Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?

This system seems like the perfect opportunity upon first glance.drop-ship-lifestyle-logo

However, given the vast amount of scams out there you can’t really trust anything these days.

Everything requires immense research or you maybe handing over your money for nothing in return.

Because this system seems to be receiving a lot of attention lately I decided to have a break from my article series and see what all the fuss was about.

This is my unbiased Drop Ship Lifestyle review. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

At a Glance

Name: Drop Ship Lifestyle

Website: www.dropshiplifestyle.com

Owners: Anton Kraly

Price to Join: $997 – $2,997 (prices change often)

My Rating: 2/5

2.0 out of 5 stars

About Drop Ship Lifestyle

Who Created this System

Drop Ship Lifestyle was created by Anton Kraly.

He is a 32 year-old authority figure for high-ticket drop shipping, which is due to the fact that he’s been creating highly successful eCommerce sites since 2007!

He stems from New York and has been teaching thousands of others his methods since 2012.

Why did he Create it?

Anton Kraly was just an average person who wanted a way out of the 9-5 rat race.

He accomplished this by doing drop shipping. He ended up making enough money to leave his day job and do it full-time.

After many years tweaking his methods and making a boatload of money, he created the Drop Ship Lifestyle so others can follow in his footsteps.

When did it Launch

It launched back in 2012 with organic traffic picking up only in the last 4 months (they’ve been posting on their blog lately which has probably caused the sudden traffic spike).



However, most of the traffic is coming from referrals.


The graph above indicates that 34% of their traffic is coming from referrals (forums and blogs) while 17% is coming from emails.

It makes total sense because affiliates can market the program itself and earn a nice commission.

Their Claims

So Anton claims on the official website that you can learn to grow a legitimate online business with learning code, and that over 5000 of his students have created profitable websites that make more money than their normal job.

So What Exactly is DSL?

It is a training platform that teaches you how to make a profitable online business by means of drop shipping.

They teach you how to create a WordPress website and install the appropriate plugins.

Optimizepress is an “extremely powerful page builder” and is needed for you to begin making money.

Although the framework has changed since 2012, the concept is still the same with only a few changes here and there throughout the years.

What Do You Get?

There is a Basic Package, Premium Package and Done-For-You Package.

Basic Package

The basic package costs $997 and provides the full video training course – where you learn how to find suppliers, choose a platform, create a WordPress website and more.

Premium Package

So this is where it gets even more pricier.

Pay $1,494 and you’ll have access to the premium package.

You get the normal training videos along with additional training modules, DSLabs, apps, drop shipping software and directory.

DSLabs offer scripts that you can use for contacting suppliers and the apps help with automating things as much as possible.

Done-For-You Package

The “holy grail” of all packages (costs $2,997 – however, these prices are always changing!).

The Done-For-You package means they set up EVERYTHING for you and all you have to do is learn and focus on implementing the steps.

You also receive private coaching from Anton himself and 2 tickets to the DSL retreat, plus a lot more.

Are People Really Making Money?

Yes, there are people making money with Drop Ship Lifestyle but don’t expect it to come so easy.

Just like all online courses out there, you have to put in the work for you to see fruitful results for your efforts.

Just because people ARE doing this whole drop shipping thing full-time, that doesn’t mean you will especially if you don’t have a large investment (more on that in a minute.)

Any Red Flags?

I’ve searched around for everything people have to say about DSL and I have found some red flags worth mentioning.

They are:

Refund Policy – While they DO offer a 30-day return policy, don’t expect to get your money back so easily. You’ll be asked to provide proof that you’re not earning. In some cases this is difficult and even impossible to provide!

Fluctuate Prices – A system like this should definitely not be changing its prices every year. They’ve changed their price plans a few times in the least year alone, and that is worrying. Why can’t they stick to 1 price for every package and leave it?

Pay to Promote – You have to be a paying member before you can even promote this system and earn commissions. What’s Anton afraid of…is it not worth the hype? That’s the million dollar question.

Niche selection verification – Although this may or may not be a good thing, just the fact that it’s THERE screams out red flag to me. Niche verification basically means you can tell Anton your niche and he will tell you if it’s a good idea or not. However, in my personal experiences (with affiliate marketing), niche selection doesn’t matter.

My question: Will he tell you it’s good or keep it for himself, especially if it really is good?

No clarification on extra costs involved – Basically, after you pay for a package there are additional costs that aren’t stated beforehand. You need Optimizepress ($97), paid traffic and a website using Shopify ($9 – $299)

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes it does.

You can access the free mini-course but it only tells you the basics of drop shipping then tries to sell you one of their packages.

These packages start from $997 all the way up to $2,997.

In addition to one of the packages – Optimizepress, traffic and a website will need to be paid for before you can get started!

Here is the official website.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money
  • Has a solid step-by-step plan


  • Requires additional money for traffic, a website and essential plugin
  • Adwords is the main traffic source – very costly with no guarantees of earning anything
  • No SEO strategy – you’re losing out on free potential customers
  • Not newbie-friendly
  • No free trial
  • Way too expensive

Is Drop Ship Lifestyle a Scam?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a scam and you can actually earn money if you’re willing to put in the work and grow your business.

They’ve been going for a solid 5 years and have built a good reputation in that short amount of time.

They don’t show any signs of turning into a scam in the future either.

However, I would also like to mention that a lot of people aren’t a fan of the prices.

Reviews for this system are becoming bad for this simple reason, and I don’t blame them.

Newbies don’t have $997 for the basic package, nor $97 for the plugin plus more for the Shopify website!

In addition to these prices, you will need to spend money on traffic using Adwords!

Now keep in mind; you will need a very large investment to see any income for your efforts. I’m talking at least $300-$500.

So even though DSL is not a scam, I wouldn’t recommend joining unless you have a hefty investment and a lot of free time on your hands.

The fact of the matter is, you do not need $997+ to start a legitimate online business.

You can get started today for free, and I would prefer you see what I have to offer before diving into DSL and handing over your money to someone who can’t even keep his prices stable.


What I Recommend

What I actually recommend is a system called Wealthy Affiliate.


Because you can sign up without paying a dime and see what it has to offer first.

After that you can continue with the free membership or take your business to the next level for just $49 per month – none of this $997 BS!

So what will you be doing?

Affiliate marketing, and it hands down beats drop shipping because you won’t be doing any “shipping” but rather “relaxing” because it is more passive, whereas drop shipping is semi-passive.

There are no hidden upsells or additional fees either!

>>> Get started with Wealthy Affiliate here <<<

What do you think about DSL? Your thoughts and opinions are welcome in the comment section below 🙂

48 thoughts on “Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?”

  1. Thank you for an interesting article. I have been into drop shipping myself and know it can be very profitable. What threw me off was the constant support to customers and having to do fulfillment all the time. DSL seems very nice and all, but that price just threw me off.

    That’s when I got into affiliate marketing instead. Wealthy Affiliate is something I can really recommend as a current member. With the training there, you can easily get running and start making money in a relatively short time.

    Thank you once again.

    • That’s the thing about drop shipping; you actually have to support your customers all the time, whereas affiliate marketing requires none of that.

      The price for Wealthy Affiliate is so much less expensive than DSL AND you can get started for free. It is so much better because their concept is based on affiliate marketing (and in my opinion, hands down beats drop shipping!).

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day.

  2. I am so glad I came to your page, Brandon. I had come across DropShip Lifestyle on YouTube, and had subscribed to their newsletter. All the while, I was wondering if it is legit? And if legit, how good it is or worth the money?

    To be honest, I did not look at the prices until I read it in your article. $997! Wow! That sure is a lot of money. Question is can it be earned back and how soon? I think everyone should think about that. Me, I am now convinced I will not be joining DropShip Lifestyle.

    Once again, thanks! 🙂

    • And that $997 is only for the basic membership! It can be earned back as long as you follow the training and never give up.

      However, I don’t know how soon your money can be earned back, but to start profiting I will say at least a few months.

  3. I have not heard of DLS and your review was very helpful and thorough. Those price points to join are pretty steep and as a newbie marketer I would not think this would be their best option.

    Maybe as a seasoned marketer you can join and be in profit soon enough but a newbie should go with your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate. It is best to learn how to become a very good internet marketer before venturing off into such a high ticket business opportunity.

  4. Wow! What great info. It is tempting to jump on board something like DSL with all the promises made. And of course you feel reassured because of a money back guarantee.
    But thanks to your research and information provided in this article, I know what kind of issues to expect with DSL. And you even provided a great alternative.
    Very interesting subject and info. Makes me want to dive further into your site and read more of your posts. You have a new follower!

    • Thank you so much for the kinds words Wendy.

      Do know that if you delve into DSL, a huge investment is required and a lot of spare time because the training is long and the videos seem to drag out a bit.

  5. Great post. I’ve never heard of this company, but have thought about doing drop shipping. This one is really expensive just to get started. I appreciate your thorough review and will not be pursuing this one.

    • It sure is.

      The high prices make people run for the hills, and it’s causing a lot of negative reviews online. They should change that asap or nobody’s going to join.

  6. Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of Drop Ship Lifestyle, but can now see why you gave it a two-star rating. That’s asking people A LOT of cash up front for a system that takes a butt load of additional work before even seeing meager commissions. I like how you incorporated graphs and statistical data in your explanation. I have a much better understanding of this program. Thanks!

    • Well it definitely does work but I just don’t recommend it one bit. There’s too much money needed upfront before you can even get started. Not to mention the vast amount of red flags I found too.

    • I purchased the DSL. It’s very generic and leaves out a lot of required information to be successful. I’m sure he does this to upsell. You can find better and updated information on dropshipping on youtube. Money back guarantee is not a guarantee. He would not give me my money back.

      • As I pointed out in the article, you’ll likely not get your money back with this system even though there is a refund policy. It’s sad to see that you were a victim of DSL and I’m very sorry. I hope you eventually make that money back in your online ventures.

  7. Thank you for your thorough review. I believe drop shipping is becoming more popular, so an honest review like this one is very beneficial. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I believe affiliate marketing will always be the way to go.

    • I’m on the same boat as you, Suzanne. I agree that affiliate marketing is the best way to go. The benefits, pros and cons still outweigh what drop shipping offers in my opinion.

  8. This post was extremely easy to read and informative. Thanks for an awesome article, I know a few people I will be referring to your site!

  9. Hi Brandon,

    what a good product review. Appreciate that you clarified that DSL is a legit option but not good for newbies. I can see that you could easily profit from it, once you have experience with WordPress and so on. As for me, Wealthy Affiliate is a better option, first because it does not cost that much, and second, you get all the training. I absolutely love the transparency of the programm. There are no hidden things, you get everything clearly and unmistakingly explained; only thing you have to do is follow the instructions, and success will be yours, over time.

    Thanks for sharing this great article. I learned a lot from it and also enjoyed reading it.

    • I wouldn’t say that it’s easy to profit from. It is actually incredibly difficult especially when you realize what’s involved.

      The price and investments needed is a complete joke, and I don’t even want to get started on how difficult it is to create a landing page that converts and profit with the traffic you pay for.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best and will continue to be the best for many years to come.

      There are just too many people creating scams these days and trying to make a quick buck, nobody is creating legit systems anymore (well they are, but the scams are outweighing them).

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a great day!

  10. WOW~ THAT… is an awful lot of money! I was looking into different Dropshipping programs, but this one was a case of serious STICKER SHOCK! Thanks for the heads up.

  11. The one thing that mostly puts me off DSL is that you have to buy it to promote it? What?
    And the pricing is way too much for most people. I’d rather go the affiliate marketing route which is way cheaper and easier by the sounds of DSL.
    When you have to PAY to help someone else sell something that’s a massive red flag to me. MOBE was similar in their business structure and we all know what happened with MOBE this year, don’t we? That’s right, SCAM, officially. You had to join for $49 per month then they would tell you that you must upgrade your package to promote and make more money. You could end up paying $20,000 or more for the top tier of MOBE. Scams like that need to be closed down quicker but it’s hard for the likes of the FTC to keep up with all the new ones.
    Great review, however I’m sticking to the best way I know, which is affiliate marketing.

    • You are absolutely correct in every way James. You should NEVER have to pay to promote something, so when you find something that asks for your money before you get to promote it, run for the hills and look elsewhere because it’s simply not worth your time and skills.

      And there’s a funny story with big companies like MOBE. People think just because a company is big, it must be legit.

      Shutting down MOBE has just gone and proven that theory false on all levels.

      Thanks for your comment brother!

  12. I am amazed to read your review about Drop ship lifestyle. Indeed you have done justice to the review , though I have never heard drop ship lifestyle before but you went to the root of this review and I discover this kind of the offer is not for people like me. There are so many online business which they will give you juicy promise and at the end of the day you definitely failed despite your initial investment. Like you said Drop ship lifestyle is not scam but ones need huge capital apart from initial payment make something from them. Finally you recommend wealthy affiliate which I think from my opinion that it is simply the best way a newbie can make money online. Any one determined to work and can be able to pay monthly subscription will surely make money with the wealthy affiliate. Am so glad to read your post.

  13. $997 with additional cost for basic package?!! That’s way too expensive for me to consider aside the other responsibilities that go into drop shipping. Like you said affiliate marketing will be a better option. I just got into the concept of affiliate marketing some months back and I’ve loved it. 

    Wealthy affiliate has been the best place for me in affiliate marketing training and I’ve not regretted joining the platform. Thanks for the good analysis you’ve laid out here. Keep up the good work. 

  14. Hi, Brandon! I have never heard of DSL, but, thanks to your great review it seems very tempting and promising. But, it is very expensive for a newbie like myself. If there is a free trial I would probably take it. That is how I found WA. I liked it and I have been a member for 7 months now. 

    Have a great day!


    • There’s a lot of systems offering free trials these days and there’s one reason for it.

      It gets people inside without paying a dime! This in turn increases sign ups and revenue for product owners.

      Why systems still don’t offer a free trial is beyond me. They’re really only leaving money on the table.

      Just look at it like this.

      Do these product and website owners not have the confidence and trust that they can help their audience?

      Or do they know they are offering low value/low quality products in exchange for cash.

      It seems to me that that’s what a lot of systems are doing!

  15. Hi Brandon – I’m looking at a way to make money online. Being a bit ‘old school’ I like the idea of dealing with ‘real’ products so drop shipping is appealing.

    That’s an interesting review, particularly at the end where you recommend affiliate marketing. I know of affiliate marketing and can see the advantages but the commissions tend to be relatively small (apart from digital products). The attraction of drop shipping is that you can make a much greater percentage profit per item without having to keep any stock. How do you think the two compare – as much as it’s possible to compare them? You m ight convert me 🙂

    Having said all that, as you point out, you still need to promote and get traffic whichever system you use. I know some ‘make money’ schemes are expensive but DSL seems way over the top, especially as you don’t see what you’re getting until you pay so I wouldn’t use that in any case.

    Thanks for the review. Look forward to your reply.Ian

    • That’s correct. As an affiliate marketer you’ll MORE money on digital products and much less on physical products.

      But one way to increase your revenue from physical products is to go dropshipping.

      This is why dropshipping is so appealing to experienced online marketers, the fact that you can earn more money on physical products than affiliate marketing physical products.

      Go here for a more detailed comparison on affiliate marketing vs dropshipping.

  16. What a great review on DSL and how they operate their business.

    You are right even though they are not a scam it has quite a few Read Flags for me.

     To me, this isn’t a platform for newcomers going into the online marketing. Who really has the money just to pay for the Basic Package? And, even though you pay the much higher prices for the other packages available, you still have to put in lots of “elbow” grease to make an income if ever.

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate myself and I love that this platform has everything, I need to put my elbow grease to a real success. It might take  a bit longer but I know for sure that this will be worthwhile.

    Thank you for writing about Drop Ship Lifestyle in detail and for sharing because it helps to make the right decision and not fall into the “shiny” object trap.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    • I would have to agree with you Sylvia.

      No newbie is going to have that sort of money to just throw around willy-nilly, and if they do, they’re not going to trust this system from the get go anyway.

  17. Thanks for sharing your website. This system seems to be little bit expensive. I tried drop shipping under DS Domination. I don’t know if you ever heard of them. I did this couple years ago. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and got into that. In the near future, I’m going to try to get that.

  18. I don’t have the first-hand experience of this system but I heard that they don’t directly cheat, but they conceal many truths and present it in a misleading way, wrapped by sweet words and the most important thing about this system is that it’s too expensive. Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine platform where you can get training to build your online business and you have a great community as well.

    • A lot of online business opportunities mislead on so many levels it’s not funny. I’m glad you can see that already, I know you’re going to go far and do great things.

  19. Thanks for the article, Brandon.  I had considered the drop shipping business before joining Wealthy Affiliates and while I didn’t look into this particular opportunity (DSL) I did consider the problems with support, missing shipments, etc and decided affiliate marketing was a much better way to go. Now after being with WA for a while I’m completely convinced it was the right move for me. I’m sure there’s a lot of money to be made in drop shipping and hard work is required either way but the initial investment, ongoing costs, and risks are way better in affiliate marketing if you ask me. 

    • You’re also in Wealthy Affiliate? That’s amazing!

      And of course both affiliate marketing and drop shipping have their pros and cons, you just choose something you like the most.

      But if you’re a newbie, then affiliate marketing definitely is the way to go.

  20. It’s my first time hearing about Drop Ship Lifestyle. Very thorough review. Personally, this doesn’t seem like something that would work for me. It is far too expensive and there’s no guarantee of getting money back. Most times persons looking to start an online business don’t have that much money to invest initially, hence referring people might be a challenge. There’s a far more affordable way of building a successful business, Wealthy Affliate, it’s free to start and the upgrade is affordable and can be done at your convenience.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for this in depth review, Brandon however, maybe It’s just me but I’m still not sure I understand what “Drop Shipping” actually is or how it works so, because of that I would be very hesitant to get involved.

    The other thing that would stop me in my tracks is the price and the fact that it keeps changing.  As you said, many would not be able to afford the cost to start up with this platform.  And then there are further up-sells.

    There has to be better, less expensive ways to make money online and, I agree, WA is by far the better way to go.  The price is reasonable AND there are no up-sells.

    No, I don’t think DropShip Lifestyle is for me. I don’t think I would give it anymore than a 5 out of 10 rating, maybe less.

    Moving Forward,


    • No problem Wayne.

      Drop shipping is the act of selling physical products but you set your own price.

      So basically, you sell it for a higher price than the actual price.

      When someone buys, you send the product to their address but you keep the difference.

      For example, if an item you sell is $20 and you set the price to $30, you keep the $10 difference for yourself!

  22. Big Red EXPENSIVE Flag! As a nooobee with shiny easy money program syndrome I have wasted $1000’s learning the hard way. Once in a while one of these marketeers will still get me for a couple of bucks, sometimes with hope that the product will work, sometimes out of curiosity. If they would spend as much on the product as they do the marketing pitch you might stand a chance of making money. The biggest problem with drop ship is you don’t see the product and quality is an issue that pops up frequently. Some companies are even known for the bait and switch method. They send you a good sample and then start shipping something else of less quality. I’ve also seen quite a few times where the marketeer is selling you a program and making commissions off the company(s) that they tell you to do business with! There is enough free information to figure things out on your own and save your money. When you get something going and need help, you’ll have a lot of good knowledge to find the right help you need and spend your money wisely.

    • Lol JT, I think we’ve all had the “shiny object syndrome”, some more than others.

      And the old bait and switch trick? Damn, this is new to me and I’ve been in this business for a couple of years now.

      Well, affiliate marketing anyway, not drop shipping.

      Thanks for the insight into drop shipping brother.

  23. I signed up for the course naively believing in the Money back guarantee. While I think the course is fairly thorough and could help someone wanting to pursue the drop shipping business model, after going through several of the modules I decided it wasn’t a fit for me. I requested a refund and as you can guess, I was denied. I was informed there were condition that had to be met, but, these conditions were not spelled out prior to signing up for the course. After looking at the current requirements I was sent I determined that to complete all of them in any meaningful way would take longer than the 30 days available for the refund, create added expense and the Dropshiplifestyle people would probably add more requirements if the initial conditions were met. Basically, forget the money, its gone. If you have the time, inclination and really want to engage in this type of business the course would probably get you started, but, before signing up, I’d do some real due diligence on these people and look for other course providers to compare.

    • That’s so messed up Steve and I’m sorry you had to go through all the trouble of trying to get your refund and still end up with nothing.

      Thanks so much for bringing this to light, I’m sure there’s more complaints like this one out there on Drop Ship Lifestyle!


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