Estilo Profits is a Scam & Shim Sham is a Liar

What is Estilo Profits and is it a viable business opportunity?estilo-profits-logo

Is there any reason for internet marketers to venture into this system and try it out?

Having a word like “profits” in its name really does make it sound professional and flash.

To the untrained eye, people will not know if this thing is legit or not.

In fact, keep reading my Estilo Profits review to see what it is all about!

At a Glance

Name: Estilo Profits


Owner: Shim Sham

Price to Join: $8.92

My Rating: 0/5

0 out of 5 stars

About Estilo Profits

Who Created this System?

A guy named Shim Sham supposedly created this system.

He claims to be a regular person just like you and I, but instead he’s on an airplane writing this little “system” in which he calls Estilo Profits.

When did it Launch?

I cannot pinpoint exactly when this system officially launched, however, a lot of online reviews are dated back to January 2017.

This would mean that it was launched a month or two before that.

Lets say late December, 2016 for the sake of formality.

Why did he Create it?

Shim Sham makes an emphasis on the fact that making money online is hard.

And indeed it is.

He struggled for 2 years before he could make a sustainable $100 per day.

Now that he’s found a hack in Google Chrome, he wants to show other people how to do the same and make money online as well.

The Claims

Shim Sham makes some HUGE claims on his sales page.

Basically–upon ordering–you can start making sales within the first 24 hours.

He says that even a 5-year old can implement the strategies, because it really “is that easy”.

And of course, I just HAVE to include the ultimate hook. Yes, he claims you can make money on complete autopilot.

Furthermore, there is:

  • No website needed
  • No product needed
  • No tech skills needed
  • No experience needed

He says other systems will tell you just to follow along to their videos without explaining HOW they work, whereas Shim tells you WHY his ones do.

So What Exactly is Estilo Profits?

There are a few steps you need to follow before you can start making money.

Here’s the steps:

1. Purchase and become an affiliate yourself, so you promote the same product

2. Join the Facebook group

3. Watch the bonus video (which is actually really buggy and doesn’t work)

4. Claim unadvertised bonus (where you hand over your email address)

5. Download the e-book

So there’s 4 steps that actually NEED to be done before you can access your purchase.

What a run-around, Shim!

The Process/How it all works

When you finally get access to your purchase, you can watch the videos and implement the tips and techniques Shim provides.

To my surprise, the e-book is laid out professionally and in an easy-to-read manner

+1 I guess 🙂

However, the downside is that what he teaches will not work…well, not as easy as he claims anyway.

He wants YOU to create a free website (using WordPress, Blogger, etc.)

Then you target keywords and create articles, where you promote the exact same system you just purchased.

The Bonuses



There are a BUNCH of bonuses available.

However, they may seem like bonuses. In reality, they are not.

Shim Sham makes money from the initial sale (you), then all actions you take thereafter.

What do I mean?

Those STEPS you perform from 1-4 are making him even more money without you knowing it.

  • Join his FB group – you are promoted to over and over again
  • Watch the video – he is getting paid through CPC (cost per click)
  • Claim bonus – affiliates pay him for every email address typed in

You see, even before you get to your purchase he is essentially FORCING you to perform more actions just so he can get as much out of you before you pick up the e-book and run for the hills.

Because that’s what will happen.

You implement the tips, wait a day or two, not see results and then move on to the next shiny object.

And these aren’t all the bonuses either.

There are more bonuses and shenanigans that he promises, but they are in fact just upsells in which he gets paid for from other affiliates if they happen to sell (usually they do).

Are People Really Making Money?

No, people are not making money with Estilo Profits.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but brutal truth is better than blatant lies, isn’t it?

What Shim teaches will not work. It’s as simple as that.

Free blogger sites do not rank well in the search engines, especially with only one article.

It’s not just a matter of putting up an “about me” page, “contact”, and 1 article and expecting to rake in the dough.

Because if it was, every man and his dog will be ranking and making a living on the internet.

This actually seems like a major dumbed-down version of Google Sniper (which is another scam, of course).

Maybe that’s where Mr. Shim Sham got the idea from…*commences deep thought*

The Red Flags

Where do I even start?

The alarm bells go off as soon as he says he’s on an airplane writing the sales letter!

These online gurus will trick you into thinking they’re making a fortune just so you can give in and implement exactly what they do.

That is what Shim is trying to do.

The claims of making “$488.32 in 4 days with 17 minutes of work” is one big fat lie, and a bad one at that!

Saying you can profit in the next 24 hours is another red flag.

Words like Special Letter and Hack just make me cringe.

The entire sales letter is a complete joke, and the sad truth is: people actually believe this stuff and hand over their hard-earned money.

In the end they make $0 and think everything online is a scam. However, even if this is close to the truth there are still legit ways to make money online!

Pros and Cons


  • There is none


  • You will not make money
  • You will waste your time learning nothing
  • None of the strategies work
  • Shim is out to make a quick buck and that’s it

Is Estilo Profits a Scam?

At the end of the day, Shim is out to make a quick buck off of you and that’s it.

And that’s if it’s his real name, which it probably isn’t.

Estilo Profits is nothing new and just another guru trying to make it big in the internet marketing game.

You might say it’s worth trying because of the low price, but that’s what he uses to pull you in, for you to grab out your wallet and type in those all-important credit card details.

Like I said, this system is nothing new. It’s what many gurus are doing because it makes the “top guys” big money and that’s it.

Affiliates would’ve hyped it up to their email lists a week or so before launch…then made a boatload of money upon release.

It’s a win-win because affiliates make money and so does Shim Sham.

So yes, Estilo Profits is a scam and you should save your $8 for a morning latte instead.

At least you’ll get something good in return!

Scam logo cooltext

What I Recommend

If there’s one thing that Shim Sham did get right, it’s that having a website is a good way of making money on the internet.

However, if only he taught it the right way, people who purchased his system would actually make their first $1 online.

You can very much so make money with a website, you just need to have the right tools and training.

Thanks to the likes of Wealthy Affiliate I can actually say I make money on the internet and have fun doing it!

All comments are welcome. Share your thoughts on Estilo Profits below!

24 thoughts on “Estilo Profits is a Scam & Shim Sham is a Liar”

  1. Thanks for putting that together. I stumbled over that program and I am glad I did some research first and landed here. I am into affiliate marketing as well and start making progress after a few weeks now. That is and stays the way to go to make money online.

    Cheers, have a good one!

    • Hello Manny.

      These types of systems SUCK you in by speaking to your core, your fears and emotions. They know what people want, they get their money and run.

      They have nothing of value to offer and the reason why people don’t trust anything online anymore.

      It’s probably a good thing though…since we as affiliate marketers can dive in and capture the ones who are truly out to make a living on the internet and of course send them to legit products. Wealthy Affiliate is and always has been the best way to make it happen.

  2. Hi there, that was fun reading. I have already started working with Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago and enjoy it a lot. The only thing this Estilo profit makes me think is to produce something like that and earn money from easy catching people 🙂 Just a joke.
    Thanks for the warning anyway.

    • Well that IS exactly what they’re doing. They lure people in by praying on their wants and needs, then banking on them because they don’t know better. They’re just so desperate about making a living online.

      And of course they have nothing of value to offer :/ …almost every single time as well.

  3. You have to hand it to Shim Sham that they sure know what they’re doing even if it is evil. It’s good to know that people like this, along with Google Sniper, are being called out and that there actually are legit ways to make money online that don’t just play off of people’s fears.

    • That’s why these gurus make a fortune off of REAL people…real people who just want a way out of the 9 – 5 rat race. They literally kill dreams because they think nothing else works after they buy all these scams.

  4. Hello Brandon, the hardest part about wanting to create an online business is truly navigating what is real. And that is getting harder and harder. I am grateful that you so thoroughly laid out why this particular program does not work. I know I have certainly had a time figuring out where to plant myself.

    And I so agree, Wealthy Affiliate is my home now. The training is beyond world class. The community is always supportive. And if you follow the step by step training you will, with patience and determination make a living. This was a great review. Many thanks.

    • That is a big issue to be honest. People jump from system to system, using their money on scams hoping to make a fortune.

      However, all they’re left with is no money in the bank, no progress within their marketing venture and more time wasted.

      That’s good that you’ve found a home within WA. I know I have and thousands of others too!

  5. Hey Brandon,

    Thanks for your comprehensive and honest review…

    I actually had never heard of Shim Sham, but right from the get-go the name even implies that it’s a complete joke lol.

    I bookmarked your article and will show others I know that are looking for a great way to earn income online, and to really avoid this sham of a product.

    Thanks again!


    • It’s funny because it’s true. “Shim Sham”…couldn’t he have come up with something more believable?

      Thanks for stopping by and bookmarking the site!

      Cheers and have a great day.

  6. Thank you for alerting me to this ruse. I have followed a few people on YouTube and they mentioned something called “launching” as a way to make big money. I think that perhaps this is what Estilo Profits was looking to do. Make a “viable enough” looking product and charge people for it. Then I am guessing they put their feelers out to online personalities with lists who might be willing to promote this product. You would think though that anyone who sent their lists to this would have “burned” their list. Is their any sort of money back guarantee with Estilo Profits for those who realize their mistakes?
    Again, I thank you for the heads up.


    • Yep, launching is a way to hype things up a few weeks before the official release.

      Oh yes, they absolutely do burn their lists…but the sad truth is that they are bringing in new subscribers daily while they lose some. As long as they can continue gaining more subscribers than they lose, they will keep making profit.

      It does have a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, people are lazy. Even after getting ripped off they just accept their fate and move on.

      People simply do not like “taking the time” to get their money back because it’s taking EXTRA time out of their already-busy day.

  7. Brandon, I don’t know why I find this to be shocking because many times these “sounds too good to be true” things are exactly that. I’ve never heard of this one. I had never even heard of affiliate marketing until November. It was a different company than WA, but ironically I never wrote down the name. The guy in the video his name is Keala Kanae. It seemed very similar to WA and mentioned wordpress, clickbank, and click through rate. They also talked about squeeze pages and ad budgets. I watched the 2 hour webinar, but backed out at the price. Really only because it was a lump sum rather than monthly like it is here and I couldn’t commit to it not knowing if it was real. I did go yearly at WA for black Friday so I still ended up paying the lump sum, but that was after feeling secure that this is legit.

    • If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. That statement couldn’t be anymore true when describing good ol’ Estilo Profits [insert sarcastic emoji].

      I’ve come across my fair share of people pitching their latest and greatest shiny object to me, but I became accustomed to these things and easily knew when they were a scam – 95% of the time they were.

      Luckily you went with your gut and backed out before handing over your hard-earned money. You are in a safe place at Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you nothing but success, friend.

    • Scams waste a lot of money and especially time. If you’re signing up to scams all the time you’re only going to lose motivation and end up giving up because you can’t find anything legit.

      It is another reason why many people fail within the online space. Finding legit opportunities is indeed hard, mostly because there aren’t many left.

      Wealthy Affiliate is legit, always has been and always will be. They actually care about their members and wish nothing but success for them.

      Click here for Wealthy Affiliate

  8. Way to expose the program. There are a lot of people who might fall victim to this. I hate it when these type of offers offer all these bonus videos and such. Right away that tells me that they use this to lure you into their program even after they brag how successful you will be. If it needs the ploy to lure you in then chances are it will be extremely difficult to do or just doesn’t work at all.

    • Bonus videos, fake payment proofs, flash cars and even mansions – whatever it is, all gurus use the same tactics to lure you in.

      While they don’t guarantee you lots of money because legally they cannot do that, they subtlety do it so you think you can gain as much success as they have.

      And of course, most of the time they don’t even work.

  9. Add this to the hundreds of bogus sites out there. Good thing there are people out there to expose them and hopefully save people time, money, and heartache!

  10. Great information on informing readers. I am always looking for ways to make money online, but so afraid of scams. I have invested so much money in these programs I would’ve probably saved a small fortune!

    • That’s the thing…these “internet marketing gurus” DO make a fortune off of people who don’t know better. I want to reach as much people as possible so they don’t fall for the scams.


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