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Coin Pop Review: Is it a scam?

Ever wanted to make money playing games just like PewDiePie? Well sorry to say, that’s not going to happen with Coin Pop but the good news is that you can earn some money with it.

Coin Pop Featured Image

If your dream job was to make money playing video games but struggled to get a following, there are other ways to earn money.

Yes Coin Pop allows you to make money to play games and that’s what I want to talk about in this review.

I’m going to explain why it’s completely legit, how much money you can make and the good and bad things.

Lets get into it!

At a Glance

App Name: Coin Pop

App Type: Earn money for playing mobile games

Price to Join: Free

Earning Potential: $1-$2 per day

My Rating: 4/10

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What Is Coin Pop?

Coin Pop is a completely free app where you can play games on your mobile and get paid for it.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it isn’t.

It was launched in March, 2018 and currently has 5 million downloads and holds a solid 4-star rating on Google Play Store.

As soon as you download it, you input your age and gender and the system will choose the games best suited for you.

Sounds like a dream come true if you wanted to play games for a living, right?

Not so fast.

Yes you can make money but it’s not a ridiculous amount and that’s what I want to cover.

Coin Pop Currency

Coin Pop Coins

As you play games, you won’t be making money per se, but you will be earning the in-app currency which is called coins.

Different games offer a different amounts of coins and rewards for time spent.

For example:

Playing a game for 5 minutes might earn you 800 coins while another game played for 5 minutes might only give you 400 coins.

Some games pay you coins for every second played while others pay every minute or even 5 minutes, it all depends.

To get the most bang for your time (if you want to make the most money possible), I would suggest just going for the higher earning games.

The conversion rate is 4999 coins for $0.50. You earn anywhere from 300-1000 coins for 5 minutes of game play.

Not astonishing numbers but undoubtedly better than other money making apps out there.

How to Make Money With Coin Pop

To make money with Coin Pop you will have to either play games or refer friends and family.

Coin Pop actually welcomes you with a free 4444 coins just for signing up (worth almost $0.50), which is a nice gesture.

Play Games

Playing games is the easiest way to make money with Coin Pop.

Just play games as you normally would but earn money in the process. The longer you play the games, the more money you make.

Refer a Friend

I would not recommend going out of your way and referring friends and family. You only earn 250 coins for every referral you bring in which is a big waste of time in my opinion.

Unless of course they ask how you make money from apps, then you can send them your referral link.

Otherwise I wouldn’t bother. You could earn more by playing one of the games for a few minutes.

Getting Rewarded

Coin Pop Rewards

Once you’ve built up enough coins, you can exchange them for PayPal cash or gift cards.

The minimum amount to cash out is $0.50 for PayPal cash.

But for the gift cards you will need a minimum of $5 to $50.

Gift cards range from:

  • Steam games
  • Amazon
  • Playstation
  • Uber
  • Chipotle
  • American Eagle
  • And much more

Coin Pop are pretty trustworthy with their payments as I have not seen any complaints about people not getting paid.

However, there are downsides which knocks off a few good points and brings it down into the red area.

The Downsides

1. Only Available on Android

One of the biggest downsides that I think is worth mentioning and knocks it down a few stars, it is only available on Android.

As I was reviewing Coin Pop I was thinking of downloading it and trying it out myself, only to realize that it is incompatible with all of my devices 🙁

It doesn’t look like they’ll be putting it on other devices in the future either. They are strictly an Android developer company.

2. One Account Per Person

You are only allowed one account per person, so if you’re caught trying to game the system by downloading the app multiple times over several devices, it is going to look suspicious.

Users have been banned from this, and they usually ban you as you withdrawal your earnings.

So keep this in mind before downloading this app on all your devices.

3. Playtime Reward Reduces Over Time

The first time you play a new game you will get maximum coins, but then amount of coins earned will go down drastically after an hour or so.

For the first 10 minutes you might earn 200 coins per minute, then after that it’ll go down to 100, then 50, then 20, all the way down to 4 coins per minute played.

For maximum earnings, play a new game when earnings start to get low.

4. Running Out of New Games

One big negative is that game selection is limited.

Your money earned can go down a lot over time when you don’t have new games to play.

You’re left playing old ones that only earn you a few coins every minute.

5. Requires Ample Storage Space

Every game you play will have to be downloaded to your device, so you will need lots of storage space.

This can be a pain in the ass if you want to make it a steady source of income as you’ll need to keep the games on your device.

Moreover, 1GB of RAM is recommended to play the games at optimal speed.

Requirements and Restrictions

Gaining access is just a matter of downloading the app from the Play Store, logging in with one of your social accounts, providing your age, gender and accepting all permissions.

Now you can download and play the games and make money.

However, the requirements to downloading this app is to access your contact information and status, which I have no idea why they need.

Also a couple of restrictions is that this app is NOT available worldwide and you need an android device to download.

Because of this it has gone from pretty good to not-so-good.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy money
  • You’re doing things you will usually do on your mobile anyway
  • Minimum payout is only $0.50
  • Can make money today


  • Only a small selection of games available
  • You can’t make a lot of money
  • Money earned goes down drastically over time
  • Only available on Android

How Do I Rate It Compared to Other Make Money Apps?

This app stood out to me because you can make more money than other websites or apps.

I actually like this app compared to others because it has a good reputation and they are reliable when it comes to paying members.

Even though there are some negatives, there are also some positives which is hard to say for other make money apps.

So how do I rate it against its competitors? Much better!

So is Coin Pop a Scam?

Coin Pop is not a scam because coins can be earned and they can be exchanged for popular gift cards or cash.

They have only been around for 1 and a half years and have built up a strong reputation.

I believe the more they get noticed, the bigger they will get and the more games that will become available.

Yes there are some negatives like you can’t make much money, but that’s why I will show you a big earner below.

I’m glad that this app is not a scam and it’s a real easy way to make money from your mobile phone considering all you’ll be doing is playing games!


Making Fat Stacks Instead of Bucks

I know why you are drawn to make money apps, it’s because you want to make money.

More specifically, you want easy money.

Well I cannot promise you easy money but I know that my recommendation makes 4 figures per month.

Coin Pop will only make you a couple of bucks here and there and I know you want the big wins.

Making fat stacks is what you should be aiming for and fortunately you are in the right place.

I work from home creating blogs and ranking them in the search engines.

Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think and fortunately we have a free trial 🙂

Well that’s what you should do instead of trying to chase apps that won’t even let you download.

I hope you found what you were looking for in this review.

We want to hear what you have to say. Comment below what you think about Coin Pop.

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