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Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam or Legit Online Marketing Site?

Over at EMP they make some very big promises. I wanted to figure out if it was all legit or just another hype scam.

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These days you can’t trust anything on the internet, and most definitely not something that promises a bunch of money in a small amount of time.

So without further ado, I’m going to debunk this system and see what they are REALLY offering, and of course to find out if it’s legit or not.

Keep reading my Elite Marketing Pro review to find the truth!

At a Glance

Name: Elite Marketing Pro

Website: www.elitemarketingpro.com

Founder: Tim Erway

Price to Join: free + various pricing packages

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

About Elite Marketing Pro

Who Created this System

Upon inspecting the “about us” page on their official website, Tim Erway seems to be the CEO, Ferny Ceballos is the Chief Marketing Officer and Matt Crystal is the VP of Operations.

There are a total of 9 members in their “team”.

The owner (Tim Erway) has been a successful business marketer since 2002 but soon moved to an online business in 2004.

He’s been involved in consulting services and financial educational products, however, he currently spends his time running Elite Marketing Pro.

This is where he teaches internet marketing, copyrighting, website monetization, information publishing and more, but more on that in a second.

When did it Launch

The domain was created in 2010 but was last updated in 2015.

The reviews found for this program go back as far as 2015, although the official launch date was 2013.

This is organic traffic:


Where the TOTAL traffic is coming from:


Half of their traffic is coming from people typing their website into an address bar.

Because of this I would say that it is likely dying down and the only people entering are the ones returning to check sales.

As you can see, there isn’t much coming from organic OR referrals (usually where most traffic comes from on similar sites).

What Do they Claim Over at Elite Marketing Pro?

They claim that:

  • They create the best network marketers so you can work whenever and wherever you want in the world
  • They teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, direct sales, information marketing, personal services and even brick and mortar businesses
  • Anyone can benefit from this system no matter what type of business venture you get into
  • Anyone can build a successful online business just from learning and implementing what they teach

So What Exactly is Elite Marketing Pro?

I would actually call them an “all-round” internet marketing resource site simply because they teach everything to do with digital marketing.

Some courses are free and some cost a LOT.

They cover a lot of things so I want to break everything down for you, which will allow you to get a better understand about what they are offering.

The Memberships

Free – In my opinion this is just to get people into the door before promoting hype over and over again until they buy.

It is there and does not offer very much to be honest.

It consists of weekly content (mostly webinars), a banner, an article about video creation and you also get 20% on all commissions.

Standard – This costs $47 per month and can be purchased with a $1 trial. However, if you choose NOT to purchase the trial you will be charged $37 per month until cancelled.


Standard Annual – Typically similar to the standard monthly membership, you’ll expect to pay a whopping $297 one-time and receive everything in the standard package for one whole year.

Although it costs more in the short-term, it is actually less expensive over the long period (by 50%).

Commission rates are 40% on all products and 80% if you sell this level of membership.

Elite Marketing Pro VIP – This is the biggest membership you can purchase. It costs $2,997 but you receive everything in the standard plan plus more.

The bait used to get you you into this package is the 100% commission rates!

Here is a picture of what you’ll receive with this package:


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Now you can see what’s available and how much money you can earn while in the different memberships, lets see if they are hiding anything and what people have to say about them!

Any Red Flags?

Like many people have said already, the 100% commission rates–if you read between the lines–is a way of saying the affiliate won’t earn more than what they spend.

Tim Erway knows that the seller probably won’t even get 1-2 sales, and that is a really big red flag if you ask me especially if the owner isn’t even confident in his system.

Furthermore, they are slapping the word “value” anywhere they can.

When you see someone saying their bonus has a $1000 or $5000 value, blah blah…they are only saying it to make you think you are getting a great deal.

It is marketing 101 and used all over the planet! (yes, in the real world too)

Although there is no downline, the main focus is to bring more and more people into the exact same system and sell as many memberships as possible to earn commissions.

This makes Elite Marketing Pro a borderline pyramid scheme.

However, we cannot 100% say it is because there are no levels.

No…there is no compensation plan so fortunately this is not an MLM.

I’m not a fan of MLM systems 😛

Are People Really Making Money?

In EMP’s defense, their Facebook page has racked up a great star rating.

It sits at 4.8/5 stars!

I’ve taken a look at these reviews and most of these people have used EMP to help their established businesses.

I say “established” because it mostly helps people that has something built already.

So yes, people are following the training and learning a tonne of great information.

However, you have to use EMP the right way or you will fail, miserably.

Don’t use it if you don’t have a business already because you will get overwhelmed with everything and end up not taking action.

So yes, people are making money with EMP but they already have an online business to implement the strategies.

How to Join & The Package Prices

You can access Elite Marketing Pro on their official website here.

There is a free membership available but that doesn’t offer much. At least you get to check it all out before handing over your money.

Although to get the most out of this system you will have to pay for one of the other packages.

Package Prices:

Free – $0

Standard – $37 – $47 p/m, depending if you take the $1 trial or not

Standard Annual – $297 one-time

VIP – $2,997 one-time

Pros and Cons


  • Can be a powerful resource if used correctly
  • Has a $1 trial
  • Proven to work for entrepreneurs
  • Can make money even as a free member


  • Not good for newbies
  • Newbies will not make money
  • VERY difficult to sell
  • The top package is overpriced
  • Will not work for people starting from scratch

Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam?

Surprisingly enough, EMP is different to other online opportunities out there.

It does seem like a big scam upon initial investigation, however, the high amount of good Facebook reviews make me think otherwise.

I’ve checked out the pages from FB reviewers and they all seem to be legit (out of the many I looked at).

Although I would not recommend you join IF you plan on promoting the site itself (because obviously the $2,997 membership is incredibly difficult to sell).

Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam and doesn’t show any signs of turning into a scam in the future.

Well that was a sign of relief considering how much scams there are out there in this day and age!


Creating a Business From Scratch

In my opinion, EMP is for those that have an online business already.

EMP will not work for newbies and that’s why I can’t recommend it to everyone.

Something I found that worked for me was Wealthy Affiliate.

I was able to start my own business from scratch and within a year I was making 4 figures per month.

If it wasn’t for the free trial then I wouldn’t have tried it out, but fortunately I did because now I work from home full-time.

This is the same program I use to make money online

Have anything to add? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

28 thoughts on “Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam or Legit Online Marketing Site?”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    good post. Very detailed review of Elite marketing. As a fellow blogger the biggest challenge I face is getting traffic and am always on the look out on how to increase that. 

    From your research, clearly organic or referral growth isnt happening but you also mentioned that it isnt for newbies.

    When does 1 stop being a newbie or how long does it take to be a novice/non-newbie.

    If elite isnt for newbies, can you recommend a website that is?


    • You are right Tarun. Without traffic there is no business. Traffic is where the money is my friend…without it your business is a goner.

      Someone is a newbie if they’re just starting out/have no idea how this whole internet marketing thing works and especially if you’ve been trying for a long time and haven’t made ANY money.

      The website for newbies is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s made so many newbies a lot of money and that’s why it’s always my #1 recommendation!

  2. Brandon,

    I have seen this Elite Marketing Pro advertised in a few places in emails coming through my mail being one of them.  I would not take advantage of even the free membership because I was not sure exactly what they were.  Finding your website now tells me that I did the right thing in passing the free membership up because I do not know much about the internet marketing systems yet.  I will have to agree that the pricing for this product or service is much to high for most people to invest and feel the whole thing might be legit but sorry I have lost too much money on scams in the past.  



    • It’s definitely not the way to go if you’re just starting out Susan, but I’m glad you’re more cautious about who your handing your money to now.

      I have a feeling you’ve lost a lot of money on scams in the past 🙁 I also did that when I first started internet marketing but I hope you’re actually making money online now!

  3. I became a member of Elite Marketing Pro when I purchased Mike Dillard’s attraction marketing course called “Magnetic Sponsoring”. Back then, the name of the company is Magnetic Sponsoring LLC and it was owned by Mike Dillard. But right after my purchase, I think it was a bad timing that it was turned over to Ferny Ceballos and Tim Erway, and they became the new owners of now called EMP.

    For me, I don’t see anything bad with the program particularly the new company (EMP) except for their jacking up the price for the VIP. At that price, it is almost equivalent to a second-hand vehicle here in the Philippines, which I think even those living in the Western Hemisphere might think twice before spending. With that said, it would be quite hard selling that membership level to others.

    But yes, the program teaches elite marketing techniques, especially in social media marketing and other paid ads strategies. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I know we have there a very good training program that’s equivalent to what EMP teaches, it’s just that ours focuses much on blogging and search engine optimization. It is in EMP that I learned some tactical strategies in Facebook advertising, something I didn’t learn in WA.

    Have you attended a webinar hosted by EMP?

    Now, here’s my take: If an aspiring entrepreneur wants to learn online business, and that person don’t have a lot of money to spend on learning (in EMP), I think the best option is joining WA.

    • Interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences with EMP.

      I’ve never had much success with social media traffic but always wanted to find a way for it to work, so maybe if I gave EMP a chance I might actually learn a thing or two…considering the training is supposedly good, of course.

      And no, I have not attended an Elite Marketing Pro webinar.

      Have you and are they good?

  4. Thank you for this great review of Elite marketing pro. There are so many ways of making money online and majority of them are creating the space for their selfish interest. Though I have never heard Elite marketing pro but to make commission you have to sell product worthy of $2997 that is so absurd. And I don’t think one can have one sale in the whole month. Like you said it is not scam but who ever been so wise will not join the elite marketing pro but pick an interest from the best product you recommend which is wealthy affiliate. From my experience I think wealthy affiliate is the best way to make money for newbie and experience online marketers. Thanks for this great review.

    • If you purchase the $2997 package then yes, you would be expected to try and sell that same package to make the same commissions.

      It certainly isn’t going to be easy! Lol

  5. Hi Brandon, This is an awesome review of Elite Marketing Pro product. Most of the people are not finding a real source of earning opportunity and lose their confidence for being scammed. So this type of review will really help those newbies who are finding a legit opportunity. I have also same opinion that Elite Marketing Pro is not best product for beginner. Though it has various important tools for a online business establishment, it is very costly and not suited for newbies. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • That’s exactly what I think too. It does work but it only works IF you already know a thing or two about internet marketing.

      Otherwise you’ll just be struggling over and over again, not making any money or gaining any traction and you’ll just quit.

      Which is what usually happens with these types of systems…

  6. Dear Brandon,

    This is an interesting and helpful review. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. The best thing is after reading your review, No additional research needed.

    As you correctly mentioned nowadays its really difficult to find the genuine make money online course. Internet is full of make money online courses and products, most of them under-delivers what they promise in their sales page.

    Thanks a lot for the review post, after reading your post its a big NO NO for me.

    Thanks for saving people time, money and effort.

    Wishing you much Success!


    • Actually I would say about 95% of them are highly misleading because you can’t just go around calling everything a scam for no reason.

      But in my experience a lot of make money online opportunities highly mislead people and under deliver what they promised, as you pointed out.

      And not a problem, it was all my pleasure with this review.

  7. Elite marketing pro seems awesome because the offer a trial. Normally trial gives one an opportunity to try out before deciding. It seems to be a program for established or intermediate business owners and entrepreneurs online. 

    A fee of $37/$47 doesn’t seem bad at all and it is affordable for people in business already.  The reviews on Facebook also helps to buttress their program. I like that it is not like the regular networking(MLM) where there are down lines. 

    I also like that there’s a commission for signing up new members and all products. 

  8. It is a nice review. I particularly like the idea of “Free” trial. It is a nice way of getting people into the door before promoting hype over and over again until they buy. There are so many useful content mostly webinars, which will benefit anyone who is interesting in online marketing. Thanks for the wonderful job!

    • You are right Anthony. Once you are in the door it just gives them more chances to sell to you until you finally purchase something.

      I have also watched webinars and found some amazing content/helpful information 🙂

  9. Really detailed and good Elite Marketing Pro review. You mentioned a few Red Flag factors, but I see another big Red Flag according to an information from Semrush screenshot.The organic search is only 7%, it is a very small number and does not indicate a profitable business.And yet, for more than $2K, you can create a really serious webpage and even hire professional writers to have your posts in the first ten at Google. And then only you need is a choice of monetization method. Thanks.

    • That is a Similarweb screenshot and it definitely is alarming and shows that they aren’t bulletproofing their website.

      If they feel they are about to go out of business due to lack of traffic, they’ll just take the website down instantly, no warning, no nothing, then keep all profits for themselves!

  10. This really is a great review of a program.  I never thought to check out organic history when looking into a program.  And I’m not a fan of facebook pages because members will say whatever to keep up appearances.  Having said that, I appreciate the depth you went into to break down this program for me.

    There’s no way I can afford the $2k+ and yes, I agree about your assessment of an owner not having enough confidence in their program to collect at least a token amount in commission.  And it seems, for what you get, you are sure to have an equivalent value in platforms like Wealthy Affiliate; for a fraction of the price.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Cath. I like checking traffic to see what type of visitors they’re getting, where they’re coming from and if they ARE actually receiving real visitors and not trying to scam everyone they come across.

      Glad you liked this review 🙂

  11. Hey Brandon, thanks for investigating these products – it really helps folks who have a dream of being successful online but who don’t know where to start. And if they start with falling for scams (like I did) then it will likely put them off so much they won’t even try again.

    it’s so important to consider the newbie when they make training platforms like this. I think that WA does an excellent job of hand holding through every step and I am so glad I don’t have to fish through the ocean of scams out there anymore now that I’ve found a trustworthy platform that delivers what they promise. 

    The VIP package Elite Marketing Pro better contain magical mountain moving supernatural gold nuggets for that price – just my two cents. As far as I’m concerned WA already gives access to everything a successful online marketer could ever need. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

    • Unfortunately I took part in a lot of scams before I finally found something that worked too.

      Hahaha, it better offer something along those lines especially when it costs hundreds of dollars!

  12. Finding a platform where one can learn about online business is no easy task with all the scams we have online so even when one finds a legit site it would still be a little difficult to become a member due to past experiences. One can never be too careful by over investigating which is why sites like these are needed. 

    You have done a pretty awesome job locating and writing your thoughts on elite marketing pro. From what I read it does seem like an ok platform but like you said it is not really meant for beginners but for those that have already built their online business to a reasonable extent.

    Some of their courses are very expensive and with that I don’t think they are really willing to help everyone because if they are then their courses wouldn’t be that expensive.

    • Thank you for the kind words Jay. I’m all for exposing scams but it’s also nice to find legitimate programs every now and then 🙂

      Like I always say, they aren’t all scams but there are a few legit ones.

      However, why is their price so high if they want to help everyone? Because they don’t want to help, they just want your money.

  13. Hi Brandon! After reading through your article, I found it very easy to read as you put every points very clear and I like it. However, I don’t quite understand the Standard Membership part. Based on what you explained it, if customers do not purchase the $1 trial, they would be charged of $37 per month instead of $47. I don’t find it reasonable. Hahahaha. Why does it charge so highly but mean nothing. It may make people to do another research as it makes them confused. I’m looking forward to your reply! Have a nice day by the way. 🙂

    • Yeah, exactly.

      If they purchase right away, they get the system for $37 per month.

      On the other hand, if they go for the free trial, all future payments will be $47 per month. This is their way of making the money back they missed out on with the initial $1 trial.

      I hope that makes sense.

  14. I am enlightened that Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam, however, it is not for everybody. I found this review an informative that can really help anybody who can read.

    The pros and cons of this review is enough to guide the reader if he decides to take it or not the EMP.

    For me I would look into this in the future if I can afford the budget and try to see if EMP can really help those that have already running online businesses.

    • Of course this can be a viable opportunity if you already own an online business and have some experience in the online marketing world.

      Other than that I would not suggest it because it is not good for beginners.


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