Global Test Market Review – Not As Legit As It Use To Be


Is Global Test Market just another survey site or is going to pay you big dollars for doing small jobs?

I’ve joined lots of these websites throughout the years of my online venture, and one thing’s for sure, they don’t pay much and they are flawed in more ways than one.

Often times you will get to the end of a 20 minute survey and get booted out and/or told you don’t qualify.

That’s 20 minutes down the drain you will never get back.

With this Global Test Market review I hope to discover what the qualities are, the strengths, the weaknesses and the flaws.


At a Glance

Name: Global Test Market


Owner: Lightspeed (company)

Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 1/5 stars

1 out of 5 stars

About Global Test Market

Who Owns this System

There doesn’t seem to be a name anywhere stating who the owner of this company is.

However, looking at their “About Us” page, they are owned by Lightspeed.

Lightspeed are the leading providers in market research and have over 1400 clients in 60 countries.

When did it Launch

Global Test Market launched in 1999, clearly standing the test of time and according to traffic stats it sits steadily with no rising or decreasing in numbers.

Here is their traffic stats:

  • 17.61 million visits per month
  • 6:42 minutes avg. visitor duration
  • 10 pages per visit
  • 53% direct traffic
  • 24% referrals
  • 14% from emails




And if we dig a little deeper we can see that they are receiving organic traffic from the search engines, and at the time of writing this article it is slowly heading downhill.

Not 100% sure why this would be happening but maybe they are slowly dying since they’ve been around for such a long time.


Why did they create it?

They wanted to make a system for people to make fast money online that’s hassle-free just by giving your opinion and getting rewarded for it.

What Do They Claim Over at Global Test Market?

I searched for information on their website and inside the members area and this is what I found.

They claim:

  • It’s a fast way to make money online
  • You get paid for directly influencing global market research
  • Your contact information will not be shared and you will not be a target for market research
  • Give your opinion on products you already use or things that haven’t hit the shelf yet

So What Exactly is Global Test Market?

In essence, it is a market research company that offers surveys for you to complete and give your opinion.

You sign up for free, confirm your email, complete basic information about yourself so they know what surveys to send you and begin earning money right away.

Although there are thousands of these on the internet, Global Test Market seems to stand out from the rest for many reasons.

  • They allow people as young as 14 years old to sign up and start completing surveys
  • Easy to understand with an interface even a child can operate (hence 14 years old)
  • You still gain points (points are redeemed for money) even when don’t qualify
  • There is a sweep stake feature that you automatically gain an entry in as soon as you finish a survey
  • They have a donation system. Instead of redeeming points for rewards you can donate it as money to the Unicef charity

Types of surveys:

You’ll find all kinds of surveys ranging from, movies, restaurant, automobiles, consumer products, current events and much more.

Each survey takes around 15 minutes on average and you’ll earn about $5 per survey, however, this all depends on the length of the survey, how long it takes to complete and whether or not it’s urgent.

Referral Program

Yes they have a referral system in place.

You refer friends simply by entering their email address into your account.

When they fill out 2 surveys, you gain points.

Any Red Flags?

I found a few things that need to be brought to light after checking the many online reviews out there.

For example:

  • People reporting of filling out surveys and earning points too quickly, thereby deleting their account for no reason
  • Customer service is a complete joke. It takes weeks and sometimes even months before you get a reply from them. Sometimes they’ll just ignore you altogether and put your ticket status as “solved”
  • After completing surveys it does not say it has been completed on their website, resulting in no points earned
  • Holding on to pending payments for far too long, even when minimum threshold has been met and multiple contacts to their customer service has been made
  • They have an overall rating of 2/5 stars out of 577 reviews! (big red flag)

Are People Really Making Money?

Global Test Market really is a one-stop-shop for completing surveys and THAT IS ALL.

Because of this, they are more focused on providing a quality survey site rather than a jack-of-all-trades site like most of the others out there.

This stood out to me straight away.

However, even though people are earning money and it’s going to their account, there are reports of not getting paid at all because they hold on to your earnings for a very long time.

They are known to ignore your emails and make excuses to hold your money.

There are also others saying their funds are being deposited into their PayPal account.

There are definitely a mixture of different reviews here but the bottom line is: yes, some people are making money with Global Test Market.

Does it Cost to Join?

No, it does not cost anything to join Global Test Market.

It is free to join and anyone as young as 14 years old can join and begin completing surveys right away.

The official website is:

Pros and Cons


  • Can make some money (when and if they eventually decide to pay you)
  • Free to join
  • Easy to navigate


  • Slowly on a downward spiral in terms of traffic, staff and legitimacy
  • Customer service doesn’t reply fast enough. Waiting for weeks at a time is beyond a joke and ignoring you is even worse
  • Site is glitched; sometimes you don’t get paid after completing a survey
  • Low star rating from all review sites

Is Global Test Market a Scam?

They have stood the test of time for almost 20 years!

By the time you read this article it will already be 20 years, and that is a big milestone.

However, back in the day it use to be the best and that is what everyone says about this website.

Now they are on a downward spiral my friend.

They don’t pay as quickly as they use to, they take weeks to answer emails and sometimes ignore you altogether.

Sometimes you don’t even get rewarded due to the site being so glitchey.

They might’ve been the best survey site once upon a time but there are far better opportunities out there in this day and age.

Global Test Market is not a scam but definitely have scam-like behavior, and I don’t know how long they’ll stay legitimate for.

Because of this, I have to say that Global Test Market is not recommended!

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

I’ve done survey sites many times in the past my friend.

I’ve worked countless hours just to make a few dollars for beer money.

I’ve been booted out after completing hour-long surveys before and earned no money as a result.

I was DONE with these systems and decided to find something that would make me the big dollars.

There are far better opportunities out there to earn from the internet and affiliate marketing is hands down the best one.

You OWN your own website and sell other peoples products for commissions.

Your site runs 24/7 whereas with survey sites like Global Test Market you only earn based on surveys you do and how much hours you put in.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a passive income opportunity and that is what I recommend.

There is no credit card required and no money needed to hand over, so keep your wallet in your pocket!

Well that is what I recommend and I hope you found what you were looking for in this Global Test Market review.

What do you think about Global Test Market? Let us know if you’ve had experience with this company in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Global Test Market Review – Not As Legit As It Use To Be”

  1. Hi Brandon,
    very useful info here i have never joined any of these programs as they just don’t do it for me, so this has been a good read for me.

  2. Well, to me at least, it sounds like you could make money with this thing.
    However, it seems to be crazily bugged, so as you said, there’s a chance that you just put your time down the drain.
    I do believe that it’s a huge, huge drawback that their customer service is beyond disgusting, way, way, way beyond useless. In such a buggy environment with no customer service whatsoever, it’s a mental suicide.
    I imagine people are getting frustrated really, really fast with this one.

    Thank you for the honest review! I truly do appreciate it!
    Cheers and have a Great One!

    • That’s definitely it Matiss.

      I think the customer service is a complete joke especially for ignoring emails altogether and not even TRYING to solve any issues. This is a big red flag for me and a no-no.

      And no worries my friend, it was all my pleasure.

  3. This is a very interesting article. I have never tried answering surveys to get paid although I have been receiving many emails about it. Thanks to you I know not to bother signing up for an email about Global Test Market.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more Brandon. I too have joined these survey sites in the past to see if I could make money and in the end I just felt like it was time consuming with no monetary return. Thanks for highlighting these points for those who are uninformed.

    • That is exactly what happens Rachel. You literally do spend hours of your time – time that you never get back – making a few dollars maximum per day.

      It’s just a big waste of time.

  5. Oh wow! I sure dodged a bullet with this site. I am glad I checked out your review before committing to this site. Even though I could earn $20/hr with this site if I put my time into it. If they kick me off and delete my account first, then it is not worth my time. I appreciate you for writing a thorough review. It makes my life a lot easier.

    I do have a question though. If you think this site will not be an easy way to make money online when it comes to surveys, is there an alternative? I still want to make money online with surveys. I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • There’s no way you’d be able to earn $20/hr with Global Test Market, and even if you could, there’s a possibility it can be shut down or your account terminated with no answers. They do what they want, WHEN they want and don’t care about their members.

      In fact there is ONE survey site I do recommend since it is actually legit and pays a good amount, and that is Pinecone Research.

      Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

  6. Wow, I love this post, give it to them, straight with no chaser. These companies that make some of these claims that only waste people’s time and effort needs to be called out for those actions. I tried to do one of those surveys years ago, it took so long to complete. I just clicked the little x on my browser. Great post my friend.


    • Lol, great story Courtney. And yes, there is some money to be made but definitely not worth it for the time it takes to do the surveys.

  7. The article was very informative,
    I tried some survey sites but I didn’t find one that really pays you at time
    Thank you for sharing.

    • The sad part is that most survey sites are glitchey and don’t pay you for your efforts half the time. This is why they have a bad reputation.

      The ONLY survey site that is at least half decent that I’ve reviewed so far is Pinecone Research.


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