10 Dead End Jobs to Avoid At All Costs

I just posted an article outlining important signs that you’re in a dead end job.

And it got me thinking.

I wondered what sort of dead end jobs there were out there.

I set out to find what dead end jobs you should avoid.

As you may or may not know, getting out of a job you feel stuck in makes things a lot more complicated.

Avoiding these jobs in the first place can save you a lot of wasted years and heartache.


Top 10 Dead End Jobs

1. Driving Jobs

In a driving job there isn’t really much room for improvement.

This includes jobs like; taxi service, bus driving, truckers, delivery drivers, and more.

Sure, you can go from a pizza hut delivery person to a truck driver, but do you have a passion for driving trucks?

And even if you did, truck driving is also dead end with long hours and low pay.

You are easily replaceable and lets not forget that self-driving care are becoming more popular.

2. Garbage Man

My cousin brought this to my attention actually.

Back in New Zealand when I was at my cousins wedding (I’m staying in the US right now but I’m from NZ), I asked him why he quit driving garbage trucks.

He explained that there’s no career growth.

You’re doing the same thing everyday without expanding skills or knowledge.

Plus it’s not exactly something to be proud of (sorry garbage men, that was a low blow).

Tell me in the comments why I’m wrong!

3. Food Service

Things like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc, are all good jobs when you’re young.

However, it’s not exactly the best place to work in for the rest of your life.

If you know that it’s only a temporary money maker and not a career choice, then you’ll be okay.

It becomes a problem when you’re still doing it 10 years down the line.

Plus everything is getting replaced by robots these days. McDonald’s are already one step ahead with their self-ordering kiosks!

4. Cleaning

Being a janitor or mopping floors seems like the best job in the world considering you work alone and can go at your own pace.

But when you look at the bigger picture, you’re not going anywhere.

You’re only paying the bills and not learning anything.

When you stop learning and growing, you’ve hit a dead end my friend.

5. Call Center Agent

Being a call center agent is actually a good little side earner.

You can do it part-time after your normal day job to help you earn more money, plus it’s easy and doesn’t require much skill.

Other than that, it’s not a career, it is a dead end job and you’ll end up miserable like all the rest who failed to pursue their dreams.

6. In-Home Care-giving

In-home care-giving isn’t all that hard.

Plus it’s not exactly going to open up any new opportunities for you.

It’s a dead end job simply because it doesn’t require much skill and the pay is low compared to what you have to put up with.

If you love it, then by all means keep doing it.

But if you’re looking for a more rewarding career choice, this dead end job isn’t for you.

7. Logging

There is very little advancement as a logging worker.

And when you do advanced, the pay isn’t anything outstanding.

Not to mention that it’s extremely dangerous.

I did logging for 3 weeks back in 2014. I did not quit, the guy I worked for went under and lost everything.

It’s a good job but too dangerous and room for growth is minuscule.

8. Meter Reading

We’re in the digital age my friend. Everything is becoming automated.

If you get a meter reading job now it might be a complete waste of time in the near future.

We probably won’t need meter readers in the next 10 years, or even less.

9. Fisherman

Fishermen have a high risk of death or injury with low pay.

Fishermen death from drowning is the most common, and certainly not worth the low salary.

Docks get slippery, machines malfunction, waters get rough.

Literally anything can happen out at sea and you’re at a high risk of injury.

10. Agriculture


Many agriculture workers are left out of work when cropping season is over.

This is a pain in the ass when it’s your main source of income and you’re trying to put food on the table.

It doesn’t exactly require much skill which is why the pay is low, and you’ll constantly find yourself wanting more out of life.

These jobs aren’t worth it

All the jobs mentioned above aren’t even worth it.

There’s a reason why they all pay so little.

Because they are EASY, anyone can do them and you can be replaced in an instant.

You’re better than that and I know you’ll avoid these dead end jobs at all costs.

Don’t get me wrong, they are good as a first job or a temporary earner while you figure out what you want to do in life, but please don’t stay in them for 10+ years.

Next thing you know, in 15 years from now you’ll be searching up “how to get out of a dead end job”.

Avoid getting caught in the trap

Most people will tell themselves that they’ll just do this job for a year or two until they get back on their feet.

But this never happens.

What REALLY happens is that they get comfortable.

They get comfortable because it’s easy and even though it’s dead end, they can expect a stable income.

Before they know it, they’re retiring in the exact same job.

It’s sad but it’s 100% truth. My aunts, uncles and coworkers have all told me their stories.

I’ve seen it happen to older coworkers in one of my old jobs!

I’m here to stop you from doing that to yourself, because it’s a dream killer getting comfortable with what you have.

I want you to live the life you want, with a career you’ve always wanted.

So don’t be a fool, be smart and don’t get comfortable like everyone else.

Share your experiences in your dead end job in the comment section below.

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