How to Deal With Difficult Co Workers

Feel like strangling your co worker, beating him around the head with something hard or maybe even doing something mean to get your revenge?


Well don’t do ANY of that.

You’ll end up in a lot of trouble and more often than not, legal trouble!

Handling a difficult co worker is no easy task, as you’ve probably tried yelling at them many times but had no luck.

It’s okay, don’t freak out because there are other ways to make your time in the workplace much more enjoyable and smooth.

Implement these tried and true methods to ensure you work things out with your co worker but without getting into trouble with the boss or police!

Speak to Whoever’s In Charge

Speaking to the supervisor, boss or whoever’s in charge of your department should be your first line of defense.

However, there’s a right way and wrong way of doing it.

The right way is to tell your supervisor that the person bothering you is doing “this or that” and it’s making you uncomfortable and you don’t like it, then “can you please make them stop?”.

Just that comment and question alone is enough for them to step into action and deal with it.

They’ll probably have a quiet word with that person so nobody else knows and that person might even leave you alone altogether since they know they WILL be in more trouble if they continue bothering you.

The wrong way is to approach the supervisor saying your co worker is crazy and you don’t like him/her.

This is not going to help the situation at all.

Your supervisor is only going to think you’re joking and will laugh it off and nothing will be done about it.

Be Yourself

You should never try and be anyone you’re not.

Be yourself and your co workers will like you for you.

When you are yourself and acting like yourself, you come across as confident and people like that.

Be yourself because you are a likable character, the person you try to be is not who you are so you will just come off as awkward and uncomfortable.

Try and be someone you’re not and you will also feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you won’t know how to react in certain situations and you’ll just be an all round weird person and people will gossip about you.

So just be yourself, do what’s in your job description, be a team player and you and your fellow co workers can achieve great things.

Play Well And Fair

Of course as the old adage goes, treat others the way you want to be treated.

This simply means don’t be a jerk to someone if you want everyone to be nice to you.

If you’re treating others badly, others will treat you badly too. It’s basic reciprocation in human nature.

If you don’t know who the sucker is in the room, it is most probably you (shout out to Tai Lopez!). Ponder on that for a second.

Before you go running to the boss, make sure you aren’t the sucker in the room because you will just look like an idiot and he will laugh at you  because you aren’t even nice to others either.

So the moral of the story: you should always play nice and play fair because that is one of the easiest ways to get people to like you.

Ignore The Childish Games

Difficult co workers usually don’t like most people and they’ll do anything to annoy you and get on your nerves just for the fun of it.

They don’t get along with anyone so what you’re seeing from this person might be normal behavior and they might do it to everyone they come across.

Ignoring this person when they’re in this type of state is the best way to deal with them.

Responding to their childish games will only add fuel to the fire as you’ve probably already found out.

And because they are annoying you on purpose, you will be the one losing if you respond, get mad or shout as that’s exactly what they want.

Don’t Participate in Gossip


Gossip in the workplace is inevitable and it’s certainly not good especially when everyone is doing it!

But keeping it to a minimum is definitely doable and that is why you shouldn’t participate in this type of thing.

When you gossip you do know know if that same person is going to the person you just talked about and telling them everything you just said!

It will make people dislike you even without you knowing it!

People could be talking about you and making others dislike you just because you’re participating in gossip.

Ignore this type of workplace trouble and you won’t have to worry about things you said being passed onto others.


Like I said above, just be yourself and do what’s in your job description.

If you’re still finding difficult to get along with co workers even after implementing these tips, then it might be time to find a new job.

Your co workers can make or break your employment, it’s been proven time and time again.

Getting along with them will make everything run smoothly EVEN if everyone hates the bosses and supervisors, cause then everyone has something in common which is a good thing when trying to get along with someone.

Sharing an enemy creates close bonds my friend, remember that.

Well that concludes this article on dealing with difficult co workers.

Here’s how to deal with a difficult boss if you’re having trouble with that too!

What are your bad experiences with people in the workplace? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “How to Deal With Difficult Co Workers”

  1. Hi Brandon! Thanks for the great post. It can be a nightmare dealing with a difficult person at work. It can be so bad that it will affect your effectiveness and your well-being. Taking to the boss in a calm and collected manner is definitely one way to get your point across!

    I like the general guidance you give of being nice to people and not participating in gossip. Those are sound bit of advice.

    What do you do if the boss you went to does not address the situation. I have worked with supervisors who would rather ignore an issue than deal with the unpleasant conversation that they need to in order to address the problem. What are your thoughts?

    • Thank you Mike. It is certainly one way of staying out of trouble and keeping to yourself so you don’t open yourself up to drama.

      If this does happen, go even higher than your supervisor. I’m sure the bosses boss will tell him to sort it out, and if he doesn’t, try ignoring the difficult person for a while and see if they stop.

      If they still don’t, just quit. Your health and well-being is more important than a toxic work environment!

  2. Ah! this is an entirely different article I ever read. I like the way you said about dealing with co-workers. I faced almost every kind of problems in the workplace. At last, decided to quit my job and started my online business.

    • That’s interesting how you’ve had to deal with almost every situation imaginable. It’s crazy how these sorts of things DRIVE people to do extraordinary things with their life, because I am one of them 🙂

  3. I think everyone who ever worked a 9 till 5 can relate to this article 😉 And I definitely agree with the ‘don’t participate in Gossip: it will only blow everything out of proportion and make things worse.


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