How to Build a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Do you want a website that works for you 24/7?

To wake up every day with new sales?

Do you want a website that works for you even while you’re on vacation, spending time with your loved ones?


Affiliate marketing combined with a website is how you achieve these goals and today I’m going to show you how to get there.

Affiliate Marketing Process Explained

1. Create a website

Your website is your foundation, your empire that holds all your content and everything in place.

This is the starting point of an online business.

2. Add content

wordpress blogging

Content is king. Content brings you visitors, clicks and sales. Without content, there is no business.

Adding content is the next step and one of the most important steps because it’s going to bring you the PEOPLE that are going to buy and make you money.

3. Add affiliate links

Adding affiliate links to your content is how you get paid.

People come to your website via search engines and social media, they read your content, enjoy it and click the links.

When they make a purchase, you make money.


No really, there is no step 4.

Here’s an even clearer breakdown of the process.

-Content brings people to your website.

-Affiliate marketing makes you money.

And when you have enough content and enough affiliate links sprinkled strategically throughout your website, you have a business that makes you money around the clock.

And the only way to attract people is to add high value content.

The Type of Content to Create

Content will always be king because without content, you have no business.

So what type of content should you be creating?

Well, to create content that Google loves and ranks, you need to understand the audience of your niche and be as helpful as possible.

This means creating list articles, best of, review, top 10, top 50, how to, etc.

Just be informative as possible and be different with every article, do not sound like a robot.

The best way to get an article ranked is to answer a specific question, and cover the entire topic in your article.

That way you’re providing a solution to someones problem and that’s what Google wants on its front page.

Create enough content like this and you’ll be ranking in no time.

Content Length

How long should your content be?

Sorry to break it to ya but there is no magical answer.

Yes, content length is a ranking factor but not the only factor.

If you only stick to the same amount of words for every article, you’re going to achieve negative rankings because you’ll only sound like a robot.

Remember, Google doesn’t like robots, Google rewards websites with variety in their content and aren’t afraid to step out of the status quo.

Feel like doing 500 words today? Then do 500 words.

Feel like doing a 3000 word article? Then do one.

At the end of the day, content length isn’t the biggest ranking factor but it is definitely one you should be aware of.

Google is steering more towards content with lots of words, so don’t be afraid to write 2000-4000 words every so often, in addition to your 500-1500 word articles.

Do this and you’ll look natural in Googles eyes and out rank people that are constantly trying to “cheat” the search engines to try and get big rankings.

Where to Add Affiliate Links

Below I talk about the dangers of adding affiliate links to every article, so your first step is to avoid doing that.

You should add affiliate links wherever it’s going to be USEFUL to your reader and actually help them.

If you’re mindlessly adding links just for the sake of hoping they will click and buy something, you’re going the wrong way about it.

You can add them to your review articles, best of and even list articles.

Just don’t overdo it with every article. You’ll only be seen as a spammer in Googles eyes and it’ll be difficult to rank.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money?

piggy bank

This is the most common question people want to know when trying to start an affiliate marketing business.

Here’s the simple answer.

Treat it like a real business and it will reward you nicely, over and over again.

Treat it like a little side hustle and expect to make money here and there.

Basically, you get out what you put in.

So how long does it take to make money?

It can take anywhere from 1-6 months to make your first $ through affiliate marketing.

But let me tell you this.

Once it starts, it doesn’t stop.

So after the initial first commission, another one usually follows, then another, and another, and before you know it you’re making money on the daily.

But the only way to get there is to never give up.

You only fail if you stop trying, so go hard every single day and your money making empire will be here before you know it.

Niches (Broad or Laser Targeted?)

There are so many misconceptions about niches these days.

Should you go broad, should you go laser targeted or somewhere in between?

In my experience, and thousands of others running successful online businesses, the best ones are in between.

Not broad and not laser targeted, but between those two.

Essentially you’re creating a balance with enough growth to never run out of content to create.

Plus you don’t look like you’re trying to “game” the system in Googles eyes.

And might I add that micro niche websites are getting penalized more and more (it makes complete sense to stay away from them).

6 Common Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing

1. You need hundreds of high quality backlinks to rank

This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Yes, it’s proven that quality backlinks will rank high and get you lots of traffic, however, it’s not the ONLY ranking factor.

There are much more factors involved, and if you’re focus is on getting backlinks, you’re going to fail before you even start.

Because purposely creating backlinks is against Googles ToS.

If it looks unnatural, you’ll be penalized and probably not get any rankings.

That’s why you should never focus on creating backlinks, but high quality content instead.

Eventually people will start linking to you themselves and it’ll be much more natural.

2. You need lots of money to buy traffic

Again, not even close.

Buying traffic is ONE way to get people to your website but not the only way.

Often times buying traffic is a recipe for disaster because you don’t know the quality of the traffic and if they’re going to purchase your product or not.

The biggest online mistakes I’ve made is spending thousands of dollars on traffic that wasn’t targeted and losing all my money.

Even if it is targeted, you don’t know the quality and how qualified they are to purchase your product or service.

That’s why you should get this misconception out of your head right now that you need to buy traffic in order to become successful.

That is wrong!

3. The online space is too competitive

Many people don’t even TRY to get involved with affiliate marketing and ranking a website because they simply think it’s “too competitive”.

There is more than enough space on the search engines for people to rank and bank my friend, and the only thing holding you back is your belief that you can’t outperform the thousands of other websites.

The good news is that the top searches are packed with hundreds of thousands of dead websites.

And all it takes to outrank them is an active website full of valuable content, which is your golden ticket to getting traffic and sales.

I’ll show you how in just a second.

4. Affiliate links aren’t good for SEO

Affiliate links do not kill your SEO game and it has been proven over and over again to be false.

Search engines understand what they are and KNOW most websites use them.

Google are a lot more kind to affiliate links nowadays because even top websites use them.

However, it becomes a problem when all you’re doing is providing low value content and adding affiliate links to every article.

This is called a “thin content” website, and Google hates them.

Add affiliate links to every page along with bad quality articles and you’re on a surefire road to getting no rankings and a website hated by Google.

5. You need more than one website to make good money

Nope, one website is all you need to create a successful affiliate marketing business that makes you money around the clock.

Actually one website is more recommended since focusing on one is going to be easier than trying to build up multiple businesses at a time.

Creating diversity can come later, what’s important in the beginning is getting your first website off of the ground and making money.

Because the sooner you make money, the better. You’ll be motivated to keep going and before you know it you’ll be waking up to new sales every day!

6. You need to get in one of the good niches

What I love about websites and affiliate marketing is that the world is literally your oyster.

All niches are profitable, and I really do mean all niches.

Well, at least 99.99% of them.

As long as there are products to promote in your niche, it can become extremely profitable.

And if you’re unsure of what niche to pursue or how you’re actually going to start your affiliate marketing business, we teach everything over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Why a Website Beats Any Other Online Business

A website is by far my favorite way to make money online.

You don’t get anything in return for your time or money invested at the start, but later on, you get paid dividends over and over again.

That’s the beauty of combining affiliate marketing with a website.

You build it up at the start and when your website ranks, you gain traffic and sales on a daily basis.

It’s exactly like a snowball.

First it starts off small, then when you add more and more snow, even if it’s a little, eventually it gets LARGE.

Now that’s exactly how affiliate marketing + a website works.

You start off with no content and no traffic, until you add little bits of content each day and week, everything picks up.

You add more content, you start to get traffic and make a sale here and there, but after a lengthy period of time, money will be made around the clock.

Where Do You Even Start?

Do you start with a free blogger blog or go all out on a hosting platform?

Do you purchase a website or start brand new?

So many questions and so little time.

I say you start at none of that.


You need to have the right training in order to become successful online.

You can’t fake it till you make it, contrary to popular belief.

So click the link above and begin your free training. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

Do you need help starting an online business? Talk to us in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “How to Build a Website For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. I think you summed up everything very nicely in this article. All the major points you mention are true and although there are much more to know about affiliate marketing for someone new that wants to get a grip of what this online thing is you covered more or less everything. I will just add that for anyone that is considering to start with affiliate marketing it needs huge amounts of determination, time and work as you need to create content all the time in order to add value to your website. No one should expect any success overnight and it can take a couple of years before you start seeing any real progress.

    1. Determination is one of the biggest aspects. If you aren’t determined to put in the work and be patient, you’re not going to get far and that’s what a lot of people lack.

      I’m with you on the couple of years thing. It took me a couple years to make a consistent income, however, I’ve also seen people make a full-time income in a matter of 10 months just with one website.

      Everyone website is different and everyone’s work ethic is different. Just know that you get out what you put in. The more you work, the more rewards you get.

  2. Hello Brandon, you explained everything so well. Having a website today is very important for those people who want to earn online income. I have a health niche website and I am currently fighting with those Google algo updates but just like you said, the most important thing is that we never give up and success will come.

    1. You shouldn’t need to fight with Google if you’re playing by their rules.

      As long as you create high quality, lengthy content, and keep it up for at least 1 whole year, you’re going to see tremendous traction in your online business and you’ll be surprised at how much money you’re making.

  3. I really like the simple step by step guide you gave. I use to write a blog with just content and no affiliate links and I will just put ads in my widgets. But I have come to realize that I was basically losing money. At that time I was thinking that if I put my affiliate links in the content people will not read my content. Actually, people want to read your content and take action immediately. Not many people have time to scroll back up and check the widget for a link. They want to see a link where they see something interesting.

    So, it is really important that you added it as part of the guide.


    1. Haha, that’s exactly what I use to do.

      When I first started, I had no intentions in my content, I was just mindlessly creating articles in the hopes I would get traffic and monetize them later on.

      Well needless to say, the best conversions are when I had an action for my audience to take, whether it be clicking a link to another article, watching a video or even selling them something, it’s better than nothing and it’ll help with sales by a lot.

  4. Hello, 

    This is very well detailed on how to build a website. When I build mine it took me forever and I would give everything to receive some tips and ideas on how to do it. At the time, everybody was asked a lot of money and my budget wasn’t on top to be able to afford them. So, I did it without them but it took me a lot of time.

    So, your article is helpful for newbies. Do you have or do you know of any training for this? 


  5. I’m relatively new to the online business world, still ‘Cutting my teeth’ so to speak. It’s easy to get ‘tunnel’ vision and go off on what track. You’ve written a great article about what is and isn’t expected of ‘Affiliate Marketing.’ Also managing to dispel some of those ‘myths.’ After reading through, it really isn’t rocket science but doe require some hard work and you need to know what it is that you’re doing. It’s tempting at the start to add ‘weak’ content and fill it with links, not good. Google and the other search engines seem to be looking for ‘quality,’ not just a ‘go to’ site.

    Although there is plenty of useful information out there on the web, about how to create your website in the best way, it can take a lot of time and effort to find it and there are no guarantees that it’s the best information. Having a place to go where everything is laid out for you and the training is designed to help you do things the right way and for free, is a major gamechanger.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I use to do that when i first started, added weak content because I thought it was all about quantity.

      Fortunately I have learnt a lot since I started in 2016 and wholeheartedly believe that longer articles are better, do well with Google, build lots of trust with your audience and make you lots of money.

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