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Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?

Global Affiliate Zone claims to be the secret to kicking that 9-5 job to the curb.

I’ve seen more than enough of these business opportunities, and to be quite frank with you, they come and go.

But is GAZ different from the rest?

Do they actually have all the tools necessary to help you build a successful online business, or is it one big scam?

That’s what I want to find out in this Global Affiliate Zone review.

Walk with me as I debunk this website and find the cold hard truth.

Global Affiliate Zone Summary

Website Name: Global Affiliate Zone

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Founder: Founded by Julian Sherman and Matheiu Jang in 2016

Website Type: Online Marketing Training Platform

Price: $99 to $2475

Best For: Whoever has lots of money, because you have to pay for the program as well as advertising

Description: GAZ has step-by-step training and video tutorials to teach you how to make money online. The system itself is very expensive and honestly I don’t agree with the price tag considering the quality of the training (which is not that great in my opinion).

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What Global Affiliate Zone Promises You

Upon investigating their website, they say they are “the most advanced affiliate marketing education” in the world.


They claim that every piece of training they provide has been tried and tested in the real world, so you’re receiving nothing but training that has worked and continues to work.

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is the worlds most dynamic and growing industries, and that’s a true fact.

So believe me when I say that affiliate marketing works because I am one person who is now living his dreams of working from home THANKS to the power of internet and affiliate marketing!

But that’s enough about that, lets see what GAZ has to offer.

What You Get With GAZ

The 2 owners; Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang, are succesful internet marketers and have created other products in the past.

They teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing, and Global Affiliate Zone is no different.

Here’s some of the things available inside the system:

Business coaching – You get one-on-one coaching from some of the internets top affiliate marketers. These coaches let you ask questions and will actually give you a plan so you’re not left on your own wondering what to do next.

Internet marketing – Simply put, internet marketing is all about marketing something on the internet, getting exposure and making conversions.

Conversions can be anything from a click, a lead, or even a sale. But this is exactly what they teach to help you make money online.

Multiple training courses – There are hundreds of training material full of tutorials and videos so you never run out of content. You’ll also learn some of the best ways to make money online in which you can implement yourself

Exclusive community – The helpful community is active and ready to answer any questions you have. You can even interact with the top guys at GAZ who are making the most money.

The community also offers: live weekly webinars, coaching and mentorship, live events with the leaders, ongoing training and guidance.

Done For You System

Global Affiliate Zone say they have done 90% of the work, and all that is required is 10% on your part.

Do they really have a done-for-you system?

Kind of, but a lot of these “get rich quick” schemes do.

They have done-for-you marketing materials, autoresponders and landing pages.

This means all you need to do is send traffic to the landing page, capture the lead with an enticing offer, send them email swipes provided and sell to them.

This is nothing new, although it is definitely one of the best ways to get rich online.

It’s actually a tactic most internet gurus use just to make it sound like you have to do hardly anything to get rich (and that is the first red flag I found).

But there’s a really big catch. It’s called paid advertising, and it doesn’t always work.

I want you to read that again, but slowly. This is what they don’t tell you.

Yes, the training can work.

However, in addition to the system itself you’ll need to fork out hundreds or more for Facebook PPC advertising.

And that’s what they don’t tell you.

The Compensation Plan

GAZ offers a compensation plan to earn money from referring people to the system.

For some odd reason there isn’t much information about the compensation plan on their website, which is probably because it is a straightforward approach.

Basically, you earn 30% commissions.

So if you refer one person and they pay the $99 monthly fee, you earn $29.70 per month for every month they stay a paying member.

If you get enough paying members, you can make a good amount of residual income.

However, keep in mind that this is harder than it sounds and the only ones that succeed are webmasters, expert internet marketers and people with a huge email list.

The Flaws (What They Don’t Tell You)

You’re paying $99 just to join the private group

The sad truth is that they say you can get all of this just by paying $99/month.

Well, that is a downright lie because you’re actually paying to join the community support group. That’s it!

This is misleading on so many levels.

An extra $495 will need to be paid to get the training that supposedly makes you 6-figures per year.

You’re not unique

Your online business is created for you, meaning you’re using the exact same templates and landing pages as all the other students in the program.

Your audience has already been exposed to your landing page in the past and are more than likely sick of seeing it at this point.

You’re going to struggle against the competition because you’re not being original, and originality plays a huge role in online success.

They promise you wealth

Anyone that promises you endless wealth or 6-figures per year are only hyping you up, and they know the uneducated are the first to believe them.

When someone promises you rags to riches without doing much work, they are either being very misleading or straight up scamming.

Because nothing in this world is going to get you rich other than hard work and dedication, unless you inherited money from your parents, of course.

This is a big red flag and it’s a common one amongst other scam sites.

Price and Purchase Details

The entry price is $99/month and that gives you access to the private Facebook group only.

For the full training and resources, it costs $495.

However, the most expensive package is $2475 which is to get GAZ to do all the work for you.

They will choose your niche, your website template and most of the nitty-gritty stuff so you can start sending traffic to your offer and making money as quickly as possible.

Pros and Cons


  • A lot of video tutorials
  • Step-by-step training
  • A done-for-you system
  • An exclusive Facebook group
  • Live weekly webinars
  • A personal training coach


  • Very expensive business opportunity
  • You have to pay even more money on Facebook advertising
  • They mislead the uneducated into thinking $99 gets them the entire package, when this is not the case
  • The compensation plan sucks! You’re basically misleading your own audience just to make a sale
  • You’re not original, you have the same content as everyone else
  • You don’t learn real internet marketing skills, you’re just given a done-for-you package that everyone else is using

What I Like

What I like about GAZ is that they have a lot of training materials and resources to get you started in online marketing.

The training is step-by-step, which in my opinion, is the easiest way to learn.

What I Don’t Like

They make you think making money online is easy and that you can get full access by paying $99, but this is false.

This gets your foot in the door, which is the private Facebook group and that’s it.

They don’t tell you that and they keep it from you until you’re inside. Then you’re hit with an upsell of $495 for full access.

I don’t like that one bit.

Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam or The Real Deal?

In my opinion, real money can be made and the potential to earn a 6-figure income is there, but it’s not going to be your ticket to financial freedom and here’s why.

GAZ is not a scam but they mislead the uneducated, and to me that is WRONG.

They prey on the desperation of newbies just so they will get their credit card out and pay for the $99 membership, thinking they get access to all the training they promised.

But you and I know that this isn’t the case and they’ll end up having to fork out another $495!

It is a good platform but not great or groundbreaking, and most definitely not worth the price tag!

Even $99 for the community group isn’t worth it. You can join other make money online groups and forums absolutely free.

So my conclusion is that Global Affiliate Zone is not a scam but also not recommended.


Pay Nothing For The Same Training

Here’s the thing, the training inside GAZ is good but still doesn’t come close to Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 recommendation), which is actually free to join.

Check out the comparison chart below if you don’t believe me.

Wealthy Affiliate is THE total package, and might I add that they have a free trial that doesn’t expire.

It’s the system that got be from earning nothing to making a solid 4-figures per month and climbing.

I’m not bragging because frankly, those numbers aren’t even enough to brag about, but I am saying that making money online is 100% possible and that is the program that allowed that to happen.

Well that concludes this Global Affiliate Zone review.

Do you have experience with GAZ? Let us know in the comments below.

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