Is Google Sniper 3.0 a Scam? A Review from a Former Member

Google Sniper 3.0 Logo

No doubt you’ve heard of this system before and wondered what the heck it is all about.

I am no stranger to Google Sniper 3.0, as I have personally used it in the past and wanted to give my opinion on it.

Because it is not “new”, does it mean it’s not going to work anymore? Well let’s find out.

I will be covering everything you need to know in this Google Sniper 3.0 review so you can determine whether or not you will benefit from it.

At a Glance

Name: Google Sniper 3.0


Owner: George Brown

Price to join: $47 /month or $67 one-time

My Rating: 0.5/5

0.5 out of 5 stars

Who is George Brown?

Google Sniper - George Brown

Who Created this System?

George Montagu Brown is the man who created Google Sniper 3.0.

He first started his online business when he was 17 and fortunate enough to become a millionaire at the age of 19.

But of course that didn’t come easy.

He discovered what worked for him, put it all into a system and sold it.

All through High School he was passionate about what he did, spent all his spare time learning, and now he reaps the rewards by travelling when he wants, wherever he wants.

He has multiple systems, but his main winner being Google Sniper.

When did it Launch?

The latest version of Google Sniper (which is 3.0) launched back in December 2014, and ironically when I first started my internet marketing venture.

Why did George Brown Create this system?

He earned $500,000 from the launch of Google Sniper and created the system so others could reach the level of success as he has.

The Claims from George Brown

George Brown claims that literally ANYONE can build an online business.

On the landing page he says if you can use Google and read an email address you can build a successful business online.

He claims people can make a legitimate 6-figure business just from following along to his videos and implementing the steps.

What is Google Sniper 3.0 all About?

Google Sniper is all about creating “micro-niche” sites. These sites target one keyword only.

You use that keyword on every page and every post you create and add affiliate links, which is how you make commissions (money).

You then wait a couple of days before sending backlinks and social signals to that website.

After a few weeks or even a few months that website should be ranking at the top page of Google for your targeted keyword and making you money on autopilot.

The more websites you have targeting different keywords the more money you make.

Essentially that is how it all pans out.

How it all Works

I’d like to show you exactly how the system works so you know what I’m talking about.

The steps:

Steps to Google Sniper

1. Upon ordering this system you can choose to sell the Google Sniper system itself or move forward with the training videos. George Brown says it’s just a matter of asking your friends and family on social media to join your new online business (nothing new).

2. If not, you can move forward with the actual Google Sniper training. You will be creating a website so you will need web hosting and a domain, which is even more costs on top of what you already paid

3. Choose a niche and find a good keyword to target

4. Creating your “About” page, your first post, second post and then third post

So apparently up to this point it should’ve only taken about 3-4 hours

5. Wait for your site to get indexed in the search engines (a couple of days)

6. Send backlinks and social signals to your website

7. Wait for it to rank and start making money on auto pilot

Literally that is what George Brown claims to happen.

My Story

When I first started Google Sniper back in 2014, it was my very first online business venture.

I was excited and ready to make a boatload of money in a small amount of time.

Basically, the hype got me all excited.

George Brown has a VERY convincing landing page and the whole reason why I decided to give it a try.

I paid the initial $47, and because I wanted to get rich in a fast amount of time I purchased the $187 upsell.

The total converted into $320 NZD.

The upsell included the Traffic Ultimatum, Empire Module, VIP coaching sessions from the man himself, and of course an “over the shoulder” video showing exactly how he makes a sniper site.

Heartbreaking moment…

I created a few of these sniper sites in less than a week and waited for them to get indexed.

Basically, I followed the plan step-by-step and didn’t see results.

I even stayed up all night and went to work the next day, I was so determined to make a lot of money!

I wasn’t going to give up just yet though.

So I thought maybe those sites were unlucky. George Brown says your first 1 or 2 may not be a winner.

No worries, I thought I would find myself a winner eventually.

Then I created a couple more, did everything correctly and wondered what the heck was going on.

I eventually contacted George Brown to use 1 of my 4 VIP coaching sessions that I paid for.

2 days have passed, not a single response.

1 week had passed and still no response.

Eventually that message got deleted somehow (maybe it was him), so I contacted him again.

To cut a long story short, I had NO response from George Brown or his team even though I paid over $300, and none of my websites were ranking.

I created a total of 18 sites. You can’t say I didn’t work hard enough because I did indeed put in the work.

I lost all faith in this system.

Here’s proof of the sites I created:

Domain Names List

Domains List

As you can see, I do not use this web hosting company anymore (, but I can still log into my account and view all my domains I created.

The website names are the keywords I was trying to rank for.

Sadly that wasn’t the case and the only thing that did rank was Georges’ bank account and his happiness level.

My happiness was down and I had to stick to my day job because I was making $0.

I put in the work and made absolutely no money for my efforts.

I was not a happy chappy.

How much does this system Cost?

The cost to join Google Sniper is $47 /month.

However, if you decide to click out and leave the landing page, a popup will appear with a 5-day trial offer for $1.

When the trial is over you will be charged $67. This is a one-time fee, then you get indefinite access.

The best pricing plan is the $1 trial with the $67 one-time fee.

Pros and Cons


  • Shows you step-by-step how to use WordPress


  • Doesn’t work anymore
  • Will never work in the future
  • High-priced upsells
  • You don’t receive the personal coaching you pay for
  • You can’t even get a response from George or his team
  • The “cash machine” method is all about pestering your friends and family to join through your affiliate link (when you don’t even know if the system works or not yet)

Is Google Sniper 3.0 a Scam?


It wasn’t a scam back in the day (way before 2014). However, with the Penguin and Panda updates from Google almost every single sniper site that was made using Gsniper literally fell out of the ranks.

Nobody was making a dime anymore.

Of course those people that were making money had already profited, so it definitely did work for them.

But now that those updates are in full effect there is no way for any of those sites to bounce back.

The only reason why I haven’t given it exactly 0 stars is because it shows you how to use WordPress in a step-by-step manner.

And I’m probably still being too generous.

What I Recommend

Google Sniper doesn’t work anymore and never will.

George Brown and everyone else using his system were banking – before the updates, and they were banking A LOT.

But sadly good things had to come to an end for these guys.

The “big boys” over at Google weren’t going to let these low quality, thin sites stay at the top page of Google – providing worthless information and selling garbage products.

So they brought out these new updates and wiped them all out.

And now Google is stronger than it has ever been. The ones making legitimate online business are the ones making all the money.

Fortunately I am one of them and super glad that Google knows how to identify these bad sites trying to “game” the system and leave them with no rankings.

Wealthy Affiliate has, is, and always will be the best way to go.

I found them over a year ago and have never looked back.

You will not be creating low quality sites, you will actually be building authoritative websites that gain trust with time and constant nurturing.

The difference between Gsniper and Wealthy Affiliate is that Gsniper creates bad websites, while WA focuses on sites that Google loves and rewards.

That is what I do and what I recommend for you to try if you’re serious about making money online.

Well thanks for reading.

I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into with Google Sniper now.

If you’re ready to build something useful and capable of growing big enough so you can quit your day job, then you need to start your journey right now (Free trial included).

Good luck!

Have you had experience with Google Sniper 3.0? Let us know in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Is Google Sniper 3.0 a Scam? A Review from a Former Member”

  1. Wow, your review is so comprehensive and detailed. Such non-biased and honest review. I have also tried out a few online money making programs and worked really hard, and got me nowhere. You are doing the right thing by informing and educating people to be careful with Google sniper. I really appreciate your effort. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  2. I like your post. So informative about Google Sniper 3.0. I myself have never tried it but maybe in the future I will purchase this product if I ever need it.

    • I do NOT recommend Google Sniper, not even one bit. It is a total scam and a complete waste of money in my opinion.

      It worked years ago before the new Google updates, but when they officially rolled out all Gnsipers sites literally got pushed down out of existence…well almost.

      To say the least, no one was making money with this method anymore.

      If you’re really serious about making a living online–without the hype and promises of flash cars and big houses that most “gurus” will throw in your face–Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start.



  3. Thanks for the review Brandon. I looked at Google Sniper but was a bit sus on results it would bring. Thanks for sharing your honest feedback.

    • There’s nothing wrong with being cautious when paying for things online. As you already know; there are more than enough scams out there.

      The legit systems are hard to come by. Luckily there are still ones that we can join and profit from!

  4. Hello, tons of awesome information. Thanks for sharing and giving insight into this program so that people can be careful. Your review is very awesome and a great help.

  5. Hey, Great review. I nearly brought into Google Sniper 3.0 a few years back but wasn’t 100% about it so I didn’t and after reading this I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sorry you had a bad experience in your marketing venture. But remember failure is part of success. You are not the first or the last that will go through this. We all must learn from it and move on. By sharing your experience with others they will learn as well

    • Thanks, Maurice. But you need not apologize. Mistakes are a big part of life.

      When we make mistakes, we learn. When we learn we create bigger and better opportunities for ourselves.

      I’m just glad I can share my knowledge with you, so you can make a better decision based on your needs.

  7. Hi, Brandon!
    You wrote a very informative post. I am sorry you got caught in that program. I did a research on it sometimes ago when I was looking for an alternate program. I knew then that I should stay away from it. There are so many shady programs in this business that you cannot be too careful.

    It is very nice of you to do this review so that others will not be caught.
    Thanks for the post.

    • I think that that’s all that matters in this day and age; the fact that research is in order if you really don’t want to be scammed. There are way too many out there, that’s for sure.

  8. I remember, back then, in 2014 when Google Sniper was discussed under the members of Wealthy Affiliate and it was already, back then, when caution was highly expressed in using this tool.

    I was never drawn to it and still, to this day I am glad I am with Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks, for your detailed information about your personal experience with this scam tool it certainly will help others for sure.

    • Well great job for not jumping on the shiny object train. I bet since you didn’t give in to the hype and stayed with Wealthy Affiliate, you are actually reaping the rewards now. Awesome, keep it up.

  9. Wow.. what a great article about google sniper 3.0. As I am not good in such matters, articles like this always helps a lot. You have done a really good job especially for people like me 🙂

    • It was my pleasure. I enjoy writing about programs I’ve personally used because it helps me understand the mistakes I’ve made. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sarah. Good luck in whatever venture you pursue!

  10. Brandon, this was such an interesting read. I would have probably tried it myself, it sounds really exiting. Thanks for letting us know that this is just an other scam. Well written!

    • Hello Maria.

      The thing is, it did work many years ago, but not with the many Google Updates that have come into play.

      George Brown is a clever internet marketer and the reason why he’s made millions with this system alone. There’s no reason for him to take it down because he is actually still seeing sales.

      I hope to stop other people from falling victim to this scam and move onto something more legit.

      Cheers and have a great day.

  11. I have read a few reviews on Google Sniper and I must say this is the most detailed one I have read, I really admire your persistence. You have made so many sites and have not earned any money from them. I agree with you that Google Sniper is a completely Scam.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a change from the various Scams one encounters on the internet. There is no better place to start and build a business. I like that the training that is given can be used in more ways than one. The tools and support that are given to the WA training will help one to always be at the top of the program

    Good Read!.

    • It sucked real bad because I actually thought it was all legit and going to work.

      The only reason I kept continuing was because I was SO determined to make a successful sniper site. I was let down big time, and my workmate that was backing me all the way started getting skeptic as well.

      Eventually I gave that system up and now he thinks everything online is a scam. He became so full of negative energy that I actually had to cut him out of my life. It’s so sad but I couldn’t take it anymore.

      I still see him now and then but don’t bother telling him how much I’m making or how I am doing it.

  12. Hey Brandon,
    Very interesting post on an aspect of internet marketing I was not aware of. I have a question. Is the concept of Google Sniper flawed or the program itself?


    • The concept is very flawed, although George Brown did want nothing but success for his members. However, he knew what he discovered wasn’t going to last long so he decided to make a fortune before the entire concept died down.

      What George Brown wants you to do is build mini sites around one specific keyword to rank for, write 3-4 articles, send as many backlinks to the site as possible, then hope to rank.

      Because of him I wasted many months trying to build “little sniper sites” (dreaming of online riches), wondering what the heck I was doing wrong.

      But in reality I wasn’t doing anything wrong. The system just didn’t work anymore and I was shattered when I eventually found out it was outdated.

      Bottom line: Google Sniper worked many years ago–way before I even discovered the program–which was late 2014!

  13. Dear Brandon,

    That’s a very thorough review on Google Sniper and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,


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