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Instant Article Wizard Review: 5 Minute Articles or too Good to Be True?

Writing lengthy, unique content can take hours to research and create, that’s a fact.

So why does Instant Article Wizard claim that it’s going to publish content faster than you thought imaginable?

They are 100% correct when they say more content = more traffic and more traffic = more money.

They say you can be creating up to 10x more content than you are right now, which is pretty astonishing to say the least, as I am a frequent article creator.

This peaked my interest and now I want to know more.

This is my Instant Article Wizard review, where I will discover the true legitimacy of this system and what you’re actually getting for your purchase.

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Good Concept But Doesn't Work
  • Legitamacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value For Money


Instant Article Wizard is a tool that extracts the “best pieces of writing” from different articles around the web.

It then creates an article with it to make it more “unique”. This sounds great in theory but unfortunately copied content doesn’t rank and Google knows what is spun content and what isn’t, so making money by stealing articles isn’t going to work.


  • Good for content research purposes
  • Sets content out in different sub-topics
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Very hypey with its sales tactics
  • Highly misleading as the content it generates will not rank on Google
  • Baits in newbies and people who don’t know better
  • Can be used for harm for freelancers who sell fake content
  • It spins content to make it look unique but all search engines pick up on this

Quick Look

Name: Instant Article Wizard


What You’ll Be Doing: Using a content generating tool

Price to Join: $67 + other payment options

What Is Instant Article Wizard?

It is a system created by a man named Jon Leger.

This man is well known for building various internet marketing tools to make life easier for people to earn money online.

Instant Article Wizard is currently on its 4th version as earlier versions have found great success.

He claims to help you publish 10x more content than you are, in the same amount of time.

Creating content can take hours, sometimes even days if you’re creating a big piece such as 3000-4000 words.

You have to do research, click out of ads, videos, and then find the most important parts out of that piece of writing.

Then you copy and paste them into a notepad, which you’ll use later for research purposes when you’re writing your own article.

Spending all this time on one article can be incredibly discouraging for people wanting to make money online or to get traffic to their website.

This tool called Instant Article Wizard will actually do the research for you and ONLY give you the important information.

How This Special Tool Works

First and foremost, you type the keywords you want into the special tool and click “generate keywords”.

Instant Article Wizard will then search hundreds and even thousands of articles on the internet and extract the most important parts from each article, according to the keywords you entered.

The information will be set out in sub topics so you can choose only the ones related to your article you’re writing.

When you find the piece of research you want to use, click copy to clipboard and it will move them over to the built-in notepad.

The tool will even come up with thousands of royalty free images related to your keywords that you can use completely free for your own article.

Once you have finished choosing text for your article, you can then choose some pictures and even videos.

The wizard will also create an audio file of your article along with a video, which will then be posted to video sharing sites like YouTube (and yes it does this for you too).

There is a spinning feature to spin the content and come up with a new article instantly.

The Credits System

One thing I found worth mentioning is that IAW uses a credit system.

After you make your purchase, you will be given a specific number of credits that you can use to generate keywords and content (depending on your package).

When you run out of credits, you have to purchase more to continue performing new searches.

Here’s what you get with the credits:

Words of content generated = 1 credit per 500 words

Text to speech = 1 credit per 500 words

Video = 1 credit = 100 words

Keep in mind that this part of the system is not talked about much on other reviews, and it can be a headache when you’re inside and didn’t know you had to constantly purchase credits each time you run out.

Some Flaws That Come To Mind

Unoriginal Content

I am no stranger to Google and have been ranking websites on Google for the last 3 years.

I know what Google loves and ranks, and that is high quality, unique content.

This tool will literally copy the best pieces from each article and add it to your own article.

Google hates this because it is not your content and you will actually be penalized for not creating unique content.

You will not rank at all, and I can guarantee it.

Spun Content

Another feature of the Instant Wizard Article is spinning content.

Spun content is basically changing words around in an article to try make it look unique and original to you.

Again, not the smartest move if you’re trying to get in Googles good books.

Google wasn’t created yesterday, it knows who’s trying to fool the system and who is actually doing real research and providing the best unique content.

What I Like

I am actually a fan of Instant Article Wizard.

Even though it is hyped up and over the top, there are some things I like.

You can perform lots of research in an instant, which will all be separated into its own sub topics.

This is a good idea if you can put the research into your own words and not copy and paste.

This will help the article become unique to you and your website (which is how you rank and bank).

I also like that the owner is a real person who is renown for creating internet marketing tools that actually work.

This adds credibility to him, to IAW and to future tools he builds.

This proves that IAW is not just another new shiny object.

What I Don’t Like

Agree or disagree, it is hyped up with promises of creating articles in a mere 10 minutes, which will then supposedly rank and make you lots of money.

This is clearly misleading on so many levels because the articles that this tool creates are unoriginal and not your own work.

They make it sound like you’ll be ranking and banking in a matter of days.

That is not going to happen my friend.

Price & Purchase Details

This product can be bought from the official website:

The casual package costs $67 and gives you lifetime access.

It is also pre-loaded with 150 credits so you can perform searching keywords right away.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

The Instant Article Wizard does more damage than good.

Because you’re able to create 1000+ word articles in a matter of minutes, I can only imagine the amount of scamming going on.

There are no doubt people on freelance websites selling their services, claiming to write unique content but using a tool like this and selling it.

It’s called scamming and unfortunately scammers will continue to do it as for as long as they can get away with it.

The good news is that Instant Article Wizard is not a scam but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be your ticket to unstoppable content.

I liked the concept of this system but there’s just so many flaws that newbies aren’t going to know about.

They will try this system thinking they’re creating great content to rank on Google, only to get let down when their site never ranks and gets penalized instead.

I just can’t recommend a system that is highly misleading and dangerous to newbies and scammers.


Doing What’s Proven to Work Instead

Why try and reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to?

Why use exploiting tools that are supposed to make internet marketing easier but actually sabotage success?

Instant Article Wizard is good for brainstorming ideas for articles, that’s it.

IAW wants you to spin content which is a one way ticket to getting penalized by the big G.

One way that’s proven to work is to write unique content.

I do this by targeting long tail keywords and ranking in Google after a couple of weeks.

It’s the best way to rank in my opinion because anyone can rank without using backlinks, exploitative techniques, etc.

This system helps me rank in Google

Cheers and have a great day.

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Job Quitters Unite

Good Concept But Doesn't Work
  • Legitamacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value For Money


Instant Article Wizard is a tool that extracts the “best pieces of writing” from different articles around the web.

It then creates an article with it to make it more “unique”. This sounds great in theory but unfortunately copied content doesn’t rank and Google knows what is spun content and what isn’t, so making money by stealing articles isn’t going to work.

22 thoughts on “Instant Article Wizard Review: 5 Minute Articles or too Good to Be True?”

  1. Thank you for this excellent review of Instant Article Wizard. It might be useful for research purposes but Google is pretty good at helping with that so, why pay? I saw another post recently about an organisation where “original content” can be bought from writers through a 3rd party site. 500 words for $25 was the cheapest I saw but this only allowed “usage rights”. Surely that can only lead to non-original content and ultimately a waste of budget? I think so. Once again, thank you, this is a valuable post.

    • $5 for 500 words is the go-to but those are usually non-original content, as the sellers will copy and paste the content from various different sources.

      The content that costs $25 for 500 have more chance of being legit especially if it’s on websites like Upwork, iWriter and Flexjobs.

      Websites with lower quality writers come from Fiverr and their sellers are infamous for scamming people, so if you’re looking to purchase content for your blog or website, I will stay far away from Fiverr and go with the other freelance websites I mentioned above.

  2. To be honest, content writing is really hard because you have to follow grammar rules, coherence, and one must at least acquire basic writing skills. It’s not all about ideas. Facts, expertise on the niche and tedious research often helps a lot too. A generic article would not reflect as something written with personal touch. Bloggers should always remember that our articles should be intimate and personal so that readers can easily relate. I appreciate how you make this matter clear to everyone. Not all tools can help with SEO or page ranking. Hard work and continuous improvement is the key!

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you.

      Write content like you’re talking to a friend and you will achieve great rankings because Google wants articles written for the PEOPLE and not for the search engines.

      Too many people get caught up in trying to please Google with all the information they provide, but if you sound like a robot or you’re purposely trying to game the search engines, you will not get any rankings and that’s fact.

  3. Very good insight you have put together here. I really have seen some other platforms just like the instant article wizard that spins others’ articles. One thing about them is that after they might have spun those articles, the whole thing looks very tacky and unreal. I agree that it is better for one to have unique articles instead that will rank on google without stress, because like you said, this type of articles that are spun will not rank. Best regards!

    • It really does sound unreal and like a robot.

      Most of the time the article doesn’t even make sense.

      And even if you try to fix it up to make it sound more human-like, Google knows what you’re doing. it is not stupid.

      The easiest way to rank is to provide high quality, unique information. The sooner bloggers realize this, the quicker they can rank and make money instead of using tools that never work.

  4. Hello Brandon,

    Even though instant article wizard is an easy way to write articles, if the article contains copy writes and doesn’t help in Google ranking, it won’t be helpful in the long run. It is a good thing that they have a 30 day money back policy. But the real question is whether we would be able to know if the articles are good at ranking in Google within that 30 days. But I have to agree that this website might be a good way to gather all the relevant information and royalty free images without spending much time. But we should write the article ourselves. And in my opinion even though doing research and writing an article from the beginning is hard, the knowledge we gain along the way will be always helpful when it comes to handling our websites or blogs. Because at the end of the day we have to be knowledgeable about our own niche and keywords. So eventually all our hard work is going to pay off right?

    • Could’t have said it better myself brother. Researching your niche and learning the ins and outs, what people want and what they need is the best way to become an authority.

      Because you do so much research on a particular topic, you automatically gain more knowledge and you end up knowing everything about that niche, causing you to become an authority.

      And you get to out rank everyone else that doesn’t do the needed research!

  5. What a great review, thank you for doing this research and putting this information out there. This is the kind of tool which would be so useful if it actually did what it says it does but, as you point out so clearly, it doesn’t. Google really doesn’t like plagiarized content, and it’s algorithm is smart enough to work out when something has been subtly altered. It does sound like it would make a good research tool but I don’t like the fact that there’s an up front cost plus having to buy credits. Thanks again, this has been really helpful.

    • Those are some really big downfalls. The cost is expensive and the credits system is a big fat joke. If you’re paying for something so high priced you should be able to use it an unlimited amount of times.

  6. Extracting parts of other articles and just changing them a bit around to make them look unique sounds bad in so many levels. It practically means you are stealing someone’s work and present it as your own without doing anything. I can only imagine the amount of spamming that can happen with such a program as there will be very little quality control over what is written. Very bad program indeed.

    • That’s right. Newbies try this program because they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, yet they’re only sabotaging their success without even knowing it. I hope people find this review and see it for what it really is…a very misleading program and waste of money.

  7. Hi, Brandon.
    Thanks for sharing the impartial review on Instant Article Wizard tool.
    Though you have indicated many red flags but I liked the idea of getting the best articles around the required keyword within a minute. So as per your suggestion, I would like to go for the program and use it as a research tool only.
    I buy your view to rewrite content in my own style and language and go ahead to achieve success.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Well I hope you can make it work for you, just make sure to put the content in your own writing so you don’t get penalized by Google. Good luck and let me know how you go.

  8. I understand how the instant article wizard could be tempting to a writer who is struggling to finish new articles promptly. I think it’s impressive that the wizard can also incorporate videos and pictures. The credit system seems to be a bit confusing, and it sounds like it can add up pretty quickly, especially if you are looking to create longer articles.
    I see the benefits if a person wants to use it strictly for research somehow. What type of consequences could a person face if they got penalized? Or called out for plagiarism?

    • If they get penalized, their website could be blacklisted by Google (and other search engines) forever. Even if you delete the articles and create new ones, you might not rank at all.

      If you get called out for plagiarism, the easiest fix is to delete the article, or multiple articles if the original owner finds more of them.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Well, man is not lying – Instant Article Wizard indeed helps you publish more content. But, what kind of content?
    Concept is good.

    However, if it’s not unique content & search engines detect right off the bat that it’s copy-paste, what’s the point?
    Even worse, it’s a bunch of rerouted material which indicates you’ve put 0 effort into creating a post.
    Over-automation can be a highway to kill connection with your audience.

    After all, aren’t we creating content for people to help them?

    On contrary, I like the fact it can be used for research purposes.
    I believe crafty individuals can greatly benefit from it, but not exactly the way it has been advertised.
    New ideas are always welcome, these are vital to shift our thoughts in our heads & I give thumbs up for that.
    But to pay 67$ for that? They can dream on.

    Thank you for your insights Brandon, I’m a bit smarter again thanks to you

    • That’s also what I was thinking.

      It’s a good research tool since you’re getting some of the best pieces of information in one place. But then you’ll have to continuously purchase credits, so keep that in mind.

    • You’re welcome David.

      The thing with these systems is they rope newbies in because they are the ones that don’t know better.

      Luckily you done your research, and I hope to help you again in the future.

  10. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the honest review. I am wondering if you have also tried/tested Article Forge 2.0. I was reading that it uses AI to write content but would like to know what you think about the content it creates.


    • A quick Google search tells me Article Forge 2.0 copies content and rewrites it as its own.

      Again, exactly the same concept and Google is not stupid. Using systems like Instant Article Wizard and Article Forge is going to do more harm than good.

      They never make sense and require lots of editing before it can even makes sense enough to be published. And after all the editing is done, it would’ve been easier (and probably faster) just doing the article yourself anyway.

      It’s best to invest in paying people to write content for you or invest your time and do it yourself, that way you know it’s legit and eventually going to rank.

      Hope this helps.


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