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Exitus Elite Review: A High Ticket Cash Gifting Scheme

Is the Exitus Elite a big fat scam, a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme? Well that’s exactly what I hope to achieve with this Exitus Elite review.

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I’ll be debunking the online reviews, discovering everything it offers and also what you’ll be getting yourself into if you decide to join.

Without further ado, lets get into it.

At a Glance

Name: Exitus Elite

Website: www.exituselite.com

Owners: Paul Stevenson

Price to Join: $396 or 4 payments of $99, and $1000 to participate in the compensation plan

My Rating: 0.5/5 stars

0.5 out of 5 stars

About Exitus Elite

Who Created this System

Paul Stevenson.

According to the official “about” page, he has 25 years experience in the internet marketing industry and is classed as an expert.

He’s done the whole 9-5 corporate world along with affiliate marketing.

Because of this he knows the ins and outs to what he teaches, and he does it in a different way than others.

However, he decided to pursue internet marketing full-time because he saw the direction it was moving towards and he knew he could use this to his advantage.

When did it Launch

As you can see below, it was registered on the 26-2-2016, with the many online reviews dating back mid 2016 and later.

So not long after it was registered, it was launched (around June 2016).


And below is where the traffic is coming from.

45% of the traffic is coming from “direct”, meaning they are typing the website into an address bar.

Next on the list is referral traffic – blogs, websites, forums, etc.


I also done a quick search on Semrush to see how much organic traffic they were getting, and it’s actually a big fat 0…well very close to it anyway.

Why did they Create it?

Paul Stevenson saw where the direction of internet marketing was going while he was in the corporate world.

He then wanted to create something that other people could use and profit off of as well, and thus the Exitus Elite program was born.

Their Claims

They claim to provide all the tools and education necessary to build a successful online business.

When you implement Exitus Elite with affiliate marketing, you have a “very powerful system that you can leverage to make enough money to live off of“.

They also claim that there is no cold calling, no recruiting, no selling and no explaining. We will see how true these are as we move forward with this review.

So What Exactly is Exitus Elite

Well there are no products to purchase and sell apart from some packages (which is the main training).

Basically, the packages are nothing more than online training tools where you learn how to sell, where to sell products and how to capture leads, etc.

However, you can market the affiliate program itself and earn commissions for every sale. This is called the compensation plan, but more on that in a second.

How to Earn With Exitus Elite

Exitus Elite Membership – When you buy the Exitus Elite Membership (4 payments of $99), this is what you’ll receive:

  • Genesis Library Basics
  • 8 Lead Capture Pages
  • Auto-Responders
  • Contact Manager
  • Statistics
  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Training
  • Tracking Codes
  • GetResponse & HTML Embed integration
  • Back Office
  • Support Desk

After you purchase the membership you will gain access to the Genesis Library. This is where the bonuses and extra training tools are.

Genesis Advanced – Access 16 additional educational marketing courses and 179 videos and audios

Genesis Elite – This is the highest-priced product you can purchase. You’ll receive:

  • Personal & Professional Development series
  • Health & Wellness courses
  • 50+ hours of educational audio and video training
  • Weekly webinars featuring guest speakers
  • Instructors
  • Online coaches

Compensation Plan – First and foremost, to even be allowed to market this plan you will have to purchase it for yourself!

Yeah, this is an extra $1000 along with all the other fees you paid beforehand.

Secondly, the compensation structure is set up as a 1-up system.

Not many systems are set out like this and that’s because they are incredibly unstable.

When people stop joining, payments stop and often times the whole business shuts down, and yes that’s with everyone’s payments.

Are People Really Making Money?

Yes, and there’s a simple reason why/how.

Blogs and forums are sending desperate people to this scheme and prying off of their emotions.

However, the difference is that these people know what they’re doing and they will remain at the top making all the money while the ones that have no idea will end up with the big ZERO.

And that’s with pretty much all systems like this (MLM’s, pyramid schemes, etc).

So yes, expert internet marketers are making big dollars.

And no, newbies are spending money and making nothing in return.

Any Red Flags?

Paul Stevenson says there’s no recruiting – There most definitely is and it’s actually the main way to EARN with this program! He says there is no recruiting just to persuade people into joining.

No legit coaches or instructors to close the deal – Often times with high-ticket programs like this one they will have people on the other side to help close the sale for you. There is absolutely none of that. You’re left to hustle on your own my friend.

Strict no refund policy – What does a strict “no-refund policy” tell you? That Paul Stevenson has no faith in his system and he’s trying to keep all money earned for himself (probably because he knows it won’t last long).

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes it does and here is the official website: www.exituselite.com

To step foot into the door you will have to fork out 4 payments of $99 (totaling $396), otherwise a one-time annual fee of $300 is up for grabs.

This gives you the training and tools needed to create your online business.

To dig deep into more features you will need to purchase 1 of the 2 Genesis Packages.

The advanced is $100 and the Elite costs a whopping $1000!

Now keep in mind that you will HAVE to pay for the Elite package if you wish to market the compensation plan (where you make the big commissions).

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money


  • No residual income because the payments are one-time, so even after you get someone in you’ll have to continue doing so or you’ll end up earning nothing
  • You make zero dollars after recruiting one paying customer. Like I said, your first commission goes to your upline. You need 2 customers before you break even
  • Not much value gained for the price
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Unsustainable business model

Is Exitus Elite a Scam?

Exitus Elite is not really a scam but it is VERY borderline.

They do offer videos, training, courses and tools in exchange for your money but the sad truth is that this system doesn’t offer much in return for the hefty prices.

Because your first commission gets sent to your upline you have to get at least 2 paying customers in before you break even.

All of this means that it is a cash-gifting scheme, because guess what?

That money will eventually climb to the top of the ladder and reach the ultimate winner: Paul Stevenson (may I add that this name sounds fake too).

If you decide to hand your money over, you’re only joining a program that’s based off of recruiting all while offering no value in return to your customers.

The information can be found for free on the internet and even though it’s available in a step-by-step manner, it is still not worth the price that’s been slapped on it!

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

The whole idea of Exitus Elite is to get you to market the exact same program you just joined.

Now I’ve seen far too many of these systems go down for the simple reason that recruitment dies down…and when recruitment dies down, so does income.

I played the game of MLM for far too long before jumping in and creating my OWN online business.

If I had done it earlier I would’ve reached my dream of owning a yacht and big house by now!

However, there is still plenty of time and that applies to you as well.

Stop falling for these silly little recruitment schemes and get started on something that CANNOT die down and continues to grow each and every year.

Wealthy Affiliate is your key to financial freedom and I will gladly back that claim up 100%.

Thanks for reading ladies and gentleman – be sure to have a great day or leave a comment below!

14 thoughts on “Exitus Elite Review: A High Ticket Cash Gifting Scheme”

  1. Great post and good info. 

    You saved a lot of people with this post, it seems it is very, very costly, and you get almost nothing return, which in terms it means it is a scam. 

    Everything that promises you big money puts already high red flags for me, but unfortunately I see a lot of desperate people who would join it anyway. 

    So it is good you write these reviews, to let them notice about the dangers. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it. 

  2. Hi Brandon, 

    Thanks for providing this review on Exitus Elite, the first major warning flag to me is that it costs a thousand dollars to be able to start earning from it, that is a lot of capital investment up front for an online based business when you don’t “own” anything. It doesn’t sound like they offer any more (and by the sounds of things less) than your average affiliate marketing training program, pretty much sounds like a scam to me, knowing you can get far more for far less!

    • That is A LOT of investment I would have to agree with you.

      There’s absolutely no value they are offering here and they ask for a lot of money.

      It is a downright scam and that’s all there is to it.

  3. What a great review Brandon

    i was tempted awhile back to join this place and something in me said no keep looking and I am so glad I did as you, you are right, this place is so borderline

    It’s just another pull the heart strings and empty the purse for people looking ot make money and it will end up bust like the rest of them 

    Wealthy Affiliate – your choice- is the best and I too will back this statement up 100%

    Good on you for helping people by sharing these informative posts-Thank you

    • Vicki, fortunately they do offer something for your money, however, everything is found freely on the internet anyway. It’s just a way to get a lot of money from desperate people.

      You are right, Wealthy Affiliate is the best and will be for quite some time. I don’t see anything ever beating it, not anytime soon anyway!

      And if something comes close, they go and do something extraordinary to blow the competition out of the water.

      They always have and that’s why they’ve held a solid reputation for so long.

      Good luck on your online venture 😀

  4. Thanks for the review of Exitus Elite it is quite detailed enough to give us an insight into the workings of the program. My only concern is that I think the financial commitment payable before having access to the platform is quite high. What is the range of money that can be made from the scheme all things being equal


    • There is no free trial so it steers freebie seekers away from this program immediately.

      If you decide to implement the training videos and see how far you can get, I cannot answer.

      Just know that newbies will find it difficult making $1 while the big dogs are making thousands! (mostly from recruiting the desperate newbies)

  5. Hey Brandon,

    I’ve really enjoyed this review on Exitus Elite as its helpful and informative. I’ve joined this platform and one thing I can tell you is that I’ve wasted 100’s of dollars on this. I didn’t like this platform at all as they are good for nothing. From my point of view, I tend to think that it’s better to stay away from platforms like Exitus who say that you can make $100 dollars or more per day. This particular scenario doesn’t work!!!

    Thank you taking your precious time in writing this detailed review. Well Done!

    • Thank you for your feedback on Exitus Elite, AV 2001.

      We need more people like you who’ve personally used these systems to come forth and expose them for what they truly are.

      Again, thank you for your bravery.

  6. Hi Brandon – I think this flashed over the radar a year or so back but I’m wary of MLM schemes and I  didn’t like the $1K fee! I love your Pros and Cons. Pros – you can make money 🙂 The Cons list runs off the page 🙂 Yeah, they sum it up well.

    It’s such a shame that scammers like these – let’s call a spade a spade! – are allowed to get away with it. It’s still a very-much unregulated place, the internet, and while it has boundless opportunities, it also has boundless, er, bounders 😣 Good job there’s folks like you to reveal what’s real and what’s not.

    I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I tend to think of affiliate marketing as a slow burner and you’re never quite sure if it’s going to work or not. I’ve been looking for ideas that manifest a bit more quickly. How quickly does Wealthy Affiliate get you up and running? And can you make money from ideas other than online marketing?


    • That is exactly what affiliate marketing is Ian.

      The only way to make quick money with affiliate marketing is if you’re an expert in advertising so know what works, which of course, requires thousands of dollars before you even find something that converts. Even after that it’ll take another decent amount before you start profiting.

      The slow burning method for newbies is time-consuming BUT it is also the most sustainable because there’s less investment involved, or no investment if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate because there is a free trial 🙂

  7. $396 plus $1000 ! ! expensive, with only one pros and several cons. Thank you for the review and for your judgment -NOT RECOMMEND IT- It is not a scam yet but is in the “border line” As you said it is a cash-gifting scheme business and the money goes to the one at the top of the scheme, what is the gain for the ones that bought the program?

    For me the best option is Wealthy Affiliate 😉

    • Sorry Maria, there’s no gain for whoever buys the system later than everyone else. The people that are first in and know how to market it properly are the ones making bank. The price is far too high for most people and it’s a high risk investment. I would stay far away from Exitus Elite if I were you.


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