Is a Regular Job Slowly Killing Your Dreams?

Lets face it.

You’re here because you feel that your regular job is stopping you from pursuing your dreams and making you unhappy all the time.

You are not alone and actually most people feel exactly like you do.

The difference between you and others is that you want to do something about it, whereas others will constantly make excuses and blame everybody else for their saddened life.

Don’t let others bring you down to their level, because I will help bring you back up until the day I die.

I’m ALL FOR chasing dreams my friend. You are now in the right hands 🙂

High Hopes & Ambitions (We all Have Them)


We’ve all had dreams and high ambitions before, some more than others.

We all want to live life on our own terms, travel the world, purchase big houses and flash cars, go to the beach everyday and do what most people can only dream of doing.

But the question is: how far are you willing to go to make those dreams a reality?

Believe me when I say “goals without a deadline is just a dream, and until you specify a date it will continue to stay a dream for the rest of its existence”.

Dreams are everywhere, and it’s good to be passionate about reaching something because that’s how you learn, grow and evolve as a person.

But Then Everything Circles Back To Your “JOB” Again

When you’ve determined what to aim for (most probably on your holidays or in the weekend), you’re then forced to go back to work.

However, you are just tired all the time.

You come home from work, sit down and never get back up. You probably even go to sleep.

Weeks and months go by and you’ve done absolutely nothing towards reaching your goals.

Next thing you know, years have passed…and…still…you have nothing to show for it.

You soon realize this and you say to yourself: “it’s my job, it’s always stopping me from doing things that I want. I can never get anything done!”.

When does it end?

When is it time to make a change?

When does the excuses stop?

None of that Matters Right Now

It might seem like your job is the best thing in the world because it puts food on the table and a roof over your head.

However, you are aiming for high ambitions and dreams, correct?

I’m here to tell you that your job will always get in the way; period.

Unless you make DRASTIC changes, nothing will change and you’ll be the exact same person with the exact same income in another 20+ years.

You Need to Axe That Day Job ASAP


So you’ve finally realized that a normal 9 to 5 job is getting in the way of you chasing your dreams.

That’s good, because all it takes is a revolution before making a decision to do something about it.

Before chasing dreams–depending on what it is–you need to get out of that job.

As you already know, your job has been a burden on you and your success for a long time now.

Getting out of that will be the best thing you ever do if you’re serious about making your dreams a reality.

Jobs are MASSIVE dream killers. It’s proven to be for a very long time now.

Just ask anyone on their death bed.

They all regret not pursuing their dreams while they could. All of them had full-time jobs that got in the way all the time.

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My Job Was Stopping Me From Chasing Dreams

My regular job was in the way of me reaching my full potential!

I had high hopes and ambitions and I knew from the get-go that my job wouldn’t allow me to reach them.

I wanted to travel the world, experience the world in its true beauty and not be limited to a budget or how many days my boss allowed me to have off.

So of course there was no way a job could offer what I was after – not one bit.

I was in a meat processing plant for 6 and a half years – working at least 40 hours a week, and the pay wasn’t even that good.

Not to mention that it was tiring so I never found the motivation to do anything after work.

Years passed by and I still hadn’t traveled once.

Did I change my dream or dumb it down because of it?

Absolutely NOT!

I’m a man that gets whatever I want simply because I picture it in my mind then take action towards it (by putting in the work!).

I don’t sit in my job and ponder on “what could have been”.

I took to the internet for answers, where I found out that people were really doing what I wanted to do.

I didn’t get jealous but instead got inspired by it.

That’s what I wanted to do so I knew it was completely possible!

I Never Did My Research But Never Stopped Chasing That Dream

Yes, I failed so many times.

However, I knew everything I wanted was possible and at the back of my mind I wasn’t going to let my regular job kill my dreams.

I tried many systems promising me rags to riches in a matter of months.

But of course they didn’t work.

90% of them were scams, but I still didn’t give up.

The biggest mistake I made.

I literally NEVER checked reviews before handing over my money, and I could’ve saved so many years of wasted time!

Nowadays most people are checking online reviews and it’s helping them make a better informed decision.

I now create reviews for a living and I enjoy every article I create.


Because it doesn’t even feel like a job. I feel so good because I help people avoid the same mistakes I did!

How I Found a Way Out

My real life friend was involved in an MLM scheme with his friend from work.

He put a status up on Facebook telling people he’s in this “business” and wanted to recruit his friends and family.

I got curious because I’ve never seen someone do this, not a childhood friend anyway!

I visited him and we talked about something called Kyani.

I went home, performed a quick Google search and found out it wasn’t that good after all.

I was then directed to something called Wealthy Affiliate, and that’s where I learned everything I know today.

After 1.5 years it allowed me to make more money than any job and travel the world while doing it! Exactly how I saw it inside my head!

I knew it was possible and never gave up that dream.

I made a goal to make $1000 p/m in the first 8 months and then $2000 within 12 months. The rest is history 🙂

Because I made this goal I had a DEADLINE.

It worked and I am living proof.

I want you to live out your dreams as well, and I’ll happily guide you every step of the way.

Go here for the Wealthy Affiliate

Questions, concerns and comments are all welcome in the comments below!

31 thoughts on “Is a Regular Job Slowly Killing Your Dreams?”

  1. I love hearing of your struggles with the day job but then hearing your goals and dreams and finally seeing an incredible thing come from it.

    I have very similar dreams and aspirations and many people I know are telling me that I’m just wasting my time, but I know I am not.

    At the very least, I am creating a website that is helping people find natural ways to reduce their risk of a stroke or having another one. The work I am doing now is going to help people some day.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Huh, thanks Rick. You are not doing anything wrong, because you’ll be the one living on your own terms while they’re still in their miserable day job for the rest of their life!

      And I mean that.

      When you never give up, success is inevitable. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing and blogging. You can’t lose unless you stop working on your business.

      Glad you’re out to prove them wrong and I 100% believe you’ll reach your dreams one day. When you’re passionate as much as you are, you’ll do anything to reach your goals and I applaud you for that 🙂

  2. Thank you for this! I’m here like a lot of other people and like you mentioned, because I’m tired, tired of the 9-5. Unqualified managers and supervisors who Lord over you to hide their insecurities and their insufficiencies. I’ve worked in Corp America for over 20 years, been promoted several times and I’ve hit a wall. I’m working the hardest I’ve ever worked to create freedom. I want to build a life that I don’t need a vacation from. Thank you and best wishes

    • That’s why I created this blog, to help people escape the 9 to 5 grind and live life on their own terms.

      I hate normal jobs but that’s just me. I don’t even care if I had the best normal job in the world, if I can’t live life on my own terms I will find something until I can.

      And that’s what I did 🙂

  3. Hi, Brandon,
    How very true. I too had the same dreams. I didnt want to be stuck in the same job. I want to travel. I have now just bought an old coach that my husband and I are going to refurbish. We should be taking off about July. My job goes with me. Our first place of visit is Italy.

    The best thing is I too couldn’t have done this without Wealthy Affiliate.
    Its great to see you are sharing this. So many people today lose their Jobs and it can take a massive toll on any family.

    I enjoyed the read and thank you for sharing.
    Regards Deborah

    • That’s so nice. I love hearing stories like these – people quitting jobs and pursuing their dreams. It’s so inspiring especially for people that want to do it themselves 🙂

      Good to see you have taken action towards a better future. I wish you even more success in the upcoming years and even decades. Great job!

  4. Wow! A very good compiled and said post. This could be my begining of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I myself also almost fell victim of many scams on the internet.
    I had to go and sit to do research about those specific scamers, until I was redirected to WA page. I do not regret of joining WA, your post gives me more hope, thanks for that.
    Our day jobs can be really stressful, why not start using the resources on the internet to alleviate those problems we face at day jobs.
    Thanks Brandon, all the best and good for sharing this.


    • That’s how I was redirected to WA – from searching for a review on a certain system – which of course turned out to be another basic MLM scheme.

      Ever since I found WA I haven’t looked back and have found tremendous success with them, which is difficult to say about anything else out there…

  5. This article is so true. But sadly so many people are stuck at a 9 to 5 and not chasing their dreams. This isn’t something I want for myself or my children. It is also something to teach your children as soon as possible. A normal 9 to 5 is tiring and doesn’t allow you to live life. Your success story is very motivating, thanks for sharing!

    • It was my pleasure, and it’s good to hear you’re trying to create something bigger than just yourself but also for your children.

      I’m sure you will do great things online and I’m here if you need a helping hand.

      Good luck 🙂

  6. Our job is for sure held us down in a place that we never want to be. You are so right about how difficult for us to leave our jobs and pursue our dream. Nobody likes uncertainty, because of this people afraid to leave their job. However, any brave soul willing to embrace this uncertainty, like you did, will see a tremendous reward in their life. You are the true testament to this.

    • Your kind words mean a lot to me brother.

      Leaving your job before it’s too late is one of the best things I ever did.

      I absolutely hated every single day and lived for the weekend. That is no way to live your life but the absolute worst way.

      I’m glad I found a way out–hence the name of this site–and that’s why I want to help others chase their dreams and make things happen too 😀

  7. Scary to think about all the scams out there. That’s neat you now write reviews to help others avoid them. All the best!

  8. Hi Brandon. I love the article and I can relate to everything what you said. I hate me my job and I have goal set in mind. Having one goal makes me take action and gives me the motivation and dedication to do something about it. Time is precious and working in a job takes a lot of time away from me. That’s when I decided to do something about it and I looked around the internet for a online business which I can work my own hours, but I had that thought scam in the back of my head during my search. Luckily enough I ran into wealthy affiliate and my business is going from strength to strength and I’m now planning on leaving my job may 2019. That’s my goal. Wealthy affiliate is the best thing that ever happen to me and even just try out the 7 day trial, you can to see for yourself 🙂

    • You’ve already passed the first step brother.

      Setting a goal and working towards reaching it is putting you way ahead of everyone else who isn’t doing anything, and I guarantee that if you continue what you’re doing you will do great things on the internet.

      You’ve set a deadline to when you want to quit your job and having that specific date will allow you see what’s required in that specified time frame. Great job and keep up the good work!

  9. Wow Brandon, your story sounds a lot like mine! Chasing after a better position at my 9-to-5 just made my life worse. I was getting further and further away from my dreams and getting stuck in the politics of the job.

    It was not until I hit rock bottom and found the tools that I needed to break that my life started have the kind of meaning that I had been searching for.

    Bravo that you have escaped into your own life, set your goals and achieved them!

    • That does sound similar, to be honest.

      I know what it’s like to think you’re doing the right thing when you’re actually turning a blind eye to your dreams and doing in the complete opposite direction of what you really want to do in your life.

      Thank you for your kind comment, and have a great day.

  10. Amazing story, Brandon!
    I’m all in! Have the same dream in my head and I’ve just started working on it. How? The same way as you did, via Wealthy Affiliate 🙂
    Congrats on your achievements and keep going! I’ll join you on the way 🙂

    Take care!

    • Thanks man, and you’ll definitely get to your destination as long as you continue no matter what! Because success is inevitable when you do that.

  11. Wow your story is so inspiring. Everyone wants to hear about someone who has done what they want to do and who is succeeding at it. It just gives so much hope and one is encouraged to keep going. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure it resonates with thousands of others like me too.

    • Happy to help you, Yemi.

      I’m glad to share my story because if I was in your shoes that’s exactly what I would like to see too.

      Thanks and have a wonderful day 😀

  12. Hey Brandon! It was a pleasure reading your post… it is written with the heart. It’s genuine and you speak sincerely about your experiences, that made me felt involved in what I was reading. I’m in Wealthy Affiliate too, this is my first month with them and I really feel like I did the best choice.
    Guys listen to Brandon’s tips… He did it, that means that all of you can do the same, not just chasing your dreams, but reaching them.

    All my best Brandon,


  13. Hi Brandon

    This describes so many people in cities all around the world. You see it etched on their faces every rush hour!

    People need to realise there s another way so they can escape the rat race but I think until you have a reason Why then the fear factor of job security will always win.

    Good for you for getting the message out there my friend, Can I ask, Can you start Wealthy Affiliate and build up an online business before quitting your job or is it a full time training?

  14. Hi, Brandon!
    What an amazing post you have! Thanks for sharing it!
    This is the reason why I never went for a regular job because I knew that I will be stuck with it and couldn’t achieve my dreams. Yes, some people don’t understand it, but I am okay with that. I am doing, what I want and how I want. I knew that if I would have a normal job, I would feel too tired to try to do something about my dreams. It would slowly kill me.
    I know I will succeed and I will achieve anything I want.
    Thank you again!
    Best wishes!

    • You are 100% right about not everyone understanding “it”. Even though you tell them what could become they still don’t want a bar of it and don’t even want to talk about it. These are the ones that won’t achieve anything but the award for the same boring job for 45+ years.

      Yes you will succeed and I’ll gladly help you get to where you want in life. That’s what this site is all about at the end of the day 🙂


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