect from CJ Affiliate.

What Is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate marketing network company. You make money via CPA offers.

They have over 3000 advertisers to work with, most of them household names.

CPA means cost-per-action and allows affiliates to earn money when someone performs an action.

They do not need to buy anything, they just need to perform a task.

The tasks can be anything from signing up to a website, paying shipping and handling for a free product, getting someone to sign up to a newsletter, etc.

And that’s where you come in with your traffic.

Because if you want to get started with CJ, you need to have a traffic, and highly targeted traffic might I add.

Here’s the process broken down so you understand exactly what I’m talking about here:

Lets say your CPA offer is getting someone to sign up to a newsletter.

Step 1: You send traffic to your CPA landing page

Step 2: That person signs up and confirms their email address

Step 3: You make money

That’s really all there is to it when it comes to CPA offers.

Of course there are some good and bad sides to CPA but it’s a good monetizing strategy for website owners and even social media traffic if you have a large audience.

I’m not going to get into all the nitty-gritty stuff about CPA because there are more than enough detailed explanations on the web.

You can check out this article if you want to know more about CPA affiliate marketing.

First and Foremost You Will Need to Get Approved

Before you can promote any of the CPA offers you will need to be approved by CJ Affiliate and then the advertisers that you choose to promote.

Some do not require approvals, but most of them do.

Basically, this just lets the advertiser know that you are a legit person and that you will make them money.

They are paying you and relying on your traffic source to give them a return on their investment.

Send them junk traffic and you will still get paid by the advertiser, however, if the traffic doesn’t make them money later on, the advertiser will cut you loose and you can’t promote that product anymore.

The key to earning consistent income with CJ Affiliate is to have good traffic. Junk traffic will get you banned because you’re not making the advertiser any money.

Get the gist now?

By the way, if you join CJ Affiliate and don’t make any money for 6 months straight, your account will be deactivated.

Having a good amount of traffic before you sign up can stop this from happening.

What Make CJ Affiliate Stand Out?

There are some things I want to outline that makes CJ Affiliate stand out from its competitors.

Advanced Display Advertising

Most display advertising websites will rotate your ads with literally hundreds of different advertisers.

This makes it hard to convert your traffic because it can rotate into something totally unrelated to your audience/niche.

Well when you make your display ad with CJ, you can choose the exact advertisers you want in your rotation so it stays relevant to your traffic, and they’re more likely to perform the action.

They Are Trustworthy

They are the largest and longest affiliate marketing network company running in the industry and will continue to stay that way for a while.

In fact, they are trusted by some the worlds largest brands such as GoPro, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, and more.

They strive to be the best in the industry and they are constantly changing their ways to meet the demands of advertiser and publisher needs.

They Have a Net-20 Payment Structure

They are very reliable when it comes to payments.

They pay on a net-20 basis, meaning you get paid every 20 days as long as you reach the minimum threshold.

This is good since other affiliate marketing networks pay net-30 and sometimes even net-60!

Amazon associates is a good example of net-60.

No Minimum Traffic Requirement

The good thing about CJ Affiliate is that there are no minimum traffic requirements.

Newbies starting out with little traffic can promote their products and earn money as long as their traffic is targeted enough.

Some display advertising companies such as Monumetric require at least 10,000 page views per month before you can sign up.

Well that’s not the case with CJ Affiliate.

Real-Time Monitoring

I am currently earning display advertising money through Media.net, and although I absolutely love it and it’s a great alternative to Adsense, I have to wait for the next day to see my earnings for the previous day.

Well CJ Affiliate provides real-time reporting and earnings so you can see exactly how your campaigns are doing and make any tweaks without having to wait until the next day.

What’s With All The Negative Reviews Online?

CJ Affiliate Reviews

Most of the negative reviews are from people who don’t know exactly what they’re getting into.

They complain about not getting approved by advertisers but like I said, advertisers need to make money too.

You will need a solid source of traffic before getting accepted.

This can be an established website receiving traffic, either from organic, social media or forums.

CJ Affiliate even states on their website that you should have a website with good content receiving traffic before trying promote their products.

That way they know you’re a real person with real traffic trying to monetize your website and you fully understand the process.

Other negative reviews come from bad customer support which is something I have to agree with.

You can only contact them via phone or a contact form, and can take up to weeks before getting a response.

However, I found that you can contact your advertiser personally through email and get a much faster response (usually a day or two).

The Best and Quickest Way to Make Money With CJ Affiliate

The best and quickest way to make money with CJ Affiliate is to have an already established website with content that’s receiving traffic.

The website must be targeted to a specific audience so you can tailor to the needs of this traffic with highly targeted ads.

For example: if your website is about Adidas shoes, you can promote Adidas shoes in your ads. These will convert much easier than just “shoes”.

How much traffic will you need?

It all depends, but you could probably make at least one commission per day with 50-100 visitors.

It depends on how engaging your content is and how targeted your traffic is.

Another way to make quick money with CJ Affiliate is by purchasing traffic.

Although I would not recommended this for newbies. It’s more difficult to profit and you will lose a lot of money trying to find a winning campaign.

Getting Paid

The minimum payout for CJ Affiliate is $50 and you will be paid every 20 days as long as you have reached the $50 minimum threshold each time.

They pay through Check, Direct Deposit and Payoneer.

Sadly they do not pay through PayPal.

Pros and Cons


Advanced Display Advertising

In my opinion the biggest pro is the highly customizable ads.

This allows you to really target your audience with ads that they will actually look at, click and perform an action.

Fast payouts

They pay net-20, which means every 20 days. This is great if it’s your main source of income.

Real-Time Monitoring

You’re able to monitor your commissions, ad impressions, clicks and everything else all in real-time.

You can make tweaks and see them take affect almost instantly.

Large Advertiser Network

They have an astonishing 3000+ advertisers to choose from.

No matter what your niche is, you should be able to find a winning product to promote to your audience.

Reliable and Trustworthy

They pay on time and are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world.

This is a big plus, as you will find that the advertisers you promote are also trusted by your audience, resulting in more conversions and sales.


Getting Approved

First you will have to get approved from the CJ network themselves and then apply to join the advertisers you want to work with.

This can be a timely process and may take a few days before you can start promoting anything.

You Will Need Traffic

Money is in the traffic. You will need a website already receiving traffic or something similar.

You can’t expect to make money with no traffic or junk traffic you purchased from some dodgy traffic network you found on the third page of Google.

Bad Customer Support

If you want to settle a small problem in a timely manner, that’s not going to happen.

You can only contact them via a form on their website or phone, and it can take weeks to get back to you.

You will actually get a faster response by contacting the advertiser yourself.

What Do I Have to Say About CJ Affiliate?

Some people make an absolute killing with CPA offers and others have no such luck.

Some publishers do better with display advertising and others make their income with affiliate marketing.

Like me, I make most of my online income with affiliate marketing and secondary income with display advertising.

There are many variables to making money with CPA offers, but a lot of the time it depends on your niche, ad placement and how ready your audience is to take action.

After writing this review and learning more about the affiliate network giant itself, I’m really thinking about getting involved with CPA again.

But maybe in a different niche. Fortunately I have multiple websites so I have the ability to try different monetization strategies.

Is CJ Affiliate a Scam?

CJ Affiliate is 100% legit.

They are reliable with payments and continue to come up with new strategies and techniques to crushing the CPA industry.

There are definitely some cons like bad customer support and the fact that you will need to get approved by advertisers first.

However, once you’re in and promoting products with your targeted audience, money will be made and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

CJ Affiliate is a good way to make money online and definitely not a scam.


My Recommendation

You’re going to need a website and lots of traffic before you make bank with CJ Affiliate.

Fortunately I have made money online since 2016 and know a thing or two about getting traffic and sales.

I created this website back in 2017 and make a full-time income with this website alone.

However, it’s not just about starting a blogger blog and putting an article up, you’re going to need the right training.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create a website, add content, get traffic and make $$$ with affiliate marketing.

It’s what I do and it’s my recommendation to you, especially if you don’t have a website yet and not making a dime.

Well that concludes my CJ Affiliate review.

What do you think about CJ? Have you had any experience with them? Tell us in the comments below!

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