Global Domains International Review – Scam or Legit MLM Opportunity?

If you’ve just found something called Global Domains International you’re probably wondering what the heck it is and can you even make money with this system.

No doubt money CAN be made on the internet, obviously because there’s thousands of people doing it everyday and that number continues to grow, but that doesn’t mean everything on the internet is legit.

With this Global Domains International review I hope to find what they are really all about, what GDI have to offer and if you can make decent amounts of money with it.

Too many times have I been scammed by such systems in the past so I want to help people avoid them and not waste anymore money.

Stick with me as I do my homework, research GDI thoroughly and then make my own conclusion.

Enjoy 🙂

What Is Global Domains International

Name: Global Domains InternationalGDI-logo


Owners: Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir

Price to join: $10/month

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

A Little Background

Who owns GDI?

Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir founded GDI back in 1998 due to the craze around .com domains.

They decided to go their own route with a .ws domain name that businesses could use instead, an alternative, if you will.

They soon realized .ws domains weren’t going to become as popular as .com but that didn’t stop them from using it anyway.

Fast forward to 2018, Michael Starr is the CEO and co-founder who manages the creative and marketing departments.

Alan Ezeir is now the president and co-founder.

He manages the strategic projects such as: guidelines for meeting revenue goals, providing leadership, projecting sales forecasts, etc.

How long has it been around for?

Global Domains International was founded in 1998 and has continued to stand the test of time for over 20 years now!

This business shows no signs of slowing down and is actually rising in traffic due to the frequent new updates.

How Global Domains International Really Works

Global Domains International is a registry service provider who focus only on .ws domain names, which typically stands for Western Samoa.

Every country has their own domain name extension, for example: New Zealand has “”, Australia has “”, Canada has “.ca” and Western Samoa has “.ws”.

However, the Samoan government allowed the rest of the world to use .ws and that is why Global Domains International was born!

With a .ws domain name you can create a website and get it out on the world wide web for everyone to see.

To register a .ws domain name it will cost $35 for a whole year if you purchase one through Global Domains International.

The Services They Provide

When you purchase your domain name you are also getting access to all the services they provide as long as you stay a monthly paying customer (which is essential if you want your website online).

Here’s the thing; a domain name costs $35 but to get it on the world wide web it will need to be hosted.

Global Domains International will host your domain and website for as little as $10 per month, and that is where the fun begins.

There is a 7-day free trial if you don’t want to pay anything just yet and allows you to see all the benefits without paying anything.

These are the services they provide for $10 per month:

  • A website builder
  • Website hosting with 100 Mega Bytes of storage
  • 10 email addresses for your business/website
  • The ability to participate in the compensation plan

The Compensation Plan

Global Domains International has a compensation plan and this is why I decided to review this program today and see what they are all about.

This is why a LOT of people join GDI to be honest.

The joining cost is low but commissions are also low, so it’s a win-lose situation but hear me out.

To participate in the compensation plan and become an affiliate to earn money you have to stay a paying monthly member.

For every person you get in you get a $1 commission as long as they stay a paying customer.

This means you will need 1000 paying customers to earn $1000 per month or 5000 paying customers for $5000 per month.

Levels are from level 1 up to 5, all providing 10% commissions, which is $1 since monthly costs are $10.

Still make sense?


The Compensation Plan Isn’t Appealing

One reason why the compensation plan over at GDI isn’t getting much traction is because the payments are low, yet there are some affiliates making an absolute killing.

This is because if you bring in 5 referrals in a week you gain a $100 bonus. Now if you do that week after week these bonuses soon add up to big results.

However, newbies and even advanced marketers see the $1 commissions and run for the hills, while the ones that take advantage of this reap the rewards.

Now I’m not saying you will reach these results, I’m not saying ANYONE will reach these results, all I’m saying is that it is 100% possible if you know what you’re doing.

Is This Different From Other MLM Systems?

Personally I think it’s very different.

Global Domains International don’t actually focus on the compensation side, they market the domain/hosting side of things and that is why they’ve held such a solid reputation for so long (over 20 years now!).

They do not hype anything up at all unlike most other MLM schemes out there.

They market their domain and hosting and once you’re in then you can see what’s available in the compensation plan, and even then they don’t hype it up, just say it how it is then let you make your own decision.

That is rare in a system like this and makes me really like GDI because they aren’t salesy, they aren’t spammy and they don’t hype anything up!

Price & Purchase Details

So before you can gain access to the services and everything they provide, you have to sign up at and pay the $10 fee which is a monthly recurring payment.

There is also a 7-day free trial available but you still need your credit card to sign up, as the normal $10 payment will come out automatically after those 7 days (unless you cancel beforehand).

A domain name will also cost you $35 each year.

However, a domain name is not needed so you can still take advantage of the compensation plan just by paying the $10 per month.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make some money
  • Can purchase a domain
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • A 7-day free trial available


  • Almost impossible to make a living with the low commissions
  • Too difficult to recruit new people
  • Newbies will find it hard getting anyone in
  • Will constantly need to be recruiting people since your downline will not stay paying customers for that long

Is All In One Profits Legit or a Scam?

As the old saying goes, it is easier to get one person to buy a $1000 product than it is to get 1000 people to buy a $1 product.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The compensation plan sounds fine and dandy in theory, but in reality it is going to take a lot of effort to reach that amount of monthly income.

The people making thousands per month are the small percentage (expert marketers) and even they find it difficult to recruit paying members…who may or may not stay paying customers for long.

It’s just a constant struggle to say the least.

But other than that, they have a very affordable domain registry service and hosting for anyone looking to start a website for their business.

They are definitely legit and not a scam but I do NOT recommend them, not one bit.


Why You Should Stay Way From GDI

Well first and foremost, the domain extension they provide (.ws) is not SEO friendly and will not get ranked in the search engines and I can almost guarantee that, no matter how many backlinks you have (unless it’s a small local business of course).

When was the last time you saw a .ws domain name topping the search engines?

That’s right, never.

Also, like I said already, the compensation plan works and they are legit and all, but getting thousands of people to stay paying customers so you earn $1 per month is almost impossible, well for the average person it definitely is!

I’m not bashing on GDI, I am just saying they have a great concept and affordable domain name and hosting for any small local businesses, but if you’re trying to get any kind of traction on the world wide web, a .ws domain just isn’t going to cut the mustard and neither is the $1 commissions.

What You Should Do Instead

I earn an average of $23.50 per month from ONE paying customer.

That’s 23x more than what GDI offer, and the product I provide is actually going to benefit anyone because everyone wants to make money online or live life on their own terms.

All I need is 250 paying monthly members to make over $5000 per month, NOT 5000 paying members which I would need if I tried GDI’s compensation plan.

Well I bet you’re dying to find out how I earn $23.50 monthly commissions each and every month just off of one person.

And you don’t need to be a paying customer if that’s what you’re worried about, as there is a free trial and you can still make money!

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s my #1 recommendation for making money on the internet.

I hope you found what you were looking for in this Global Domains International review.

Kindly leave all queries and questions in the comments below!

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