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How to Get Rich Online: Top 3 Methods That Make 5 Figures/Month

These methods have proven to work over and over again and will continue to work for as long as the internet exists.

Wealthy Businessman

Listen and listen very carefully.

I have been making money online for 3 years now, have talked to multiple super affiliates and done a lot of digging around.

Below you will find some screenshots of super affiliates I have talked to recently about blogging and making a tonne of money online.

Before I was working from home full-time, I was joining scams that only took my money and ran.

No doubt this has happened to you, and it’s not your fault because it happens to almost everyone that tries to make money online.

I want to share with you some things I’ve discovered over the years and some things about the online world, behind the scenes and what you truly need to do to become rich online.

This is a no BS approach and I am giving you nothing but cold hard truth inside this article, so enjoy every second of it!

What You Will Get Out Of This Article

You will get the TOP 3 best methods people use to make 5 figures per month online.

If you search up on Google “how to get rich”, most websites will tell you to fill out surveys, watch ads, sell your own stuff, start a blog, etc.

But these are all just BS methods because they don’t go into detail.

You’re still left scratching your head wondering how the top dogs are becoming millionaires with the power of the internet and have time to sit at the beach all day when you’re slaving away for hours only earning a few dollars from filling out surveys.

Well first and foremost, congratulations for finding this page and doing your own research.

And secondly, you are about to discover the top 3 best methods of becoming extremely rich on the internet (plus a bonus at the end).

And don’t worry, I will go into as much detail as I possibly can so you can get started on your online business today!

A word of warning before we move forward: If you’re afraid of hard work and don’t want to invest hours per day into an online business, turn back now because you are doomed to fail and the shiny object to make you rich instantly that you’re looking for, you’re never going to find because it doesn’t exist.

1. Create A Funnel and Build a List

A funnel is exactly how some of the super affiliates are making an absolute killing on the internet.

These super affiliates are making upwards of $10,000 to $50,000 per month and oftentimes even more.

Why? This approach WORKS, and it’ll work for as long as the internet exists.

The concept is simple but it’s not easy.

Simple in the sense that it’s proven to work and the only thing that’ll stop you from succeeding is your ability to work hard and test things.

A funnel looks exactly like this:

I’m not the most artistic person on this planet so please don’t judge me on my MS: Paint funnel I just put together 🙂

But you get the idea of a basic funnel.

It goes like this.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Leads
  • Sales

First you create awareness by sending traffic to something such as a landing page, you create interest with your offer (usually something free like an e-book you wrote), capture their email address, offer value to them and then sell to them when you earn their trust.

Lets go into more detail so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Step 1: Create a lead capturing page

You will see lead capturing pages all over the internet, in every niche imaginable.

A lead capturing page usually consists of an enticing offer in exchange for their email address.

For example: an offer could be of an e-book you wrote, a video or a free e-course, etc.

It can be anything BUT you have to make sure it’s free and you have to emphasize it is free.

If you say it’s free and then on the other side ask for money, you have instantly lost their trust and they will likely never open your emails again (and probably unsubscribe).

To earn trust is to be truthful, never lie and always provide high value, but more on that in a second.

So the entire concept behind the lead capture page is to make people know it is there, make them interested with your offer and then get their email address.

Step 2: Follow-up emails

Have you noticed you get a lot of emails but only open a specific few from certain people?

Those are from the people you trust and you continue to open their emails because you enjoy their content.

Well, that’s the goal you want to achieve when people subscribe to your emails.

You want to be sending out free, valuable information that they’re going to WANT to open your emails as soon as you send them.

Now don’t go thinking you have to manually send out emails to every person.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we have things that are automated and that’s why when you get enough traffic to your lead capture page and you have a solid follow-up email sequence, money WILL be flowing into your bank account.

You can sign up with Aweber today, completely free of charge just by signing up below.

Powered by AWeber

And that brings me to my next point, getting traffic.

Step 3: Get traffic to your lead capture page

Creating a lead capture page and emails is the easy part, the most difficult is actually getting traffic that are interested in you, your content and your offers.

There is traffic everywhere on the internet.

Everywhere you look there are people searching for things, people hungry for a solution to their problem, people trying to find the answers to their questions.

My friend, traffic is everywhere but that does NOT mean all traffic is the same.

You have to find traffic in your niche that are looking to solve an issue.

You swoop in with your lead capture page and hopefully they see your offer and put their email address in.

And usually where there’s one person looking for something, there are much more looking for the exact same solution.

Do not limit yourself to a few traffic sources either, because the best way to find a winner is to test, test and test some more.

Even when you’re making a killing, even the top dogs still try new things, try different traffic sources, etc.

Remember this is the hard part but once you find the golden nugget, the world is your oyster and you will make a lot of money.

Step 4: Provide value, value and more value

You need to be providing valuable content on a frequent basis.

Give free stuff, give lots of free stuff.

Create e-books, create cheatsheets, create e-courses, create everything and give them away.

You don’t even have to write a 5000 word e-book because most of the time it won’t get read by your audience.

Even a 500 word cheatsheet on solving any problem in your niche will work wonders at building trust.

For example: First overseas visit cheatsheet, baking the best banana cake cheatsheet, golf stance cheatsheet.

It could be about anything in your niche but you have to remember that it has to solve a problem or it’ll be worthless.

People don’t have time to read nonsense these days, not with the many distractions in our faces like social media and funny cat videos, lol.

Make it simple, make it effective and make it pop so they keep coming back for more.

That’s the ultimate secret to providing value and building strong trust and loyalty with your audience so they will continue buying from you over and over again.

Step 5: Sell but be smart about it

Remember how I said provide content that your subscribers will actually take action on or get something good out of it?

It’s the same when you’re selling something to them.

You want to sell something that they will use, not what they should use.

There’s a difference between the two and it’s a huge difference.

Let me explain it in more detail.

Everyone’s got something that everyone should use, there’s no doubt about it but not everyone is going to try out everything that jumps out at them.

Just because they should use it, doesn’t mean they will.

Try an alternative and more powerful approach, and that is to sell them something that they will definitely use.

The logic behind it: If you sell them something that they will use, they’re more likely to purchase your next offer without question and use that product too. You are creating returning customers who love to buy from you because what you sell them works and they love how it makes their life better.

On the other hand, sell a product that they won’t even use, they’re not going to purchase off you again because you’re only selling junk.

See where I’m going with this? Good.


You now know one of the top methods that big internet marketers are using to make 5-6 figures per month online.

And those aren’t even exaggerated figures.

It’s proven thousands of times to be the most powerful internet marketing method, but ONLY when it’s done correctly.

And that means providing high quality content completely free and selling things they use and love so they keep coming back for more.

Now onto one of the other big money makers that top internet marketers are using, and that is combining blogging with affiliate marketing!

2. Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

Okay, just hear me out here because this isn’t your typical “start a blog and make money” article that you’ll find everywhere on the internet.

I’m going to give you complete insight into what this method involves, HOW to go about it, proof of traffic, proof of earnings and why this is one of the best methods to make money on the internet.

And if you haven’t already guessed it, this is my favorite method and it’s the one I use to make the majority of my income online 😛

Lets get to it!

Step 1: Create a blog

You’ve heard too many times that you need to create a blog in order to make money.

But that’s only half the truth.

Anyone can create a blog (especially in 2019), it’s not that difficult, even my 80 y/o grandma can do it.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically start making money because there’s more to it than that.

That’s why creating a blog is my recommended choice for newbies because it’s the very first step to online success and it’s the easiest out of them all.

I recommend SiteRubix for the simple reason that it’s free and have some of the fastest hosting in the world and the most secure websites, all for free, of course.

Step 2: Choose a niche

Choose something you’re passionate about or at the very least, something you want to learn more about.

With my first successful blog I went with the niche that I wanted to learn more about and that has become hugely successful.

It is called campingmastery.com and I am so proud of that website and how far it has come.

It wasn’t my passion, I just had an interest in it.

So writing about it and learning about that interest along with making money kept me wanting more and allowed me to continue working on it.

And before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a screenshot of the income this site ALONE was earning me about 10 months after I started it.

Also, one huge mistake people make when first choosing a niche is that they take too long to choose one.

I’m not even kidding.

They can take weeks to choose a niche and sometimes not even choose one at all and end up not doing anything.

That’s why you should never spend more than 2 days deciding on a niche to pursue.

Don’t worry about competition!

They take too long to choose a niche because they think their choice is too competitive, or there’s just not enough people wanting to learn more about their niche.

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet, I guarantee you there are hundreds of thousands of people interested in the same things as you are.

My advice to you: Choose a niche you’re passionate about or want to learn more about. You will surpass competition with high quality, frequent articles which I will talk about below.

Step 3: Create content and rank (the only ranking factors that matter)

Let me tell you right now that you do not need to know any fancy tricks to get in Googles good books.

Don’t let people tell you that you need thousands of backlinks from other trusted websites or that you need to use blackhat methods to make you rank faster.

There’s only a few TRUE ranking factors that have come straight from the horses mouth (Google) and it will stay that way for as long as the internet exists.

Here’s how traffic looks overtime. This is not instant stuff, it takes time and patience and that’s why only those who stick it out long enough see fruitful results.

So what are these factors?

  • Unique content (not plagiarized or copied from other websites)
  • Word count
  • Quality (lots of value and not garbage)
  • Post frequency

If you continue to pump out lots of high quality content on a frequent basis, you will most definitely stand out from the crowd and surpass others that only have low quality content and thousands of backlinks.

Content is king and that will never ever die down my friend.

Here’s even more proof of high earning individuals emphasizing that quality and consistent content is where it’s at! (Yes, personally messaged to me)

Before we move onto the next step I first want to talk about word count because there’s a lot of confusion about this specific ranking factor.

People will often times ask me what’s the best word count for your articles.

The answer is; “write until you cover the topic”.

Write until you’ve covered everything on that topic.

There’s no magic formula to it. Some articles require 3000-4000 words, some need 1500 and some only need 500.

It all depends on the topic and the message you’re trying to get across.

However, do keep in mind that the average top 3 spots on Google have over 2000 words.

So if you want the FASTEST way to climb the ranks, it will be with long articles added to your blog on a frequent basis (at least 3x per week)

And just throw in some 1000 word articles every now and to make it appear that you’re not trying to “game” the system by just providing big articles.

Step 4: Monetize your articles

The simplest way to make money, in my opinion, is with affiliate marketing and I will always back that up.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is when you promote a product and earn a commission when someone buys.

The good news is that affiliate marketing is growing each and every year.

Product owners are finding out that about this wonderful thing called “affiliate marketing” and jumping on board.

That’s why there are products up for promoting in pretty much every niche imaginable.

And the best and easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing is?

Bingo…review articles!

Do a mixture of review and helpful, informative articles and be sure to sprinkle affiliate links throughout your review articles because that’s how you make money from them.

However, don’t think you’re going to create one review article and laugh your way all the way to bank.

The magic happens when you have 50 articles, 100 articles and especially 1000 articles.

The more articles you have on the internet, the more exposure you get in the search engines, the more clicks you get and the more money you make.

It’s a numbers game and when you understand that, making money online is a complete game changer.

Go here for the Wealthy Affiliate, the free best affiliate marketing training platform on the internet!

3. Dropshipping With E-commerce Products

Dropshipping is the act of selling physical products that aren’t even yours, receiving the money from the buyer and then ordering the product from the manufacturer to the buyers address.

This means you can set your own price and make it more expensive than the actual price and keep the profits for yourself.

I have not tried dropshipping myself but I definitely know that big earners are making more than $10,000 per month with it!

But keep in mind that dropshipping is actually more difficult than blogging because you have to find a winning product with the right traffic, and that requires a hefty investment.

The investment needed is much more than creating a simple blog.

Those who do invest in traffic make little to no money because you actually need thousands of people to your online store to make any money out of it.

So keep that in mind if you decide to go this route.

However, it is also a huge money maker when you do some testing and find a winner.

Step 1: Create your online store

This approach might be better for you if you’re not interested in writing content on a frequent basis, because there is no content creation needed other than a few basic colors and themes you need to choose for your online store.

The most popular online store that anyone can use is Shopify.

They are the biggest and most trusted and also my recommendation if you decide to get into dropshipping.

The process is fairly simple and even designed so newbies can jump in and get started without being confused.

Step 2: Choose your products

Similar to a blog, you need a niche for your online store.

Your niche may be basketball items if you’re into basketball or camping gear if you’re a camper, like me :p

Whatever product you choose, just know that you have to stick with that theme throughout your online store.


Because the more focused you are on one particular thing, the higher the chance you’ll make more sales from one person.

They came to your store for a reason and that reason might’ve been because they saw an anime mug one of your ads.

They clicked the ad because it intrigued them and they wanted to learn more about that product.

It just makes total sense to have more of the same theme thing available for different products.

They will continue “browsing” and in the end make more purchases!

Step 3: Get traffic

Getting traffic to a dropshipping store is certainly not easy if you go with free methods, which is to build up a following on social media and periodically linking to your store.

This is the absolute worst way to go about it and you’ll most likely give up before making your first sale, and that’s not even exaggerating.

The big earners…the ones making 5 figures per month…they are investing money into ads on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google AdWords, Instagram, etc.

They know free traffic + dropshipping simply doesn’t work and they know exactly what does work.

And the only thing that makes a good return on investment is paid advertising.

If you’re looking for free traffic methods while waiting the long game, stick to blogging as there is minimal investment required other than your time and patience.

With dropshipping, you need a heck of a lot of investment to put into ads because your first 5 campaigns might be crash landers and you might make little to nothing.

What to do: The secret is to invest small amounts of money into different methods until you find one that works and makes you a profit, then you 10x what made you lots of money and then see how much ROI you can get.

What not to do: Do not, and I repeat, do not bang $1000 into on ad campaign expecting to make bank without doing any prior testing, because in reality you MIGHT make some sales but it’s going to be minuscule and you won’t even make a quarter of your investment back.

Bonus Method: Create a Membership Site (The Hidden Gem)

Membership sites are an absolute gold mine when you do it the right way and the reason why I included it in this article.

The potential for 5-6 figures per month is there and so many people with membership sites are making a killing it’s not funny.

However, it is also a lot difficult to get involved in since you need a website already established with a lot of great content on it.

Also you have to build up trust with your audience and prove that you have even better content than what you can find for free on the internet.

But even though it is difficult to gain this level of trust, check out the insane stats and you’ll quickly realize just how powerful this method really is.

Lets say you’ve priced your membership site at $20 per month.

10 subscribers = $200 per month
50 subscribers = $1000 per month
200 subscribers = $4000 per month
1000 subscribers = $10,000 per month

See where I’m going with this? It’s just another numbers game.

The more subscribers you have, the more money you make.

And you could step it up even further by providing different levels of memberships.

Make a Bronze, Silver and Diamond, all with different prices and perks.

If someone doesn’t want to pay $20 each month, they have the ability to get a bronze membership which you priced at $5 per month and it’ll be more money in your pocket and a subscriber you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t have that lower membership level.

Well there You Have It, The Top 3 Methods to Making BIG Dollars on the Internet (+ a bonus)

You have just read the top methods that big internet dogs are using right at this moment to make upwards of 5-6 figures per month on the internet.

You asked for it and I provided you with the solutions and answers you were looking for.

Now it is in your hands to choose which route you will take with one of the methods I have provided.

Keep in mind that all of them work 100% without a doubt.

However, you are limited on your ability to work and how far you can push yourself to reach new heights and try new things.

I am a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer

The majority of my income I make online is from my blogs which I have on the internet with content I wrote months and even years ago, receiving traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because all my blogs are monetized with affiliate marketing, I earn money around the clock even while I’m sleeping.

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m just explaining what I do and how it helps me have more time to do the things I really like doing instead of working a normal 9-5 job everyday and answering to a boss and co-workers.

But you’re not here for that and we’re getting off-topic so stay with me as I explain why blogging is my recommended method out of the 4 mentioned in this article.

Why I Prefer Blogging Over Anything Else

My recommended method out of all these is hands down blogging monetized with affiliate marketing.

Sure, it takes a lot of time, patience, hard work and consistency but in the end it is all worth it.

In the end you could be making 5-6 figures per month all on complete autopilot because your blog grows with time and nurture.

It won’t grow with nurture alone, it takes months and years to get to the level only others can dream about.

And that level is making you thousands of dollars per month without lifting a single finger as all the articles you done throughout the months and years beforehand will all make you money.

This is why I prefer blogging over any other method out there.

It is essentially an autopilot approach.

The other methods require a lot of investment and a lot of testing.

Blogging is the most simplest approach and one with the best rewards and that’s why I will always choose blogging over anything else!

Where Do You Even Start?

Well my friend, I have got you covered and I want to show you exactly how I went from making 0 figures online, to 2, to 3 and then eventually 4.

But this is only the beginning of my online journey.

Soon enough – since I’m being consistent – I will make an easy 5 figures per month and that’s the beauty of this affiliate marketing thing.

I can make more than what normal 9-5 jobs can earn me.

So before I go off on another rant, I want to show you something called Wealthy Affiliate.

They teach you how to make your own online blogging business and the exact steps it takes to make multiple figures per month online.

And yes there is a free trial that goes indefinitely and does not require a credit card to sign up.

I could go on and on about why this is the biggest thing since 2004, because that’s how long they’ve been helping people create real online businesses for, but I’d rather you see what you get for yourself.

Take me to the Wealthy Affiliate NOW (Free trial for life!)

Well thank you for reading this article and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. So many people have been looking for a means to make cool cash from the internet but very few have had the privilege of getting the right information which points to the right direction with which success is guaranteed. Thanks a million for taking out time to research on this topic and even going as far as contacting some successful super affiliates. This will go a long way in helping those who have interest in making 5 figures from the internet. 

    • I couldn’t find any article laid out in a step-by-step manner that showed the top ways to make money online, so I decided to put one together myself 🙂

      And super affiliates know a lot of stuff, it’s just a matter of reaching out and getting a golden nugget from each and every one of them.

      Glad you got something good out of this article buddy.

  2. My resolution for this year is to start making money online. I didn’t really understand about it until you’ve written about it thoroughly here. Thanks so much for writing about affiliate marketing. Do you have any idea how long usually people start to earn some money online? And also, is it really possible to make a full-time income just by working online? Thanks for your explanation

    • I sure do.

      It can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months.

      It all depends on your work ethic and how committed you are.

      If you’re not committed, you’re not going to strive as hard and you’ll only half-ass everything. And yes, of course you can make affiliate marketing a full-time job!


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