Is a High-Paying Job Really the American Dream?

What does it mean to live the American dream anymore?

Is it to have a good job (high income), a freehold house, a dream car or a big family?

So many people will have different answers but for the most part, a job will pop up when they are explaining their answers.

And that’s what I will be covering today.

Everyone loves a high-paying job but nobody is paying attention to what is involved, how many hours are being put in and how much free time those people are receiving (or lack of).

What is Societies Expectations of a Good Job?


Ask anyone in the streets what they think a good job consists of.

You’ll here answers like these:

  • High income
  • Good coworkers
  • Good bosses
  • Good hours
  • Work that you enjoy

But guess what?

You’ll be EXTREMELY lucky finding a workplace that has every single one of these traits.

In fact, you may find 2-3 but to have everything in one place is only wishful thinking – as you’ve probably found out firsthand within your working career thus far.

High Income Earners Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Here’s the kicker.

Many people earning $200,000+ are living paycheck to paycheck.

It is by far unbelievable but it is a true fact.

How, you wonder?

They buy their lunch everyday, purchase 2-3 cars (on loan of course – all over $50,000), a boat they never find time for, a big house and have no knowledge of personal finance whatsoever.


Basically, they spend recklessly and end up running out of money before the month is over.

It’s surprising that they even have time to purchase all these things considering they work 50-60 hours a week, sometimes MORE!

However, that is besides the point.

The huge issue here is that there are people earning 6-figures with no freedom and are living paycheck to paycheck, while 50,000-90,000 income earners are financially free with as much freedom they could ever hope for!

Why Is This Happening?

It is called working smarter not harder and living within your means.

I’ve lived as a poor person, middle class and top class.

Nobody cares about the middle class.

All the fuss is on the low income earners and the top dogs.

The middle class doesn’t matter because the “powers that be” want to increase the gap from the poor to the rich as much as possible.

But by not going into conspiracy theories here, I’m just going to say that the middle class isn’t being looked after at all.

They are left on their own while the top class and poor people receive all the attention from the media.

Working Smarter Not Harder

To break that plateau of earning no more than $200-500 thousand dollars per year, people are adopting the “work smarter not harder” approach.

Millionaires are NOT actually spending all their money recklessly even though it looks like they are.

They put their efforts into earning more passive income before they reward themselves, not rewarding themselves first – as the middle class does (and sometimes low class as well).

But what you’ll discover is that the top class is constantly learning, growing their knowledge and implementing what they learn.

Some have jobs but most don’t, as they have multiple streams of income that earn them money rather than working a 9-5 job.

Without a proper “J.O.B”, they buy themselves time – time to spend with family and friends or fulfill their dreams.

Put in the work, reward yourself later – not before. That’s how the top class is doing it my friend!

Not Many 6 & 7-Figure Earners Impress Me

I’m not impressed if you earn 6 or 7 figures per year.

Really…I am not.

However, I AM Impressed by how much money you receive and the amount of free time you have.

Hence the keyword: freedom.

Great, you might earn 6-figures per year but you’ll likely be working 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week!

Then on your day(s) off you’re probably doing assignments or at the very least THINKING about work (half the time stressing out about it).

Your high-paying job does not impress me unless you are a free soul.

Think Like The Top Class & Do as they Do or Stay Where You Are for the Rest of Your Life

The saying “knowledge is power” sounds incredibly cliche but I can’t stress how important it is.

When you consume information you become more aware of things, you know how things are done, you learn from other peoples mistakes and ultimately avoid them at all costs.

It is a shortcut to success but completely overlooked.

That’s why multi-millionaires read everyday, and yes that is NOW even after they’ve “made it”.

Basically, copy the top class and you’ll gain financial freedom much faster than mindlessly working that 9-5 job you keep calling ‘amazing’.

Taking Action is Key

Of course knowledge is nothing without action.

You can be a learning machine but if you’re not implementing what you learn, you are not going to get very far.

Action is really the most important because without action, nothing is getting done.

Without anything being done, you’ll be the same person you are now in 20+ years.

I’ve seen it happen and will continue to see it because that is how most people live their lives.

You can either get hurt by what I say, take it with a grain of salt or consume all of it and take action.

I’m just trying to be real because that’s what we need more of in this world.

So many people hate their job but have dreams of being the next millionaire, however, there are people telling them to stay in their job and others telling them to leave.

There is mixed information everywhere but let me tell you this…

A Millionaire Didn’t Become a Millionaire By Being an Employee

Ponder on that for a second.

No millionaire got to where they are by working for somebody else their whole life.

They got people to work for them OR they invested in passive income streams.

Sure, they were employees in their early careers but then they realized saving their way to millionaire status was going to take way too long.

This is where their inner-entrepreneur comes into play.

They decided to create a business themselves and have employees. That way they could earn more money than a normal job.

Others invested WHILE they had a job. Eventually it grew enough passive income for them to leave their job and gain “time freedom” and financial freedom.

Working a normal job will only give you limited income – always remember that.

The sooner you realize that the faster you can use your savings to good use, where you actually have it work for you and multiply it in a much shorter time frame.

So is a High-Paying Job Really the American Dream?

We’re kind of going off-topic so lets go back to the question of this title.

Is a high-paying job really the american dream?

It might seem like the american dream because who wouldn’t want lots of money, right?

However–as I discussed already in this article–having lots of money with a job that gives you no freedom to enjoy that money is no good at all.

There are many factors come into play here.

Freedom is more important than money in my opinion.

If your money allows you to buy time/freedom, then that is GREAT.

However, if your stuck with a limited income, in a job you’re working at 60+ hours a week with no freedom, I don’t care how much money you earn because that is not the best way to live your life.

So no, ladies and gentleman.

A high-paying job is not the american dream unless you have time to do the things you want and actually enjoy your wealth.

That is when I am impressed.

Until then, change something now or be the same person in another 30 years.

Your life, your choice.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

6 thoughts on “Is a High-Paying Job Really the American Dream?”

  1. Wow what a great and informative article. Mostly people think that they can get good pay at work just by a little effort, but they are wrong, everything needs great effort and dedication. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

    • Yes, Sarah. Nothing good is handed out in this world. You have to work hard for because you will continue to lose if you’re waiting for a “breakthrough” to magically appear like the lottery or something.

  2. I have recently come around to this way of thinking and I am so glad I did……however it does take a different mindset to strike out on your own and have the confidence to do something out of the ordinary! Here’s to time and financial freedom, I wish you all the best.

    • Yes it does, but if you’re truly willing to succeed then you will do everything in your power to make it work for you. That’s how you live life on your own terms my friend, not doing what every man, his dog, mother and cousins are doing.

  3. I always hear the people saying the living the american dream but didn’t know exactly what it meant. thanks for clarifying that.

    • Well the official definition says: “the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.”

      So that just means everything is available for anyone who wish to reach great heights.

      But after writing my article, I would say a high-paying job is far from being the American dream, and that you should try alternative methods to a normal day job no matter how much money you get.

      Slaving away for big money is not a good idea, as you are actually trading VALUABLE time for money you waste instantly or hardly get to use because you’re always working.


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