How to Make Money With Review Articles

Making money online is a real thing and 100% possible in 2019.

Although there are thousands of ways to make money online, one thing’s for sure, review blogs is one of the easiest ways to achieving such success.

In this article I want to break down WHY review articles rank so well, why they are getting so many searches, why you should do it and why these typical articles will never die down.

I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions so you can walk away from this article with a clear plan and on the road to financial freedom.

Enjoy 🙂

What Is A Review?


When you buy a product, often times you will use it for a few days or even weeks and then come up with your own conclusion.

Whether it’s a digital product or physical product, after a while you will know if it’s good and if you invested wisely or got ripped off.

You can now give your feedback on this product and provide your own opinion.

That is called a review…you are compiling information you know about a product and giving your own opinion.

Reviews are everywhere on the internet.

People looking to buy things on the internet and don’t want to waste their money on something that doesn’t stand up to the claims search for reviews to avoid getting ripped off.

Reviews are wanted by everyone that shops online and in 2019 most people are buying things on the internet!

It’s growing each and every year and the reason why review blogs are becoming increasingly popular.

So the definition of a review article is…?

An unbiased (or sometimes biased) opinion on a product or service.

People provide their opinion on something either they’ve used or done extensive research on to help others make a more informed decision.

Why Do People Write Reviews?

For the most part, most e-commerce websites provide an option for buyers to provide their opinion on the product they purchased.

Of course they have to be a confirmed buyer before they are allowed to give a rating.

A small percentage of everyday people write reviews on e-commerce websites just to help out others who may also be looking to purchase the same item.

They receive nothing in return other than the happiness they get from helping others.

The rest of the percentage are from affiliate marketers, which is how you actually make money by reviewing products.

This website is a review/information blog and so are my other blogs, all receiving traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and making a passive income.

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting products and earning commissions.

For example: somebody has to click your link and make a purchase. You earn a percentage of what they paid and the rest goes to the product owner.

Commissions earned online vary with different products and companies.

Some websites like Clickbank have up to 75% commission rates, where as Amazon has 3-8%.

However, the difference is that Amazon is trusted, reputable and has 24-hour cookies, meaning everything purchased within the next 24 hours, you make commissions.

Some people do their entire Christmas shopping on Amazon and you could be the lucky one to make all the commissions!

How to Make Money With Review Articles

So now you know that every man and his dog are searching up reviews to find whether they’re getting a good deal or not on a specific product or service, I’m going to explain how to actually profit off of it.

Step 1: Create a blog

I know, I know, you’ve heard it thousands of times already that you need to start a blog if you want to make money.

And that’s because it’s so true.

But those same people don’t tell you what you’re suppose to do on that blog.

And…well…creating a blog for your reviews is somewhat a start to your online money making journey, but it isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing.

Don’t know where to start? SiteRubix is what I started with and became hugely successful with it 🙂

2. Choose a niche

Let me explain why a niche is highly important when it comes to blogging and creating reviews.

Google wants to rank the utmost best content it can find for specific keywords (the most authoritative in a category, if you will).

And when you can show Google you know a lot about a topic, it can do wonders in the ranking department.

Here’s why:

Google will rank a blog higher on “weight loss for dogs” than a typical dog blog where they talk about everything.

The key with a niche is to dive into a sub-niche.

Don’t go too narrow though. “Exercising for puppies under 1 year” is a micro niche and it’s too narrow.

You’ll run out of products to review and articles to write.

Plus Google will notice what you’re trying to do and not give you any rankings.

You want to leave room for expansion and growth so you can make your review blog a full-time job (eventually).

Step 3: Create content

Content, content, content.

Content is king and always will be, there’s no getting around it.

Content is king because one big ranking factor is creating high quality content on a consistent basis.

And the way to make money with them is to sprinkle affiliate links throughout your content so readers actually click your links and make a purchase.

Content are reviews on products in your niche.

For example: If you’re trying to help skinny teenagers build muscle, you will review muscle building products and provide your own opinion on them.

And trust me, the fitness industry is bigger than ever and there’s a whole lot of room for growth in every niche imaginable.

How to Set Up Your Reviews

All review articles are different, everyone has their own unique approach.

However, in my experience with my own review blogs, the best performers are when you mix it up and not stick to one format.

Sticking to one format makes your articles very similar and boring, and Google is not a fan of that.

Google loves long, unique and value-rich content.

And the only way to do that is by writing different headings, being completely honest and changing your format every week or 2.

Every successful blog I have seen so far are always changing their format and not staying with one thing.

So the way to set out your reviews is by not copying anyone else and doing your own thing instead.

Google will love your blog for your own approach and at the end of the day Google is all you need to please.

When you can get on Googles good side, you can make a lot of money.

But for the sake of explaining myself in detail, I’m going to give you a couple of ways you can set out your review.

Example #1



-Brief summary

-Product description

-The features

-What you like

-What you don’t like

-Pros and cons


Example #2


-What is the _product_

-The features

-How it works

-The price & where to purchase

-The good

-The bad

-What others are saying about the _product_

-The verdict

There are thousands of possibilities you can use but the examples above are just a basic format of what you could do for your own blog.

Don’t Fret About Competition

Competition is your friend.

It shows that people are ranking and making big dollars with something you could be doing right as we speak.

Money is being made in every corner of the internet, and if you don’t have your slice of the pie yet, you are missing out on big dollars and leaving a lot of money on the table.

You see, competition is a weak factor when it comes to ranking websites.

As I said above, consistent, high quality content will outrank websites that aren’t working as hard as you are.

I wouldn’t be scared of competition if I was you.

I think competition should be scared of you and that’s how I always look at it when I create a new blog.

If you know for a fact you are working harder than everyone else, you have nothing to worry about as your hard work will be recognized sooner or later.

You’re going to surpass websites you thought were giants and receiving more traffic and income than they are!

Don’t JUST Focus On Reviews

Review blogs are becoming extremely popular, and Google is already punishing those who JUST provide reviews.

The absolute worst are the blogs that have the same titles for pretty much every article.

I’m not going to expose any names here, but here’s an example of a website that has the exact same titles on all articles, which are all reviews might I add and doesn’t even try to provide guides or other helpful information.

Just check out that massive downfall.

A great example of why you need to mix up your articles with reviews and informative/helpful/guides and not try to game the system.

I bet this dude made an absolute killing with over 500 articles before he got punished by Google, and there are many more blogs getting hit by the same update.

That’s why I’m emphasizing that review articles are great and an easy way of making money online, but you have to be responsible with your approach.

A good ratio is 50/50 or even 60% reviews and 40% guides.

Where Should You Place Your Affiliate Links?

Becoming an affiliate is how you will make money with review articles, because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re doing it for!

I have found that the best places to put your affiliate links are at the start of the article, usually on a summary or introduction, call-to-actions and at the end of the article.

“Check Price” call to actions work very well and gives your viewers and incentive to click the button and check the price.

And of course, when they click, the cookie is stored in their browser and if they decide to buy, you make a commission.

How Long Does it take to Make Your First Dollar?

In my experience, making your first dollar with a blog and affiliate marketing is a timely process, but once it begins, it just gets bigger and better as long as you’re consistent.

Back in September of 2017, I explained in detail that it takes about 3-6 months of consistent posting to get noticed by Google, get trusted with your unique content and ranked on the first page.

However, it’s not uncommon to make money before your posts get ranked on the first page.

Because you will still be getting traffic even on pages 2 and 3, making it possible to make money in your first month of starting your blog!

That will only happen if you’re constantly working on your business at least every second day and not making excuses though.

I’ve reached out to some big online earners and checked out their websites.

Those that make 4-5 figures per month are the ones that are always creating content and putting it out there for the world to see.

They get ranked and make a passive income.

An article a week is simply not enough, and although you might make money after a while, it’s not going to be enough for explosive growth.

For explosive growth, consistent daily work is required and THAT’S how you get to where you want to be my friend.

Where to Start

I have just explained exactly how to make big dollars with review articles, however, without a plan or any type of direction, it is just a dream that will stay a dream until you know where to start.

Well, the best affiliate training platform on the internet is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It is what I used to make 4 figures online and the very first system that didn’t lie and ACTUALLY delivered the claims it promised.

What do they teach?

They teach you exactly what affiliate marketing is, how to start a blog, how to write content that ranks and everything else in between.

They teach you how to become an authority in your niche so everyone comes to you for information.

And yes, that includes Google 🙂

And with boatloads of traffic comes money.

It’s a simple process and everything is step-by-step with a massive community willing to help you in any way they can.

Go here for the Wealthy Affiliate

Well that’s it for this article.

I hope you found everything you were looking for and if you didn’t, hit me up in the comments below!

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