Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Not Worth $1497 In My Books

Does Inbox Blueprint 2.0 work and will it allow you to quit your day job?inbox-blueprint-2.0

Despite it being pitched like crazy by every man and his dog, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Because there’s so many scams on the internet these days, it’s likely that this system is one of them.

However, I’m not one to judge without some extensive research first.

So lets delve straight into it and see what I can dig up 🙂

At a Glance

Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0


Owner: Anik Singal

Price to Join: $1497 or 3 payments of $597

My Rating: 2/5

2.0 out of 5 stars

About Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Who Created this System

It is created by a man called Anik Singal.

He is no newbie to the internet marketing world.

In fact, he has created two other online businesses already–Profit Academy and Publish Academy–both courses being very successful.

When did it Launch

It has been around for a couple of years now.

According to the Whois information, the domain name was registered in 2013.

However, I don’t think it was launched until early December 2016, or late 2015.

But because it’s getting a lot of traction now, more people are discovering it and writing reviews.

Why did he Create it?

Anik Singal’s mission is to change lives, to help other people escape the 9-5 rat race and make a living on the internet.

The Claims

This information I’ve compiled below were found on the landing page itself, so this what you get after purchasing the Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

  • This is supposedly the quickest business model on the internet to start profiting
  • It is an automated business model so you make passive income
  • It is 100% done-for-you and does not require much action on your part
  • It is a 5-step system
  • Unlimited support
  • Access to live training from Anik himself – 4 times per month
  • 24/7 active community
  • + much more

So What Exactly is Inbox Blueprint 2.0


The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 system is all about creating a landing page, collecting leads, sending your leads helpful information and then profiting when you sell something.

Essentially that is how the whole system works.

The Process Broken Down

1. Choose a Niche – Over 30 Niches

There is a little over 30 niches for you to choose from.

They say: “not all passion is profitable”, so they make you choose from any of their top niches which are all proven to work.

If you wish to have your own niche anyway, they teach you how to see if it’s profitable or not.

2. Build a Landing Page

The next step is to build a landing page.

This is the page where your visitors put their email address, so it needs to be captivating, unique, and offer something good in return.

3. The Autoresponder (Automates the Whole Process)

When somebody enters their email address, they are sent an automatic message (created by you beforehand).

You can send emails to your leads every day, every second day or even mix it up with whatever sequence you desire.

However, autoresponders require monthly payment and is not included in the purchase.

This means an extra $20 or so is needed upfront; depending on which company you choose.

Some of them offer 30-day free trials as well.

4. Building a Relationship

No list is good without a relationship with your subscribers.

Building a relationship requires immense work and dedication.

You do this by providing value to your leads rather than just pitching products in every email.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 teaches you everything about building everlasting, strong relationships so you can make money over and over again.

5. Getting Traffic

This is the hardest but most important part.

Without traffic there is nobody to sell your offers to. Traffic = PEOPLE!

You can pay to get traffic or do it the free way, which is the most time-consuming.

However, if you wish to pay for traffic you better have a good investment and a great landing page, because if you don’t you may not even profit.

Are People Really Making Money?

People have and still are making money with Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

The process works and will continue to work so long as the internet exists.

This is because the business model is great and a completely viable way to make money on the internet.

I’ve seen many reviews on this system from people who’ve used it and made money. So yes, people are actually making money with Inbox Blueprint.

Any Red Flags?

There wasn’t many red flags that caught my eye apart from the usual hype.

There are a couple of hooks in the landing page that make people think no work is required, when this is simply not the case.

Anik Singal claim that it is 100% automated. However, it is automated AFTER all the hard work is done.

And even then you still need to hold a solid relationship with your subscribers otherwise they won’t purchase what you’re offering.

Does it Cost to Join?

You can join the official website here:

The price to join is $1497, otherwise 3 payments of $597.

There is no free trial but they do offer a money-back guarantee (although I’m not sure how long this goes for).

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money
  • It is passive income when the ball gets rolling


  • Too expensive especially for newbies
  • No free trial available
  • Not good for beginners since building trust is difficult even for advanced internet marketers

Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 a Scam?

Inbox Blueprint is not a scam and a legit way of making money online.

It has a community of like-minded people so you can get support as soon as you need it.

The concept actually WORKS and will continue to work as long as you can hold a good relationship with your subscribers.

In saying that, the price and cons is what made me give this system 2/5 stars.


Not everyone has $1497 to fork out.

You have to know what you’re doing if you wish to start profiting as soon as possible.

I’m a huge believer that get-rich-quick-schemes do not work.

So if you want to make fast money, change your mindset right now because it is still slow income just like any other program out there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the quickest or not, it still requires immense work and patience before you start seeing income.

But other than that, it is legit and not a scam.


What I Recommend

Building a successful online business does NOT require $1497.

Actually, I know a system that offers a free trial – it doesn’t promote hype like the Inbox Blueprint.

You will make money as long as you follow the training and be persistent with it.

I can’t comprehend why Inbox Blueprint asks for such a high price because we are in an age where online businesses can be created for as little as $49 per month.

What am I talking about?

It is the Wealthy Affiliate and it allowed me to quit my day job and do this whole blogging thing full-time.

If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get started on something you might not even finish, stay away from IB at all costs!

If you wish to start for free, then go here for Wealthy Affiliate.

Have anything to add to this article? Let us know in the comment section below!

42 thoughts on “Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – Not Worth $1497 In My Books”

  1. Hey Brandon,
    Great review on Inbox Blueprint. This is very helpful for people who are searching for a better way to earn income.

    I’m familiar with Anik Singal through my investigating his Lurn Academy (yes, yet another one). I did not sign up. The same points can apply for that one, too. Whenever you read or hear words like fast, easy, instant or little to no work involved you can be sure you’re hearing hype!

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. Hi Brandon,
    I see what you mean about Inbox Blueprint, Their business model is to get people all in up front without giving them a chance to try it first. Would you buy a car without taking it for a spin… Not me! Very informative thanks!

    1. There is no free trial, but what gets me the most is the outrageous price tag. They promote hype with words like “fast, auto-pilot, passive, easy”, just to get people excited and hand their money over. Then it’s a massive payday for Anik Singal and the affiliate.

  3. Thank you for this! That is a lot of money to get started in some thing you don’t know if you will succeed at. I appreciate you taking the time to research this and share it with us!

    1. Absolutely. I know I would never pay $1500 for a hyped-up system. Everything they teach can be found free on the internet anyway!

      1. You’re wrong. The price comes with the LaunchPad, which automates a lot of things such as your lead magnets creation, email swipe copies which could take a lot more money if to hire freelancers to do the job. Copywriting is not cheap.

        1. It automates everything such as the landing page you’ll be sending your visitors to, initial email swipes for the first few emails and that’s it. After that you have to build the trust yourself. It is a blueprint but you do need to do a lot of thinking yourself too!

  4. Hey Brandon. This Inbox Blueprint 2.0 sounds a lot like AWOL Academy with Keala Kanae. Definitely a legit way to make money, but definitely not easy and a free trial is not provided. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for just about 3 months now. I’ve got a solid website and have learned so much. My website was up and running before I paid anything to go to premium for further training and the community support. Thanks for your article, I appreciate it!

    1. I think I’ve heard about the AWOL Academy before. It definitely does ring a bell.

      Good to see another fellow WA member seeing traction in their online business. Keep at it and you will discover great things online.

    1. At least you’ve taken the first step to escaping the rat race. Hope all is well with your business, just reach out if you need a hand.

  5. Thank you! Amazing that there are so many that want to take our last dime. We beginners don’t have many dimes to start with anyhow. Thus far, WA is definitely the best for getting things up and going. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your honest feedback and for your “easy to follow” instructions. I loved reading this and found it very interesting so I went ahead and checked Wealthy Affiliate out. Sure enough it has been a great site to go through. Thank you for your help! keep it up!

    1. Hello Hannah.

      Well thanks for reading and checking it out. Being consistent and persistent is key within your online business, so never forget that.

  7. Thank you for the inbox blueprint review. I learned a lot from your article. I’ve been scammed a few times in the online world. I found the review very honest and very informative. I found the price too expensive for most people. I don’t like the fact they don’t even offer free trial, and not many people can afford this. If they offer trial version I wound probably give it a try.

    1. I’ve also been scammed through the many available scam sites on the internet. It is not nice when you pay hundreds of dollars and end up earning the big zero.

      They would probably get more sign ups and money made if they actually offered the free trial to be honest. However, it is their program and not mine so I couldn’t care less 🙂

  8. Thank you for your review. I have never heard about inbox blueprint, but it looks like one of many high-priced ticket items online marketers created as sales funnels. I have seen and been through so many of them! They are not really a scam, but they are looking for newbies who don’t know too much and willing to pay to make money. For this purpose, there are many done-for-you systems out there, but I agree with you, that marketers need to be persistent in order to be really successful. We should look for the system that teaches us how to fish, instead of giving us fish.

    1. Yep. They’ve been created by highly experienced internet marketers and then hyped up to their lists, then affiliates jump on and sell to their lists as well.

      And you’re right, some aren’t scams but they do pry on newbies who are in it for the “easy, autopilot” methods. These are exactly what newbies are looking for because it seems like the easy way out, when in reality it is not.

  9. Very informative viewpoint on inbox blueprint. I had not heard of it but would definitely not spend nor would my wife allow me to spend anything near that kind of money for a chance to make money on the internet! At least with Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free to even see if you like the program and if you have what it takes to potentially make something with the program before you are even suggested to upgrade in the first place!

    In fact with WA you are encouraged to stay for free until your ready to upgrade if at all!

    To me that is confidence in a healthy system that helps you begin the online income structure and potential.

    1. I know right. That’s why WA beats anything else on the internet. The owners WANT you to stay a free member because then you get to see if you like the program or not. You’re not actually paying a dime and that is great.

  10. Good and thorough review of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review. It is pretty expensive for newbies, more importantly it is good for newbies to seek for the crux of internet marketing than keying in to hyped said automated program that won’t help in the long run.

    1. There are many programs like this, and the way that make sales is with hype and that’s it. Sometimes it works but not as easy as they claim it to be, and some simply do not work at all (the scams).

  11. Hi Brandon, thanks for the review on inbox blueprint 2.0. I am just grateful that I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did, otherwise I would of more than likely ended up spending money I couldn’t afford on something like this. In fact, I once came across a similar deal that ended up in them wanting about $20,000 when you factored in all their up sells. I wish I could remember the name of their company so you could review it too 🙂
    You are so right, there is no quick way to become rich on the internet, it takes lots of hard work and there is so much to learn. Fortunately the Wealthy Affiliate platform is inexpensive, there are no up sells and the training is fantastic as it takes you right through the process of building out your own website from scratch. And the best thing about it is the wonderful community of like minded people who are willing to help you night or day when you get stuck. I cannot recommend it enough.

    1. So you are one of the few lucky ones that found something legit before spending massive amounts of money first?

      You are very lucky, Stefanie.

      The thing is, Wealthy Affiliate offers SO much and doesn’t ask for much in return. You can stay a free member for life if you want to or take your online business to the next level by paying the small monthly fee of $49.

      Click here for my full review

  12. Another well put together article Brandon.
    thanks for keeping us all up date again.
    I am only a few months into my journey which will hopefully one day take me away from the 9to5 rat race and into a world of freedom where I don’t have to wear shoes to work.

    The more research I do into making money online the more new products I find that all seem to be trying to sell the same concepts to the same people but in different ways.

    1. Haha, I like the idea of not wearing shoes to work.

      I’m blessed to wake up anytime I want, have a coffee, THEN start on my business for the day. Or even just skip the day entirely if that’s how I feel.

  13. Brandon,
    I have seen a lot of different products that claim you can make money online. But, $1470 is an awful lot to fork out for an if. I would be very worried even if they have proof it works. Thank you very much for this information on this particular business!

    This particular business process relies on email marketing to make sales more than anything. Which means you will need to have a good company like constant contact to work behind the scenes for you. It is said that you must touch a person 5 times before you may get a purchase out of them. If your list gets long enough, the law of averages will eventually win out and you will get some sales.

    1. I can’t believe they’re actually making sales with that price!

      But of course they are prying on newbies/people that want to get out of the rat race, so that is how they lure them in and make sales.

      Email marketing has changed tremendously over the years. You can use an autoresponder (with a monthly fee of course) and your emails will be sent to your subscribers automatically.

      And yes, when you eventually have enough subscribers you will make sales. It is just not THAT easy, but it does work.

      Although the price is not right and it has been hyped up way too much, but that is my opinion.

  14. That sounds like a huge price-tag for no assurance of actually making anything. Almost $1500 is a bit crazy. I think anyone looking to earn money online probably isn’t in the best situation to as you say “fork that over”.

    I’m looking to make some extra cash online, but haven’t found anything but scams and micro-jobs so far. I’ll definitely be checking out your recommendation. Thanks!

    1. It certainly is. At least with Wealthy Affiliate you can check it all out for free, and even if you want to stay a free member for life, you can.

  15. This is more a blueprint for people who already have money and would like to earn some extra pocket money. Not for people who are struggling with several jobs and struggle to pay bills and there is no trial on this thing either.
    It may work for people who have a thousand dollars to waste. Your recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) is great and has many advantages for people with small budgets and are just starting with affiliate marketing.

    1. Yeah, having no trial means they lose out on potential paying customers. OR is it because they KNOW their system sucks so they want money upfront since people quit before they even get started. That very well might be the case here.

  16. Hey Brandon, this was a wonderful article. While it is good to hear that it is not a scam, people should not have to spend that much money to learn how to make money online. I do not like that they limit people to 30 niches. People should pick something they love and go into depth about it. There is more to a niche than most realize. All it requires is a good imagination.

    Thank you for looking out for people online and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Well that is what I like about WA, the fact that you can choose ANY niche and profit off of it. You aren’t tied down to any limitations like the IB 2.0.

      And most especially because it’s a fraction of the price.

  17. Very informative article, I do love to making money online and never herd of Inbox Blueprint 2.0. The simple fact that they make you pay such a high fee up front would certainly turn me away even if it is a legit way of making money online. On the other hand I do agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice when considering an online job. A few questions though does Wealthy Affiliate offer any kind of help when it comes to creating an online business? How soon can someone expect to make a profit with Wealthy Affiliate? and lastly how hard is it to start your business online with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is actually known for its tremendous online support – both from the community and owners. You can receive a response from one of the top dogs within a matter of 3-5 minutes because there are a lot of them online at one time.

      It takes a while for your online business to take off so you’ll see rankings around 3-6 months as long as you’re constantly learning and implementing what you learn, and of course that’s when the traffic and income arrives as well.

      You profit by creating a website about your passion, writing helpful content and earning commissions. This concept is called affiliate marketing which you can learn more about here (and get started today).

      Well, it is not hard at all. You can have a website up in a few minutes. The hard part is being consistent and persistent with your work. There are no shortcuts and that is with ANY online business.

      But of course the gurus will try and tell you that their system is “fast and will make you rich overnight”. But none of that exists.

      If you want to know more about what’s required to create a successful online business, go here.

      Thanks for the comment – have a great day.

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