Is Commission Shortcut Gods Gift to Internet Marketing or a Waste of Time?

Commission shortcut has big promises of doing no work and making a boatload of money.

They say their system is 100% done-for-you and you can start earning commissions today.

But how much of this is actually true?

I’ve reviewed hundreds of these types of products before and when people promise you big money for doing nothing, it is usually a scam.

But in this Commission Shortcut review I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they have to offer.


Commission Shortcut Summary

Website Name: Commission Shortcut

Website URL:

Founder: Unknown

Website Type: DFY campaigns with affiliate marketing training

Price: $34.95 or $39.95 one-time

Best For: Experienced internet marketers

Description: Commission Shortcut is a 100% cloud-based app with done-for-you campaigns ranging from landing pages, funnels, email swipes. You’ll be promoting the landing pages via free and paid traffic methods, building a relationship with your audience and selling products.

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What is Commission Shortcut?

Commission Shortcut is nothing more than an affiliate training platform with done-for-you funnels and landing pages.

However, most done-for-you systems are the same and you’re only given a limited number amount, which means you’ll be using the same as everyone else.

In this case, Commission Shortcut has 14 done-for-you landing pages for you to capture leads, but you can edit them as much as you like which is something I found interesting.

It’s a cloud-based app and has Drag & Drop software built in to it.

This allows you to create a funnel for any offer of your choice and change everything around to look completely different to everyone else’s campaigns.

This might be more appealing to you if you don’t want to sell the same products as everyone else.

With the Drag & Drop software you can create different bonuses, set a timer to create urgency, change titles, change how many spots are left, and much more.

There are training videos for each step of the software to show you how to use it correctly.

So What Are You Actually Promoting?

You will be promoting a product of your choice but getting them to sign up to your email list first.

This is what the landing page is for, to capture leads.

Your landing page is designed to catch their eye in the hopes they will enter their email address and sign up to your list.

Your list will be filled with email swipes (you get 50 free with Commission Shortcut) which you’ll be using to build trust with your audience and selling to them.

And might I add that I’ve built many lists and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Just because you have their email address and they’re subscribed to you, that doesn’t mean they’re going to buy everything you throw at them.

The average person receives 50-150 emails per day. You have to figure out how to stand out amongst all the emails in their inbox.

Trust me, spamming them with promotional emails all the time will not work.

You have to provide value at least 4 days a week so you can build trust and a relationship with them.

When you can do that, good money can be made.

However, the sad truth is that the email swipes Commission Shortcut give you are all promotional, so you’re on your own when it comes to building a relationship.

What Do You Get?

14 Affiliate Campaigns – There are a total of 14 landing pages to choose from and use, which can be edited with the special software.

Cloud-Based Editing Software – This software is on the website so no downloading is needed. This is a Drag & Drop software to help you create eye-catching landing pages.

Website Hosting – They host your landing pages on their servers allowing you to save on additional hosting costs if you go elsewhere.

50 Email Swipes – Email swipes are emails that you can send to your subscribers list. They are proven to work, but you have to have lots of subscribers and trust before they actually purchase anything.

100 Giveaway Products – Okay, so now we’re talking. These giveaway products are valuable and designed to build trust with your audience. These are video tutorials, software, e-books, etc.

How Will You Be Getting Traffic to Make All This “Easy” Money They Promise?

Well that’s exactly what I would like to know.

I can’t find what they’re using as the traffic source, all I can find is that they have a “secret traffic generating method” and it’s “100% free viral traffic”.

Usually when they say you’ll be getting free traffic, it’s through traffic exchange websites.

For example: you look at someones website and earn 1 point. You can then advertise your own website with that point.

So if you view 1000 websites or offers, you can use the points and get 1000 views to your own offer.

That’s how traffic exchange websites work. You view other offers, then you get views to your own offer.

But do they work? Not really.

I’ve used this traffic in the past and you get minimal sign ups, and if people do sign up, they never buy your products because they’re all freebie seekers.

I also found that in order to get the good traffic sources at Commission Shortcut, you will need to purchase one of the upsells.

This is misleading on so many levels since they don’t mention anything like that on the main page!

The upsell teaches you everything about getting traffic through Facebook.

What’s the Price?

There are 2 total packages.

One is Commission Shortcut LITE, which costs $34.95 one-time and gives you the basic stuff to get started (everything mentioned above).

The premium package costs $39.95 one-time and includes 7 more additional features.

Here they are:

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like your purchase, you can get a refund.

One thing to keep in mind is that they keep the price low and affordable so the average Joe can afford it.

This is just to bait them in and get them in the door.

The 6 upsells is where they make most of their money, as you are bombarded with them over and over again with promises of easy money, when in actual fact they’re just trying to squeeze more cash out of you!

The Red Flags

There are many red flags that I picked up along the way as I was reviewing Commission Shortcut.

I will expose them below and explain why they are bad.

“Done-For-You” System

Done for you systems are hardly done for you, and if they are, they still require you to put in work.

They have Done-For-You landing pages and email swipes, sure, but you still have to buy traffic to send to those offers.

Which is a costly mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“Generate Instant Commissions Starting Today”

As you can see, this system is full of hype which is designed to bait the desperate.

Making money today is possible but the chances of ACTUALLY making any sales is slim.

Keep in mind that you’ll be buying traffic if you wish to start making sales today.

Very Hypey

The owner has one goal in mind, and that is to bait those who don’t know better.

He hypes Commission Shortcut up by saying you can make fast and easy money, and that you don’t need any experience.

Usually when the owners have to hype it up to the max, they are only trying to make a quick sale and do not care about the person buying.

No Proof Of Anyone Earning

They say there are real people making lots of money, but when they show testimonials, they show only 1 person.


But that is not credible enough.

If this system really is the best thing since sliced bread, there would be way more people on the landing page claiming how great it is.

No Genuine Reviews

Everywhere you look on Google, the top articles are from people promoting the hell out of this system.

They are completely biased and they have only created the review to promote it and make a quick buck.

They have not bought it and made money, but they expect to make money off of you when you click their links and buy it.

They were all created around the same time too.


The Pros and Cons


  • Lots of landing pages for you to promote
  • Cloud-based drag and drop landing page builder to personalize your page as much as possible
  • Lots of tools available


  • Not good for newbies because building a relationship with a list is difficult
  • Too much hype
  • It’s not as easy as they make it sound
  • Your chances of making money is slim
  • A high risk product
  • You have to purchase traffic
  • Lots of upsells

Is Commission Shortcut Legit or a Big Scam?

Fortunately it’s not a complete scam because they do have stuff to offer and the tools are actually quite good in my opinion.

However, they are very misleading because it’s not as easy as they make it sound.

There are a lot of things they aren’t telling you and that’s what I pointed out in this review.

The fact that they don’t tell you you’re paying for advertising or that it’s going to be a hard road making all this money, discredits their claims.

They say it is all easy and no work has to be done, but this is all lies because there is a lot of work, and a big learning curve too!

So is Commission Shortcut a scam?

Not necessarily but has scam-like characteristics, that’s for sure!

It is certainly not recommended in my books.


The Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

To be honest, there is never an easy way to make a decent income online.

All methods are hard, all methods takes time and all methods require EFFORT.

But one way that does work is writing articles and ranking them on Google, which is how I make my 4-figure a month income online.

This is my full-time job and with this website I hope to help others achieve the same success as I have.

At least give the free trial a go, take a look around and see if it’s for you.

Otherwise you can keep chasing shiny objects hoping to get rich with push button systems, and never actually achieve anything good.

Otherwise you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review for the best way to making money online!

Let me know if you have any questions about Commission Shortcut in the comments below.



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8 thoughts on “Is Commission Shortcut Gods Gift to Internet Marketing or a Waste of Time?”

  1. Commission Shortcut appears very reasonable and legitimate so I was glad to find this review where you’ve obviously put a lot of hard work into finding out the real deal. My experience of traffic exchange programs is similar: they might get you traffic but they don’t get conversions. Having read your review, I won’t be signing up. Thanks for sharing.

    • Traffic exchanges SUCK. They’re a false hope, that’s all they are. They get you traffic and sign ups but you’re lucky to make any money off of these freebie seekers. Good luck in whatever you do

  2. Hi Brandon! I’m glad I started researching about Commission shortcut. When you hear their promises it’s really exciting. But after researching one figures out that this platform is all filled of hype. I agree with you concerning these read flags. If this program was so good, they would have more testimonials. And making things sound way more easier than they actually are is misleading. 

    • That’s exactly correct. That’s a tactic gurus use to make newbies want to sign up because that’s all that’s going to fall for such a bad system.

  3. Hey. great review. i have looked at a few programs like this and they all have a scamy feel to it, i also always think that when the owner hide their identity, it makes me think this is a scam, because if it was an actual good tool to help people, they would not hide their identity, they would have been proud to put their name on something good. people only hide when they are ashamed of what they are doing, and dont want anyone to know its them.  

    • Oh hell yes. You only hide your identity when you’re ashamed of your product because you know it doesn’t work. Who wants people to know you’re a big fat scammer? No one, that’s why these gurus hide their identity.

  4. Thank you for this in depth review of Commission Shortcut. From the onset, it looks quite legit and something that can be done. I think the 100 giveaway products is something to look forward to as this is one of the crucial tools to have as an affiliate marketer. You can also get  several emails but truth is only serious people will want to purchase. And of course people can smell spammy email and just block the sender. The upsells is such a turn-off. Thank you for taking your time.


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