If You Dropped Dead Today You Would Probably Be Replaced In a Week

When I read this statement; if you suddenly dropped dead today you could be replaced in a week at your job.

I couldn’t believe how true it was and it got me thinking.

I was in the meat works when I heard this statement and I was thinking to myself, “wow, I’m working my butt off to contribute as much as I can to this company but I’m actually a no one”.

At first it sounds a little far-fetched but to be honest, a big company like that has so many workers and backups it’s not funny.

You can literally be replaced the exact same day.

But what if it’s a smaller company?

Do the same rules apply?

Highly likely and I’ll explain why in this article.

I Was Always Doing My Best To Please Everyone Else

No matter what job I was doing, I aimed to be the best at it and perform to the best of my ability.

But after a while it just got tiring and it made me unhappy.


You don’t get more money by working harder or faster.

Most of the time you don’t even get a thank you.

What was really happening was that I was only making the company more money and in return getting absolutely nothing.

Not to mention that if you work beyond what they set you, they expect you to do even more but with the exact same wage!

You would probably be replaced in a week if you dropped dead today and there is more truth to that than you care to admit my friend.

I Thought I Was Valuable

It’s in our nature to do our best, to work harder to please the people in charge.

But you don’t have time for yourself when you’re constantly trying to please others.

Because I was always one step ahead of everyone else, I had a feeling that I was doing great things but sadly this wasn’t the case and it only caused more people to walk all over me.

Going as hard as I can all the time I thought I was valuable to the company and when I became unhappy with all the problems that came with it, I didn’t want to leave since they would be losing a valuable worker.

But of course, like I said, it wouldn’t be hard to replace me considering everyone’s looking for a job these days.

I Changed My Mindset

I decided I wasn’t going to bust my ass off anymore and the feeling of guiltiness suddenly went away.

I didn’t feel bad about leaving the company anymore since they could get someone else to replace me…just…like…that.

I felt a sense of freedom and not tied down anymore, and I think that is highly important when it comes to not feeling guilty.

It is not about leaving the company in hard times, it’s about doing you and going for what you believe in.

Listen to me very carefully:

It is not your business so don’t treat it as such.

You have to let go from all things holding you back and realize you have dreams and ambitions that you need to accomplish yourself.


I hope you realize after reading this article that living your life the way you want is the most important thing you could ever do.

Don’t stay in a job you hate just because you are the best at it and without you the company might fail.

It won’t, they will find a way around it like they always have.

And if they do fail, it just proves that you are amazing and you are way too good for that company and it was inevitable for it to fail anyway.

Thanks for your time and if you have questions about this article please ask away in the comments below.

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