Is Appen Paying or Is It Just Another Scam? Read This Review To Find The Truth

Appen is formerly known as Leapforce and has been brought to my attention due to the “online business” opportunity they push onto members.


I have decided to do some thorough research on Appen to find out if there business opportunity is a good one, if it’s legit and how much money you can really make with it.

But more importantly, can you quit your job and make it your full-time business?

These are all the questions I am about to answer in this Appen review.

At a Glance

Name: Apenn (formerly Leapforce)


Owners: Mark Brayan (CEO)

Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 4/5 stars


About Appen

Appen is a leader in human-annotated datasets for machine learning and AI.

This company are experts and have been a leader for 20 years now, creating high quality image speech, text and video data for both machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The data they collect goes to big technology companies, the eCommerce industry, automotive and even governments all over the globe.

This allows companies to create great products for the people.

Their Claims

Appen claim they are trusted by 8 out of 10 of the biggest global technology companies!

They say they’ve built up a solid reputation within the machine learning and AI data collection industry and they are “one of the best”.

They also say they offer a part-time job opportunity and flexible hours for people that want to earn money online.

They have “some of the brightest and talented” people working for them.

Now lets see how it all works and how much money you can really make.

So What is Appen?

In a nutshell, Appen is about collecting as much data from you, the human, to make machines more human-like.

If that makes any sense.

When you join Appen, you become a contractor because you are selling your service and skills.

For offering your skills and collecting data from you, they pay you with money.

A contractor is also known as a freelancer, which is much easier for most people to understand.

The tasks you’ll be doing are things like:

  • Social media evaluator
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Voice data collection
  • Annotator
  • Language jobs (transcription, data collection, translation and linguistic)

And because they have their own company, their own address and a real CEO, they offer real jobs for those more serious about getting into this business.

You will join them as an employee (if you live in the United States) and work up to 8 hours per day.

That’s only if you really enjoy this business and want to grow your skill base and teach other people what you know to increase your job portfolio.

However, this is not mandatory and everything can be done from the comfort of your own home if you choose to do so.

How to Start Making Money

Before you can make money with Appen, you’ll first have to apply for one of the many jobs available.

There are a lot of opportunities on the website so just take a look around and see which one you like.

When you find one, just click apply and wait to see if you get accepted or not.

If you don’t get accepted, don’t give up. Just keep applying for different jobs and eventually you’ll get accepted for one.

First you’ll start out as a freelancer, so you’ll earn money when you complete a job.

Do not mistake this for being an employee for the company.

You work for yourself and sell your services to Appen.

A lot of newbies will join and think Appen owes them the world, but in reality Appen doesn’t owe them anything.

You get paid when you complete tasks for the company and that’s it.

Are People Really Making Money & How Much Can You Earn?


There are a lot of people making money with Appen.

On average you can earn around $12-$14 USD per hour.

This type of money is earned mainly by social media specialists, contractors and consultants.

Some of the more advanced freelancers are claiming to make up to $30 an hour.

It all depends on the type of job you’ve been accepted for and how much work there is available.

But yes, people are certainly making money with Appen and the owners aren’t lying when they say they are the leaders in machine learning and AI data collection.

Does it Cost to Join?

There is no fee to join Appen.

It is free to join and only requires an application before you can join and start completing the jobs you applied for.

You can choose your category here and then find a list of jobs.

Pros and Cons


  • A good source of side income from your main job
  • It is remote so you can work your own hours, whenever you feel like it
  • You gain a lot of experience and knowledge
  • It is pretty easy to qualify for the jobs
  • A variety of job opportunities to choose from. One person from the online community was getting paid to play a video game for an hour a day


  • If the Appen website is down for whatever reason, you cannot work so you lose out on money
  • It is unpredictable income, unsustainable and certainly not long-term unless you don’t need much money to live
  • It is not your own business. You are a freelancer so your contract can be terminated without notice
  • Minimal work is available. There’s no room for growth

Is Appen a Scam?

The thing I like about Appen is that they don’t push the whole “make a lot of money easy” mentality onto anyone.

They know no one’s going to make a boat load of money and they say that from the very beginning.

The fact of the matter is; it is a supplementary business opportunity, not a full-time job.

You can definitely find gigs that pay a good amount of money but they are rare and they don’t usually last long.

Appen are 100% legit, they pay you for your services every month and are increasing in both traffic and revenue day by day.

It’s good to see when systems like these are legit because there’s not many out there.

Appen is not a scam and it’s a legit way to make money online.


Owning a Real Online Business

There’s not a lot of money to be made over at Appen and that’s why I don’t really like it.

Whoever gets involved with Appen won’t make exponential growth and I’m all about making lots of money, not a few dollars.

That’s why I decided to create my own business, that way I wasn’t tied down to a company that could get shut down at any second.

The one site that allowed me to quit my job is called Wealthy Affiliate and if it wasn’t for their free trial I would have never joined.

Well that concludes this Appen review.

All comments, questions and experiences of this system are all welcome below!

24 thoughts on “Is Appen Paying or Is It Just Another Scam? Read This Review To Find The Truth”

  1. Hi Brandon, 

    Thanks for this thorough review – really informative. I haven’t heard of Appen before, I guess what struck me is that is really isn’t about being your own boss, rather working for another company. I’d much rather prefer an online business that can give me a passive income. 

    Have a lovely day!



    • I agree. The reason I stopped working for a boss was because I didn’t like working under ANYONE. I wanted to work for myself, not have to listen to anyone and could work on my own terms.

      That’s why I started this whole blogging thing and never looked back.

  2. Hello Brandon,

    I appreciate your article especially because the company you recommend is serious and legal.

    I will visit your website and see if I can apply for a job in which I feel qualified to perform. 

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate observing your excellent “real” review I can recommend joining this company, specializing in Affiliate Marketing. 

    With effort and dedication you can generate extra income, do not miss the opportunity presented here. 

    Have an excellent end of the year.

    Regards! Claudio

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for reviewing Appen. It sounds as an interesting way to earn some side income. And besides it teaches a new set of skills. I have always been interested in going into the AI industry. And would like to even start my own venture in AI in the future, if possible. Appen seems a good way to put my feet in the water! Thank you very much!

    • Absolutely you should try it.

      If it’s one of your dreams then go ahead, who knows what you can accomplish because anything is achievable with the help and magic of the internet.

  4. hi. I have never heard of the product called appen before I read your article.

    The information you have provided within the article is very informative. You have given me all I need to know about appen.

    I will not be joining them as there idea of paying me for using all my information does not appeal to me.

    We are constantly proving our personal details to everyone and I for one do not feel that comfortable with this idea any more.

    I far prefer your other recommendation of working online using Wealth Affiliate. I have been using this platform for 6 months now and agree with you. It is the best legitimate way of making money online bar none.You get all the training you could ever need and a wonderful community who will help you out whenever you get stuck.

    Why do you think it is that company’s are so keen to use automated products(things on autopilot), to get rid of the human element to things?

    I kind of like us humans and the mistakes we make. lol.

    Great article and thank you for sharing it with me.

    Best Wishes

    • Hey Matthew, that is a great question and it’s a simple answer.

      It is to save the company money. Why would they continue paying someone for their skills when they can be replaced by a robot and not pay the robot a dime.

      Creating some type of AI in the workplace has a hefty price but in the long run they will save money by not paying anyone in that position anymore.

  5. Thank you for this article about appen. I was wondering about this company and if it was really legit. It sounds like a cool way to make money online. 12 to $14 per hour sounds pretty good even if it’s not a full-time thing and you only get a little bit of jobs here and there. I might try it out but right now I am doing wealthy affiliate so I’m putting my time into that. Thanks for writing this article and giving help to people who want to make money online on their own terms.

    • You’re welcome, Jen. It’s good that Appen is legit and real money can be made, but I wouldn’t call it an online business.

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hi Brandon,

    I am pleased to come across your post and learn about Appen more in detail.

    I have read Appen and fascinated by what they managed to achieve over the years, and especially in the AI space. Then, I came across their product to earn money from home, which I was considering to be part of. Most importantly, the joining is Free, so I had my doubts and was not sure as a part of Appen worker if I would be self-employed or Appen employee. Thank’s clarifying this doubts in your article.

    As you suggested, I think it’s better to focus on something ‘big’, sustainable and expandable like affiliate marketing.

    Thanks again for the great article.

    • They have clearly achieved a lot over the years and are still the leaders in human-annotated datasets for machine learning and AI. You can make it your full-time job and it’s not a bad one if you’re willing to learn the ins and outs. Plus you’re a freelancer so you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

  7. Oh appen really looks like a legit way to make money to me. I am happy that I was able to find your post over here. Having seen this, I think should apply for a job myself and maybe they’ll consider giving me a job for something I can perform at. Seeing that you have recommended wealthy affiliate, it’s really good because I am also a member and there’s no such thing as unavailability. Nice post!

    • Fortunately it is legit and they show no signs of turning into a scam in the future. It’s a viable business opportunity and I’m happy it’s something that’s actually legit unlike the many scams in the online world these days.

  8. I tried out Appen, but found out same things as you. There are jobs to be found, but they are rare (especially for a small country market like mine), so making a full time living by working for Appen would be close to impossible.

    Part time is also questionable for me – if i already have a job, why would I “waste” my evenings for what is effectivelly not a lot of money.

    • You bring up some valid points and I agree with you that working part-time isn’t the best option when it comes to working for Appen.

      I’m all for creating sustainable businesses (that you own yourself) and that means creating something from scratch and putting in the work until you see results. That’s where the true online money lies.

      Not making pennies and here there hoping to get rich because that won’t happen.

  9. Hello Brandon, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. There are lots of people out there who are looking for such opportunity to making money but are unaware because of the lack of proper circulation of information. However looking at what this company has to offer, first I’m Impressed with the fact that you get to join for free and there isn’t any form of payment afterwards, and its program is quite easy. Although I don’t understand what type of machine is being made. Is it a complete robot or what? And what are these machines used for that it requires human data?

    • No Dane, not a complete machine (although I wouldn’t put it pass these big companies to do that), but AI machines. They pass the data onto big companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc, to make AI more human-like, and you get paid to help them out.

  10. Wow! Thanks for clarifying my several misconceptions about Appen and now I know fully well how they operate. In all honesty, this is very great to see that such a platform is very legit and besides,the pay is even greater. Not very many companies can boldly claim to pay such amount. Thanks so much and I’d Definitely check them out right away. Since it is an open ground for skills development by working as a freelancer, this would give me liberty to continue with my normal job. I will only make use of this as a means to generate extra income. Thumbs up!

    • Cheers for the comment, Tracy. It’s good for a side business or hustle if you are good at selling your services, as it’ll be much easier to generate income.

      Glad you liked this system 🙂

  11. Its really nice and appealing to finally read about one legit company. I really like the way you coupled this article, not biased at all and so clear. I like Appen for being straight forward and their realistic approach, they know some people will consider their offer as a life long one, so its good as they’ve stated all the conditions clearly. Well, it’ll be okay for someone who needs a side gig since its legit. I must appreciate your work, they are always filled with facts. I enjoyed reading through. Thanks

    • Hey mate, thanks for your kind words.

      It’s really good to see a legit business opportunity that generates such a high income. You don’t see those around much nowadays, you only see gurus promising you $16,000 in the next 7 days, lol.

  12. Getting such opportunity to make money on a daily is very rare and seeing this one where you wouldn’t get to pay to be  members is really cool. I’m currently out of job and I would have love to try Appen where one can make $12 per hour, how many times a day can you get paid? Can you get paid for 6hours a day? And also thanks for the suggestion about Wealthy affiliate. Best regards

    • You can make money any day of the week and any time of the day, that’s the beauty of this opportunity. You create your own schedule and complete tasks as you see fit.


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