Is Club 365 a Scam or Legit Way to Make Money Online?

Well well well, what do we have here?

A system saying it is different than everything else out there…

This is a common claim I hear often, and I’ve heard a lot of them. I’ve been in this game for many years now.

Do you really expect to believe that this system is in demand and that there isn’t many spots left?

Online gurus these days are always saying this. They really need to come up with something more interesting.

Read my full Club 365 review for the truth and find out what they are really offering

At a Glance

Product Name: Club 365


Price: $27.99 + upsells

Overall Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No

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What is Club 365?

Club 365 claims to be the hottest and most realistic profit goldmine in 2019.

The spokesperson behind the camera says you could easily make profits of up to $1,297.

Now of course that is an unrealistic claim literally anyone can make, so lets dig a little deeper and see what we can find.

Once you purchase Club 365, you will be taken to the members area where you access your membership.

On the official sales page they say you will be creating wealth using cryptocurrency, list building, affiliate marketing, blogging, e-commerce, paid surveys and a special software to automate the process.

However, once you get inside the members area, they don’t provide any training on list building or paid surveys like they say.

How You Earn Money With Club 365

Cryptocurrency training

The cryptocurrency training guide consists of a millionaires calendar which is essentially an excel document to keep track of programs you’ve signed up to to receive free cryptocurrency.

There’s nothing really special to the millionaires calendar but it is there to use nonetheless.

You will need to keep track of opportunities you come across as you use the AirDrop app, because that’s how you’ll be finding free money and making bank with it.

Well that’s what they say anyway

In summary: You’ll be using AirDrop to find free cryptocurrency opportunities and marking the ones you’ve received with the millionaires calendar.


E-commerce is a virtual shop.

It’s the same as a brick-and-mortar business, the only difference is that an e-commerce store is more convenient and less expensive to start.

In this section of the training you have 4 PDF files available to download.

These are:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Shopify
  • Ecommerce Kickstart
  • E-Bay eCommerce Secrets
  • The Amazon Rush 

Each training guide has a reasonable number of pages (56, 59, 51, 59),

They combine affiliate marketing and e-commerce together within this module so if you’re new to the online world you would probably find useful information here.

In summary: You will learn all the basics of affiliate marketing (starting and selling with Amazon), selling items on e-bay and dropshipping using Shopify.

Club 365 Flaws

Before you go signing up thinking you’re going to be the next richest person you know, you need to read these flaws or you’ll quickly be let down.

The information is as basic as it gets

You are not getting the best way to make thousand dollar profits, you’re getting basic training on the various ways to make money online in which I have mentioned above.

When I say basic I really mean that it can be found for free on Google and YouTube.

It is nothing spectacular and you’ll be handing over your money for nothing.

No Updates

Although they claim they will show you how to make lots of money with survey sites and list building, they do not and it doesn’t look like they’ll be updating it with this training either.

It’s already been out for a few months and nothing new has been added, probably because they’ve made more money than they thought they would.

They under deliver on the claims

It’s not uncommon for such gurus to make outrageous claims just to get you excited and take your wallet out, and this is exactly what they are doing with Club 365.

They promise you the world but in reality you are receiving generic training which you can find with a quick Google search.

Non newbie-friendly

The training guides are full of text and aren’t exactly newbie-friendly.

Newbies learn best with step-by-step training, video training and pictures to showcase what you have to do next.

Without this, you are almost doomed to fail because you simply cannot follow along properly.

No Action Plan

Again, there is no action plan or a way to know if you’re moving forward with your training and business.

Without a plan and goals to strive for, you’re “just another person trying to make money online”.

And I definitely know how far that gets you when you don’t change your mindset…absolutely nowhere.

Outdated courses

Some of the courses are outdated and it’s only a matter of time before they all get outdated completely.

It’ll then become mute and the entire system will be a waste of time and money, if not already.

How Much Does Club 365 Cost?

The initial price is $27.99 but bear in mind that you’ll be hit with upsells on the other side.

It has no free trial but does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This gives you the freedom to get your money back within the first 60 days thanks to Clickbanks great return policy.

Who’s Really Making All The Money?

I’ve been in this business long enough to know who makes all the money with these types of schemes.

In 99% of them, the top earner is the one who created the system since he gets money per every sale made (from affiliates and all).

The second top earners are his affiliates, they earn 50-75% per sale.

And who are the bottom people that earn little to no money? The ones that don’t even make their profit back?

That’s right, the innocent and desperate people who don’t know better, and that’s who expert marketers are targeting because they know they are easy bait.

Is Club 365 a Scam?

There are far too many promises of getting rich quickly with this scheme.

A scam in the dictionary is a dishonest scheme and this system is no different from all the other scams out there promising you rags to riches in a matter of a few hours!

They need to be called out and exposed for what they really are, even though some people might not agree with me that it’s a complete scam.

In my opinion it is, because it is dishonest in so many ways, they mislead everyone and hype it up to the max.

There are so many flaws that it makes Club 365 not worth your time and money and the reason you should stay away from it at all costs.

Club 365 is a scam.


My Recommendation

Getting out of the rat race is not easy especially without the right system.

There are more scams than legit opportunities so don’t expect to make any money by trying everything you find.

In fact, that is the wrong approach because you will spend years of trying and failing without making a dime! (as thousands of wannabe internet marketers have found out firsthand, and it will continue to happen because they don’t know better)

You need to stop what everyone else is doing because it’s probably what you’ve been doing all along and it’s not getting you anywhere.

I want to finally help you make money online but you have to keep in mind that it won’t be easy and it does take weeks and months of dedication before you start seeing fruitful results.

But let me tell you that your dreams of working from home are indeed possible and 100% in arms reach, you just have to let me show you the way and never give up the training.

It is all free and you can get started right away.

Go here for my #1 recommendation

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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